New Screenshots from LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 Video Game


May 04, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

In a followup to our post below, WB has just released a series of brand new screenshots from the forthcoming LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 video game. Available to view right here in our Image Galleries, these new shots give us a glimpse at the Trio, Harry fighting the Dementors, Snape, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, the Knight Bus, and many more.
As a reminder, the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 video game will be released this June. Preorders are available via our Cauldron Shop on the XBox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, and Windows XP platforms.

29 Responses to New Screenshots from LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 Video Game

Avatar ImageLittle Light says: First!! And it's cool, by the way.Avatar ImageAmishPatronus66 says: Lego Potter fully rocks! Can't wait.Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: Wait June?? I thought it was this month?? Oh well just gives me more time to save up for it(: CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagesyler123 says: Can't wait. I preordered the collectores edition at my GameStop.Avatar ImageScribbled says: Awesome pictures. I love Hogsmeade, Buckbeak, and the little mandrakes. :) Not so much a fan of Lupin, though... which is sad, because he's my favorite character.Avatar ImageScarlette says: Love Hogsmeade...but why is Harry driving the Knight Bus though?Avatar Imagehousemusicbori says: hey guys! so the lego harry potter wont be released on ps2??Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: lol you get to drive the knight bus!Avatar ImageLittle Light says: Totally awesome!Avatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: That's what I want to know housemusicbori. I'll only be able to get it if it comes out on PS2. Avatar ImageSmitch says: Hehe, so funny! I wanna play. I bet I'd be addicted to this game. Avatar ImageMadam Snape says: This game look awesome!!!!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: haha i loveee these! and yeah, ...harry? ...driving the knight bus? ...whats up w/ that? im soo excited for this :DAvatar Imagekiwimci says: Love the picture of Ron teasing Hermione by making her books fly about, its my new wallpaperAvatar Imageledieu says: if this game is anything like the movie games i will be happy. Avatar ImageJessSnape says: LOVE it!!Avatar Imagehermi0ne_228 says: i can´t wait to get it!!Avatar ImageHPJOSIAHHP says: cool shots!!! Cant wait!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Awesome! I once actually had a lego Quirrell. Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: i already pre ordered! sweet!!!!!!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: They look hilarious! I can't wait till I can get my hands on one of those games.Avatar Imagesgarime1 says: The Lego games look fun. I've tried the other Lego games. They look really interesting.Avatar Imagewheezesemployee says: KoolioAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: cant wait to pick it upAvatar Imagevampirie says: aargh it loooks epiiiiiiiiic :DDDDD aaah!!!! need. it. so. baaaad!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: The game looks so fantastic to play that I am actually contemplating my own video game console in order to enjoy it.Avatar ImageAirallia says: cool...I adore the picture of Ron close to the chess pieces, I mean he was always second best to Harry...Avatar ImageHelenaHogwarts says: so absalotely awsome! I can't wait and these screenshots are brilliant, i might just use one for my profile.Avatar ImageJackMeggers says: looks awesome!!!

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