Emma Watson Talks Possible New Film and More with Daily Mail


Jan 31, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Daily Mail Magazine has a lengthy feature online with Emma Watson that includes some stunning new photos of the actress, as well as new comments from her on fame, fortune and new roles post-Potter. She talks at length about fame and the spotlight can effect the behavior of some, noting that she along with co-stars Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were lucky while growing up during the course of the Harry Potter films. Quotage:

˜I don’t consider myself to be a celebrity. I don’t fit that mould.
I worry that people have expectations of me being someone I’m not. I’m
just finding myself and trying to live as normally as possible and be
as normal as possible.

‘I’ve never seen a “good behaviour”
clause (she refers to her reported Warner contract) ’ I honestly think
that’s a myth ’ but I actually wouldn’t ever need one. It’s just not
necessary. I’m not tempted by parties or drugs. I don’t actually like
being drunk, particularly in public. But I do understand why people get
sucked into a party lifestyle. I can see how it happens so I’d never
criticise someone who gets into all that. It can get pretty tough. But
you have choices in life. If I want to lead as private and as normal a
life as possible I just can’t go there. So I don’t.’

She grins.
˜Daniel (Radcliffe), Rupert (Grint) and me have been incredibly
protected doing the Harry Potter movies. There seems to be this feeling
that all of us were bursting to break out of these images we had
created but that’s never been the case. We all share the same view.
None of us court celebrity, none of us want to be part of the game.’

While some websites and reports have claimed that she has chosen a University, Emma Watson says again that she is still undecided, and states of her desire to further her education while acting. “Jodie Foster did it, Natalie Portman did it,’ she says. ˜I think it’s entirely possible to juggle university with filming…˜I actually think going to university will make me a better actress.
The experience of living like that, working to deadlines, living with
other students. It’s all the things I want.”

Finally, Emma Watson speaks again to a role in the Napoleon and Betsy film that she has been rumored to be taking on for some time now. ˜It’s a strong relationship but it’s not sexual,’ she says. ˜It’s very
complex. A touching of souls. She was a very young girl and he was this
older, incredible man. I read the script two years ago and just knew
this was the perfect film for me.’

In addition to the photos seen in the article, you can also see a new fashion shoot Emma did for VS magazine here in our galleries.

51 Responses to Emma Watson Talks Possible New Film and More with Daily Mail

Avatar ImagePatricia. says: Yay, I'd love to see more movies with Emma Great articleAvatar Imagescarletti1 says: First? I doubt it. But i'm excited about this new movie about Napoleon and Betsy. It sounds wonderful. I know there are reasons that I liked Emma. She's so sensible, i really admire her judgment and focus. :)Avatar Imageravensmith says: Has anyone seen, The Tale of Despereaux? How was it? Emma seems like a very mature young lady, and I commend her for making the decision to be who she is, rather that go off the deep end because of fame, or money. Good interview. Avatar ImageBewareoftheNargles says: I'm so glad Emma isn't and doesn't want to be what you could call a 'typical' celebrity. She's great! I find I like her more and more as a person (from what I hear at least) but like her less so as Hermione. I'm not sure why that is. Avatar ImageMatea says: she's amazing. I wish her the bestAvatar Imagelunalovespudding says: I really admire her for wanting to have a private life. It would be so easy for her to spend every night in some club getting drunk and she doesn't want to. I hope she gets into her 1st choice uni, I'm sure she will.Avatar ImageNeil in Scotland says: The pics look great!! She looks like a real film star!Avatar ImageThe Whomping Willow says: I agree BewareoftheNargles- its good to see children have good role models in these Harry Potter Actors! Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: this was just such a fantastic article. go emma!!!!!! she is such a perfect role model i am just so proud of her. and think about it? how many kids would be let down if they found out hermione (cuz thats what most ppl think of her is) is in jail for DUI or drugs or whatever. or any of the cast for that matter. im so proud that theyre stayed on track so farAvatar ImageSophiespell says: Love the pictures- what a beautiful girl and so down to earth. Fame has not gotten to her head like other celebrities. What ever film she does next, i'm seeing it!Avatar ImageHROAR Mudblood Proud says: Smart, grounded, fashionable and sometimes even brunette! Great actress, that Emma. I saw Despereaux, it was cute and Emma did a nice job on the voice of the princess.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: GREAT interview and the pix are absolutely stunning!!! Emma is a lovely young woman who knows who she is and seems to have a very sensible view of life. On top of that, the girl has some SERIOUS brains! She impresses me more and more every day. GO EMMA!!!!!Avatar Imagewendybird3 says: She is such a beautiful young woman and so full of class. Avatar ImageWhitzard says: Awesome pictures, the one with the hat was... dashing. Great interviewAvatar ImageDolemite says: My daughter wants her to come to Penn for college :DAvatar ImageArithmancer says: She sounds so refreshingly well grounded. Good for you, Emma!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I admire Emma for being such a grounded and realistic young woman. The graceful and humble manner with which she conducts herself in all of her interviews continues to impress me. Whatever the future brings her, I wish her great success.Avatar Imagevampiremimsy says: Aw, that interview was lovely. I look up to her even more for that celebrity comment. I still need to watch her last movie...and any of her movies. I will someday, I just need to get them.Avatar Imagetinagin says: What a great interview. She really seems like she knows what she wants out of life! That pic with her in the hat, it looks like she could be the next Roxie Hart in Chicago :)Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: Love Emma but wheres the link?Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: oh, nvm found itAvatar ImageSlytherin4Life says: I love the photos! They are soo cute and mature for her. I think we should see more Photos of her.Avatar Imagecalliet2b4g says: woo! go emma!Avatar ImageJKMcGonagall says: Emma is a very beautiful and sensible young lady. I love the picture of her in the red dress. Red is a great color on her. JKMcGonagall Avatar Imagebecmajec says: It's funny that she talks about not liking to wear mini skirts and that is what she is in in most of those pictures haha. She looks really nice, and the skirts are a tasteful length so... and I suppose she wouldn't have chosen what she was wearing personally. Although it might have been a good idea- maybe she would have realised that it was a bit weird to put her in the same dress in two different colours...Avatar ImageAga Veneficus says: Noted, burningpumpkins. Now go away. On topic: Emma's just lovable, isn't she? :pAvatar Imagecrom says: This is why I respect Emma so much. Also pretty cool pictures.Avatar ImageKara000 says: I acctually havent seen any other movies with Emma in them But i would like too. Just to see if she acctually can break out of the 'Hermione' style of acting.Avatar ImageProfessorPotter says: She is a great role model, isnt she. Classy, beautiful, humble and intelligent. Great article. But when I read the bit of the so called "photographer" laying on the ground...I couldn't believe it. They really do that? There should be a law against that and they should be arrested. I mean that has to be invasion of privacy, assault even, surely? They should be locked up. Avatar Imagehermione_1991 says: go emma! you rock!Avatar ImageGraymayne says: I have a great respect for Emma and her attitude to life. I don't have a very high opinion of this photographer, the lighting is much too harsh, draining all the bone structure. He also lacks creativity, he should stick to calendar pin-ups.Avatar Imagespiritbound says: She is so awesome. She doesn't need to go to uni but she genuinly wants to. The way she talks shows what a down to earth person she is. Avatar Imageilovefeltbeats says: I understand the whole going to uni will help her! Especially working to deadlines. I see her quite alot...We live in the same area (like round the corner from her) and I agree that she doesnt accept the celeb lifesytle with open arms but that the fame is inavitable.Avatar Imagerogue-bludger says: I really loved the pictures and the interview was just amazing. Emma is very down-to-earth, smart, sensible, and responsible. She is a great role model! Go Emma!Avatar Imagekbicprez says: @Professor Potter, I had the same reaction when I read that bit. It really does sound unbelievable. A friend told me the Daily Mail is a typical British tabloid. That's not a good sign. This is such a nice story about Emma and the pictures are lovely. But now I'm questioning how much of the interview is real. Hope my suspicions are wrong.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: That was fantastic, I just have to voice everyone else here, thank God she has morals and such a great role model for young girls looking up to the image of Paris HiltonAvatar Imagekayzz says: Emma is really lovely. she's so pretty and i think she sounds like she has her head on straight. napoleon and betsy sounds really cool, but i could hardly find anything about it on imdb, so it's awesome to hear some more. GO EMMA!!Avatar Imagelilyjames says: ok this may be odd but i really like the photos they are very high fashion i no thats odd but i like photoshoots that are different and wierd and that make you think how on earth did someone think of this and i really think emma could juggle college and acting she is after all brilliantAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: i heart emma, so classy.Avatar ImagePottertwin2 says: Emma is too cute! I love the photos and she seems really grounded and sure of herself. Avatar ImageWeasleyGirl93 says: I really love how real and normal Dan, Rupert and Emma seem and probably are. They really just seem like genuine people.Avatar Imagemiriam the wounded says: I don't quite understand why she would say that posing "sexily" and wearing miniskirts isn't something she likes doing, and yet in most of her photoshoots that is what she does. She's a high-profile enough actress to say that she doesn't want to do it or doesn't want to wear something if she doesn't feel comfortable. There is no way that a magazine/photographer could force her to do something she didn't want. She also wears short dresses at events - or is there a massive difference in this? She can wear whatever she wants and pose however she wants, but she should really stop contradicting herself. Avatar ImageHogwarts Horror says: It makes me happy the stars of HP are so sensible and mature and down to earth. Can you think how crazy it would be if they weren't!!! If they were into drugs and wild party it would be awful! I'd be intersested to see this new movie, I hope it all goes ahead.Avatar Imagebookmonster79 says: I really admire Emma, she just embodies the spirit of Hermione.Avatar ImageTheProphecy says: Emma is amazing! Avatar Imagekbicprez says: Emma's site put up a link to this interview. That must mean it's got her OK. I'm very happy that my suspicions about it were wrong. Nice to see such a positive story about Emma, especially from a tabloid!Avatar ImageFonty says: Well, she´s been in the YOU supplement of that paper before, so this is her second time around. The biggest point to even appear in a tabloid, well, in the LIVE supplement of a tabloid, is to actually reach people, who usually feed on the lies that such tabloids also like to print. It´s like appearing on Fox News and saying things that are more true than the usual Fox truth. We don´t really know who actually plans out these interviews and how much they are a part of the Warner PR machine, even though they focus very nicely on Ms Watson in this.Avatar Imagemiriam the wounded says: Anybody else think it's weird (and a bit intimate) that the writer of the Mail interview describes what Emma smells like? Avatar ImageFonty says: I read the comment about her smell as a compliment, but it is a bit intimate indeed. But, this is the Daily Mail after all. :)Avatar Imagemiriam the wounded says: It's the type of thing that a fangirl (or boy) would comment on - not a journalist. And "a compliment"? LOL. As opposed to her being called a smelly thing? Of course the Daily Mail is rubbish and I don't understand why Emma would do a shoot with them anyway. And interview is one thing because it's usually unavoidable when promoting a project - but a whole photoshoot? It's akin to posing for the Sun these days. The interview seems pretty genuine - i think it's on Emma's site now. What is the deal with calling her a Bafta star in the headline? She's never even been nominated for a Bafta - she's presented an award there but they can't call her a Bafta star for that - even if POA won a few years ago - she can't take the credit. The whole article is just weird. Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: It'll be nice to see her step out in new roles.

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