Valentine’s Day Issue of “The Quibbler” Now Online


Feb 13, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

Love spills from every page of the newly published Valentine’s Day issue of The Quibbler! Filled to the brim with “all the news you won’t find anywhere else,” this latest issue, available to download here, features an exclusive about the case of homework eating the dog, a slew of criminal goats on the prowl, an investigative report about The Love Crime of the Century, as well as a number of articles fitting for the Valentine’s Day. Each issue also features a Letter from the Editor, Aberforth’s Page Three Girl, Letters from Luna, and so much more. Check out this issue in PDF format right here, or download the zip file via this link.

Those interested in contributing to future editions of The Quibbler can do so by emailing [email protected] Guidelines for submissions can be found in “The Quibbler” section. Congratulations go to greatpetie83, CallMeSeverus, and Creaothceann for being the first to solve the last set of puzzles and properly post via this link.

thanks as always to the most creative team behind The Quibbler: CrazyChlojo, danae24, DorisTLC, Dragonsinger, Dreamteam, Evreka, Fairydust831, Hagiographer13, Harry’s Horntail, Iheartprofessorsnape, libbysmom, lirene, LunasLion, Nancyluz, rowena r, Rudius Hagrid, SeverineSnape, Severitis, The Azkaban Dietitian, Wandguardnoodle, and wordsaremagic.


26 Responses to Valentine’s Day Issue of “The Quibbler” Now Online

Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: YAY! I'll definitely be checking that out!Avatar ImageSophie Treklemmer says: That sounds awesome! =DAvatar Imagefuchsiarascal says: I love the Quibbler!Avatar Imagebookishgal says: Very fun read--thank you!Avatar Imageangelac123 says: Hooray!!!! I love reading The Quibbler! :^)Avatar ImageCool Grandma2 says: With so much changed, I was wondering if I could find the Quibbler. Thanks for the link. Did we use to have to download it to read? I seem to remember just clicking the link at the top. Ok it still there. Just had to hunt for it.Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: Great! Avatar ImageThe Whomping Willow says: Hoorah! Can't wait to read it!Avatar Imageugurbocegi says: I love Quibbler. :-)Avatar Imagespiritbound says: Woop i love the quibbler it's awesome :DAvatar Imagewordsaremagic says: Cool G: Yes, the owls will deliver the magazine to your computer desktop. That is, you can download it and read the pdf document). You can do that by going to and then scrolling down below the cover image for either the full pdf or for a zipped (compressed) version. Also, in the article above, there is a direct link that will cause the pdf to download directly (without going to the cover page site). The link is in the second sentence, the words "available to download here." And yes, there is the permanent link at the very top of the page, far to the right in the drop down menu under "For Fun!" Everybody remember--watch out for the goat.Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: Excellent - always a good read!!!Avatar Imagegreatpetie83 says: Thanks for the recognition :) Unfortunately no coded message this time to unravel, but the other puzzles will keep me occupied.Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: Never read the QuibblerAvatar Imageobatrfangirl says: I always love the quibbler and I liked how you sneaked the Emo nargles inAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I've gotta go check it out!Avatar ImageDolemite says: Might have to check it out.Avatar Imagekimmybabii says: love the quibbler =D xxAvatar Imagegryffindor2009 says: haha yeah i really enjoyed the one about the kid and the killer notebook!!!! haha!Avatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Yay another Quibbler! Need to take a break from MyLeaky for this.Avatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Sorry about the double post, but I was looking through it and that Fortescue's Strawberry Ice Cream cup looks delicious! Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: I'll go check it out now :D xxxAvatar ImageThe Silver Doe music says: This is very cute! I liked the puzzles, and Luna's Letters.Avatar Imagepenelope_clearwater973 says: Wow! I'm new to the site, so everything is so cool. I can't wait to read this!Avatar Imagechoirgeek says: The Quibbler is always so great. I love reading it, everyone who contributes is always so creative. Puts a smile on my face every time :)Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I definitely need to get into the Quibbler. The Leaky Cauldron provides so many resources that it's hard for me to keep up -- esp. with MyLeaky hogging all my time.

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