Video: Helen McCrory on Filming Malfoy Manor for Deathly Hallows


Jul 10, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

There is a new video interview online with actress Helen McCrory where she speaks to her role as Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. In the interview recorded a few days ago in London, she says that she is due back next few weeks to begin filming scenes for Malfoy Manor in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, noting the set and the high level of quality WB is bringing to these films. You can also see a very short interview with Jason Isaacs who also says he is due back to film those scenes as Lucius at home in the Manor, and speaks highly of Helen McRory as well.

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Avatar Imagewilson84 says: Cool can't wait to see her in HBP and DH.Avatar Imagesakuranbo07 says: I can't wait to see her performance in Half-blood Prince. Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: I dont know much about her but I hope shes great in DH! HBP AS WELL:]. Avatar Imagesirius17 says: I have to say this isn't really what I pictured Narcissa to look like. I guess I expected her to be platinum blond like lucius. I also thought she would be much younger to. No offense to Helen.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Awesome! I love the way she said they'd be pulling out all the stops and that it should be spectacular, she looked so excited. I really like Helen McCrory and I'm so annoyed I never seen her. I seen Damien Lewis, even have a video of him falling on the stairs and waving at all the fans who cheered at him. Damn she obviously must have been close by, I just didn't see her. Oh and I'm not sure have we seen this clip before (I think its the 1st time I've seen it) Imageleonix says: I don't think she was the best cast they could have gotten. I don't know what they will make her up to be or how good she can act the Narcissa, but just from looking at her I don't think she fits to the Narcissa as I had pictured her to be.Avatar Imagerenaeofgriffindor says: Cool, exciting...can't wait to see her in HBPAvatar Imageleonix says: well from what I know they will give her platinum blonde hair and maybe even blue eyes. narcissa really can't have brown hair and brown eyes. I would go demonstrate if she did.Avatar ImageLargeBlondDeathEater says: KiwiMcl, DANG IT! I unknowingly clicked that link (I've resisted watching clips) and I didn't realize until 10 seconds through that it's from Half-Blood Prince. :-( Oh well. At least I realized it quickly. Anyway, the one great thing about Helen is that she's really enthusiastic about her role. I like that.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Oh sorry LargeBlondDeathEater! Ok maybe I should add: spoiler alert clip from HBP don't click my link above if you're in the avoiding clips campAvatar ImageLady of the Lake says: Awesome interview! It's so close! I can't wait!!!!Avatar ImageR-for-H says: Cool... i am very intrigued to see her in action now!! xDAvatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: I hope she plays the part well. She looks like she will. When shes in costume as Narcissa she looks exactly how she is described in the books except her hair isnt the same color as Draco's and Lucius's.Avatar ImagesHeLbsS says: Can't wait to see her performance in that scene.Avatar Imagesnoozer says: I am glad to hear she is entusiastic about the part but I wish jason isaacs would have had some say in her look like he did for his because he nailed lucius. I always thought the fact that the malfoys looked so much alike was one of the reasons they ended up together, because they were so in love with themselves that when they met someone who looked like them they thought this person was attractive. Of course the other reason was they were pureblood...Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: I didn't like her look as Narcissa, but I'm she seems like a good person and I'm excited to see her in HBP & DH. =)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: She doesn't seem "pale" enough... Avatar ImageBritski says: Malfoy Manor! One of the best parts in the DH! Can't wait!Avatar ImageRaveKatie says: ugh. I didn't like her as narcissa. I'm sorry but hse looks totally different in my head. What's up with her Cruella-hair?....I dunno. SHe didn't seem all that great to me when i saw the screening in August. Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Narcissa's costume is all wrong. She was supposed to look like a wealthy, glamorous witch not a frumpy English nanny. I do want to see Malfoy Manor though. Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: This isn't who I pictures playing Narcissa either.... have no idea who I had in mind playing her, but she didn't look like that at all. We'll see how she plays the role in the film though... hope she is good.Avatar Imagebadger666 says: I have to say that she looks nothing like the way I imagined Narcissa, but we'll see. It's the acting that's important anyway, not the look. If she does a good job in the Spinner's End scene then I'll be fine with her.Avatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: That was an awesome observation Aurora Duv, I never thought of them being together b/c they looked so much alike. I totally see it. Love her enthusiasm, but not at all what I was picturing. I'm sure she will be great though!Avatar Imagelau399 says: I didn't recognized her at all....maybe because she looked brunette on the video. Anyways I'm very exited about Malfoy Manor. Is one of my favorite scenes in the book..... Avatar ImageKC Nox says: I love her and narcissa! cannot wait to see her!!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: wow, malfoy manor is going to be so intense in DH, or at least it should be!

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