Rupert Grint Wouldn’t Mind Being Sorted into Hufflepuff and Other Glorious News


Jul 08, 2009

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Dear Rupert Grint,
On behalf of Hufflepuffs and those open-minded fans everywhere who are not ashamed of where the sorting hat may place you, this editor heartily applauds you loudly for the comments contained in an interview with Time Out NewYork as follows:

Would you rather be the hero or the sidekick, generally speaking?
always liked the character of Ron. He was my favorite when I was
reading the books. I’ve always felt a kind of connection to him,
because I’ve found certain similarities between us. Just little things,
like us both being ginger, and I have a few brothers and sisters as
well. I thought he was funny in the books as well. So, yeah, it doesn’t
bother me.

What’s the best way to duck a mob of screaming young girls?
don’t know, really. It doesn’t happen much here. It’s mainly when we’re
in America when they’re much more crazy and forward. Mainly it’s just
people staring. It took me a while to adjust to that, because it is
sort of a strange experience, being known when you go out.

an online quiz that sorts you into Harry Potter houses, and my
brother’s friend”a big, burly dude”became distraught after he was put
in Hufflepuff. Didn’t come out of his room all weekend. Overreaction?

No way! [Laughs] That really affected him? That is so weird. I probably wouldn’t mind.

Let’s repeat that last part: “I probably wouldn’t mind.” While it is true Rupert you are probably a Gryffindor, this comment reflects the best of the spirit of the books and Albus Dumbledore; bravo!

Love, from the House of Hufflepuff :)

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