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Dec 12, 2009

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The Mail on Sunday has a new feature online tonight with actress Bonnie Wright. In this lengthy profile which contains several new photos, Bonnie reflects on growing up during her years with the Harry Potter series as Ginny Weasley, as well life at University, her work with fashion and much more. During the interview (more photos found here courtesy of Magical Menagerie), Bonnie speaks to the now famous kiss between Harry (Dan Radcliffe) and Ginny in Half-Blood Prince where she says:

˜The way it was done was very romantic,’ she says of that kiss. ˜Daniel
[Radcliffe] and I have always been good friends, which I think worked
in our favour. It’s the only love scene I’ve filmed, but I imagine if
you had to do one with some random person that you had no relationship
with, it would feel very strange. ‘It makes the on-screen relationship make more sense ’ this idea that
we’ve known each other, and in a sense grown up together, off-screen as
well as on. Dan is so energetic and really good fun, and the way he
works is extremely professional.’ My character initiates the kiss,’ she says, ˜which is great because it
gives this power to girls and shows that it’s OK to be the one who
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As to the development of Ginny in the last film, Bonnie noted: ˜Well, it’s hard to know if what she’s seen on the screen has influenced the storyline,’ she says modestly, ˜but I’m thrilled
that I’ve been given the chance to sink my teeth in and show what I can
do. I felt, in the last one, as though I really got to create something
worthwhile.’ And so did the critics, who lauded her breakout
performance. The interview also covers her love of fashion and her involvement in the Made-by project and sums up with her thoughts on the upcoming Deathly Hallows:

˜When I read the book, I was shocked that my character had turned into something so big,’ she says.Bonnie admits to feeling wistful as the end draws near (they wrap next June). ˜We’ve been so busy filming it that there hasn’t really been time to
think about the fact that this is the last one. It will be very strange
when it’s over and very sad. I don’t think any of us thought about it
until the recent press promotion, when people started saying, “The end
is near.” And we were, like, “It is?” When we’re filming you forget
about the millions of people waiting for it to come out. And then when
you turn up at a premiere and see thousands of people, you go, “Whoa!”‘class=”clear”>

But I sense real excitement in Bonnie about leaving her alter ego Ginny Weasley behind and moving on. It’s only too easy to imagine her as a leading light in arty independent films.˜I know what Ginny would do in every situation, and relate to her because we’ve both got older brothers,’ she says. ˜But I think all of us who’ve been there from the beginning have got to the point where we want to do something different, be someone different.˜People always
ask, “Is this going to be the biggest thing in your career?” And while
I don’t think there’s ever been anything like Harry Potter, that’s gone
on for so long and maintained its popularity, I think the answer ’ for
me and for all of us ’ is that more challenging

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