Tom Felton Talks Malfoy Manor and Draco’s Family


Apr 03, 2009

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There is a fun quote from actor Tom Felton today, regarding his role as Draco Malfoy and Malfoy Mansion. In the third part of an extensive interview with, as an aside during the portion focusing on his general career and music, Tom said the following:

FB: This is a bit of a side question for my personal
interest, but I actually find it very interesting how much you are very
different from Draco’

TF: Well, thank you!

FB: ” but yet you relate to him so closely. You really
identify with him. Sometimes you say “my house” when referring to
Malfoy Manor and “my dad” when referring to Lucius. Maybe it is because
you’ve been involved with Harry Potter for so long.

TF: Oh, sure, sure. Very much so. I won’t lie, I feel very proud and
all the rest of it. And, I would never say this in front of Jo Rowling
or anything like that, but I feel like he’s my character. Someone told
me, “oh he

would be like this’ and I feel like saying, “No.”

That’s really the charm of the recent directors of Harry Potter, is
that they ask you what Draco would do. They don’t tell you. They know
you know him better than they do. So, I guess it is kind of strange.
You’re right, I am nothing like him, but yet I feel very close to him.
Occasionally, you know, I’ll catch sort of a Draco stare in the mirror,
and I’ll think, “Oh yeah, now I remember that.”

FB: Oh, that’s funny!

TF: It’s a bit of a stone-eyed face, and I think, “Oh, that’s the one.”

You can also hear a rough version of new song from Tom Felton at the link, besides learning more about his new World War II film “Grace and Danger,” as well as some new photos of the actor at the recent Empire Awards show in London.

Thanks so much Misha!

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