Bill Nighy Talks About Working on “Deathly Hallows”


Jun 29, 2010

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Watch the trailer for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” here in our video galleries. has a video of Bill Nighy (Rufus Scrimgeour) talking about his experience filming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” with particular focus on what it was like to work alongside Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (Harry, Ron and Hermione, respectively).

Nighy speaks briefly about his role as the Minister for Magic, describing Scrimgeour as a “good guy.” The actor also had kind words for Emma Watson, whom Nighy said is “adorable in the extreme, in every way, she’s such a lovely person.”

High praise also went out to the “charming” Dan Radcliffe and
Rupert Grint; Nighy expressed how nice it was to work with Grint again
after the actors both starred in leading roles in the recently released
comedy “Wild Target.”

Bill Nighy additionally commented on the wrapping of principal production for “Deathly Hallows”:

[The cast] were really nice to me, they’ve been there for 10 years. There were people on that movie finishing their Harry Potter life, people who’d been there for 10 years and it had been their life. And they’d become great friends. You do on a single movie: you become great friends, people get married or have babies or just become great friends. It’s always tough to pull away because you go and do another movie.

On Harry Potter, they’ve done six or seven movies and they’ve become big parts of each other’s lives. There was a feeling of, kind of, the end of things for people. Some people finished while I was there, they had their last scenes. It’s a very big deal, it’s not like other movies.

As for the Harry Potter cast’s future projects, Nighy finished, “they will all go on and the audience that grew up with them will be happy to see them in other things. [...] They’ve grown up together and that audience will stay with them, I would think.”

Watch the video here on the website.

Thanks to UniversHarryPotter for the heads up!

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Avatar Imagehar1020 says: I love Bill Nighy! I think he'll be an awesome Scrimgeour! I love what he said about being part of a family1Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: awesome!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: He is so right! They probably do feel like family!Avatar Imagecghambright says: That's such a sweet article!! Considering the films have been going on for 11 years, I have a feeling everyone involved has been through so much together: births, deaths, marriage, divorce, etc. They've all formed such strong bonds and even though the films are now done, I have a feeling they will all continue to be close. That was so sweet what Nighy said about Emma, Rupert, and Dan. I can't wait to see the Dumbledore Will scene. It's one of my favorites in the book. Hermione and Harry are so awesome in that scene. Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: love himAvatar ImagePollytomat says: So touching and so sad(( Bill Nighy is cool! I liked him in 'The boat that rocked'! :)Avatar ImageSrose says: I cannot believe how fast these past 10-11 years have gone bye, and I can't imagine how all the cast and crew feelAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: what a nice guyAvatar Imagehollywoodnews says: hey guys! i just found a website that has the most exclusive news on Harry Potter! It has the 1st full-length movie trailer in the highest quality. ImageGryffindor Cutie says: I can't wait to see how he portrays Scrimgeour on film. I really liked what he said about how the audience has grown up with Dan, Rupert and Emma and will support them in other movie roles. I know I will!Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: It's so nice to meet new friends in filming a movie.Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: It's cool how many of the HP actors have said that HP is not like other movies. Bill Nighy rocks my socks too, When I very first read Scrimgeour I imagined him to look just like Bill Nighy (which is weird because, I dont usually see the characters as actors *before* seeing the movie) so, when it was announced all that time ago that he had been cast, I was totally excited. I am so excited for DH now :)Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Nice what he said about Rupert. For more Rupert news, do a search for Rupert Grint and Martin Scorsese. Verrrrry interesting stuff.Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Nice enough of him, but I never thought of Scrimgeour as being a "nice guy!" Not the way he wanted to use Harry.Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Nice enough of him, but I never thought of Scrimgeour as being a "nice guy!" Not the way he wanted to use Harry.Avatar Imageccking says: he's gonna make a great rufus scrimgeour!!Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: He seems like a good Rufus + a nice guy :)Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Gosh I can't believe a whole decade! has gone by..dang.Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Good little interview... he does seem like a great Scrimgeour. :)Avatar Imagehewy says: Good interview! He will be a great Scrimgeour. He is right about the cast and crew - it has become a family affair, which is probably why the kids in the cast are so down to earth. Everyone has known them since they were little, not taking any sass and not letting their egos get out of hand. Avatar ImageEeyore says: Bill Nighy is one of those extraordinary actors who is good in every role. He was outrageously wonderful in Blow Dry and Love, Actually. He played such a gentle nice man in The Girl in the Cafe. And I could go on and on. I think he'll be perfect as Scrimgeour, though I wouldn't describe the book Scrimgeour as totally a good guy. I guess he is, as his intentions were good. Those were some very kind words he had for the Harry Potter cast. It makes it all the harder for all of us to say good bye as well.Avatar Imagecenyt says: Love Billy NighyAvatar ImageWeenyOwl says: No interviewer ever asks Bill Nighy the trivia question that I want him to answer: Was it his singing voice that was used when he played Sam in the BBC Radio adaptation of 'The Lord of the Rings' and Sam sang 'Gil-Galad Was an Elven-King'? Because if it was, the guy can sing beautifully as well as act : )Avatar ImageStellar Sound says: I have the feeling that he's gonna make a great Scrimgeour.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: He's the only person in all the books where I imagined him playing the character long before he was cast. I was over the moon when I found out, he'll make a great Scrimgeour

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