Julie Walters: “We have a bit of a wand contest” in “Deathly Hallows”


Jan 28, 2010

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Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley) speaks briefly about her role in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in a new interview on the What’s On TV website. When asked about what the actress planned to do next, Walters replied:

“It is back to Harry Potter. Mrs Weasley has a lot to do this time. I kill Helena Bonham Carter for a start ’ and not many can say that. We have a bit of a wand contest, I can’t wait. It will be sad, though, because I’ve watched all of them all grow up. It will certainly leave a void.”

Walters portrays Mo Mowlam in “Mo,” a new Channel 4 drama, from the 31st of January at 9pm BST. Images from the programme can be found here in our galleries. The What’s On TV interview can be found via this link.

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Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: Brilliant... Just love her! She's a perfect Molly!Avatar ImageCatherine says: Awe i loved that itnerview! i hope they keep in Jo's line! i agree with storm rose!! it was probably one of the most memorable lines of the last book! ha! JullieWalters made an awesome Mrs. Weasely! and she is one of my favourite characters, so im going to miss her!Avatar Imagesakuranbo07 says: I cant wait for that historic line: "Not my daughter you B*tch!". They better not edit that for the movie!Avatar ImageScylla says: Aw! I love her!Avatar ImageBella Longbottom says: Awh. It's so weird that it's all ending soon. Oh well. I adore Julie Walters, she's so funny and just.. sweet. :) Brilliant actress as well.Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: i ccant wait for this moment in the movie Avatar ImageLadySidi says: I love Molly so much!Avatar ImageMatea says: Chick fight!!!!!! woot woot!Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: They *have* to be true to the book for that scene! :DAvatar ImagePollytomat says: Yeah, the line should be kept! Love Molly! :)Avatar ImageIt must be bunnies says: Go Mrs Weasley!Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: shes a great mrs weasley i cant waitAvatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Awesome. No we know they keep that scene in at the end. Eeek! So excited.Avatar ImageDoomOwl says: Gotta love how she's all giddy about getting to kill HBC xD And now I'm so giddy knowing they won't cut that scene out ^^Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Ok maby not in the whole book but the best line Msr. Weasley has every saidAvatar Imageharrypotter1991 says: This scene would be so awesome, cant wait to see this wand fight between Molly and Bellatrix!Avatar Imagesirius17 says: this made my dayAvatar ImageKami Malfoy says: Julie Walters has done such a great job playing Molly Weasley! She's really brought the warmth and strength of character to the screen well. =)Avatar Imageluna.quibbler says: 1st!! aw i love that bit! not my daughter you B****! hehe they have tio keep that line in!Avatar ImageErinM says: She's so awesome!Avatar ImageBara says: Nice. I wonder if they will keep the line?Avatar Imagekiwimci says: She signed her autobiography for me: "To Ciara, Not my daughter you b**** (Molly Weasley), Julie Walters" Though she didn't asterix the B part. I love that woman she was so funny. And while we're on the subject I really admired Mo Mowlam when I was a kid growing up in N.Ireland and even more so now looking back at the change she caused.Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: yess. sounds like they are sticking to the book. i hope hope hope that they keep in the best molly weasley line in the entire series. THE BEST...right wb? youre keeping that in..?? Avatar ImageFayebeline says: i hope they keep that famous line for her....Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: They'll probably keep the line...coming from Mrs. Weasely, it can't seem too offensive. Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I love her stay at home, yet strong style if she has to be. I love the gentle and loving way she is with hp. Julie Walters does a great job in playing Molley Weasley. I love how she loves to cook. She is the ideal mother. Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Love that scene, and love Julie Walters - agree that she is the perfect Molly!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: molly is the ultimate motherAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Can't wait to see that scene!!!! YAY!!Avatar Imagemew5645 says: way to go!!!! DId they keep the "Not My Daughter you #%%&*"??? Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Mrs. Weasley is really an ideal mother....Avatar ImageFifi says: Cool. Will she be saying, "Not my daughter you b****!"? Avatar ImageLiara says: :'( I love Helena... I know that's what Jo wrote but I still love her and her character! :)Avatar ImageSt Ramona says: I agree with everyone, that line must be in there!Avatar Imagebettb says: It is going to be high drama for sure when Molly slays Bella. I realize this might be blasphemy, but I don't really care if they use the exact line from the book; it's just a bit of an expletive and we won't really need it to see the passion of Molly Weasley, I'm guessing. As long as she kills that evil woman!!Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: Aww it is going to be soo sad whacthing her leave?Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I hope that Steve Kloves has kept in her famous line.Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: Haha, "I kill Helena Bonham Carter". She's brilliant!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Can't wait for her to kill Bellatrix!!Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Julie Walters is made of awesome! I’m really looking forward to that scene!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: That is the part I cant wait to see...when she saya not my daughter you b*tch. Could very well be the best line in the whole book!Avatar ImageCatdelaCreme says: Julie Walters is superb. Avatar Imagekingdomkey1121 says: Can't wait for that scene!Avatar ImageKami Malfoy says: I love that Molly's fierce motherly love is shown to overpower Bellatrix's unhealthy obsessive love for Voldemort. Their duel is going to be fantastic!Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Best movie mom, ever!!!!Avatar ImageProfessor Witchard says: Haha, wand contest indeed! But please, Mrs. Walters: it's called a wizard duel ;pAvatar ImageKami Malfoy says: Julie Walters is a great actress, I enjoyed her performance in "Driving Lessons" with Rupert. I look forward to see more of her work, even after the last HP films are done.Avatar ImageTheHeirOfSlytherin2 says: I was amazed when she killed Bellatrix. Good for her! She's a great mother! But there's one problem. What will she do now that her house burt down? Wait- I'm guessing the reparo charm will hopefully do the trick.Avatar ImageHarryJamesPotterROCKS says: She's really funny. I kill Helena Bonham Carter for a start – and not many can say that. HA HA!Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: shes awesome. i love the scene where she fights bella!!Avatar Imageleigia says: Go Molly! Can't wait for that memorable battle.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Go get her Molly!Avatar Imagekisoiscute says: yessssssssssssAvatar Imagekisoiscute says: yessssssssssssAvatar Imagekisoiscute says: molly rocksAvatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: it is such a sigh of relief that they won't be cutting that scene out...whew i can finally breathe a little easier!!Avatar Imagealegria35 says: hahaha.... a wand contest.. love it...Avatar ImageMaxtina Potter says: Yeah sakuranbo07 "I cant wait for that historic line: "Not my daughter you B*tch!". They better not edit that for the movie!" LOL, Yeah that would be a shame!Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: I wish i had her as a mom. Dont get me wrong my mother is amazing. Maybe i'd have Mrs. Weasley as a grandma or aunt. Yea, Aunt. She is just so caring. <3Avatar ImageKami Malfoy says: Julie Walters is a lovely actress. I'm sure she will be great on "Mo".Avatar Imagegingerr_kat says: she's such a great actress and she's very versatile. i can't wait to see her epic battle with bellatrixAvatar Imagegingerr_kat says: she's such a great actress and she's very versatile. i can't wait to see her epic battle with bellatrixAvatar ImageLittle Light says: Go, Mrs. Weasley!Avatar ImageLittle Light says: =D

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