ITV Behind the Magic Special to Show Exclusive Scene of Harry and Ginny Kiss


Jul 02, 2009

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Back in April, we first told you ITV would be airing another special on the making of a Harry Potter film. Host Ben Shepherd is back again with his popular “Behind the Magic” special on the making of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This program is set to air Saturday, July 11 7:00pm –


on ITV1. Thanks to reader Andrea we now know some of the great new things that will be contained in the program, including: “exclusive clips of Harry’s first kiss with his new girlfriend, Ginny
Weasley, Ron Weasley’s sister, and Daniel Radcliffe talks about filming
the scenes and how Harry handles going out with his best friend’s

Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint reveal they corpsed repeatedly
during a romantic scene between Harry and Ginny Weasley, Ron’s sister:
Dan: “We must have done it 20 times, because we couldn’t stop
laughing. Me and Rupert are still pretty terrible at corpsing. I’ve got
a lot better, but Rupert’s awful…”
Rupert: “It does get annoying. I’ve ruined so many takes and
there’s just no reason for it, I can’t explain it, it’s so annoying. I
feel really bad, ‘cos the day just goes on and on.”

Other tidbits include more as the host looks at Weasley Wheezes shop “which has 40,000 props, took 15 people a year to
design, 50 people an entire year to build and the crew and cast spent
five days filming in it.” We also will see “never-seen-before footage of the moment the Millennium Bridge in London
is ˜destroyed’ for the film. The Head of Visual Effects describes how
he used computer generated images to show the bridge buckling and
twisting before breaking free of the steel ropes holding it in place
and collapsing into the Thames.And Behind the Magic premieres exclusive footage of three brand new
characters: the professor who disguises himself as an armchair,
Greyback the terrifying werewolf and little Tom Riddle, the boy from
the orphanage who grew up to be the most evil wizard of all ’ Lord

Finally we will hear more from Emma Watson on the developing romantic feelings Hermione has for Ron, as well from Dan (Harry) and Rupert (Ron) on Quidditch, with Dan noting:”There’s no secret to Quidditch, other than for a man, if you imagine
sitting on a bicycle and taking your feet off the peddles, just hanging
there and leaning forward, with all the repercussions that has – then
you get an idea of what it’s like. Balance is difficult and also
certain very important organs are crushed”

Anyone who can capture video please send it in! Thanks so much Andrea!

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