Evanna Lynch, Sue Upton, and More Join HP Alliance’s “Accio Books”: Live Chat Sunday at 1pm EST!


Feb 25, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Sunday, to celebrate the launch of “Accio Books,” a new house-themed effort to galvanize Harry Potter fans to donate books to those who need them most, the HP Alliance will host its third live Dumbledore’s Army meeting. This meeting, which will take the place of a live chat at this channel on Ustream, will feature the new heads of HPA’s Hogwarts houses, who will be heading up the HPA effort.

Evanna Lynch, otherwise known as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, will serve as the head of Ravenclaw house!
Our own Sue Upton, she of all yellow, will be the head of Hufflepuff!
Wizard rock pioneer Paul DeGeorge (from Harry and the Potters) will head Gryffindor!
Brian Ross (Draco and the Malfoys) will serve as head of Slytherin!

ALL the head of houses will be on the call – which will be SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 1pm Eastern - as it will mark the kick off of the “Accio Books” campaign, and the HPA’s House Cup competition. On Sunday you will be able to sign up at www.thehpalliance.org and start donating books!

During this effort, every book you donate to a local organization will get your house five points. You will get 10 if you send them to the HPA for donating to this youth village in Rwanda, and 15 if you donate Harry Potter books to the village.
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The books can be new or used so long as they’re in good shape.

Details on how to sign up will come on Sunday: you will have a prefect and Head of House to whom you will report. Your heads of houses, listed above, will ALL be on a conference call on Sunday to discuss the effort and the importance of donating our used books to those who need them most.

The campaign will last until March 31, so make sure to join us on Sunday to get all your details and get in on the action early!

At Sunday’s chat, just like tonight, we will be taking questions and feedback from the chat present in the UStream room. However, because of the high volume expected, we will be more frequently taking questions and comments from The HP Alliance’s Twitter account, which you can follow now. You can start leaving your questions there by posting a message that begins with @thehpalliance. Staffers will be monitoring this account and taking down questions throughout the weekend.

Questions may also be emailed to [email protected].

If you were at tonight’s meeting you know how fun and informative these calls are: We will see you there on Sunday!

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Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: Evanna Lynch, Sue Upton, Paul DeGeorge and Brian Ross as the heads of houses? Donating books for the HPA? A LIVE CHAT with them all on Sunday? SEE YOU THERE! Avatar Imagecoweatyou says: We got Evanna! Go Ravenclaw, this is going to be awesome.Avatar ImageHPAKate says: Your minds are going to blown! I know mine will be. :)Avatar ImageBradyboy says: I'll be There. You got to give John a call during the show and have Evanna rate his "They're Called Thestrals" line. Avatar ImageBradyboy says: I'll be There. You got to give John a call during the show and have Evanna rate his "They're Called Thestrals" line. Avatar ImageBradyboy says: Sorry about the repeat comment. Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Very cool!Avatar ImageoOoVettyoOo says: ugh ill be working!Avatar Imagefuchsiarascal says: Donating books (especially HP books) was on my list of things to do this coming month, so I'm already all over this! Awesome!Avatar Imagepotterhead23 says: Cool! I'm conflicted- I love Ravenclaw and Evanna, but I want to be on Sue's team!Avatar ImageChromate says: I'll definitly be there! Avatar Imagepotterhead23 says: Oh, I forgot to mention how excited I am that I have a ton of books I never read and can give away. Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: NICEAvatar Imagerhadamenthes says: I'll be there!! It's excellent timing as I've just started thinning out my book collection. Thanks!!Avatar Imagealbeitgurggish says: I want! But I'll be at school! (damn time zones!!!!!!)Avatar Imagegreenfire says: I'll give my Twilight books away to any one who will take them.Avatar ImageTiahn says: YEAH!!! GO SUEEEEEEE SQUEEEEE ILY!!!! HUFFLEPUFF INSPIRE! Wish I could be there to hear this T_TAvatar ImageErinM says: Great connection to pass on books...cool ideaAvatar ImageBrad Ausrotas says: Oh, heck yes! This is going to be so much fun :D Avatar Imagecowashee says: neato! too bad i can't be there!Avatar ImageSally_Zaar says: I love when the HP community does good like this :D And Evvana Lynch - awesome!Avatar Imagejonfrog says: coolAvatar ImageKianaCP says: Fantastic! That is such a great idea!Avatar ImageCeltise says: We got Evanna! We got Evanna! XDAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I won't be home, bummer.. but hopefully we will still be able to get the information on where to send books. Avatar Imagekbicprez says: What a WONDERFUL idea!!! Leaky, you guys are AMAZING!!! And Evanna Lynch, YOU ROCK!!!Avatar Imageluna.quibbler says: wow i'm so jealous! i wish i could come but i don't think my parents would let me fly to America somehow =(...Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: I have so many books that I've been looking to donate somewhere - unfortunately I'll be out Sunday but hopefully the details will be posted afterward.Avatar ImageMJLeakyCon says: This is so fun! I really hope I can listen in. :)Avatar Imagedancin_kare says: Wow! So excited ....and excited to see that you're excited! This is going to be awesome :) Avatar ImageBella1951 says: Yay! We got Evanna! Actually, all the heads of houses are great.This going to be awesome!Avatar ImageProfessor Alan Rickman says: Awesome, EvannaLynchFans.com shall be showing their support!Avatar Imagelawahine says: Awesome!Avatar ImageChrissyPuff says: very cool! I will have to go through my books and see what I would like to donate:)Avatar ImageSuzyLee says: And this is why Ravenclaws are awsome we got Evanna :DAvatar ImageNiphai says: SQUEEEEE... Evanna is awesome.. I hope I can be there!Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: OMG Evanna Lynch will be there. . . . . . n she's gonna serve as the head of my team Ravenclaw. . . . GREAT !!!! Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: Great idea - can those of us outside the US donate books??Avatar Imagedancin_kare says: You should definitely donate books if you're outside the US! What you can do is find somewhere local in need of books, and send your donations there. We'll have a form on the HP Alliance website so you can tell us how many books you donated and who you donated them to. There will be more info on how you can do this coming soon.Avatar ImageZivlok says: Okay, we automatically win. We got Evanna Lynch. My apologies.Avatar ImageSirius_Craic says: This is such a great idea. We have a book donation thing here in my area and I was going to donate soon when i got the chance. I also love doing that 'book on a bench' thing, where you just leave a book on a bench of other people to pick up and read.Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: wow that is really cool! i hope i can make it for the chatAvatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Evanna! This is way cool!!! Yes! Time Zones! Ugh!Avatar Imagegandhfan says: Do we know yet how the books need to be shipped? I'd love to start a community collection, but I don't know how I'd ship all of the books to the HPA. Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: Hmmm... would that make it 6:00pm in england?? :D If so the chances are i'll be there :D xAvatar Imageomgitslouise says: is that 6pm GMT?? I'm so proud to be a Ravenclaw! Evanna is awesome! :DAvatar ImageElinJ says: This one I might actually be able to hear live!Avatar Imagevicky granger says: That's so cool ! But it'll be the middle of the night before schoool, so I won't be able to join the chat ... Stupid time-zones ! Avatar ImageWeasleyRavenclaw says: OOOOHHHHH!!! I am so going to be there! SQUEEEE!!! Avatar Imagegrednforge7 says: Awesome, I'll so be thereAvatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: coolAvatar ImageOcaorange12 says: Awesome!Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: What an awesome idea! While I do obsessively collect books I'd love to give some away for this awesome cause! Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: Can't wait!Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Wow ... this is such an awesome, and important, thing to be happening. And, how cool is it that the one & only Sue will be Hufflepuff's Head of House ... *squee* It's kind of cool Evanna Lynch will be participating, too :) Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: This is neat!Avatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Evanna Lynch will be my HoH? Awesome!Avatar Imagetotallyamazing says: ravenclaws will win!!!!!Avatar Imagel-u-n-a says: This is so exciting. Can't wait 'till SundayAvatar ImageLooneyLad says: This is gonna rock! I'm definitely gonna check it out!Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: arggggg i'm going to be at work! :[ Go Revenclaws!Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: ***RavenclawsAvatar ImageSea Lavender for Dobby says: Oh wow, this is certainly a cause worth getting up early for!Avatar Imagegrlgoddess says: Sweet! I have so many books I could find that I ought to give away...Then I might be able to actually have a place to put all my books!Avatar ImageLizbit says: I'm so excited for this! Barnes & Noble did this for the foster kids in my area (granted it was for new books) at Christmas... it was so cool! Don't think I can catch the chat though, have family things to do. Does anyone know if they'll be releasing it as a podcast?Avatar Imagedancin_kare says: It will definitely be out as a podcast!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: This is such a fantastic idea! I hope many will participate. Again, Leaky and the rest of the fandom, your effort to bring attention to and rectify these difficult social issues is commendable. Keep up the good work.Avatar ImageRavenclawed says: Doesn't Evanna look grown up these days!Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Wow! Awesome! Yay for Evanna! It's great to see her get involved.Avatar ImageGreat Uncle Algie says: evanna lynch, shes so coolAvatar ImageGreat Uncle Algie says: evanna lynch, shes so coolAvatar ImageThe Silver Doe music says: This is such a great idea! And it's great that Evanna is involved. Unfortunately, I just had a yard sale last summer and sold a lot of my books, and then donated all the other ones I didn't want, so I doubt I have any to give. I'll try and spread the word, though!Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: YAY! LUNA!!!!!!! (MWAH!)Avatar Imagechoirgeek says: SO AWESOME!Avatar Imageslytheringoddess says: Dang, I missed this! X( Does anyone know if I'll be able to download " Accio Books " from itunes? Message me on MyLeaky if you know =)

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