Composer Patrick Doyle Talks “Goblet of Fire” Score in New Interview


Apr 03, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film composer Patrick Doyle has given an interview to in which he briefly discusses his work on the fourth Harry Potter film. Sitting down to talk about the upcoming concert highlighting the many film scores performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, which will feature the “Harry In Winter” song, Mr. Doyle relates his involvement in scoring the fourth film. Quoteage:

“My job [in Goblet of Fire] was to compose the music that complemented this new story with
lots of fresh characters, including the Beauxbatons Girls, the
Durmstrang Boys, Professor Moody and although he wasn’t ‘new’ the
rebirth of Voldemort.

“The movie also had the death of a principal character, which was
quite cathartic. Harry and his friends were now quickly growing up and
with their eyes on the opposite sex and this maturity was also
reflected in the score.

“The emergence of these new characters and the emphasis on Voldemort
conjured up many new thematic ideas. I also endeavoured to make the
score in places much more British. The Hogwarts Hymn being an example
of this. The love element concerning Harry and Cho inspired the ‘Harry
in Winter’ piece which is featured in the concert tonight.

“This was a darker story and very much more grown-up than the previous narratives.”

Mr. Doyle goes on to speak of the kind of feelings and emotions some works bring to his compositions, and more about his career in this interview.

London Symphony Orchestra: A Life In Film is set to take place at the Barbican Centre in London, England on Saturday, April 4th. In addition to Mr. Doyle’s Goblet of Fire score, the concert will feature scores from such films as Star Wars, The Queen, Braveheart, and Superman.

33 Responses to Composer Patrick Doyle Talks “Goblet of Fire” Score in New Interview

Avatar Imagearkapain says: Ah I love Patrick Doyle's score for GoF! "Harry in Winter" is one of my favorites, and it's overall an awesome soundtrack; definitely my favorite so far.Avatar Imagemollywobbles23 says: I swear this was posted before....Avatar ImageMarauder says: "Harry in Winter" is absolutely amazing! So emotional, I love it! And "The Death of Cedric" brings me close to tears every time!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I wish I could hear Harry in Winter conducted live! That track is one of my favorites on the soundtrack and it moves me with its emotional transcendence no matter how many times I watch it.Avatar Imagecryospear says: What a great composer! His work on GoF was brilliant!Avatar ImageHGROSS44 says: When we think about is amazing that there are still people that can compose for Movies and make them into something that will endure for a long time. My best to Patrick Doyle. Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: i like his score for GoF, especially "Harry in Winter"Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: I loved his score for GOF. As great as John Williams is, and I do hope he is back for DH, I really like who they got for GOF and OOTP.Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: I love "Harry in Winter"! So beautiful.Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: I really like Doyle's score - it's so on target emotionally for the tone of the film.Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: This sounds like an amazing concert... he's so talented and I love the fact that Harry's waltz was completely improved!!!Avatar Imageele0206 says: I love his music, especially the songs he made for HP.Avatar Imagebecmajec says: i love death of cedric it is so beautifulAvatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: He really is a great composer. Harry In Winter is so beautiful! I wish I could hear it live...Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: The GoF soundtrack is really great, it's one of my favorites!Avatar ImageMarauder says: Wish I could go to the concert!Avatar Imagedcrazmo says: Really, really, really didn't like this score, particularly after the melodic richness of John Williams. There were no themes in the GoF score, and there could have been, for the schools, for Cedric, for Voldemort. It was atmospheric at times, certainly, but that's about it. In that sense it worked well in the film, but not as a listening experience at home. Much prefer Nicholas Hooper, but would love Williams to come back for DH.Avatar Imagepenguin1124 says: Rocky3__140_x_142__thumb 105 Points What a great composer! His work on GoF was brilliant!Avatar Imagetinagin says: I have to agree with dcrazmo! Doyle did do a good job in GOF and his music was really great for the movie, but, I do prefer Williams and I too hope he is brought back for DH.Avatar ImageEeyore says: I especially liked what Doyle did with the score for GOF even though I had some issues with the film itself. And after listening to this one, I started to realize that, as much as I like John Williams, all of his movie scores sound a lot alike. It was nice to get a fresh movie score and I wish that Patrick Doyle was still involved.Avatar Imageboywizard63 says: Wow that's really cool, i think movie 4 had the best musicAvatar Imageboywizard63 says: Wow that's really cool, i think movie 4 had the best musicAvatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: His music is amazing in GoF...Avatar Imageavrenim says: i don't remember the GOF music at the moment, but this article is making me want to listen to it now... going to go look for it :DAvatar ImageLupa says: I had been hoping for Nicholas Hooper, but Patrick Doyle's an excellent composer as well, so, nothing to complain about, really. Avatar Imagemoglet says: I was watching Sense and Sensibility last night and the music throughout was beautifully done, didn't realise until the credits rolled that it was a Patrick Doyle score, he really is very good. I agree somewhat with Eeyore that John Williams scores can sound rather alike, don't get me wrong I do like his music but there are times when I could wish for something a little more subtle, sometimes music can be just a little bit too strong so that it may overwhelm rather than enhance. I think it is great to have several composers work on these films each can contribute something different.Avatar ImageOld_gnarled_woman says: I think Doyle's score for GOF is very appealing...I've really liked the music in the last three films. A really bland or irritating score can detract from my enjoyment of a movie, so I'm gratefull that all of the Harry Potter scores have been pretty good.Avatar ImageLunabelle7 says: That's wonderful--that a "Potter" sountrack should be featured in a London Symphony concert. What an honor for the composer...not to mention the film itself. I'm really fond of the GoF soundtrack, too, although I wish I could place some of these pieces that he's refrencing... Avatar ImageLunabelle7 says: Particularly the "Hogwarts Hymn." I bet I would know it if I heard it, thoughAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: It would be great to hear live. Avatar ImageAsi says: I like the musik in all HP filmes because they give you all the magic atmosphier!! I have go the soundtrack of ''Harry Potter and Philosophy Stone'' on my mobile and I like it too!Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: ok cool :) <<--- Add Me On Myleaky :]Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: He's good :)

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