Live PotterCast Recording at 7pm EST, with Creator of the Claymation Deathly Hallows


Feb 19, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Tonight’s PotterCast recording will be live (and a half hour earlier than usual): Join us at 7pm Eastern for a very special show including an interview with Ryan Freerksen, the creator of the Claymation Deathly Hallows getting so much buzz among fans.

The show will start at 7pm although you can expect activity at our UStream Channel earlier.

You MUST be a member to chat. Sign up at UStream. We will be taking questions from the chat and phone calls; we’ll instruct on both during the show.

To find out about live shows earlier than these posts, make sure to click “Follow” on the channel; e-mails go out to followers several days in advance. See you there!

57 Responses to Live PotterCast Recording at 7pm EST, with Creator of the Claymation Deathly Hallows

Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: Join us live this evening for a special PC with the creator of the Claymation Deathly Hallows! ImageAccioCloak says: Great news!! Now must go check time zones to make sure I don't miss it by turning up at the wrong time again!!!!Avatar ImageFonty says: Excellent choice on the interview. :) I´m looking forward to this.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: THANK YOU POTTERCAST. Man you guys work fastAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I am going to miss it because my boys have scouts tonight, but at least I will get to hear it next week! I have only had time to watch the first segment, but what I saw was awesome!Avatar ImageFresh Prince says: Im in Avatar ImageFresh Prince says: Im in Avatar ImageKent says: I don't understand why you're making such a big deal over these Claymation videos! Granted he devoted a lot of time producing them, but he's using original Warner Brothers soundtrack music which is supposed to be illegal. There are other people on the web with just as much or more talent making Potterverse videos. I know a "fan fiction" writer who has brilliantly continued where J.K. Rowling left off, but he is all but ignored because he had the ability to make his own professional website and videos. His stories may not be strictly "canon" but they are very respectful to the original body of work produced by J.K. Rowling. You may not agree with me, but we are here to have an adult exchange of opinions and ideas. Avatar ImageThe Silver Doe music says: Wow, I might actually be able to be there for this one!Avatar ImageZoeRose says: Fantastic! The videos are brilliant! zrAvatar ImageMeri says: Time difference sucks :/ It'll be the middle of the night here, so no live PotterCast for me. But I'm looking forward to listening to the interview next week!Avatar ImageMinihippogriff says: Meri, it'll be the middle of the night here too, but I'm gonna stay up for this. I won't be feeling so good tomorrow though :/Avatar ImageeiVega says: Yay! I'm so excited to hear the interview of my fellow animator!Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Rupert looks so like Ron!!! I love him! I'm getting teary-eyed right now. I'm so lame... I miss HP so much... *crying really hard now... :(*Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Shoot wrong page! Anyways about the live pottercast, I sooo wish I could join one. But I think never for me... Sigh... Sniff... :(Avatar ImageNiphai says: Shoot.. I really wanted to listen live this week.. But since I live in Europe PC starts here at 1am.. And I have to work tomorrow.. well, maybe better luck next weekAvatar Imagebookishgal says: To anyone who has not yet seen the Claymation Death Hallows do yourself a favor and check it out. It's fantastic!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I cannot wait to listen to this particular podcast!Avatar ImageShane says: OMG, this totally doesn't conflict with my schedule! Gonna try to make it!Avatar ImageIsabell says: Awww, that's 1am Friday for me *pouts* Tricky thing - sleep in order to be rested enough to go to the gym tomorrow, or staying up for live podcast... sleep... podcast... hmmm....Avatar Imagelozzies42 says: Woooop! I'll be there at Midnight! Like last week, even though it wasn't on... :P Damn my 5-hours-infront-of-US-ness!Avatar ImageNicoleC76 says: I loved the Deathly Hallows the Claymation! I would have liked for them to have more of a variation of male voices tho.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Why am I always at work when cool things are happening in the HP fandom? I really need to find myself a 9-5 job. Have fun all who can call in.Avatar Imagegrednforge7 says: awesomeness. That's amazing that you tracked the ceator down for an interveiw. I'll diff be thereAvatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Signing up for ustream now...I love these things!Avatar ImageStefanM94 says: can u say wen u think this pottercast will be avaliable on itunes? and (from a really selfish point of view) can u possible make the timing of ure next pottercast live recording nearer a decent UK time? oh, btw, i'd just like to say i love the "Guess that Book" feature on the side of the page! Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: CAN'T WAIT! I love the live shows.Avatar ImageLemonySherbert says: I've seen about half of the movie, and it's simply amazing! The characters are so well made. I would LOVE to be able to listen tonight, but can't... *tear* It sounds fun. It would have been my first Live PotterCast as well. Aww, guess I'll just download it whenever I get back.Avatar Imagevicky granger says: I'd love to be able to join the chat, but it's gonna be one in the morning here, not really possible ... That's really too bad .Avatar Imagedancing witch says: Hey im sooo excited! I'm gonna try to be here for it but idk if i will be able 2. i can't remember what time it will be in Iowa at 7:00 eastern?!?!?!?!?! btw good job pottercast u guys are really quick on this stuff!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!Avatar ImageBookworm Jen says: I will be there! I love the live PotterCasts. :)Avatar ImageDragongamer187 says: Grr why are all of the live podcast's at 7:00pm on Thursdays?? I have to be in class at that time. Is there any way to do it another day or at a different time because, I would love to join and hear it. Avatar Imagecedriclove94 says: YAY! exciting stuff!!Avatar ImageBuffyXO says: Please let him know how to protect his work from the WB lawyers. I left him a comment about this last night and he had no clue that they could make him remove his film from YouTube. I know that makes me a little silly, but I know that you all know best how to navigate this tricky part of fandom tributes. See you at 7 PM!Avatar Imagepotter_mom_in_GA says: I can't wait for the live show! I'd never tried to listen in on one before the last one with the Vlogbrothers. What a riot those two are! See everyone later!Avatar ImageZivlok says: Uh, Kent, yes it would be illegal if he was making money off of it. And the thing is, is that while fanfiction authors can spend just as much time as he did, there's a lot of fanfiction out there. Also, a lot of it is junk, so it's harder to wade through to find the gems. But doing a 4-hour long claymation movie on just a camcorder? That's unique, and shows incredible dedication and skill.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Yay! Avatar ImageFelipe_Q says: You guys started early! yay!Avatar ImageSophie Treklemmer says: Awesome!! Ryan is really cool! Suesplosion! ;DAvatar Imagebadger666 says: Yay! The claymation movie is amazing! I love it! I can't wait to listen to this!!! I'm sure it will be awesome.Avatar ImageCatherine says: I cant make it! I have auditions for a play! =( *cry* it sounds like im going to miss a lot!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: Yes, you did. All I can Say is Sueplosion. And after you hear the episode, everybody will be saying it. It's already started. Avatar ImageEmily Erland says: FYI to the PotterCasters... I signed up to "follow" the channel, but the past few times the date has been wrong (year 1900, or something like that) so I miss out on the notifications from uStream... might be a glitch on their end, but I figured I'd let you be aware of it. And darn, I missed another live podcast again. I haven't watched all of the claymation videos yet anyways, though it is neat that someone put a lot of time into them!Avatar Imagekrystledm says: Of coarse i had to work...:(Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: Gah I missed the live show again!!Avatar ImageMagrathea says: I was there :D it was awesome :DAvatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: grrrrrr..... My timing always *sucks*. I missed the live show again...guess I'll have to "follow". I'm looking forward to listening to it later.Avatar Imageugurbocegi says: I am looking forward to listening to it as soon as you put in on itunes. :-)Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: :( i missed it!Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: I missed it because i didnt come online yesterday because i was playing prisoner of azkaban on my PC upstairs :D xAvatar ImageCatherine says: Hey! I missed it because of wierd auditions.....did anyone catch what # that show was, if you did can you leave a comment on my parchment?! Thanks!Avatar ImageCatherine says: Hey! i missed the recording because of some audition...did anyone catch what show # that was? was it 186? if you know can you please leave a comment on my parchment?! Thanks!Avatar ImageCatherine says: Hey! i missed the recording because of some audition...did anyone catch what show # that was? was it 186? if you know can you please leave a comment on my parchment?! Thanks!Avatar ImageCatherine says: *sorry my internet is being wierd... Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Ughh I wish I could have been there :( I've been sick all week and only just found out. I loved that animation!!! Avatar ImageGobbledygook says: arrgh! i always miss these!Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: I've seen some of it. It was so much more than I expected!!!

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