A Foggy Forbidden Forest at Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park?


Aug 22, 2009

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A quick update this evening regarding progress at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction currently under construction in Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Universal Orlando has filed more construction notices involving two new companies. Of interest is a company from Finland called “Fogscreen Inc,” which as the paper points out is to “provide fog special effects. As the name suggests, the company
specializes in creating nebulous, walk-through fog banks — made out of
ultrasonic waves and tap water — on which images and videos can be
projected. (Think the Davy Jones effect near the beginning of Walt
Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride.)” We are uncertain if this fog effect machine will be used for the spooky Forbidden Forest or as part of the ride through Hogwarts Castle or what this may be used for. As a reminder too, back in April, we learned there is to be a company used to
provide fake snow for the theme park in sunny Florida; no word if rain, sleet and hail machines will be brought in for possible Quidditch matches either 😉

Also Universal will be dealing with a company called Austin 2 Paris Inc, and the notice “says the work is for “automata” — the plural of automaton, which is a type of robot.” Readers will recall of course we’ve heard several reports previously regarding automated robotic arms and the like as part of the ride through Hogwarts Castle. Construction on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction continues at Universal Orlando, which is scheduled to open Spring, 2010.

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