“Half-Blood Prince” Film Released in Italy on July 15, 2009


Jan 22, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

There is news today from WB Italy, who announced that the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film will be opening in Italy on Wednesday, July 15, 2009. Paolo Ferrari, the President of Warner Bros. Pictures Italia, is quoted as saying in regards to the upcoming release:

“It’s really important to support theater’s business in hot months,
and so [this] event next summer WB will play a great role. Harry Potter had
demonstrate[d] his power on the July box office, and I’m sure he will
confirm his [extraordinary] potential.”

As readers will remember, the sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will hit theaters in the US, UK, and additional major international markets on July 17, 2009.

Thanks to GiratempoWeb.net and PortKey.it for the tip.

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Avatar Image says: Lucky them. I might have to stay away from leaky for a few days. Avatar Image says: Sooo, we could watch it online before the release date. Not that I would of course, because it looks SO much better in it's full imax 3-D glory, but there will be so many leaked scenes before the US, UK, and Canada release on July 17.Avatar Image says: thats a bit weird. i mean, what is the actual reason for it to come out earlier there? does it say there? am i mean really stupid? lol oh well, wat can we do about it. i cant wait for it to come out in imax here in the uk tho. ill just have to stay away form the internet for 2 days lol xxxx hi edward, great post lmao xxxxxAvatar Image says: I hope the film will also be released on the 15th in Belgium, 'cos in Belgium the films premiere on Wednesdays. XDAvatar Image says: Belgium ? hey I live there. And if Italy releases it on July 15th, it will probably be released in our little country too.Avatar Image says: @ obockstal: K hoop et ook (ge zyt toch Vlaams he XD)Avatar Image says: Cool, but no fair, earlier than us and england. Avatar Image says: woohoo, we will see leaked scenes from the movie before it is even releasd here in the UKAvatar Image says: I bet we'll get it on the 15th, too, they just won't announce it this early. OoTP had it's midnight premier two days before the actual release date as well.Avatar Image says: It may have to do with the usual day of the week when movies open. In Germany, we´ll get it on the 16th. :) But sadly, it´s dubbed and only a few theatres carry the English Version - which is the Version that I prefer my HP to be. :) Avatar Image says: For the first time, living in Italy means smth good for Potter's stuff! XDAvatar Image says: thats cool! my country is across Italy,so maybe that means that we won't have to wait too long. I am so going to midnight pre-premiere:DAvatar Image says: well this sucks! means i cant go on leaky... or youtube etc for like 2 days. Sorry =] Avatar Image says: ... OR I could learn italian and go to italy for the 15th and then i can go on leaky YAY, but i dont think i will!Avatar Image says: It's a little bit strange that we will watch the movie here in Italy two days before the actual release date!!! we always have to wait days before we can see Potter movies...XD Avatar Image says: Hopefully this means that Australia will get it early, too, rather than nearly 20 days later, as was scheduled for the 2008 release. On IMDB, it says we get it on the 16th, but I'm not sure of their sources, because they have Italy listed as 17th July.Avatar Image says: Thats cool. But I wish it was comming out on the 15th here. :( But hey we all had to wait almost a year when they pushed it back so 2 days is fine I guess.Avatar Image says: i forget, will tHBP be available in 3D ?? aanywho, lucky Italy..i'll definitely have to stay away from Leaky and HPforums for a few daays to evade spoilers =))Avatar Image says: I'm optimistic that HBP will be released in US, CA, UK, and other places on the 15th. It means a longer opening weekend, and that certainly helped with the Order of the Phoenix. Why wouldn't WB take it up again if it helped them before?Avatar Image says: Oh, thats real fair! Now we are all going to be tempted to take a look at the sneaked scenes on youtube. Great.. Just Great..... 0_oAvatar Image says: YAY!!! For once, I'm happy to be Italian!Avatar Image says: I'll probably look at the leaked videos anyway. =) So this is good for me. xDAvatar Image says: thats a bit weird.... why Italy? gahhh no fairAvatar Image says: You guys should stop complaining about two days! Originally it was going to come out in Australia one month later! But now, of course, it is coming out on July 16th here in Australia :)Avatar Image says: I don't watch anything, on YouTube, anyway! Not movies...trailers, yes. Movies, no. I'd rather wait until the 17th [it's only two days later] and get the whole "theater/opening day" experiance!Avatar Image says: Ahh! Lucky Italians. I might just have to convince my family to vacation there this summer...Avatar Image says: I'm still miffed WB put in the 'attack on the Burrow' scene in HBP - so stupid - there's an attack on the Burrow in DH, why not have it there?Avatar Image says: I wonder why they get to see the movie two days before the UK and the US. Oh, well lucky them. I don't think I can live that long!:( Avatar Image says: lucky italy.Avatar Image says: As happy as I am for Italy, it does upset me that the US and even the UK and the rest of the world pretty much are waiting still. I don't understand why. If i knew why, it probably wouldn't bother me quite as much. I still don't understand why they can't release it on the same day around the world...??? Avatar Image says: I can't believe the ignorance of some people on here. Do they really think that every single country in all of the world has movie releases on Fridays??? No, they don't - for instance here in Australia our film release days are Thursdays, never Fridays. And it still baffles me that a few Americans complain about not having the same release date - what's the difference? The time zone has you guys a day behind so you'd still get the movie a day late (aside the midnight screenings). Avatar Image says: Here in Denmark we also get it on Wednesday :D First time ever we get some good things here in Dk!Avatar Image says: We Americans might get it on the 15th too. It's possible. Even though movies are usually released on Fridays here. Remember in 2007, all the advertisements for "OotP" said it would be released on Friday the 13th of July, but it it turned out to really be released on Wednesday the 11th. Isn't that right? The same thing could possibly happen here, I suppose. We didn't know last time until the last minute so maybe... Didn't "OotP" break some kind of record for being the most popular mid-week opening movie or am I misremembering completely? Avatar Image says: I live in Italy so.. I really like this little "gift"! ;) But onestly it's not such a big deal, I mean..it's just 2 days so I think everyone outside Italy could survive till the 17thAvatar Image says: OMG!!! that is unfair it is a british film i think everyone should get it at the same time but if anyone is going to get it first it should be us in tht UK!!!Avatar Image says: @Loz: actually, here in Italy movie releases are on Fridays too. But I think it's coming early here because summers are pretty hot in Italy, and no one wants to go to the cinema in sunny days - even if there's air conditioning and all. Or maybe they want to make HBP something really special - hence the release on Wednesday.Avatar Image says: NOOO THAT NOT FAIR. we all have to wait now why Italy is getting an early treat....what about USA.UK etc....sike nah is ok enjoy it guys...GOOO HPB>>>Avatar Image says: OMG!!! I LIVE IN ITALY!!!! HOW'S THIS POSSIBLE?!? I NEVER GET TO SEE STUFF BEFORE PEOPLE DO IN THE US! I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Lucky i'm Italian!!! Avatar Image says: I'm italian... this time I feel lucky :-DAvatar Image says: I am confused isn't it winter in July in Italy? Is it still hot then?Avatar Image says: Wht should I " support WB theater's business" ? They were not interested in our money in Nov. now I am not interested in their sordid business affairs in July. JusiticeAvatar Image says: yay i get to see it before everyone else!!! Avatar Image says: sooo, it means Italian people can see harry potter film earlier than American and British peaple, but why ... ???Avatar Image says: it doesn't really make any difference now,does it?two days is nothing compared to eight months delay.Furthermore the comments being made concernig fairness,reagarding the release date are unacceptable.There is no fair or unfair scenario.Why should the people of one country deserve to see the movie earlier than others?This is the way things are,and noone can really pass judgement on something so insubstancial.Oh and el,the answer to your question is no.In Italy,in July,they have a very hot summer,being in the northern hemisphere and all and right at the center of the Mediterranian Sea..God,the ignorance of some people is astounding!Avatar Image says: ...and so is the arrogance of others!Avatar Image says: NO FAIR!!! lol, that's my birthday. I really hope it does come out for us that day too. WOWWW. That would be the MOST amazing birthday ever. HBP is my fave book out of the series.. trust me it's not easy to pick. Avatar Image says: sooo when the HBP film realise at Indonesia?Avatar Image says: sooo when the HBP film release at Indonesia?Avatar Image says: Mmm... Don't know from your side. From our side this new is fantastic !!! (Harry Potter esce prima in Italia !!!! Urrà !) EnricoAvatar Image says: Ditto on everything Herpo said. I don't understand why most people are upset about this... It's just a two days' delay, for God's sake! Plus, here in Italy we love HP as much as you do. And you, English and American people, get almost *everything* before us. Do you really need to be this bitter because we get something before you for once in a lifetime?Avatar Image says: YEEEEEES!! finally something good!! I'm italian, I'm italian, I'm italian...YAY. Er, sorry for the enthusiasm, but I'm soooooo happy!Avatar Image says: that is soooooo unfairAvatar Image says: @ marauder & enrico: finalmente una cosa buona! Non so a cosa dobbiamo questa scelta, ma mi va benissimo! Mi sembra paradossale che certi inglesi o americani si sentano molto più importanti del resto del mondo..Avatar Image says: Forgot to write: why is this unfair?? you get everything before the rest of the world. I'm sorry, but you must realise that you're not more important.Avatar Image says: AAH, Its unfair !!! why earlier than us and uk?Avatar Image says: @el sorry, I really don't want to seem rude or arrogant but..the idea that someone might think that July is in winter in Italy sounds a bit weird. Italy is in northern emisphere, just like UK, Denmark..USA! Anyway..a delay of only 2 days is not so big, don't you think guys? So don't complain about that ;)Avatar Image says: @ele0206: esattissimamente. Davvero non capisco questo atteggiamento "siamo migliori di voi, non capisco perché il film esca prima da voi". Avatar Imagevicky granger says: Does anyone know when it'll be realeased in France? Since it's coming out early in Italy ?Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I love to watch movies dubbed into other languages -- to see how the voiceover actors interpret the characters. I'd love to see this one.

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