Deathly Hallows Casting News: Ciaran Hinds to Play Aberforth Dumbledore, More on Nick Moran


Mar 23, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

We have some more big casting news today regarding Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
TLC can report that Ciaran Hinds has been cast in the role of Aberforth
Dumbledore in the final installments of the Harry Potter film series. While not yet officially confirmed with WB, we believe this to be correct. Speaking with reps for the actor, we were told expectations and hopes certainly are that Ciaran Hinds will be taking on the role of helpful Order of the Phoenix member in the final Harry Potter films. You can see photos of Ciaran Hinds here ,here and here.

A widely acclaimed actor, Ciaran Hinds has appeared in such films as Munich, There Will be Blood, Road to Perdition, Persuasion, Hallam Foe, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and most recently voiced a part in the film The Tale of Despereaux with Emma Watson (Hermione) and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid). Well known to TV audiences for his appearance in the hit HBO series, Rome, Ciaran Hinds once starred in a film called The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover, which also co-starred Michael Gambon, who of course portrays Albus Dumbledore, the brother of Aberforth. Please note: For those who have asked, actor Jim McManus appeared in as the “Barman” at the Hogshead in OotP, where the character of Aberforth works. As WB does not normally comment on rumors such as this casting and others, we continue to wait for a formal release confirming and addressing all the casting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. More when we get it!

Finally, TLC has also learned that it is believed Nick Moran will be playing the part of Scabior, one of the Snatchers who works with Greyback in the events at Malfoy Manor.

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Avatar Imagecryospear says: I think Ciaran might make an interesting Aberforth. I guess we will just need to wait and see. It's hard having to wait sooo long for something that should be extremely incredible!!!Avatar ImageDanielaNC says: I like Ciaran, he has a certain resemblance to Micheal Gambon so they'll probably look really like brothers.Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: Yeah! Looking forward to seeing his portrayal of Aberforth.Avatar ImageMatea says: didn't we see Aberforth in OOTP? I thought that they are going to keep him. but this guy looks ok too.Avatar Imagesupergirlinfrance says: He looks a bit like Michael Gambon so that should be goodAvatar ImageDrome says: Wow... I think he looks a bit like Aberforth. :DAvatar ImageBella Longbottom says: We saw Aberforth in OOTP, didn't we? Would've been kinda cool if they kept that guy, but I really like Ciaran Hinds. I think he'll be great as Aberforth, he does look a bit like Michael Gambon :)Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Wow! I love Ciaran Hinds -- he was AWESOME in Rome...! What a great choice!!!Avatar ImageLEW says: That's pretty cool, I could see it working. I just watched Persuasion this weekend. He was also in Phantom of the Opera - too bad Aberforth doesn't sing. He's not the Aberforth in my head, but he can pull off being Michael Gambon's brother, so that's what's important in terms of the movies. Avatar ImageNiphai says: I think he'll do well. But I prefer the Aberforth from OotP ;)Avatar Imagekira902k says: =O, perfect aberforth!!Avatar ImageChristineLC says: he was amazing in Rome. great choice WB!Avatar Imageravensmith says: It really seems like they are trying to do DH justice. They are casting everyone. YAY!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: I don't know him, but Iat least we know Aborforth will be in the movie!Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: That's awesome! He is such an great actor and I really wish him the bestAvatar Imagetubaturtle says: He does look like Michael Gambon. Hopefully they can make his eyes look like Gambon's, too, since that's kind of important with the whole mirror thing.Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: I dont know this actor at all (I still havent seen the Tales of Despereaux) but, I'm happy Aberforth will be in DH. Maybe I'm mistaken but, I thought Aberforth was in OoTP ... does this mean a different actor will be playing the role?Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Awesome! He's a fantastic actor! :)Avatar ImageArthur22 says: It is hard what to think, with the aberforth from ootp, and now we learn we have a new one, we will just have to wait and see.Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: Totally not how I imagined him to look - never seen anything with him in though, so hopeully he can act the part well.Avatar ImageVicki21 says: Wonderful actor, Loved him since the BBC movie "Persuasion". He will do wonderfully in this this one too.Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: I am most seriously dis-pleased! Yes Alberforth was in OotP... We saw the bar man and his goat as the Trio entered the Hogs Head. I just looked on the OoyP Credits and 'Barman' was played by Jim McManus according to wiki "McManus briefly played Aberforth Dumbledore in the fifth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and will play him again in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince." But if this new casting is to be believed I'm a bit confused! Wouldn't it have been better to keep the same actor to DH. It would have been the first in the movies a background character would've become something big. I think I'll feel a bit short changed now... See I left the OotP in the Cinema and commented to my hubby that that bar man was Alberforth (I saw the goat!) But at least we know that which the change in actors means a more serious use of the character... And I spos it'll be easier for them to make him look like Alberforth... Avatar ImageGinnywobbles says: I have only the pics here to go by. Each looks very different to me so I had to double-take, first kind of steamy, then like Maurice from Northern Exposure (not steamy), then more Aberforth. I like him!Avatar ImageImmortal Phoenix says: I don't think I know him but from the picture he looks quite good for the part. I'm happy. :)Avatar ImageShakur says: I'm sure Hinds will do well as he's a great actor. But, I was really hoping that Patrick Stewart would get the part of Aberforth. Stewart is one of my favorite actors, and he also looks a lot like Gambon. Plus he's already said he would love to be in the Potter series. Maybe they will find another part for him? Please David Yates!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: That must be him in the role of King Herod in "The Nativity Story," which I saw only snippets of. Avatar Imagesessionka says: I haven't seen it, but he also did a version of Jane Eyre. It's one of my favorite books. Avatar Imagevineethtc says: A very good choice. Another amazing actor.... and the HP tide continues.Avatar ImageJohnB says: OK, lets get down to real business, does he read the books {or at least intends too}, unlike his in picture brother??? Which is real funny now that I think about it, because in the books, Albus Dumbledore is obvious the big reader and there were questions if Aberforth Dumbledore could read at all, hence if it turns out the people who portray them on film are the exact opposites... well now that I have typed this out, it is not very funny, but when I thought about it, it was lolAvatar Imagehalcyon says: Ciarán Hinds? For some reason I find that amazing. I never thought of him as far as movie casting go. He'll be great. Avatar Imageele0206 says: Gosh, I think that, a little bit "olded", he would be good as Aberforth. Hope they'll put on screen the exact character.Avatar ImageProfessor Cassandra says: All right, more casting news! :D Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day was a really good movie...I never thought about Hinds playing Aberforth, though. He'll be great!Avatar Imageinaboxofchoccs says: Oooh - I'm pleasantly pleased with this choice :-)Avatar Imageilovefeltbeats says: aberforth actor has greens eyes....wonder if WB will give him contacts...? Mind you, they have seriously messed up characvters eyes? *harry's cough cough*Avatar ImageJodiie15 says: He looks alright! :)Avatar Imageavrenim says: yay for having aberforth in the movie!! but he does look a bit young to be dumbledore's brother..Avatar Imagescarletti1 says: I agree halcyon, i didn't even think of Ciaran Hinds for Harry Potter, but now that I've heard, I'm thrilled! He's a wonderful actor, and even though he's been in so much, he's a new favorite for me. I think, with the right makeup and hair, etc, that Ciaran will be awesome! I feel like doing a happy dance! :) I'm also thrilled that Scabior is cast too, i think WB is really going to try and do justice for the last book. :) Cheers!Avatar ImageeiVega says: The previous Aberforth was just an extra with no speaking lines. They have to recast once the role became larger. They've done this before with other characters in the movies so far. I'm not surprised to see them do it again.Avatar Imageravenclawguy1972 says: Ciaran Hinds he looks like a good fit for aberforth, as for the guy in OOTp he may only be a bit actor and not have the talent or skills for the speaking role Avatar ImageCool Grandma2 says: This is interesting news. It's always easier to age an actor than make them younger. Lol Sometimes it makes no difference if the actor is good. It made no difference to me that Alan R. played a character that was much younger than he is. LolAvatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: YAY a good casting choice! :)Avatar Imagebookishgal says: I hope this proves to be correct, he would be ideal for the role.Avatar ImageWulfricBrian says: Excellent!! Jim McManus was credited only as 'Barman' in OotP, although we all knew who he was meant to be. He seemed to me rather short for a Dumbledore, even before DH came out and fleshed out the character. So I am delighted at a worthy casting of the role Andrew aka Aberforth aka wulfricbrianAvatar ImageHarrys Horntail says: Oh that's fabulous. I have been a fan of Ciaran's for a really long time so it's rather wonderful that he's probably joining the long list of my favourite British actors starring in this series. But on a side note I never realised he was in The Cook, The Thief .... etc etc. I guess I'll just have to watch it again :DAvatar Imagecarmenriots says: I wonder if they'll be changing his eyes to blue... Avatar ImagePineApple says: Awesome hes a gr8 actor so he has to do the role well.Avatar Imageqwientje says: wow, he looks awesome!!Avatar Imagemelzy89 says: I think he's going to be great! I think it's going to be helpful that he already knows a few of the other actors and has worked with them so they will have an easy chemistry performing together.Avatar Imagehannah abbot says: he looks quite young int the first photo, but he looks older in the second 2. I'm sure he'll make a great aberforth :)Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: I think he will be a very good Aberforth..Avatar ImageMeri says: This is awesome! He looks the part and is a very good actor as well.Avatar Imageweasleyalltheway says: i really don't think he looks old enough. i mean, dumbledore is ( was) OLD,like one hundred something, jo said. and apparently they went to school together so they can't be more than about six years ah well, then can probably rectify it with special effects :P he seems good though!Avatar ImageHudMug1712 says: He looks really cool but i think it would kinda querky to have Michael Gambon playing aberforth :) just so harry could be like *yay starry eyed* and abe is like *wtf??*Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: I dont like the look of him :D But let's just see what he looks like in the films :D xAvatar ImageKennedyJames says: Hmm wow, he can really fit the part! ...OHHHI remember him from PhantoM!!! omfg, I cna't wait for this....Avatar ImageHalfBloodPrincess130 says: he looks awesome for the part!Avatar ImageFwanninator says: awesome! he's a really good actor =]Avatar ImageFwanninator says: awesome! he's a really good actor =]Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: He doesn't really look how I imagined him... But then again he probably will once they get his hair / facial hair and eyes and eyerything! Either way he still bears resemblance to Michael Gambon! And I'm just so happy they cast him!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Cool. Hopefully when we all see him all in costume he'll look like how I imagined him :)Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: that's pretty awesomeAvatar ImageRikPotter says: Isn't Ciaran Hinds in the "Race To Witch Mountain" movie that is now playing?Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I haven't seen any of his movies. It is great that we are getting more casting news. Avatar Imageascendancy33 says: Ciaran Hinds really resembles Michael Gambon so it should look like they are brothers.... CANNOT wait for the Deathly Hallows movie.... TLC should have a countdown by now lol :PAvatar Imagefloridianhp says: he doesnt really look like an Aborforth.. oh well.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: YAY... I'm glad that Aberforth is going to be in the film! :)Avatar ImagetaystarHP says: He is not the Aberforth I ever dreamed of. If remember correctly, isn't Aberforth the one who works at the Hog's Head and loves Goats and helps Harry get into Hogarts. He is also seen in the Order of the Pheonix movie. I like that Aberforth better!Avatar ImageMrs.Lutz says: For some reason he reminds me of an actor in Prince Caspian. o.o I don't know who he is, but I'm glad they're casting Aberforth.Avatar ImageLunaGinervaBlack says: Awesome! We just need to get him some blue contacts!Avatar ImageAthenamalfoy says: Ciaran is an awesome actor he has done some great roles over the years, neither of them are the same. Sometimes you don't even reconize him. I know that he is going to do a great Aberforth.Avatar ImageGraymayne says: I have never seen Ciaran Hinds in anything as a young man. He will make a wonderful, scary Aberforth, he has a great screen presence.Avatar ImageLavendergirl says: oh wow, it's Aberforth! I'm so excited!Avatar Imageharrypotterfan5324 says: I thought they would have kept the actor that played him in OotP...oh well he looks like he'll be greatAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I never thought of him in this particular role, but it makes sense; he would do well in it. I cannot wait to receive more word on this from Warner Brothers.Avatar ImageErinM says: This could work...I can see him as Aberforth. Although, I agree with some of the other was a bit odd that the Barman with the goat wasn't Aberforth. Sure seemed like it to me!Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: any news is good news! Avatar Imagesunshine123 says: more dh castin news ahhhhhhhhhAvatar Imagewisemar says: Awesome that they cast Aberforth. I hope that means they've left in the scene where he hides the trio in the Hog's Head and shows them the tunnel to Hogwarts. Yay! That would be an incredible scene in the movie! Avatar Imagewisemar says: Awesome that they cast Aberforth. I hope that means they've left in the scene where he hides the trio in the Hog's Head and shows them the tunnel to Hogwarts. Yay! That would be an incredible scene in the movie! Avatar ImageElwood J. Blues says: He's an interesting choice, I like him. Good for WB they might actually get this movie right.Avatar ImageCatherine says: awesome!Avatar ImageCatherine says: awesome!Avatar ImageAttolia says: Cool. I saw him in the Nativity Story. He should be interesting - and I'm sure he'll do a great job. I can't wait for more casting news!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: WOO HOO THIS IS AWESOME I LOVE THIS MAN- (the caps were necessary he's a great actor, fantastic casting, go WB)Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: Wow caesar is going to play aberforth...very interesting hahaAvatar Imagepottercastfan says: yay!Avatar ImageThe Sorting Hat says: Eh, he's a great actor, but I'm not sure he looks like the Aberforth I imagined. I'll have to see...Avatar ImageCait_Weasley says: Ooh, I think he'll do perfectly! We'll just have to wait and see... ~CaitAvatar ImageSidish_black6 says: Great. . . . Avatar Imagesquibcloakmaker says: I absolutely love Ciaran Hinds! YAY!!!! I actually squee'd out loud when I read the title of the article. YAY! Hope its true!Avatar Imageugurbocegi says: I think he'll be a very good Aberforth. :-) Avatar ImageKara000 says: Hell yeah! I love the newsAvatar ImageRavenclawed says: Bravo! Another excellent choice. The casting on DH has been particularly good. Unlike the first few movies, where nearly everyone couldn't be more perfect, there have been a few casting decisions in the last few movies that have been a bit disappointing - the actors have done a decent job but they haven't been anything like how I pictured the characters.Avatar Imagedestypower7 says: he seems to look the part....!!!!!!Avatar Imagered_7849 says: He does resemble Michael Gambon a lot. And he will look seriously very good with a beard and white hair, waiting for some pics of Deathly Hallows, guys !!!!!Avatar ImageiNazurah says: I think he really looks fit to play the part of Aberforth! :} Cant wait for DH <3Avatar Imageangelac123 says: Cool! Interesting news! :DAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: I wished that Sir Ian McKellen would have been Dumbledore's brother. O well if Ciaran Hinds is a good acter and if he read the books i don't mind him playing Aborforth. Avatar ImageKneazle_Bait says: I've been in love with Ciaran Hinds ever since he was Capt. Frederick Wentworth in Persuasion. This is soooooo cool!Avatar ImageLexi86 says: AMAZING!!!!!! Avatar ImageDances with Dobby says: Looks good enough for me!Avatar ImageLadyCake says: I loved him in Munich. I think if this is true, that it was a VERY good choice on WB's side.Avatar ImageEricaInPurple says: Caesar!! He'd make an awesome Aberforth. I wonder how extensive a role Aberforth is going to have in the movies. I. cannot. wait. for. the. movie. UHH.Avatar ImageSarabi says: He looks good for the part!Avatar Imageourempire says: YES! He is one my favourite actors! It would be so great, if it's true!Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: Well, he sure played Caesar superbly in ROME, so I have no complaints about his acting skills, that's for sure...I also think he has a very noble, heroic quality about him which could be brilliant for Aberforth! Can't wait!Avatar Imagezeitgeber says: Oh, excellent! I recognized the picture from The Nativity Story. From what I've seen, he's just grumpy enough to work! XDDD Avatar ImageZoom says: died gray yes? but he looks like the part..this is exciting... his cold demeanor really reminds me of aberforth... now lets hope for good a good script to show him off!!Avatar Imagemrh216 says: Ciaran was fantastic in Rome, so I'm sure he'll be an awesome Aberforth!Avatar ImageSassySnitch says: He's from Phantom of the Opera! He's Monsieur Firmin! Oh this made my day I think he's going to be perfect for that role. ~KerriAvatar ImageSlytherin Princess101 says: I think he is a great choice and he looks a little like Gambon...a little!!!Avatar Imagevicky granger says: That's great ! I just hope they'll remember to make him wear contacts ... Avatar ImageMiss Smarticle says: I like the resemblance he has with Michael Gambon, it'll help add to the 'brother' affect. I can't wait for the final cast list! :)Avatar Imageharrypotter1991 says: I don't know who he is but I am glad that they are casting Aberforth for DHAvatar Imagebadger666 says: Cool. Can't wait to see Aberforth's scene.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: With the right make-up he will make a good Aberforth. Can't wait *SQUEAL! xAvatar Imagesaffran says: Wow!He´s really got that wizard look about him! Hope he´ll do the part!Avatar Imagesnapealicious says: Awesome.Avatar Imageellamia says: wow im so glad Aberforth Dumbledore is in the movie!! Ciaran Hinds looks like what i imagined Aberforth to look like! im excited!Avatar ImageLeander21 says: I hope he does a good jobAvatar Image.whiteflower says: Oh my God! That is exactly how I imagined Abeforth to look like! I can't wait to see him act and see if he really does the character justice.

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