Michael Goldenberg to Keynote at LeakyCon 2009


Apr 21, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Today marks 30 days until LeakyCon, our first ever Harry Potter conference taking place May 21-24 in Boston, MA. To celebrate we will have a highlight or an announcement for you every day until then: to kick it off, today we’re thrilled to announce another of our keynotes!

The Saturday afternoon keynote will feature screenwriter Michael Goldenberg, who wrote the 2007 adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

This is a first-of-its-kind, absolutely unmissable event for Harry Potter fans which promises to be an entertaining and enlightening look at the process behind adapting the world’s best-selling series for the big screen, as well as screenwriting and adaptation in general. In addition to Harry Potter, Mr. Goldenberg is the scribe behind the beloved films Peter Pan (2003), and Contact (1997). The event will take the form of a moderated discussion (I will serve as moderator) followed by question-and-answer session.

A ticket to this event includes a high-quality, catered lunch and spots are limited. The event is an absolute steal at $60 and can be purchased at this link. ONLY REGISTERED GUESTS may purchase a keynote ticket so register for LeakyCon now (at this link).

Remember, the main LeakyCon registration includes:

Welcome Feast
Leaving Feast
The Rocking Charity Ball
THREE enormous wizard rock shows with more than 15 bands performing
All in-conference programming
Vendor Room
Podcasts, including live PotterCast, Spellcast, Spinnerscast and more
Film screenings
And a lot more – an unbelievable and unparalleled value. And the entire conference is for charity, benefiting Book Aid International and the HP Alliance. You can see our slate of programming at this link.

Keynote are special events that provide additional insights and programming that are only available at the conference, and you can register for them at the time of your main registration!

IN ADDITION we are running a small competition. Simply Twitter the phrase “Michael Goldenberg, screenwriter of HP5, will be @leakycon2009! http://www.leakynews.com for details!” and one person who does so will win a FREE TICKET to the keynote for themselves or the registrant of their choice (so tell your friends to do it!). Go now! And remember to follow @LeakyCon2009 on Twitter. (If you win and have already bought a ticket, we will refund you: better to buy your ticket now than wait!)

Remember you can register for the conference here; you can get a room at our special rate (running out!) at this link.

Our other announced keynote, Nosh with the Nerdfighters, featuring John and Hank Green of Vlogbrother fame talking about community building and the HP phenomenon, is selling out fast. You can amend your registration to add this event here.

Another big announcement coming tomorrow… see you in Boston!

45 Responses to Michael Goldenberg to Keynote at LeakyCon 2009

Avatar Imageacciolove says: Would this be at the same time as the wizard rock show?Avatar ImageBrad Ausrotas says: Twittering away already :DAvatar ImageZivlok says: ZOMG AWESOME. Now, mark my words... LEAKYCON 2011 BETTER BE AT LEAST HALF THIS AWESOME!!!!! Awww.... I wish I was going this year... Wow, this would be really interesting. I know I'd have a few questions to ask him about Sirius... I didn't know he wrote Peter Pan, which I loved. Will this event be recorded in anyway?Avatar Imagecdewson says: omg this is amazingAvatar ImageKimmyBlair says: :signs up: I'm so excited! This is such a great opportunity to get to talk to someone who wrote a Hp movie!Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: I am extremely excited about this one because I am dying to hear, from an insider, exactly how they decide what to keep/delete/add/change. Should be very enlightening!Avatar Imagesiriuslysirius11 says: I'm so jealous of everyone who gets to go to LeakyCon! I wish I could! Avatar ImageNeil in Scotland says: Wow!! I've just booked my ticket for this!!! AWESOME!!Avatar Imagekatem4 says: Oh fun! Hope my parents will pay the extra for that. I'm getting more and more excited!Avatar ImageNeil in Scotland says: Oh, Melissa, I don't twitter (yes, I know that's ironic given my surname :] ) so will a fb status count for the free ticket thing?? Ohh and btw.... SQUEEEEE!!!Avatar ImageKaraDawlish says: Ah... Thars kind of disapointing. AND ya'll raised the pricesince yesturday! What the heckkkkk :/ OisbjskwAvatar ImageKaraDawlish says: Ah... Thars kind of disapointing. AND ya'll raised the pricesince yesturday! What the heckkkkk :/ OisbjskwAvatar ImageLily_Phoenix says: I twittered!Avatar ImageShane says: Yay! I actually got my ticket last night, before the announcement. I feel so big-headed for knowing something before Leaky announced it! Hehe.Avatar ImageLP Dantas says: Wow, now THAT'S interesting!Avatar Imagelumosshimmy says: OMG so exciting!!! That's so cool that you guys got him!Avatar ImageJersey says: I wish I was goingAvatar ImageRocksteadyrudy says: Oh...If only I could go.....manAvatar ImageSarah Wilkes says: LeakyCon'spolsion!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: This is just marvelous. I hope the keynote speech he delivers is illuminating and enriching for all fans and must congratulate all of those who are able to see him.Avatar ImageTheDeathlyHallows07 says: ugh..i SOOO wish i could go...but im no where near boston and i have school blech...Avatar ImageBookworm Jen says: Excellent! I've just bought my ticket and Twittered for the contest. :) That will be a busy afternoon...I'll have to hurry right over to the Wrock concert when the keynote ends. I can't wait! :DAvatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: Fabulous!Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: damn...i wish i lived in america!Avatar Imageapril_showers says: I want to go. I want to go. I want to go. I want to go. *determines to stop complaining* This is SO AWESOME. Y'all amaze me. Avatar Imagestuckinanhpmoment says: Are you kidding me? Michael Goldenberg? Wow. Leaky, you've outdone yourself again, congrats, this is amazing work you guys are doing! Hope everyone has fun at LeakyCON!Avatar Imagelutherjw says: This sounds exciting now, but will pale in comparison to the JoBama announcement coming soon... Don't let me down, Melissa. :DAvatar ImageArithmanceer says: Now wait... both the keynote luncheon and the Nosh with Nerdfighters are under "Friday Afternoon." Does this mean that if I already bought a ticket to the Nerdfighters, I SHOULDN'T buy a ticket to the keynote? Avatar ImageQuestauthor says: Arithmancer, this event is on Saturday. The Nosh with the Nerdfighters is on Friday. There will be a Friday keynote luncheon (speaker to be announced later), but it will be during the lunch break. The Nosh with the Nerdfighter event is in the afternoon. So they won't overlap. Hope that helps!Avatar ImageMJLeakyCon says: Guess what?! Michael Goldenberg is coming to LeakyCon. This is a BIG DEAL. You don't want to miss it!!Avatar ImageMadameSuede says: All these awsome announcements just makes me even more determined to go to LeakyCon 2, I don't want to miss out on an amazing event like this again!! Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: I am so ridiculously excited for Michael Goldenberg at LeakyCon :)Avatar Imagemoonys_autumn says: How exciting! I was just thinking about something I'd like to ask him the other day! I signed up and Twittered! ::crosses fingers::Avatar Imagekdp says: Wow I'm so excited. I hope this will not overlap with the Wrock that is on in the afternoon as i really wont to do both. :)Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Cool-o! :DAvatar Imagesallene says: WOWOWOWOWOW! You all are just awesome! This is going to be amazing.Avatar ImageMJLeakyCon says: Don't worry...we aren't overlapping keynotes with anything. Keynote lunches are taking place during the natural "lunch breaks". No other programming is competing with the keynote lunches.Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: I get more jealous of not being able to attend every day...x)Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: This sounds very cool. Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: Wow, that's really cool that you guys can get awesome people to show up to LeakyCon!Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: That is incredible news! Man, I wish I was going!Avatar Imageoldenoughtoknowbetter says: Wish i could go!!!Avatar Imagedavidenglish says: I've been trying to register for this event and I can't make my Registration Profile to work or show how to do it.Avatar Imageiconshero says: Cool!Avatar Imageiconshero says: Cool!

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