WB Set to Cross One Billion Mark as Half-Blood Prince Opens with 3,000 Midnight Showings


Jul 14, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

The exceptional popularity and box office draw of the Harry Potter films is never more evident tonight than in a new article from Screen Daily which states that “Warner Bros is on the cusp of crossing the $1billion domestic milestone as it launches Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince around the globe.” The piece continues to say that Half-Blood Prince “was set to open in approximately 3,000 midnight screenings across
North America on Wednesday. By the end of the weekend it will have
launched in roughly 4,300 theatres. The film is expected to
dominate the box office for several weeks and conservative estimates
have forecast a five-day weekend in the $140m region.”

Even more eye opening is the following:

“To date every episode in the highly profitable series has taken more than $249.5m domestically, with Sorcerer’s Stone setting the high-water mark of $317.6m by the end of its run in February 2002.

each film in the franchise has consistently scored more than $546m and
a soaring international run would appear to be on the cards yet again
as Warner Bros Pictures International aims to join its domestic
counterpart in the $1bn club. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix set the overseas record of $646.2m two years ago.

film debuts in the UK, Japan, Australia, France, South Korea, Spain,
Italy and Brazil on Wednesday as a prelude to the company’s biggest
day-and-date conventional and IMAX release yet. By the end of the first
weekend it will have opened in more than 14,000 screens in 54 markets
including all the majors, accounting for roughly 85% of total markets.”

77 Responses to WB Set to Cross One Billion Mark as Half-Blood Prince Opens with 3,000 Midnight Showings

Avatar Imagefngw417 says: I will definitely be doing my part to help WB reach these extremely amazing goals!!!Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: I dont know when Im going but I know Im not going tomorrow because of the crowd.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: lol wow. i know i helped WBAvatar Imagecollegegirl06 says: me too i am going my thearter decied to do a midnight showing just today YAY lol Avatar ImageJB21285 says: Will definitely be going sometime soom!Avatar Imageempressa says: they'll definitely make money off me. going on saturday.Avatar Imagebudgie says: I am going with a family of atl least 6 and maybe all eight Saturday.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I saw it... It's ok if you don't care anything about the actual story...Avatar ImagePotterfan111 says: Whoaa! Thats amazing! :)Avatar Imagebellyrox says: Thats fantastic, I cant wait to find out what it does actually end up doing!! It's a lot more hyped at the moment than I remember the last movies being, then again OoTP was two years ago. But I went to the Imax midnight release in Sydney, it was completely sold out!Avatar Imageender650 says: Well they spent a mini fortune on the film, and will be spending a fortune on DH so I'm looking to see exactly how much it makes at box office. It matters much more now because DVD sales have fallen so much and television advertising is trending way down, so the film will make most of its money at the theatres.Avatar ImageSirEdwardsGuardian says: Ha, and I am going to be one of the millions and millions of people to have helped the WB. Odd sense of belonging washing over me...Avatar Imagejessh324 says: Well everyone went mad in Sydney, heaps of cinemas are completely booked out for the opening day - it was packed out!Avatar Imagevineethtc says: Im glad I can help WB in the midst of a recession. When it comes to HP, nothing changes.Avatar Imagelau399 says: I will definitely be going at least twice this week! LOLAvatar Imageirving says: Count me in to help!Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: So I just came back from the midnight showing of HBP, earlier than I expected, and I'm in complete shock. 50 minutes into the midnight premiere of Half-Blood Prince, the picture turns upside down and the characters start speaking backwards. They completely shut off the film and tell us it may take up to a half hour to fix. 45 minutes go by, they finally say something, only to tell us it may take up to another hour, so we have to leave and get a raincheck. I can't believe this really happened.Avatar Imageliv-wa says: YES! I will definitely be contributing to that billion dollar mark! That movie was fantastic!Avatar Imagekamidee says: Actually sold out at most cinemas where I live. And as much as I love to watch it on the day it comes out, I am far to busy to do so. No comment on WB. I don't think they need my help.Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I know they made changes, but I don't mind so much. It was an awesome experience tonight. Our theaters were packed too. All but one was full. Avatar ImageGryfindorprincess09 says: Just got back from the midnight show want to go again this weekend lol.Avatar Imagemeese49 says: I did my part by going to the Midnight Showing. When I got my 2 tickets the Movie person said there were 1004 people at my OP, Fl movie theather and still counting.Avatar ImageLil Brite Spark says: It was totally packed when i was there. Luckily I bought my tickets online so I didnt have to wait. Lucky coz the line right out into the food court, which is saying something coz the foyer at the cinemas where im at is MASSIVE! But im making a complaint to the cinemas because when i watched it for some reason a whole part was skipped and it turned up somewhere in the end and i was VERY confused. But if that is what was meant to happen im totally freaking out coz any major fan or even any regular dumass could see that it was not as it should have been! Anywayz im going again 2moz and if it happens again and then it happens AGAIN on the DVD ill be very dissappointed...Otherwise I think it was a great film. Yeah the book was better but I think that is as close as any film will get to being as good as the bookAvatar Imagecghambright says: I just saw the movie and it was AWESOME!!!!! So I can definitely believe that! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see it AGAIN tomorrow!! Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar Imagecghambright says: There were 2500 people at the midnight showing I went to. It was PACKED. The line was out the door! It was sooo much fun!! HP fans are the BEST!!Avatar ImageCatherine says: it was an awesome movie....well for the movie series anyway, which is different from the amazing books of corse!!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Just watched it... SO. EFFING. AMAZING! I loved it. Words can't describe ... omg... wow.Avatar ImageAndosia says: Just saw it. I walked out less than half way through. I just don't care for Kloves writing. I try to, but time after time I find I really dislike his versions of characters, and the way he reuses lines from the books, but gives them to different people, plus how he changes entire moods and emotions but uses exact book scenes, and etc. I don't expect these movies to be identical to the books, not even close, I don't want them to be, but Kloves version is always a serious disappointment to me. Plus the beginning felt... awkward, stiff, like it was being read from cards. Another failure, in my small opinion. I'm sure once it's on DVD I'll buy it, like all the others, and watch it, and grow used to it, but never enjoy it... like all the ones before. I'm ashamed at the amount of people I took with me to see this disaster. I was so hoping to like this one.Avatar ImageJessSnape says: I believe that the prediction of one billion people going to see HP this morning is more than achievable.... there were tons of people out tonight.... many dressed up and ready to have fun:) Loved the movie!! Loved it.... loved it... loved it!!! Going again:)Avatar ImageReady for some quidditch says: I just got back too. I thought it was great even though it will never be as good as the book but that would require a 5 hour movie....now i can't wait until deathy hallows i hope there will be less parts taken out.Avatar Imageangelvoice says: I just got home from seeing it. I Loved it. I can't wait to see it on IMAX.Avatar ImageFosDoNuT says: I just got back from the midnight showing, and am going again Sunday.Avatar ImageJKMcGonagall says: Well, it will never be as good as the book, no movie ever is, but this one was awesome. The best one yet, and yes I will be seeing it again, probably two or three more times at leasts.Avatar ImageHealey says: I can't believe people actually liked this film. It just boggles my mind.Avatar Imagebella vita says: I just got back too! It was packed. The theatre I went to showed it on five screens and they were all completely sold out. Personally I loved this one and I think its one of if not the best yet. Obviously there were still a lot of things I disliked about it like the way there was no funeral so to me it sort of minimized the importance of Dumbledore's death, but I felt the same way about Sirius's death in OOTP. As a book fan there are always going to be plenty of things like that I don't like, but the book is the book and the movie is the movie. Its not the same. I really tried this time around to truly keep that in mind while watching it and I was able to enjoy it so much more instead of analyzing every single change, flaw, addition, ect like I did with OOTP. That said it was a fantastic film and I plan to see it at least two or three more times once the IMAX 3D version is released. I still dislike WB because of the delay, but I really really hope HBP has record breaking sales and is at least the top grossing film in 2009 so we can show all the haters/critics/media that we're not and never will be bored with HP and our fandom isn't dead yet. I just really would like to see us completely prove wrong all of the bad press over last 2 years questioning if "potter has lost its magic" and saying that its popularity has faded away.Avatar Imagehpfreak1129 says: I thought the movie was great! There were some scenes that were cut out that kinda disappointed me, but I know they can't put all of the scenes in!! If you don't like the movie then fine, you still have the books! I understand that people want the movies to be just like the books but that is not going to happen!! I personally would like a movie that is different than the book, because then we get more scenes that we don't have in the books which basically gives us more content! And if a movie doesn't have scenes from the book, it doesn't mean those scenes are gone!! We just don't see them in the movie! They are still in the book for us to read!! It is not like the books are just going to vanish and all we are left with are the movies!! I have personally liked all of the movies!! But hey, it is your opinion! I am just stating mine!! Spoilers There was a scene from Deathly Hallows when Snape and Dumbledore where talking on the astronomy tower about how Snape didn't know if he wanted to do it anymore! If you have read the books you will know what I mean!! that was really the biggest problem for me! They gave too much about Snape away, but they also covered it up by Harry thinking Snape lied to Dumbledore the whole time which probably made people who didn't read the books think that too!Avatar Imageclauslr says: "Imperial Biografen" in Copenhagen (1102 seats) are currently 89% sold out for the 5 friday screenings, the first showing at 1AM. the 6.30PM screening have only 15 sets available. If all screenings are sold out that would be approximately 5510x100,- = 551000,-DKK (72.778,67EURO, 62.295,08£ or 100.930,54$) on one day in just one theatre :-O oh my!Avatar ImageLinnyish says: Haha anyone still boycotting because they moved the film date from last Autumn? I doubt it lol :P I'm seeing it on Friday :D :DAvatar Imagecapman5555 says: Just went to the half blood prince and am very sad to say I did not enjoy it one bit. I feel it let Harry Potter down as it did not go with the story at all Avatar Imagesplinch says: going to the matinee at noon, its a tradition. no funeral huh? I'll be ranting later today...Avatar ImageSarah Artemisia says: It was amazing!!!!!!!!! I won't be suprized if they achesve their goal of a one billion dollers :)Avatar ImageMugglejeff says: I will be going a couple times.Avatar ImageRobbie Rowe says: The Half- Blood Prince is out today!!!! YAY!Avatar ImageRinnnna says: In my place film comes in theaters on 23rd, and I am so sad I won't be able to watch it the same day it is out, I mean today!!!! :(((((((((Avatar Imagemonicahp2009 says: I'm happy that Warner Brothers was in charge of the movie, because think of what it would be like if another company was in charge? IAvatar ImageGinevra86 says: Nice! Too bad I was turned away from my midnight showing because they oversold the tickets (I purchased tickets in advance on Fandango). I had tickets for the midnight showing and was told to come back at 3:20 if I wanted to sit with my boyfriend (who went with me). Did this happen to anyone else? There were assigned theatre numbers on our tickets, but they just tried to shove people in to fill up the theatres one at a time. So, I still haven't seen the movie... and might have to wait a few days to use up my voucher and actually see it. Avatar ImageLulaL says: That's lot of popcorn!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: wow lol!!!Avatar Imagejrivas1284 says: WOW WB.. congratzzzzz i cant wait to go see it. i was going to go last nite for the mid nite but it was sold out everywhere the only open spot was at 3:10am and i had to work at 8am so i count go but i am exciteddddddAvatar ImageAccioCloak says: I'm going tonight, so I guess I'm doing my bit for WB profits!Avatar ImageharrietPotter says: saw it! the HP phenonmenon is AMAZING!Avatar Imagekamidee says: Haven't seen it yet, I'm worried about people's comments about Kloves, I don't like him either. But I could forgive him if he DIDN'T give anymore of Ron's lines to Hermione...did he? :/Avatar Imageno1hpfan says: i think they are well on there way at my theather they had showings sold out through 12 16. I was lucky to get a 12 15 showing Avatar ImageCaracticus says: I'm not sure when I will go... I want to go as soon as possible, but do want to avoid the crush... I've waited 2 years, what's a few more days (torture, is what!)Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: Saw it twice last night and loved it.Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: There's a great review on MSN today. The writer, James Rocchi, says that HBP "...isn't great family entertainment -- it's great entertainment, period, a blockbuster with true heart and real humanity". I don't normally read reviews, but this one is fantastic!! Avatar Imageget1nexttime says: Went to the midnight showing and plan on going again this weekend!!! :0)Avatar ImagexxKrisxx says: Saw the movie today and have to say WB doesn't deserve that one billion mark! VERY disappointed with the movie :(Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Seems to me that the people here who say they didn't like the film are the same ones who have complained about all the others. Maybe you should all just give Deathly Hallows a miss. Leave it for real Harry Potter fans.Avatar Imagejalawood says: YAY!Avatar Imagefireboltfire says: Ah I seriously cannot wait to see it! I reeeeally wanted to go to one of the midnight viewings, but they all sold out in the blink of an eye! am so so jealous of all you lucky people who have seen it already! Avatar ImageAnalise says: I enjoyed it, but I'm one of the people who wasn't crazy about it, and I've *loved* all of the films! HBP manages to hit all the major key plot points, but to me leaves out so much detail and character development in between that it feels a little disjointed. I know it's hard to convey inner-turmoil on screen, but it seems as though Harry just suddenly likes Ginny. They also leave out *a lot* about the Half Blood Prince, which is a big deal! It was like, "Who's that guy?" and they forget about it entirely until it's revealed. Also, I understand Yates's desire to bring the film to a more human level and the story has grown progressively darker, but I feel like some of the magic is lost a bit. I miss feeling like I'm being taken away to this great, mysterious and wondrous world. Anyway, I *did* enjoy the film, but I think I'm just going to have to shift my perspective a bit to get used to Yates's style. Avatar ImageThe Stew says: I will defn. help EB reach those goals... Avatar ImageThe Stew says: ...that's a lot of money.Avatar ImagePigwidgeonPwns says: Whoa... that's a lot...Avatar ImageJadeDanielle says: Holy smokes....not that I'm actually surprised, but still.....wow.Avatar Imagedoublecore says: I loved the movie and we had 6 people at the 12:00 screening. We will be going back friday with 8 people. Long live Albus.Avatar ImageFonty says: I will see it again and I hope it makes money. Some don´t like David Yates and call him a third rate TV director, but I like his two HP movies so far. Yes, both of them could be half an hour or more longer. :) But again, even in 6 there are deleted scenes that were shot and who knows, maybe one day we will get "Extended Cuts" of the films. :) Even the actors say, that they´ve filmed so much more. With 6, I honestly don´t miss that much. The funeral would have been expensive, but the removal of the Dark Mark was quite moving for me. Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: I will be doing my part too... I'm going to go see it twice! ;)Avatar ImagexxKrisxx says: Uh just because there are those who didn't like the movie, doesn't mean we're not "real fans" The simple fact of the matter is, if you're going to turn a book into a movie, do it properly or don't bother doing it at all! They added scenes that were completely unneccesary and stupid and left out vital parts of the story. HBP is one of my favourite books so I was really looking forward to seeing it come to life and, for me, it was a total disappointment and it's definately my least favourite movie so far.Avatar Imagehermionenluna says: great!!!!!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: WOW! I'm glad I preorder my tickets! In my local cinema, all 18 screens were showing HP on Wednesday and *all of them were SOLD-OUT!!*Avatar ImageKiralay says: All the best to those at WB. May Harry Potter continue to be unmatched and unsurpassed!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: i really hope it does that well! :P)Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: It was awesome!

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