Handprints of JK Rowling Now On Display in Edinburgh, Scotland


Feb 12, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Last year we told you author J.K. Rowling was to be honored by the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. The event took place in September, where Jo received the Edinburgh Award. In commemoration of this event, hand prints of the Harry Potter author have now been made, and are on display for the public. STV reports her “her engraved handprints in Caithness stone are in the grounds of
Edinburgh’s City Chambers, alongside those of fellow Edinburgh author
Ian Rankin.” Update: You can see a photo of Jo making her hand prints courtesy of Edinburghguide.com here in our galleries.
J.K. Rowling said:

“I was delighted to receive the Edinburgh Award, as this city and
its wonderful inhabitants have meant so much to me for the last 15

“I think it is particularly appropriate for a writer’s hands to be
represented, so I am deeply honoured to have my keyboard-chipped
fingernails, not to mention my pen-induced friction callous,
commemorated in the place where I produced Harry Potter.”

George Grubb, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, said: “With the
installation of the beautifully crafted stone bearing Ms Rowling’s
handprints, the City Chambers quadrangle is fast becoming a lasting
visual testimony to some of Edinburgh’s greatest living citizens.

“Our city is home to a huge wealth of talented individuals who truly
put Edinburgh on a global stage through their achievements.”

Thanks much John!

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