New TV Spot for Half-Blood Prince Airs During Grey’s Anatomy


May 14, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince aired tonight during the program Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Most of the footage contained has been released in previous trailers, including the black smoke wisps of the attacking Death Eaters, Harry yelling ‘Fight back you coward’ and more. More television promos are likely to be airing over the coming weeks; anyone who captured this or does in the future, please send them to [email protected]

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Avatar ImageGinevra86 says: I totally just saw this... squee!!! :DAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: i didn't see it! but. still cool? yeah! :DAvatar ImagePixiewand says: The first thing I did when I saw the trailer, I got on leaky to see if someone saw it too. Very exciting to see it on tv, and not knowing it was coming!!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Wow, Sue, you are so fast at posting this! :) I just saw this too, and i was so shocked, i was a great surprise..i can't believe we are down to it being two months away! :)Avatar ImageKC Nox says: I know two months!!! I'm super excited!Avatar ImageAllie9688 says: Just saw it and had a total fangirl moment. My mom started yelling at me too. Was so excited!Avatar ImageAllie9688 says: Just saw it and had a total fangirl moment. My mom started yelling at me too. Was so excited!Avatar Imagedeath_eater9994 says: ughh...I'm watching the show now and I totally missed's because of the dishes...Avatar Imagemampersandy says: I was pretty excited. I squeed and freaked my mom out. It was all fun :).Avatar ImageMary11_hplvr4l says: i just saw it :DDAvatar ImageLis Lovegood says: I had it on in the background cause I was recording it for a friend & all of a sudden I heard Dumbledore's voice! I nearly fell over running to the tv....Avatar ImageAvangelis says: DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIT! I MISSED IT because I don't watch greys anatomy. DAMMMMMMMMMMMMAvatar ImageT-Vey says: I personally loved the last TV spot, but as some people thought it was too heavy on the romance aspect, I'm hoping they are pleased with this commercial. :) Avatar ImageAvangelis says: YAY IT CAME ON AGAIN I SAW IT it was amazingAvatar ImageVeganMudblood says: I saw it! It was so awesome! So excited for July! :DAvatar ImageWoodette says: Greys hasn't aired on the west coast yet...I can't wait to see itAvatar Imageplacebowiz says: : )Avatar Imagebookworm1102 says: i saw it and it took me by total surprise because i did not know it was coming on Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: I have not seen it yet. I am really starting to feel like it is really coming. I cannot wait.Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: I have not seen it yet. I am really starting to feel like it is really coming. I cannot wait.Avatar ImageLargeBlondDeathEater says: NO, BECAUSE I WATCHED SURVIVOR INSTEAD! Go Erinn!Avatar Imageholey_saint_george says: I saw it a few minutes ago here on the West coast and recorded it. The quality wasn't all that great, but I sent it in anway; at least you can see the people. Haha :) Hope you can use it!! Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: So, heavy promotion is well underway.Avatar ImageiLoveDolores says: its getting so close now =D Tv promos are so exciting!!!Avatar Imagebutterbeer bottle says: Yay! I hope someone can load this up on youtube soon so I can see it.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: amazing Avatar ImagePrisoner Of Azkaban says: We don't get these in the UK :( Roll on July 15 :DAvatar ImageR-for-H says: ool... Wish I was in America...Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Ahah, it's so exciting to know it's airing on TV!! It means this thing is actually really coming!!!!Avatar ImageMatea says: anyone has the link!?Avatar Imagetoetoe says: lol i saw and i basicaly flipped out to the point where my mother was screaming at me to shut up! but it was amazing!Avatar Imagesnapester says: Uuuugggh. I missed because I was so into Grey's and then busy doing commericals, making kids lunches, etc.!!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Here it is: Imageerinvandzura says: I can't believe i missed it, it must have been on when i wasn't paying attention! Good thing i recorded Grey's, guess im gonna look through it to find it!Avatar Imagebecmajec says: love love loveAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: cooool!!! so excited 4 HBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!*Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: wow just watched the youtube one and it looks good. my big brother hasnt read the books or anything but he and his wife always take me to the cinema and hes seen all the hp movies and he really enjoys them! he even took me to see twilighht which he thought was good. his wife loved it! and its funny because they are 30 and they love twilight! my bro loved the battle scene in OOTP because u could see how powerful the older witches and wizards are!Avatar ImageDolemite says: People who watch Grey's Anatomy go and see Harry Potter?Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Saw it - just awesome!Avatar Imagekbicprez says: I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I saw the video on YouTube. Like Sue said, what was there came from the trailers we've seen before,Avatar ImageFresca says: Only 62 days and we won't have to relyon bits and pieces of the movie shown on TV. Yeah!Avatar Imagecghambright says: I was watching tv and it suddenly came on!!! I was SO SHOCKED I couldn't do anything but stand there with my mouth hanging open. lmao. But right when it went off I started freaking out!! AWESOME!!!!Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Just saw it! Sooo excited! 62 days left! Avatar ImageProfessor Cassandra says: I've never watched Grey's but I heard last night's episode was a real tearjerker. Can't wait till they start showing more TV spots...maybe they will show one during the Idol finale next week?Avatar ImageDylanAqua says: it's right here: Imagecheeserpleaser says: Based on the comments posted here, one can safely deduce that this trailer is nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I missed it last night. Let us hope that this commercial is uploaded to the interwebz as soon as possible!Avatar ImageeiVega says: I was just flipping channels, screamed when I saw it and immediately twittered about it. You know we're getting close once they start showing TV spots. :DAvatar ImageHorcruxalej says: I missed it!!! but its somewhere on the internet...Avatar ImageSirEdwardsGuardian says: I didn't :-( But if these comments are any indication, it must have been quite a teaser.Avatar Imagebrentbrehony says: Don't watch it:(Avatar Imagehedwigsrevenge says: AAH! I taped it last night! Now I have to watch it and all of the commercials! I can't wait to see it!Avatar ImageFloridianFlounder95 says: They should've aired it during the LOST season finale, not the Grey's Anatomy one! Cause I can't watch Grey's Anatomy! It gives me nightmares....Avatar ImageLooie says: My mom watches that show.... I wonder if she saw it?Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: Ahh Man! I don't watch Grey's so I missed it! Can't wait for the movie. Only 62 more days :)Avatar ImageraychelMAY says: My mom saw it and freaked out lolAvatar Imagelinnie95 says: Saw it and Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Girls Nite out with Grey's Anatomy and A HBP promo!!!! great niteAvatar Imageiconshero says: Saw it too, i wasn't watching greys anatomy but i kept checking it.Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: I'm so excited for the movie!Avatar ImagePewterWolf says: I live in the UK! NOT FAIR!!! Please someone tell me that it was epic!Avatar ImageDylanAqua says: It's on Youtube! ImageWicked_Lady says: I need to start watching ABC and CW! I always miss this things! Althoug today I did see a Harry Poster at my local theater announcing the movie. I squealed so loud that people turned to me alarmed XD ! Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: can't wait for HBP! XD im going to run into the theatre the day it comes out.Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: Gosh, wish I watched that show! I didn't see it! :(Avatar Imagekraamerxmich says: AHH! I MISSED GREYS ANATOMY and THIS!? THIS IS HORRIBLE! ERG! I WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD!!! hahaha anyone got it? if so, get it on youtube and send me a link! THANKS!Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: ITS AWESOME!! I ALREADY SAW IT!! WWEE!!Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Odd show to pick to air an HP thing...hmmmph.Avatar ImageSmitch says: Yayyyyy!

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