Harry Potter Spells Application Now Available


Nov 16, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

As expected, the new Harry Potter “Spells” Application for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available today via the iTunes store. Retailing for $4.99 (USD) this new application allows you to duel a friend using 14 different spells. You can learn more about the new application at the official site here. Enjoy!

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Avatar ImageThio says: Yeah... seems cool. But not $4.99 cool. I'll wait for it to price down or just keep playing HBP on the Wii.Avatar ImageCatherine says: that is so AWESOME!!!! its tooobad i dnt hv a ipod touch or phone!Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: I wanna know what iPhone people think of it.Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: woot getting it Avatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: don't own an ipod or iphone. but it's still nice. :)Avatar Imageccking says: it's an amazing app !!!! I love it so much I've been glued to it! it's totally not worth $4.99 though!! maybe $1.99 ... it just kinda of feels like a rip off.Avatar ImageLadySidi says: I need an ipod or iphone now!Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: It sounds like fun, but I think it defeats the purpose and makes it a bit worthless that you can't duel people across the internet, they have to be in the same room as you. How hard would it honestly be to make that possible? Other apps can do it.Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: I don't own an ipod touch or an iphone but love the idea of the app. I certainly don't believe it's worth 4.99 though. I'll just keep playing HBP on my wii. I'm just hoping for an awesome HP game for the wii after all the movies are made, but I won't start rambling through my ideas on that!!Avatar Imagemuggle118 says: wish i had an ipod touchAvatar Imagealicia00 says: man i wish i had a iphone Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Ain't technology grand?Avatar ImageFifi says: Wish I had an ipod. My brother does so I'll ask him about it.Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Awesome!! I'm so going to buy it.... right now! :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: sounds fun!Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: dang. i wish i had an iphoneAvatar ImageJane_Potter says: Nice!!!Avatar ImageCrazyGirlyCaptain says: It's fun but it's kinda hard. I'm not very good at the spells. "Too slow. Too slow. Too slow. You failed." Avatar ImageCrazyGirlyCaptain says: It's fun but it's kinda hard. I'm not very good at the spells. "Too slow. Too slow. Too slow. You failed." Avatar ImageQuestyourdreams says: Oh my goodness! I am downloading it right now! (Hurry up and download! lol) I can't wait to try it! :)Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: As much as I would like to obtain this game I am presently in tight financial circumstances in which I am forced to watch every penny cautiously. The price, considering the content, seems rather exorbitant as far as I am concerned.Avatar Imagebugmenot says: Hands on Video : http://iphone.1800pocketpc.com/2009/11/17/harry-potter-spells-turn-your-iphone-in-to-a-magic-wand-hands-on-video.html IMHO Not worth $4.99, wait till there is a price dropAvatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Can't wait to get my ipod for xmas then!!!! Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: sounds fun!Avatar ImagePhlegm De La Coeur says: i think the app is cool.......i mean star wars fans have their light sabres, so we get our iphone app!!Avatar Imagedobbyis_free says: IT IS SOO COOL! i already learned all of the spells though BUT TOTALY WORTH EVERY PENNY!Avatar ImageSmitch says: Haha. These will get a lot of fans spending their mula, eh? Avatar ImageMoMuggle says: Loving it! I'm a 5th year.Avatar ImageApplesArthur says: That is so awesome!! :DAvatar Imageoldenoughtoknowbetter says: It is awesome, but it takes some getting used to... you think the movements look simple, but then the app says you are doing it wrong... it is hard to figure out... for me anyway... guess maybe I'm toooldenoughtoknowbetter... L0LAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Cool... but I don't have an iphone or itouch :(Avatar Imagenorweigian_ridgeback says: Ive bought it, and it's sorted my in the correct house first time (Slytherin Pride yay) but I'm finding it awefully easy. Plus for all those who don't wanna pay the $4.99 or £2.99 price tag can download a similar app that PRECEDED the Official WB app - Magic Wars is free and uses the exact same principles. Enjoy either app, but my only greiviance is when looking at the worldwide House Points total Gryffindor is way in excess of House Points to any other house (my reason is because Harry Potter Noobs only know of Gryffindor and don't want to be associated to any other house because it's not "Harry's House!" Pah! Only True Harry Potter fans would consider other houses as they'll understand the proud and noble histories of each house.) (OOT: Since I haven't be on here for a while may I congratulate Hufflepuff on winnings last month's House Cup - May Slytherin win the November Cup)Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahaAvatar ImageKC Nox says: I cannot decide if $4.99 is worth it or not...Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahaAvatar ImageBrosia23 says: And now I need an iPhone.Avatar ImageLeeann says: I wish it was free. I'll still probably get it though.

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