Dan Radcliffe Talks Return of Gary Oldman and More for Deathly Hallows


Jul 16, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

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In a new interview with MTV, actor Dan Radcliffe discusses filming the scene in the forest for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Noting he is nervous about filming that long walk in the forest, Dan tells MTV “The good thing is ” it suddenly occurred to me the other day ” Gary
Oldman will be in there for that scene,” the young actor said. “He’s
always somebody who ” just from being around, I don’t know whether it
is from some kind of quite pure and childish desire to want to impress
him or out of the fact that he just gets something out of me ” having
him around for some reason on the fifth film was such an amazing thing
for me as an actor, and hopefully he’ll have that effect again.”

Director David Yates and Dan also speak on the epilogue, and having the main Trio appear in that scene.

“There’s something extraordinary about the audience’s knowledge of them when they were this high
and then seeing them where they are 38,” he said. “There’s something
really beautiful about that circle, so it has to be them. I think if
after seven or eight movies, we recast them in that last scene ” we all
thought, ‘No way, we can’t do that.’ ”
Radcliffe admitted that he always feared the epilogue: “This is the
last image people are going to have of the films, and I’d rather they
did it with other actors than did it with us and it looked bad.” But after seeing how realistically visual effects modified an
actor’s age in “Benjamin Button,” he’s become a convert. “I might get
to see what I look like if I was 5-foot-8, which will be a thrill for
me!” he laughed.”

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