Happy Birthday, Dobby


Jun 27, 2010

Posted by John Admin

As it is now the 28th of June in the UK, birthday wishes go out to Dobby, beloved House Elf from the Harry Potter series. The calendar at JKRowling.com has been updated to mark this special day. Please join us wishing the free elf a very happy day and a slew of odd socks!

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Avatar Imageblessi says: Happy Birthday Dobby, so sad you die at the last part of Harry Potter but it's okay, you really great. :D. I'm going to miss you too.Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: Happy Birthday Dobby! RIPAvatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Aw, Happy Birthday, Dobby! You are the best!!!Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Yeah, Happy Birthday, Dobby!Avatar ImageButterfly_Boy says: Well wishes to Dobby for a very Happy Birthday. His courage is an inspiration. He is a free elf :-)Avatar Imageginnyrose says: oh dobby the best house elf ever now you are free Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: happy birthday little friend. you'll be missed. and you are now truely fre.Avatar ImageNutsAboutHarry says: So how old is he?Avatar Imageroonwit says: This is a day early. Dobby's birthday is 28th June.Avatar Imagenutela17 says: Happy B-day Avatar ImageTanderule says: Dobby, you have lived and died a hero. You saved everyone that was innocent from Malfoy Mannor but yourself. You have been brave and I thank you for your services in saving them and you will be dearly missed. This is why I now thank you with all my heart and soul and I bless your soul. Thank You, Dobby the House Elf.Avatar ImageTotal-Eclipse014 says: Happy Birthday! R.I.P Dobby, A Free Elf. <3Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Happy Birthday to a free elf! :)Avatar ImageBlossom says: Hey Dobby,a very Happy Birthday to you Love YaAvatar ImageLuna White queen Lovegood says: Happy Birthday to you,Dobby)))) Avatar ImageLuna White queen Lovegood says: Happy Birthday to you,Dobby)))) Avatar Imagenwrosey says: Dobby is free!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Happy Birthday!!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: mismatched socks again happy birthday dobbyAvatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: Happy Birthday Dobby!!! You survive in the spirit of TLC and everyone in the world that is an HP FANATIC!Avatar Imagemollypooh12347 says: Happy Birthday Dobby. You are missed!! <3Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: Very happy b-day!Avatar ImageKaitousblackwings says: Happy Birthday!!! I'm cleaning my room right now, and any old socks I find I'll set aside for you. Bravest little house-elf of them all!!!Avatar Imageda_member0808 says: Happy Birthday Dobby! You will be missed always :) RIPAvatar Imagesakuranbo07 says: Happy Birthday to the bravest House-elf! I'm very fortunate to have the same birthday as you!Avatar Imagesessionka says: Dobby... We Hardly Knew Ye... Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Happy Birthday Dobby! :)Avatar Imagesgarime1 says: Happy Birthday to Dobby!Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Happy Birthday,Dobby! :-)Avatar ImageKiwiBrian says: Happy birthday, Dobby. RIPAvatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Happy Birthday Dobby! You may have lots of socks where you are!Avatar ImageEmmaria says: Happy Birthday Dobby!!!!!!!!! unfortunately he 'll die in the end,he was brave till the end :'(Avatar ImageHBPFan says: Happy Birthday Dobby :)Avatar ImagePollytomat says: Happy Birthday to you Dobby! I'm sure - when magical creatures die they get to a magical place where everything is like in Hogsmeade but for free and forever! :)Avatar ImageJoseph16 says: Happy remeberence Birthday Dobby!Avatar ImagePetra says: Happy birthday Dobby!!! :))Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: happy birthday dobby i love you!Avatar ImageDawna says: Oh, Dobby....Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Happy Birthday DobbyAvatar Imagehermione198k says: Happy birthday to Dobby, a free elf! Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Awwwwww Happy Birthday Dobby.ILY.RIP!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Happy Birthday to Dobby, a Free Elf!!Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: happy birthday Dobby!!!! we love u!!!<3Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: *Happy Birthday to a wonderful Free Elf! May your soul rest in peace!*Avatar ImageAriel says: Happy Birthday Dobby :)Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: Happy birthday DOBBYAvatar ImageFifi says: Dobby, you died a free elf and I think that was your lifelong dream. lol Happy birthday Dobby!Avatar Imagehermionenluna TZS ROAR! says: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dobby, Happy Birthday to you!!! I miss you!!Avatar Imagejacket says: Happy Birthday Dobby! Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Happy B-Day Dobby - you're the best - have a sock!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Happy birthday dobby!!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: how old is dobby? or....was? :'(Avatar ImageravenclawQT says: Happy Birthday Dobby :)Avatar ImageravenclawQT says: Happy Birthday Dobby :)Avatar ImageravenclawQT says: Happy Birthday Dobby :)Avatar ImageravenclawQT says: Happy Birthday Dobby :)Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Happy birthday Dobby, may you forever remain a free elf. I'm currently wearing odd socks in memory :)Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOBBY!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: Happy Birthday Dobby! RIP, I love you so much <3Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOBBY - THE FREE ELF!Avatar ImageAnderja says: Happy Birthday Dobby!Avatar ImageTheWaiter says: Happy Birtday Dobby! I'm going to miss you, but never forget you !Avatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: Even though you're not with us anymore, you're still in all our hearts! Happy Birthday to Dobby - The Free Elf!Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOBBY THE FREE HOUSE ELF!!!!Avatar Image9em says: Happy birthday! Harry loves you very much! Avatar ImageHPJOSIAHHP says: I had a birthday party for Dobby with my friends!!! Happy Birthday to the FREE Elf!!!Avatar Imagehewy says: Happy Birthday to a Free Elf!! Long live Dobby in our hearts and minds!!!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Happy Birthday...Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: Happy Birthday Dobby!!! RIP :( :(Avatar Imagemollyollyoxenfree8 says: Yay! Dobby and I have the same birthday. I am so lucky I share my birthday with a wonderful free house elf who died a hero. btw I realize this is like October and not June but I just saw this soooo yeah... R.I.P Dobby!

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