Preview of a Scene with the Smelly Sneaky Thief Named Mundungus Fletcher in Deathly Hallows


Apr 21, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Last month in one of our recent exclusive casting reports, TLC was able to tell you that actor Andy Linden was confirmed be appearing as Mundungus Fletcher for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Today, there is a new article online with actor Martin Ballantyne who discusses his role as “Scary Face” in the upcoming Half-Blood Prince as an extra with no lines, but landed a small role that is part of a scene with Mundungus Fletcher for Deathly Hallows. Mr. Ballantyne notes he is playing an “associate” to the dodgy member of the Order of the Phoenix, and says the scene involves one of Dung’s notoriously underhanded sales. Quotage:

But in The Deathly Hallows the director, David Yates, had remembered me
and I was given the part of Mundungus’ Associate. He is a baddy – I’m
always the baddy – and I had a few lines to learn and say.”
“I couldn’t believe it when I got to the Leavesden studios in
Hertfordshire a month ago and was told I had this part. The director
said ‘we will try something a bit more meaty this time’.”I cannot repeat the lines I had to say but it was in a scene where Mundungus is negotiating a purchase.”

Martin Ballantyne goes on to note that Dung Fletcher actor Andy Linden is “really nice,” and speaks abit about the remaining filming and release schedule for the two films.

“It’s like a big family when you get there.

“Having this part is a good part for me because I have lines and most of the parts I have had are without lines.

should be in the final film The Deathly Hallows Part 2. The Half Blood
Prince is out in cinemas in July, The Deathly Hallows Part 1 will be
out in cinemas for Christmas 2010 and the second part will be out
sometime in 2012 [sic] – although we haven’t started filming that yet

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Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Hmm, that's interesting.....Avatar ImageMatea says: wait..2012!? isn't it July 2011!!!!!??Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: 2012?Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: I wonder what part that is. Maybe we get to see him sale the necklace?Avatar Imagedecarus says: I really think we know now that they aren't filming the two films separate meaning the first one first and then the second one. I really think it is all jumbled up like in LOTR.Avatar ImageChromate says: Oh god, it better be 2011! I thought they didn't want to keep it to far apart :'(Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: ...And the Deathly Hallows news continues to pour. It's raining cast and dogs! So good!Avatar Imagetreebeliever says: 2012? Huh. Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: He's probably just misinformed. He also said that he's in Part Two, which we definitely know is wrong. Unless the split is after the Wedding... :PAvatar ImageHorcruxalej says: it better not be 2012 Avatar Imageroonwit says: It is strange that he thinks they are in part 2, because as far as I remember the last we see of Dung is at Grimmauld Place, and that can't be any later than half way through part 1. Perhaps this means they are swapping things around a bit.Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: You guys, he's an extra with maybe two lines, if even that? Not a credible source. WB confirmed that the date was July 15 2011, and I believe them. They know not to screw up again after all of the backlash they got last August.Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT EVENNNNNNNNNNNNNAvatar ImageGF_of_Seamus says: I have no idea why they announced release dates for this film so early, they were just asking for trouble.Avatar Imagesavingharry says: I think it's 2011. they're filming them very back to back. no reason for another year delay. probobly either a typo or a mistake on the part of the actor or journalist.Avatar Imagepipkin3 says: So is Mundungus in HBP then? Otherwise, how are they going to explain how Harry knows who he is and what hes been up to in DH?Avatar Imagebudgie says: The necklace transaction occurs before the trip to the Ministry. After the necklace is claimed, Mundungus has no further role of consequence in the plot Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: i'm sure they got the date wrong!... any DH news is great! :)Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: Hmm.. so will they being going to Diagon Alley (Gringotts scene) in part 2, then?Avatar Imagerehma love says: If the first and second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows aren't going to be back-to-back, I'm going to be pissed.Avatar ImageFlonk says: The remark "[sic]" means that the editors recognized it as a mistake. Don't worry about the date! Hehe, I like that guy :D Lucky one. I'll watch out for him in the movie. Avatar ImageHarryHermione25 says: I figured... I am sure DH release dates remain same (Nov 2010 and July 2011). Otherwise, I will be pissed as well if they change that too! Avatar Imagekraamerxmich says: WAIT!!? 2012? I thought they were going to be released somewhat close together...2 YEARS? WHAT?Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: whoa. i'm like everyone on here..2012?! what?! lolAvatar Imagephantomdave79 says: He must have mis spoke.Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I hope he performs the character well.Avatar Imagecghambright says: AWESOME!!! I wonder if Umbridge is somehow going to end up with the locket...maybe Martin gives the locket to her or something? Either way...I so excited!!!!!!!! I seriously need to watch HBP so that I can release some of this excitement!!!!Avatar ImageAnnie_roo says: ...2012. cooool.Avatar ImageAnnie_roo says: ...2012. cooool.Avatar ImageDolemite says: I never understood this character.Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: Yeah hang on there is no way I'm waiting two years between the DHs. D:!Avatar Imageyoda829 says: Is it really gonna be 2012? If so, that stinks but I guess in a wierd way it's knd of okay since it will last a little longer for us...Avatar Imagelucius riddle says: Ummmmmmm...okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy?Avatar Imagelucius riddle says: Ummmmmmm...okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy?Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: It's obviously not going to be released in 2012 guys. The guy made a mistake, which was noted in the article. WB already announced the date as July 15 2011 (though it's likely to be changed to July 13), and they won't change the date after all of the trouble they went through to get it. The Avengers had originally taken that date, so WB made a huge risk to get that prime weekend and they won't throw it away just like that. Plus 2012? It would be marketing suicide to have a two-year split between the same movie. Even the space between Dead Man's Chest and At World's End seemed too long, and it was only a year.Avatar Imageizziewitch says: I think his whole interview was weird. And I don't think he knows what he's talking about. What associate? Why would Dung be in Part 2? He only appears after Kreacher's Tale. Don't tell me they're changing even more... as usual. :(Avatar ImageJersey says: Interesting news. But hopefully not 2012Avatar Imagesmokytator says: Ok, what...2012.. no way..that would just be mean..Avatar Imageuseyourmind says: They cast Mundungus??? If they did that's so cool!!! Well not for OOTP but oh well.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: WHATT!!!! why 2012!!!Avatar Imageameema says: what?!?!? part 2? 2012? I hope this guy is seriously confused! otherwise, I might cry.Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Interesting. Avatar Imagehpfanaticfan2011 says: from the looks of it this guy seems like a pretty minor character...i might be wrong. but he might not know exactly when it's going to be released. heck, even some of the main actors might get the dates mixed up cuz they are so busy.Avatar Imageavrenim says: i barely even remember mundungus being in DH, let alone an associate of his!Avatar Imagethe_spectacle says: Guys, chill about the date of DH Pt2. They probably don't have an exact date yet. They haven't even started filming. Anything could happen.Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: We pray for the safety of them all, so the filming would be successfull, and we gonna sit and entertained watching the movies.Avatar ImageAugury Feather says: Guys Guys Guys!!! Relax.. it has "[sic]" after 2012. "[sic]" means a mistake made by the person being quoted, that has been left in to maintain the integrity and truth of the quote. It is 2011... Mr. Ballantyne made a mistake is all.Avatar ImageVideoKID says: 2012 :/ Cool anyway.Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: how can dung not be in part 1?Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: 2012?! You gotta be kidding me!!! Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: I think that the guy got the year wrong. I think it is so cool to hear stories like these. I canot wait to see his part in Deathly Hallows. It will be a good payoff for him.Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Uhhhh I thought it was 2011...he must have simply gotten Confunded, is all. ^_^Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: 2012!! Anyway I'm happy that there is so much HP news out right now.Avatar ImageRita_Dumbledore94 says: what??????? 2012?????Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: 2012??? Hope that was a mistake! Other than that sounds kool... I'm also wondering what part this is, origanaly I thought selling the locket but there's no way that would be part 2... Hmmm.....Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: He'll be good as Dung, I'm guessing. Avatar Imagelumosshimmy says: "Scary Face"? What part of Half Blood Prince would that be? My only guess is possibly glimpses of Death Eaters in newspapers? Thoughts?Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: 2012???? No it can't be? :(Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: 2012???? noooooooooo!!!! pls tell me he made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageBlackCat13 says: Christmas 2010! Can't wait!Avatar ImageBlackCat13 says: Christmas 2010! Can't wait!Avatar ImagemOOn-stArs-sUn says: Wait, wait, wait, I thought the second part of Deathly Hallows was supposed to come out in 2011, not 2012Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Whaaat? I thought it was supposed to come out in 2011 not 2012??Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Whaaat? I thought it was supposed to come out in 2011 not 2012??Avatar ImageHudMug1712 says: i think he is just misinformed if not they could always change it a bit, ding and his associate as the ones who escort "bellatrix" into gringotts, hope they dont but suppose could work... Avatar Imagemish149 says: Dung would be in the 2nd part of Deathly Hallows because he was in Snape's Memory...Avatar Imageiconshero says: Cool beans!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: He just messed up on the date, I hope they don't cut his scene.

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