Magical Needlework Craft-Along Now Open


Jan 01, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

As it now a new year and a new month, we now bring you the start of the latest Craft-Along Event over on the Leaky Lounge. This month, our always creative Crafty Witches have come up with a fun and handy event that will have you brushing up on your magical needlework. Work at your own pace, practicing stitches from a variety of needlework projects along with your fellow crafters for the January Craft-Along. A number of resource threads are currently available, while additional video tutorials and tips and tricks will be available online in the coming days. Get those pin-cushions and needles at the ready, and jump into the latest Craft-Along Event today! Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: I love needlework! I'll enjoy this! (first post?)Avatar Image says: Cool! Something to work on while I enjoy my new seven disc Blu-Ray collector's edition of the first five HP movies, a nice Christmas gift indeed.Avatar Image says: @ SRP omg! how are the Blu-Ray Harry Potters? I want.Avatar Image says: I love to needlework too lily_luna! I just wish I could knit. I would love to have Dumbledore's socks! Avatar Image says: @Moody....I'm just starting my House Colors Scarf! I got a book called "Knitting For Dummies", along with a book, called 'Charmed Knits, Projects For Fans Of Harry Potter' [Alison Hansel] I am so looking forward to making a House Scarf! I can't wait for some good tips and such, from the folks at 'Craft Along' here at Leaky!!!!! The needle point patterns, were GREAT!!!! Yipeeeee!Avatar Image says: To Confederate Lady...My middle finger on my left hand is amputated half way down and it makes it hard to hold yarn and wool. Crocheting is a nightmare. Needle point is about the only I can do pretty good. Thanks anyway! : )Avatar Image says: I just checked out some of the cross stitch items and they are cute but when I tried to bring up the Fawkes the Phoenix I can only see one page when I tried to print it out for me to do the work... Does any one have any ideals how to make it print out correct??? It's so big and I am only able to see the one page. Do I need to make my screen size bigger or smaller what ever you call it LOL.??? Thanks for any help, pancraftsAvatar Image says: Hi, pancrafts! I checked out the file for you to see what we could do, and you're right - the file is SO massive that it takes some special handling. To get it to print correctly, I had to: 1) Click the thumbnail to open up the full-sized pattern. 2) Right click the pattern and select "Copy Image". 3) Open up Paint on my computer and paste the pattern in. Please note that this took several minutes and I thought for a few that my computer had frozen-up. 4) You can then print the pattern from paint. It's 36 pages, and will need trimmed and taped together to form the full pattern. Hope this helps! Crafty Witch JennAvatar Image says: YOWCH, pancrafts! you're a braver soul than I am! LOL. Moody...that's ok. I do better with Cross Stitch than I do with knitting needles OR crochet hook! The Needlepoint patterns, on the Needle Craft section, are excellent. I am finishing a full set of House Crests and trying to decide which of the Hogwarts Crests I want to do...the bigger patterns kinda scare me! Again, good luck,pancrafts!Avatar Image says: Confederate Lady I just love a Croos Stitch. lol I loved the Fawkes one....but I'm not that brave. : )Avatar Image says:!!!!!

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