Emma Watson on Harry Potter author JK Rowling


Jul 03, 2009

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Recently actress Emma Watson was interviewed for the Hero Complex blog where she made new remarks about our favorite author, J.K. Rowling, In the piece Emma speaks of her admiration for the Harry Potter author, and says “We talk, we e-mail each other now’ she said, nodding toward her
laptop and that morning’s missive from the woman who is arguably the
world’s most famous living young-adult author.”I must admit I still feel quite intimidated by her’ Watson said.
“Not because she is actually intimidating, but because I admire her so
much, and we have all been such mad fans of the books and her and

Continuing on about how the cast views JKR, it reads:

To hear cast members tell it, Rowling became like one of the wise
old ghosts who populate the fictional wizard academy of Hogwarts ” she
was a fairly common presence but one that who never failed to startle
and amaze.That meant more to Watson, perhaps, than anyone else in the cast and
crew. The other lead actors spoke about Rowling in casual terms, but
Watson could barely tamp down her awe.”I just really want her to like me,.” Watson said, sounding a bit
like the insecure overachiever Hermione. “I’m always really keen to
telling her how I feel, and maybe it’s a bit much. She is so down to
earth and funny and witty……. I definitely see Hermione in her. She’s genuine and brilliant.”

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