Leaky Live Tweets from Press Conference, Red Carpet at New York Premiere for Half-Blood Prince


Jul 09, 2009

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HBP Film

TLC will be on the scene again bringing you non-stop complete coverage of the New York City premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Our own Melissa Anelli will be live-tweeting from the press conference NOW UNDERWAY, as well as red carpet, so be sure to follow us on our Twitter account @Leaky for all the scoop, photos, and insights from the event.

Here are the current press conference tweets:
Felton: was terrified to start … Yates wanted ghost-like image with glazed eyes
Dan: one of coolest moments of career happened in inferi scene
Dan praises
Tom:to come on having if we are honest not having been asked to do a
lot previously and turn on that performance (was great etc)
Dan on seven: we’re not in Hogwarts am the difference it makes is extraordinary
Emma on seven: I feel like I am on a different film
On Jo: Felton: She was very complemtary about the whole film
Dan: she has always been very good know at letting go of the films.. She has not been too precious about anything
Rupert on david’s patience, a very good thing to have when you’re working with me and dan
Bonnie: going to film school in September (in London)
Emma: I think the media found it confusing as to why I wanted to go to university
Emma: Hermione is
such a control freak. She just falls apart in this one. She’s just a
wreck because she can’t control the way that she feels

Dan – saw clip
first film and said ‘ugh why did they cast me’ and Mike Newell boomed

Emma: I find it easier to watch the earlier films.. I had the whole bushy hair, chipmunk face look which wasn’t great for me
Rupert: I haven’t watched one all the way through in a long time… It doesn’t really feel like me

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