Confirmed! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two Due July 15, 2011


Feb 24, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

UPDATE: TLC now has official confirmation from Warner Brothers that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two will be released in theaters July 15, 2011.

As readers will recall, it was officially announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One will be in theaters November 19, 2010.

Both parts of Deathly Hallows are currently being filmed in London, England.

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Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: another delay! kidding :)Avatar Imagescarletti1 says: crazy! Too bad it's a little longer to wait... i'm sure it'll be brilliant though!Avatar ImageChromate says: When is the first part coming out?Avatar ImageAshley Weasley says: This just means that they'll have longer to make it perfect for us!Avatar ImageChromate says: Ah, nvm - see it! At least now the first part can sink in :)Avatar Imagemollywobbles23 says: Chromate, the first part comes out in November 2010...I don't know the exact date. Oh well on moving it to July. After the HBP push, that's nothing.Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: cum out already!!Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: cum out already!!Avatar Imageamonetq says: Oh. Wow. Hhhhmmmmm. Avatar Imagewizardinventor says: No more delays! I suppose that it isn't too much longer to wait, but still....lets see if it gets confirmed.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: So much for the two DH movies being 6 months apart! :(Avatar ImageTami says: Yea I wish the two parts of the DH movies were closer together but I guess it could be worse.Avatar Imagehpfanaticfan2011 says: awesome!!! sweet comment number 13Avatar ImageElwood_magic says: I don't mind waiting - there's at least some HP to look forward to (besides the Scottish Book ;)Avatar Imagetaekwondochik44 says: this is AWESOME!!!!!!! squee!!!!!!!!!! lolAvatar ImageAccioAmanda says: Wow... I can't believe we have the last movie's release date... I still remember reading SS for the first time. =\ **reminisces** Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: Wish they were closer also. I am am glad that they have started production. YEAH!!!Avatar ImageAphrael says: Wow. It's really the beginning of the end now, isn't it. Sad in a way. Still can't wait to see them.Avatar Imagepottervfd says: Yeah! HBP the book came out on my 15th birthday, HBP the movie comes out the day after my 19th birthday, and now DH: Part 2 is coming out the day before my 21st birthday!Avatar ImageKara000 says: Sweet the fandom lives a little longer :DAvatar Imagejonfrog says: hopefully it won't get moved like hbp.Avatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Time is going to FLY...this is sad and exciting. :')Avatar Imageravenclaw1028 says: I'm so excited!Avatar Imagerebel says: squee!!Avatar ImageSirius_Craic says: I am going to be bawling my eyes at when it's all over. I think they should start the series all over again when the last one comes out :PAvatar Imagewizardinventor says: We have the last movie's release date, this is a very sad day (yet I am also happy too! :) )Avatar Imagephoenixphire24 says: WB probably looked at the movie schedule for 2011 and decided that July was a better date. Maybe there's another big movie that's coming out in May and they didn't want to compete with it? At least the date is set. Avatar ImageZivlok says: @AccioAmanda: Gah! I'm trying not to think about that... *holds back tears*Avatar Imagechoirgeek says: Wow. I'm kind of speechless... I didn't think the release date for part two would be announced so soon. But I think it would be really awesome if they released it on July 21, though, haha.Avatar Imagearkapain says: Yes!!! Part II is real! Aside from the HBP delay, these dates sound good =)Avatar ImageRemus_Rocks says: Man, the wait in between them will seem sooooooooo long!!Avatar Imagecolorsofinsanity says: What happened to May? o.o Well, it's still great to know the release date. But it's sad, because the last movie is well... the end?Avatar Imageane_drew says: A relatively shorter wait so I guess I'm ok with it. I wonder if they'll still have time to properly promote the 2nd part. I mean, do you guys think they'll still release teasers and trailers for the 2nd part?Avatar Imagelnh92 says: why 8 months betweenAvatar Imagebadger666 says: I wish they were coming out closer together, but oh well. It's not too much longer to wait and it's good to have official confirmation. As long as there aren't any more delays I'm okay, I guess. Accio Deathly Hallows!Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: !! so exciting!! but. a little sad cause..those are the dates for the last HP movies! :')Avatar ImageeiVega says: It's not technically a delay. They hadn't announced the date yet in the first place. We just knew it was going to be in the summer and probably May. They usually do their summer releases in July so I found it interesting that it seemed like they were going with May. I thought they wanted to be the first hit of the summer? Trying to set the mark for the season and be the SpiderMan 3 of 2011? 2007 had a HUGE May of Blockbusters. Maybe they decided it's better to just stick with Dark Knight timing? Anyway, it's just CRAZY to already know the date. Obviously, they're claiming the weekend and telling everyone to back off. It's a typical business move that the studios always do. As a fan though, it's scary to know that we have a final date for all of this to end. We can set our countdown clocks for this. To me, the books and movies were so inter-related as part of the phenomenon of our fandom. With the final movie, it marks the end of an era. We won't die away as a community, but there won't be anything new to look to. There will definitely be more tears...I can feel it already...Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: Hey, a confiremd DH part two date! Awesome! Everyone pleaes remember to click "Digg"! :)Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: And LeakyCon 2011 will be this weekend too, how much more awesome can you get?!Avatar ImageeiVega says: Oooohhhh...really?? Are you going to do a midnight release screening with everyone? I think the Azkatraz idea is brilliant! What better way to end the series than together!?! Where's the 2011 location??Avatar ImageNuttyAsSP says: So DH was released in July of 2007 and the last movie will be released in July 2011? A four year delay?Avatar ImageSamm2011 says: yeah i cant wait im so excited right now!!!!!!!!! Avatar ImageFwanninator says: wow....I'm almost glad that it's going to be a while yet, because after DH, there won't be any big HP stuff to look forward to. =[ except of course *lowers voice and glances around* the 'Scottish Book'.....Avatar ImageFwanninator says: gr, I hate the way it makes what i write bold whenever I put it inside asterisks...rawr. Avatar Imagekiwimci says: you what? tres poo! Hope the wait between them isn't unbearable. Also wouldn't it be awesome if like in Sept in select theatres they'd show both parts back to back, like they did the special edition star wars in the 90sAvatar ImageErinM says: I have so many mixed emotions! Glad to know the dates, but incredibly sad that there will be no additional dates of release to get excited about. I guess the end is definite! Come on us out. A prequel, an extension of one of the existing books, a continuation of what happens to the little Potters and Weasleys, the continued story of Prof. Longbottom? Anything else to look forward to? Avatar ImageErinM says: Oops! I forgot to say PLEASE!!!!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: In two years we`ll still be waiting for DH. =P (Part 2 of course :])Avatar ImageT-Vey says: I'm sure that this date is going to come a lot faster than we expect it to! After all, we will have two movies between that 2 year period- the same time we had to wait from OotP to HBP. Hopefully, some of the less involved fans won't forget anything between the first and second part. (I am specifically thinking about the ending, but hopefully they will be able to function as two separate stories in some ways) Anyways, it would be really cool if they give us some of our first trailers of part two during part one, since they should have all the footage! I'm also thrilled that the last film will come out 11 days after I graduate high school! What a great way to end with something that's been a part of my life since I was just starting elementary school! I can PROMISE already that there will be tears as the final credits role!Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: I can't believe it, I'm so sad and excited! The end, the last release on July 15, 2011. Long live Harry Potter! :D "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I'm upset now. I wanted part two to be released in May of 2011!!!Avatar Imagekamidee says: I only hope that there isn't another delay - or maybe I shouldn't have said that in case I've cursed us all :PAvatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I wonder if part one will stay in the theaters for eight months or if they will put it back in theaters just before part two is to be released? I hope they keep it theaters because I would like to see part one and then see part two the following week or so!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: They are not as close together as they first led us to believe but at least we have a set date and time to get used to it. Avatar ImageRavenclawRid says: The movie come out on the weekend that I finish graduate school AND my dad's 55th birthday...seems a fitting placeAvatar ImageMoody One says: It's too long of a wait! I need it NOW!!!!Avatar ImageEdna_Turnblad says: Almost nine months in between? Terrible, can't wait!Avatar ImageGinaC says: Yeah, and November 21st, 2008 was also confirmed for HBP. Whatever. The more they space these two movies apart, the less of a punch the ending is going to have.Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Oh wow. That will be so great to see the two movies so close together. Let's hope that they live up to the anticipation. Squeeeee. Avatar ImageDylanAqua says: Yeah, I thought it came out May 20th of 2011?Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: OMG I was in 1st grade when the first movie came out and I'll be going into my Junior year when the last movie comes out. I'm excited but I don't want the movies to be over. :(Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: Oh, YEAH!!!Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: WHAT HAPENED TO MAY 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!! IS THEY TOUCH PART ONE......I WONT EVEN GO THEREAvatar Imagephantomdave79 says: I gotta mark these dates down! I hope to be at LeakyCon for part two!!Avatar Imagehp29 says: i can't wait to see it, but i dont want it to be over.. Avatar Imagelau399 says: haha. I knew they would do this. But it's ok I guess, I'm happy if they do a good job!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: That's still a long time to wait. They have a long time so WB dosen't have any excuses on this movie. Avatar Imagelostielover says: I can't wait! Avatar ImageKissa says: God... Last movie's release date... Time to make plans I think!! :DAvatar ImageScarlette says: What's up with them and July? But I guess it makes sense... July contains so many Harry Potter related events and Part 2 beig released in July brings it full circle. I still can't grasp that their filming DH now.....:(Avatar Imagebookishgal says: Can't wait!Avatar Imagebookishgal says: Can't wait!Avatar Imagebookishgal says: Can't wait!Avatar Imagelaxrox93 says: i dont know how I feel about knowing this.Avatar Imagelupinblack2001 says: Ha I will believe it when I see it! don't get your hopes up WB is known F this up. HBP November 2009 now its July 2009. Avatar ImagePineappleCrush says: Dummmmb. There is no reason for the movies to be so far apart other than for WB to get more money in their big, fat wallets... :/Avatar ImageHuddz says: See they lie yet again it was supposed to be released in May 2011 originally.Avatar ImageL Lawliet says: Eh, I think July is actually better than May, it's not like they screwed us over like they did this one, isn't May 2011 supposed to be crammed for movies? I'm actually happy that it's July, it's 6 days before the movie comes out. (Another thing, that would be very coinciding, would be to make it the 29 - 2 days before JK Rowling and Harry's b'days - but I'm not complaining)Avatar ImageL Lawliet says: Whoops, typo - I meant to say, "6 days before the book actually came out, nearly 4 years ago."Avatar ImageKait says: I thought they said May the first time around? Meh.Avatar ImageLargeBlondDeathEater says: YAY!!!!! This will gross like The Dark Knight!Avatar ImageL Lawliet says: Now I'm not complaining about the July 15 date (I actually think that suits the movie better than May), but if it were to come out on July 29, that'd be funny because that's the day I finished the book in 2007.Avatar Imagedehonestiss says: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! NINGA NERDFIGHTER SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok this is like AWESOME! now i have to go happy dance before i explode!Avatar ImageNarcissaABlack says: First to say this, but I'm rather glad for the movie, might be because I'm an educator. In May, students would want to attend the midnight screenings, these would be Thursday into Friday or Tuesday into Wednesday, most likely on school nights. Students need to get rest and study for finals. This gives students (who the movies are aimed at) a chance to study and have the movies for after they finish school for the year. Sort of like a nice treat after all the work. May is already crowded with films and students have enough with school, so I think having it in July allows them to enjoy this more. The other thing is WB won't be looked down upon for its midnight showings like another movie was this past year. I know many teachers who hated the fact this movie also aimed at kids, had people staying up and missing school. I truly think WB's decision to move the movie, makes them realize who the target audience is.Avatar ImageNarcissaABlack says: I do note that three and eventually a fourth will open during school, but its the beginning of the year, far from finals even when speaking of college semesters. November is a pretty quiet month, usually HP opens near Thanksgiving, so students have four days to see it, least hear in the US. May seems a bit crowded was all I was saying, and July is JKR's and Harry's birthday. Seems just the right way to celebrate.Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Uhmawhat? Eight months??? I thought it was going to come out in February or something. Wow. 2011 sounds scary. And very distant. I think I shall remain focused on HBP. And filming. Avatar ImageFelipe_Q says: YES! Midnight screening at Universal City Walk with everyone attending LeakyCon 2011!! WOHOO!!! Leaky has made my day =DAvatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: [tear] last movies... but YAY they are going to be amazing! i see it will be during the orlando leaky con!? now that is going to be a friggin BLAST!!Avatar Imagesweetquietgirl89 says: So cool hoepuflly these dates stay as they are unlike what happend to HBP can't wait for the first part of DH casue its 4 days after my birthday that could be my Birthday presatn hahha. I just can't wait Avatar Imagecarlee_h22 says: It feels like the end all over again! I'm not ready for this! Avatar Imagepenelope_clearwater973 says: YAY!Avatar Imagepenelope_clearwater973 says: I'm really excited for these movies! I hope they do the book justice!Avatar Imagethursrain says: i dont care if i have to wait, i'm just glad there taking the time to do it right.Avatar ImageDrome says: Oh. I thought It would come on May... But no problem with that. This is now comfirmed, and if WB does something to relase date now, I think I can wait. After all, the final HP-movie..Avatar Imageboushh says: July is a great date for the film... except for the extra two months we'd have to wait between the two. Still it could be a year or two so I won't complain too much. ;)Avatar ImageWitchlover says: so bittersweet...I can't wait, but the biggest part of my childhood will officially end on that date *cries*Avatar Imagejfrancis04 says: Awesome!!! Let's just hope we don't see any more delays.Avatar ImageGreat Uncle Algie says: woahhh. this feels, so wier.d the last movie date. its liek the last book but not as bigAvatar ImageMs_Fly says: yay! it is going to be so awesome, although this is really sad tooAvatar ImageLemonFaerie says: OMG. Did we not have confirmation that DH2 was coming out in MAY? They're doing this to us again? May was bad enough, 2011 was bad enough, now it's just that much worse. They are killing me by inches, here.Avatar ImageAttolia says: Oh, that makes it seem so far away! I can't wait!Avatar Imageangelac123 says: Awesome, but still sad in way...the last movie! :(Avatar Imageravenclawguy1972 says: hmmmm interesting , the last part goes back to to november kind of going full circle, just like the story of Harry Potter , that being said that a long time to wait XDAvatar ImageArkady says: July 15th, 2011...5 days before my son's 18th birthday, and probably just a few weeks before he goes off to college. It was just yesterday that he was 7 and I was reading SS to him before bed. The sound you hear is a mother's heart breaking...... At least I didn't have to send him off to Hogwarts when he was eleven!Avatar Imagefudgemonkey says: they just try to milk the hp movies for all its worth dont they but does it also mean that they can show the movie at the theme park as well? increasing the revenue for the franchise with both the movie and theme park?Avatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: well one movie is year is better than having to wait longer. its crazy that its almost over. :( makes me kinda sad. Thankfully we have the amazing books to keep the spirit alive. Viva La Potter!Avatar Imagegoodenough says: Yes! Finnaly, it's grate to have the the last date and quite sad ... Imagin the last film ... well I'm actually glad it's still a couple of years to go.Avatar ImageAbby Lestrange says: We get a HP movie in 09, 10, and 11! Way too awesome.Avatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: Oh my. Oh my! This is so....strange. The very last film....Wow. I am both excited and sad.Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: Awesome that's my 19th bday :)Avatar ImageSeanCampbell says: The Punchline is that it's coming out the same time as The Avengers and WB is not worried. Avatar ImageNiphai says: Woot.. this is awesome.. just 2 more years and a bit.. xDAvatar Imagemargareth_6teengal says: it just keeps on getting better... but the end is near... i just wish it won't end though...(sigh...) but i'm as excited as well... Avatar Imagehericus says: I think its good if they dont delay it anymore. 'cos that means the 2 parts of DH is less than a year between them, which makes a change for wb Avatar ImageFonty says: That was to be expected. July is a good month for a summer release, even though I would have released Part 2 in November 2011, exactly 10 years after film 1. :) The time in between the films will be enough for DVD releases, so it will be an exciting time. :)Avatar ImageHPGENIUS says: my birthday!! ha if they don't delay it... who knows what wb does..Avatar ImageDanielaNC says: I don't care about the delay, July 15th is my birthday! This just strangely made my day!Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Let us hope that by fixing the release date of the final film so early all our favourite stars will be able to plan their diaries so that they can attend the London premiere. A May release would probably have meant that Emma would not have been free because of University commitments.Avatar ImageRightLeftMiddle says: this is kind of sad because the books are over and pretty soon the movies will be too! Where is that encyclopedia???Avatar Imagemollywobble says: Hmm. I thought it was originally assigned for May? Well, I will take this. Now all we need are official titles, casting info, and hagrid hut photos. LoL.Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: Wow -can't wait!!!! Longing to see that scene where Neville takes out Nagini!!!Avatar ImageJS297206 says: 8 Months between movies isn't too bad! You complainers should stop! It could be longer ... like November 2011! Besides they need a decent amount of time to launch a second marketing campaign for Part II. While we here at TLC are unlikely to forget about the movie release... they will still need to stir up the interest amongst the other folks out there and remind them what happened in part I. Also when films are in parts, sometimes after the initial release of one part, they may go back and further edit the second part. I think they did that in the Lord of the Ring movies - refilmed some items and re-edited inbetween releases. But yay for official release dates! BTW I don't think, but i could be wrong, that they will change the release date now. I don't think they would want to incur the outrage and backlash as they did for HBP. Hopefully they will have learned a lesson.Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: wow,awesome!!(though,isn't it just too early to announce it already?=P)Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: btw,can we have a countdown Leaky?please =) Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: I can't wait patiently enough for HBP and to see it in print 2011 !! Gawd that seems an eternity - I'll go thoughj, of course. At least 3 times prolly.Avatar ImageCool Grandma2 says: What happened to the May release? I guess they moved it again to get the summer ratings. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. If they can move the release date back two months are they going to decide they want to wait until November to get the Christmas crowd?Avatar ImageTheGoldenSeeker says: Cool but I am not sure I will be able to wait!!! I hope this time will pass really fast!!! Martina xxxAvatar Imagejenbabe705 says: whoo!! let the countdown beginAvatar Imagehallowman says: RIP marvel avengers filmAvatar ImageDolemite says: Nothing is written in stone.Avatar Imagecdewson says: YES. This plus LEakycon 2011, in Orlando, FL = amazingAvatar ImageMatea says: OMG! who can wait that long...dear Lord! Nov 2010. thats almost 2 years..argh..ok,it won't be a problem to wait fo part 2 after part 1,I guess : ) but all that seems so far away..Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I cannot wait; it is almost impossible to believe in just slightly more than two years we will see this beloved series of films come to an end.Avatar Imagemollywobble says: It'd be silly to have it face the avengers film, so it's likely that the avengers will move or it's been delayed (which I think is most likely). We'll see. That is a long time from now.Avatar ImageoOoVettyoOo says: wooooAvatar Imagedreampotter says: I can't believe they push this one back, too. Wasn't it supposed to come out in May, 2011.Avatar Imageajsportskid says: Wow....I can't believe the Harry Potter films are going to be ending in just a few years! That is going to be sad.....but I bet the last three films are gonna be awesome...Avatar ImageeiVega says: November and July have always been our Harry Potter months. It seems perfect for me. It will be a special time together.Avatar Imagetinagin says: Well Squee!Avatar Imagehericus says: Also between the DH part 1 and part 2, part 1 will be released on DVD so that should make things go a bit faster. I'll probably remember this after DH is completely finished, and be like thats gone to quick. Then i will be like ' what? ' Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: I don't want it to end...Avatar ImagePureblood-Slytherin says: another delay??? WHY??? lol. it's not that bad.. i was just hoping they would've stuck w/ may, maybe the first weekend of may which would've gone good w/ it being near the anniversary of the war.. i'm just saying, lol.. I have the dates in my phone now... Can't wait!!!Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Awesomely awesome! :)Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: YES! July 15th :) My bdayyyAvatar Imagepenelope_clearwater973 says: FINALLY!Avatar Imagehallowman says: i guess no1 cares that this will ruin avengersAvatar ImageFereverto says: I don't trust them. Maybe they will release them on those dates and then again, maybe they won't. I'm not getting my hopes up about any release dates.Avatar Imageomgitslouise says: yay! The first part comes out the day before my birthday :] what an awesome birthday treat (fingers crossed.) ^__^Avatar ImageSTARZOE says: its only 2 and a bit years to wait!!!! bring on july 2009 first!!!!Avatar ImageMaggieM says: Wait wait wait..does this mean that we would all go see the movie together? because it would come out during the time that we would all be together. That would be the coolest thing ever!!!Avatar ImageAccioAlex says: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3Avatar ImageKrystinaConundrums says: omgggg this is going to be epic. i still dont agree with having 2 HP movies in the year 2010 but hey, it isnt my control is it? =( either way, sigh. i am so excitedAvatar ImageHarryfan24 says: This is sooo exciting! Yay!Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Can't wait! They'd better not delay those AT ALL.Avatar Imageshannonbananen says: aaah! It's so good to have a date that I can see and be excited about. Amazing!Avatar ImageCatherine says: I totally cant wait!Avatar Imageraven_puff says: I can't wait to see these movies! No more delays!!Avatar ImageCatherine says: I cant wiat!Avatar Imagehallowman says: FINE I GUESS NO ONE CARES THAT THIS MOVIE WILL KILL AVENGERSAvatar Imagerhadamenthes says: It's on my calendar. Guess we'll all be seeing it together at Leaky Con 2011!!Avatar ImageRavenclawed says: It's going to be super cool having one movie less than a year after the other! Just like the good old days of July 2007 ... in fact it'll be the last big part of the original Harry Potter movement. Sniff ... :(Avatar Imagecallicott3 says: Sounds great, to me! As long as it takes, to make a good film, this is gonna be great! [and it IS only a year [give or take] until Part 1!] 4 days after my Birthday, too!!!!Avatar ImageDances with Dobby says: Wow! The last movie's release date's already out... I'll finally have caught up with Harry and we'll be the same age ;-)Avatar Imageluna.quibbler says: i swear there is a delay! wasn't part two dew out in February 2011?Avatar Imagelivelovepotter says: yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! im going to get midnight tickets for that as soon as they come out!!!!!!! yayayayayayayayay!!!!!!lolAvatar Imagegrednforge7 says: that's so far off, but no complaints there, let's stretch the hp hype as much as we can. Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: The end of an era Avatar Imagemewthree says: so are they making the tales of beedle the bard into a film?Avatar Imagedavid1228 says: OMG!!!!!! Just 5 days after my 17th birthday!!!!! I'll be the same age as Harry when it comes out!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagelucidswirl says: awesome! though i do wish they would do it on the 31st but this is not to bad.Avatar ImageLttlmrmd says: right in the middle of leakycon 2! is that a good thing or a bad thing? it would be awesome if leaky could somehow get the rights to show it at the convention somehow.Avatar ImageWinklebelle1 says: Ahhhhh are you kidding!!!! We all have to wait longer now???? That really sticks but they are just making it better for all of us to love even more.Avatar ImageFlourishandBlotts says: That's such a long wait.... but at least they will be able to spend more time on it so that it will be incredible. Avatar ImageEmily Erland says: Wha?! Already? Wait, who am I kidding, I need to know this far in advance to make any necessary plans. Keeping fingers crossed that the date actually sticks this time.Avatar Imageginny_lola says: Are you freaking kidding me?! *sigh* great. The very same month I just so happen to be having an operation -- haha, V.long waiting list. Ugh. It's like Warner Bros. are plotting against me. And also....this makes me feel so sad! I can remember reading the first book for the first time *tears up* I need a moment!Avatar ImageFiera_Sabre says: I didn't realize there would be two parts...It certainly deserves it though!

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