MTV Half-Blood Prince Preview: New Video Interview with Emma Watson, Dan Radcliffe Talks Snape


Apr 24, 2009

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HBP Film

As promised, MTV has now released their Summer Movie Preview of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, including 4 new video interviews with actress Emma Watson and actor Dan Radcliffe. In the videos, Emma discusses her character of Hermione Granger and the emotions when dealing with Ron and his new girlfriend. Dan Radcliffe delves in a bit more on Harry Potter and the character of Snape in HBP, played by Alan Rickman.

Also at this link, MTV has posted a new interview with producer David Heyman, where he talks the casting of Slughorn, played by Oscar winning actor Jim Broadbent. “He was absolutely our first choice,” Heyman recalled. “You look at Jim’s eyes, and you can read so much into them.”
What there also is besides great drama is great humor and great
humanity,” he said. According to Heyman, nailing Slughorn’s casting was
crucial to balancing out those dimensions in the sixth movie.”We wanted Slughorn to be a source of humor,” the producer
said. “You wanted a character who had airs of grandeur but at the same
time was really sympathetic and tragic.”

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