Of Possible Half-Blood Prince Run Time, Changes to Soundtrack Release Date and Even More Trailers Oh MY!


May 27, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Several updates to catch up on regarding the soon-to-be-released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. First thanks to Orkim from Portkey for owling saying the British Board of Film Classification has updated their website again today regarding two possible new trailers. Both received a “12A” classification, meaning they are appropriate for those 12 and older. One of the ratings was for a trailer labeled “IMAX” and runs 1 minute 56 seconds. The second HBP trailer runs 1 minute 34 seconds. We have no idea when these trailers will be released, if they are solely for UK audiences, or when they might be online; updates will follow of course when we can.

Second, readers Michael and Peter owled to say Amazon.com has now changed the release date of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince soundtrack to July 14. As we reported earlier, and still noted via the online retailer site, the CD was to be originally released July 7. Pre-orders for the score by Nicholas Hooper do remain available here.

Finally, thanks to Jeff from HPANA for alerting us that the Pathe film website as well as a photo of an illegally leaked memo they received from an AMC theater employee state the run time of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film is 153 minutes in length. As posted back on TLC last December, Potter producer David Heyman already stated the film was running two and half-hours long. Please note: Mr. Heyman also said specifically in October of last year, they would not be putting the film together until six weeks before release to prevent piracy, so it is possible the run time will change slightly.

Thanks guys for owling!

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Avatar ImageR-for-H says: Looks so cool!! *SQUEEE!*Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: Even MORE trailers??? Wow WB are being kind to us aren't they ^^Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES! I RAN HOME FROM FEEDING THE DUCKS AS SOON AS MY BLACKBERRY MESSAGED ME THIS!! (it's only 2 minutes away) BUT I MUST HAVE LOOKED A RIGHT LOON! Avatar ImagePrisoner Of Azkaban says: More trailers? I will have seen most of the film via trailers. Oh well Still, shouldn't complain. Avatar ImageRhiannon7 says: Squeeee! 50 more days! And all this info just flooding in. I think I may faint _falls to the floor, twitching_Avatar ImageMJedi says: Whatever the length (preferably longer) I'm looking forward to the movie! Of course, I will also get the soundtrack. Still miss John Williams though.Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: Just make sure you sexy Leaky Cauldron lot keep up the good work and get us those trailer as soon as they come out!... please :) xAvatar Imagehpftw says: Pip pip! More trailers! My day couldn't get better! Stoked to see them! Can't wait till July 15th! I'm going to the Imax to see it for my birthday :)Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: And thats a whole other WEEK! I want TIME to listen to the songs before the film, not just one day! But it's also quite bearable to wait 7 more days, still pretty pissed at the way they can NEVER make up their minds!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Its really coming. You know I still can't quite believe I'll be able to see HBP in 50 days. 153 mins sounds awesome. I'm guessin the 12 trailers will be ahead of Terminator maybe, remember back in March in IMAX they showed that more adult trailer ahead of Watchmen. Shows WB's marketing to the lovers of darker blockbusters after Dark Knight last year. Which makes a great deal of sense considerin the content of HBPAvatar ImageeiVega says: Actually, there is no way on Earth they will still be editing the film 6 weeks before the release. That's ridiculous. The final cut has to be already done and that's how we have the run time. I would assume that Heymen meant they aren't going to create the "ANSWER PRINT" until six weeks before. It takes time to make all the copies of the print and distribute it to all the studios worldwide. When he said "put it together" I figured he meant the physical, celluloid copy. They didn't want to output their final cut too early to prevent leaking, but I don't think they would postpone finishing it just for piracy protection. I would feel really sorry for the crew if they are still editing and in post-production that late in the game...*shutters*...oh, the memories... :(Avatar Imageginnywp says: sounds great!! 2 and a half hours!! yay!!Avatar Imageevannaa says: Hm, on the Pathe site it also says HBP is gonna be released in the Netherlands on the 15th, but the WB HBP site with the release dae says it's gonna be on the 16th.. I'm confused.Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: Daisy Dodderidge, with all due respect, i don't think Warner Brothers are that stupid to sell the entire film to you in short clips. Though i have had those doubts before myself :/Avatar ImageFloridianFlounder95 says: That's a great amount of time for the film to last, I would like sixteen hours but 2 and half'll be fine.Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: I can't wait!! I really liked Nicholas Hooper's music for the fifth film.Avatar ImageDolemite says: So I'll get home about 4:00 am from a midnight showing :DAvatar ImageWicked_Lady says: Wait, the trailers are rated 12 and above, yet the whole movie is PG? Can't wait for those trailers! Avatar Imagepopelier says: Lot of people say they already have seen to much of the movie but isn't anybody wondering about the FUNERAL? I'm so excited, can't wait how they've filmed it. By the way I think they can't cut the scene out of the movie because it's too important. The only reason why these rumors are spread amongst fans is because they want to keep the discussion alive! That's what I think so. Pardon me for my bad English. Hope everybody will be able to understand this. But eventually I agree with some of the fans: They are showing to much trailers and stuff. It could happen that we have too much expectations and then you can easily get dissapointed. But anyway have to admit it all looks amazing stuff for this movie. Untill now, I liked what i've seen and i'll think it's getting better. My question to you, (all fans). What do you expect of the funeral?.........EXCITING!!! Avatar Imagearkapain says: You can tell when Sue's written an article ;)Avatar Imageericaeeks says: Wait, nm, didn't read it well enough :-p haha silly me..Avatar ImageDrome says: Well... great! ;DAvatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: Two hours and thirty-three minutes. That's about one minute longer than what was previously reported. =PAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Lots more early peeks this time. That's for sure!Avatar Imagegoodenough says: Yey! Oh only 50 days left. I'm so glad we are getting all these clips, they know how to keep us interested.Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Two hours and 33 minutes ... AWESOME :)Avatar ImageGret says: This is awesome! Run time sounds pretty good! :D I hope there are more trailers coming out! :D yay!!! Avatar Imageavrenim says: i can't wait to see the trailers, but more importantly, the movie!Avatar ImageIwishIwas@Hogwarts says: Only 50 days!!!!! 2 1/2 hours is not too bad. 3 would be better tho lol. I cant wait to see the new trailers too!Avatar ImageHROAR Mudblood Proud says: Grrr, I want that soundtrack!Avatar ImageErinM says: I'll take any time they'll officially release! Avatar ImageLucilla says: Oh, come on! Give us LOTR-long HP movie! 3hrs, 3hrs, 3hrs!Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: OMG!! Wow! More trailers?! awesome ! I cant wait! :)Avatar ImageMatea says: more trailers!!!! OH MY INDEED!!! I want to see more but at the same time I don't!!! you know!? they're killing me softly with all these trailers, features and stuff. I want the film already!!! and about 153 minutes-thats perfect duration for HP film. OOTP sucked as a movie in many parts,and it was too short!!!Avatar Imageharrypotter1991 says: I always love new trailers! I definitely want to see the new IMAX trailer because I am going to see the HBP film in IMAX on July 15! I love the 153 minute length of the movie!Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: Yay I'm so excited! This movie is going to be amazing! Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: I am really looking forward to those trailers now! Hurry up you British fools! (even though i may be a British fool myself). Can Nicholas Hooper send me a personal copy of the soundtrack ;)... hook me up Leaky ;)Avatar Imageaereichert says: I agree with Prisoner of Azkaban - what will be left to surprise us in the movie?Avatar ImageTschudiff says: I want to see the new Trailers!Avatar ImageProfessor Cassandra says: Wow...long movie. Excellent! ^^Avatar Imagebookmonster79 says: I just want to see the movie. We've waited long enough.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: yayy way great news :DAvatar Imagesnunkiebrian says: Oh wow that's fantastic news, fantastic length for the film i can't wait to see those trailers on the big screen never mind the actual film!!!Avatar ImageDanielBonnie28 says: coooooooool!!!!!!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Looks cool!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Well, i was looking forward to getting the soundtrack earlier than the movie, oh well!Avatar Imagelisajean65 says: Over two and a half hours! Can't wait!Avatar ImageAmanda979 says: That's great! Yay!!Avatar ImageKC Nox says: more trailers! fantastic! Avatar Imagemuzic823 says: I hope that run time is right! :)Avatar ImageMera004 says: Wow, even if it is indeed around two and half hours long, that's awesome. :D More trailers?? Are they talking about trailers different from the 50 other ones they've already released, or a couple of the same ones? o.O Not that I'm complaining, but I feel like they've shown way more trailers, clips, and featurettes than they ever have, which is wow! Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: OMG!! Wow! More trailers?! awesome ! I cant wait! :)Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Yay two and a half hours! The longer the better.Avatar Imageblackhair says: FantasticAvatar ImageDanielBonnie28 says: Cooool!! Avatar Imagered_7849 says: TOO GOOD, but it's still weird ! They won't be editing it until six weeks before the release ! That's impossible ! I hope they're not in the plan to release the promos and commercials only a week before the movie or what ! Anyway, two more trailers sound great !!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am pleased to hear that the film lasts about that long; I think that is more than adequate in addressing all of the key constituent parts of the plot and story for an audience to clearly grasp what is occurring and for fans to be satisifed by the comprehensiveness of the adaptation. I look forward to seeing the film! Nevertheless, I am upset to hear that the soundtrack has been delayed until the day before the release of the movie. I would have loved to be granted more time to listen to it prior to the release of the film.Avatar ImageWulfricBrian says: Why does the date/time keep going wrong on Leaky, such that people appear to be replying to comments that have not yet been made?! It is now 2pm in Britain (9am EST) and there are comments on the last page above that are still several hours in the future! Does this mean that Leaky has installed a Time turner?Avatar ImageWulfricBrian says: Having posted, I see that my comment - and this one too - appears 12 hours in the future. It is now 9:08 am EST and will appear as 9:08 pmAvatar Imagetaz_uk says: I saw the HP trailer at the IMAX theatre last night before Star Trek and although good (especially on that huge screen) I don't think it contained anything that hadn't already been seen in other trailers. Beginning with the Tom Riddle early years morphing into Voldemort bits - going on to mention important memories and then showing the attack on Muggle London and the Death Eater devastation at the Burrow and at the school. Of course the rock in the middle of the sea shot was there too. Alas, for me, only one frame of Snape, but I guess that's better than none at all! It did mention that selected scenes were in IMAX 3D at the end and that the release was July 2009, but no date - I hope they're not thinking of changing the release date again! Avatar ImageBeetlebum says: I'm *thrilled* the running time is way over two hours!!!!! It's like Christmas in July!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: More trailers??!! I take back anything that i said which insulted WB. I LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha!! But how much will they show. Tbh, they hav given a lot away and i feel as tho i hav seen the movie but i kno it'll be completely different to how i think it'll be. They HAVE to cum up on youtube!!Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Sweet, two and a half hours! Good news!Avatar Imageblue_dreamer says: oh my gosh I cant' keep up! All these trailers!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Squeeeee! More trailers! And hope the film is a long as it can be . . . . like 15 hours . . . . but I'll settle for 2 and 1/2! :)Avatar Imageiampadfoot says: Soundtrack now available for pre-order on iTunes!Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: Most of the HP movies run about 2 1/2 hours or so, don't they?

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