Timothy Spall To Film Scenes as Wormtail for Deathly Hallows Later this Year


Mar 23, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

In January of 2008, we reported that actor Timothy Spall would be reprising his role as the nefarious Peter Pettigrew in the final Harry Potter films. Today, in a new interview regarding his most recent film The Damned United, mention is made again of Mr. Spall and his return appearance as Wormtail in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Wrexham Chronicle reports that: “He will be back on the big screen as Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter
And The Half-Blood Prince this summer and is due to start work on the
final films later this year.”

On a related note, you can see Mr Spall featured quite a bit in the trailer for The Damned United here via Youtube.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released in a few months on July 17, 2009. Production is currently underway in England for both parts to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: Wormtail is back! Yay... It's nice to know that he's in HBP because Wormtail and Snape together just makes me smile so much... I want to see the hate in Snapes eye's for the man who got Lily killed... And in Hallow's - it wonderful to find out what happening - all of his scenes are at the manor - so all i got to say is poor Charity!!! Squeal new news!!!! Avatar ImageNiphai says: Yay, I'm glad that he's in HBP too.. I can't wait till the movie comes out And for DH.. I want to know more.. gimme teh detailz... lolAvatar ImageBeowulf says: Wish we knew if he was filming for Part I or Part II... It would better help us figure out where they are going to break the book into two movies. I hope it is for Part II.Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: HBP is going to be REALLY good though because Potter has the best character actors in it and they're keeping the film to cannon which is wise... The more cannon characters like Wormtail there are... the better... Also could you imagine how cool it would be if Leaveton got a Ocsar before they'd finished the DH... what a boost to everyone - fans and actors a like! I Personally can't wait for more news!!!Avatar ImageDrome says: Kind of good news, eh? =]Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: This film is really odd. In one wya it's very very cannon...but in another it's on the opposite end of the cannon scale... WB get it right once!!Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: Oh,...but happy the Timothy is back...opefully they don't cut him from the snape scene and put him in the battle or something! Does he have any scenes in the start of DH? I cant remember...if not does it mean anything about when it will split? Coz if he's not at the start and he's "getting to work on both films later in the year" then won't that mean it cuts at the malfoy manner when he strangles himself?Avatar ImageDances with Dobby says: Yay! I'm so glad he's going to be in it! So the scenes at Malfoy Manor are going to be filmed for last...that's a pity because it also means that I won't be getting any Malfoy-related pics for a while :-(Avatar Imagetwiwizardjedi says: From what I understand from the articles, they're filming parts I and II simultaneously. That means they might shoot the seven Potters scene one day, and Molly v. Bellatrix the next, depending on what's most convenient. Hence, we won't be able to figure out where the split comes.Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Old silver hand....hope they do his death scene justiceAvatar Imagesunshine123 says: thats so cool that we are getting more casting news for dh yahAvatar Imagespicefan1978 says: He is great at portraying Wormtail. I can't wait til these films come out.Avatar ImageMatea says: yay! that means Malfoy manor. thats one of the coolest chapters.I'm so looking forward to it. he'll start to work later this yeat? if they're keeping it in some order,I think thats already part 2!Avatar ImageJS297206 says: @ Luce-Lupin, If I recall correctly, I think Wormtail is in the opening scene at malfoy manor, when they are all gathered discussing the status of their plans. I agree with twiwizard jedi in that based on when he is filming won't necessarily give us a clue on the split. I think we would have to wait for Timothy or his representative to come out and sat " he is in DH part II, or part I or both!"Avatar ImageBradyboy says: Not a big fan of him... Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: YAY! Wormtail's back!Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: No way am I a Wormtail fan but, it's great to know he'll be in the movies :)Avatar ImageArthur22 says: Thats GREAT!! That can hopefully mean that the malfoy manner scens are in the movie.Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: He played a very similar role in Sweeney Todd. I guess that's his bread and butter. Avatar ImageProfessor Cassandra says: WORMY'S BACK!!! lol That's kind of exciting! :DAvatar Imageavrenim says: so this means we get to see his death scene!Avatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: Excellent! ^_^Avatar ImageRobbie Rowe says: He was wikedly disgusting and creepy as Wormtail in HP 3 and 4. Looking forward to his return.Avatar ImagePineApple says: Yay wormtail is back me happyAvatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: He's plays this role perfectly. :)Avatar ImageSTARZOE says: brilliant news!! im so excited !!Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: I can't stand looking at this guy. He looks just like a RAT!!! LOL..Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: Oooh yesh!! He looks soo much like i imagined Pettigrew to be :D xAvatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: Yea! He really is a perfect Wormtail! And that means (hopefully) MALFOY MANOR! PS: Yea he's in the first sceneAvatar Imagerebel says: you gunna die!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: More good news, I love it!Avatar Imageravenclawguy1972 says: glad to hear is he going to be back , he is wormtail enough said Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: wormy's back!!! its good to have everybody that acted in the previous movies!!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Yes! I mean we had to have Wormtail in DH! :)Avatar ImageErinM says: How could we end this movie octuplet without Wormtail? Thank goodness we have news of Wormtail...hopefully that means Malfoy Manor and not just the first scene. Avatar ImageCatherine says: wormtail is back! i really want to see the movies RIGHT NOW!!! Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Excellent news! The team is coming together.Avatar ImageLavendergirl says: yay it's wormtail! his scene at the malfoy's manor in DH is a little freaky though.Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am glad that he is making a return and do hope that they do the brief moment when he appears true justice.Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: I just love hearing when an actor is reprising their role. I'm real big on continuity.Avatar Imagelisajean65 says: Glad to hear he will be back as Wormtail. Can't think of anyone who would be better to play him.Avatar ImageLunabelle7 says: Yes! I'm very glad to hear that Mr. Spall will be back as Wormtail, it would be a shame if they had to replace him ...and he gets a death scene in the last film! (Aren't actors always talking about liking death scenes?)Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: Ok. . . . :)Avatar ImageAngelasCrochetingCorner says: Wormtail is back!!!Avatar Imageangelac123 says: Cool...he portrays Wormtail rather accurately, I think! :D I'm glad he's back again.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: very good.Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: Well, they need Wormtail in DH! I'm glad he's back, because it will show Dumbledore had things planned out for a long time. Not to mention- how else would they get out of Malfoy Manor? So yay, maybe DH will be good, because HBP is looking pretty bad . . .Avatar Imagevicky granger says: I didn't really like him as Wormtail at first, but he's grown on me ... Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Cool. He's the perfect Wormtail. I didn't know he was going to be in HBP, though. Is he going to be in the Spinner's End scene or just be with the Death Eaters at some point? I wonder.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Wormtail's back - yay and boooooo he is a real patomine villain xAvatar Imagecaitlin.roth says: i think he is such a good wormtail!Avatar Imagesnapealicious says: I'm happy he's back.Avatar Imageellamia says: Wormtail is back!!Avatar ImageLeander21 says: at least wormyail will be in it

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