10 Years of Leaky


Jul 04, 2010

Posted by Melissa Anelli

It’s not often we take this much of Leaky’s space and time to celebrate a birthday, but this one is special. Today marks The Leaky Cauldron’s 10th anniversary on the Internet.

We appeared online on July 4, 2000: just four days before the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the book. Before the big bestseller split, before the first midnight party. Not many people remember Leaky in its infancy: it was a blue page with orange text, and was testing out a new Web software called Blogger.

Over the years, Leaky has morphed into an international, sprawling database of all things Harry Potter, a “wonderfully well designed mine of accurate information,” as noted by J.K. Rowling in her Fan Site Award.

In that time – to name a few of the amazing things that have happened since – Leaky has given tens of thousands of dollars to charity; it has won a Webby; opened the door for Harry Potter fans to report on the films by becoming the first and at the time only site to visit the junket and sets; it has been reported on three book releases and eight film premieres; it has printed more than 10,000 news articles; it has performed live podcasts in front of tens of thousands of people; it has thrown an epic conference, and it has been given the honor of interviewing J.K. Rowling twice, the most recent being Ms. Rowling’s only podcast interview to date. And so, so, much more.

All of that is great. We’re immeasurably grateful and proud. But none of it would have been possible without the hundreds of people who have worked here over the years, and the millions who have used the site. It has truly been a joint adventure for us, and we hope for you, too. Nothing would be possible here were it not for the fantastic group of sharp, funny, intelligent staff and users on this site; it would have been nothing without your input and interaction.

And we are celebrating with that in mind.

Over the next week, Leaky will release three things that celebrate you, the user, and allow you to more fully experience and enjoy Harry Potter through our site. One of them has been coming for a long time: registration will open for LeakyCon, our second Conference of Awesome(), to take place in Orlando, Florida, next July, the weekend of the release of the last film in the Harry Potter series. (If you missed the first one, watch this video.)

The other two, we’ll wait to show you when they are ready.

So¦ thank you. Thank you for a grand experience, and a grand adventure. Thank you for being here for a decade, or for getting here now. Thank you for all the memories; please use the thread below to relive them, or to just celebrate each other.

Thank you for ten years of Potter. Here’s to the next chapter!

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Avatar ImageNats says: Leakycon! Yaaay!!! 10 years, congrats guys :)Avatar Imagejessh324 says: Happy Birthday :) I hope there will be another 10 years of Potter! That's a little worrying....Avatar ImageTheGoldenSeeker says: Happy birthday, Leaky!!! You've come so far by now and I hope you'll have 10 more years to come! ;)Avatar Imageiris lily says: congratulations! i've only just begun leaky, but i'm sure they'll be another few years of good things to come!!!Avatar Imagerearea says: congrats and Happy Fourth of July AmericansAvatar Imageiris lily says: i love the harry ttr crafts and the quibbler!!!Avatar Imageflaviobessajr says: Wow! That's amazing! Congratulations, guys! The Leaky has been a constant in my life. I think it has been a constant in the life of many others potter fans too. I wish you 10 years more! :)Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Ten years. So many things i have missed. And to consider the fact that i only joined in 2008 or was it 2009..., anyway i used to visit leaky since 2007 but i wasn't fully on board XDD but since i joined it's been awesome ;) Congrats to Leaky, the staff behind it, Melissa and everyone else who helped on building such an awesome place for us Potter fans to gather together. I only hope i can make it to LeakyCon 2011. Thing look pretty ugly right now with the economy and all... Happy Birthday Leaky!Avatar ImageJoeWorthy says: Well done everyone involved in Leaky. You're all amazing! Happy Birthday.Avatar ImageTarana says: 10 years! Wow! Congratulations! I don't exactly remember when I 'discovered' you guys, but it's been great all these years. Since then, I don't think I've gone a week without checking the website (except when I was on holiday). Thanks for keeping me informed in the past and now, and of course for the all the fun things. I hope you'll stay with us, many, many, many years more.Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I've been using this site for years and years, it's always been my homepage, and I've never used any other fansite regularly. Love you Leaky, and all the fantastic staff behind it!Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: I honestly cannot beleive this site has been up for 10 years. I'm 9 years and three months in. :)Avatar ImageI Heart Harry Potter says: Happy Birthday to the best Harry Potter website in the world! :D Avatar Imagesebastianmyers says: Wow! Happy birthday Leaky! I love this site :)Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Awww Happy Birthday Leaky!!♥ What would I do without you?! =)Avatar Imagekiwimci says: You guys have no idea of the joy and outlet you bring to us, you've brought alot of happiness to me over the years, my love of Harry Potter wouldn't the heights that you people have brought it too. And the excitement and anticipation of the books and films always make this hard life alot better. Thank you guys, I've needed you the past 3 yearsAvatar ImageSuperJenn says: WOO-HOO! Happy Birthday, Leaky...and MANY more :)Avatar Imagenellythemarrow says: Happy Birthday Leaky :D Love the site, it's worryingly addictive and fun. Great news that registration for LeakyCon will be open soon! Avatar Imagejorowlinglover31 says: Happy Birthday Leaky! What could we do without you these past 10 years?! :)Avatar ImageNimbus-X says: Congratulations!Avatar ImageButterfly_Boy says: Thank you Leaky, for the hard work, the latest news, the forum, all the image and films, inspired crafts, MyLeaky to chat with friends, and simply being very wonderful. Congratulations, and thanks in advance for the next 10 fabulous years :-)Avatar ImageMagrathea says: This is the strangest coincidence! I'm on a German exchange, and we're having a lazy day today, so I've spent the entire day listening to old, OLD PotterCast episodes, and being nostalgic over old times. I happened to listen to the episode in which the trio chatted to the original founder, and spent the morning looking at varying Leaky editions on WaybackMachine. Now I come to Leaky to find THIS?! Congrats, guys, a huge happy birthday and huge THANKS from me; TLC's been such an integral part of my life for so long now, what would we do without you?! PARTY TIME! =DAvatar Imageroflravenclaw says: Oh my gosh this is so exciting. I've been following leaky for 5 years!! I was talking to a friend from mugglenet how you tend to be either raised by leaky or raised by mugglenet. I was raised as a leakyer. Happy Anniversary!! Avatar ImageGlowstick says: Thank you Leaky, not only for my cool T-shirt and up to date reporting of all things Potter, but also for the symbolism of your birthday and the Harry Potter community's evolution. The sense of maturity in purpose to do good for others, establish a moral voice as a group, and reflect the moral expression of the author creater of Harry Potter, as well as the young actors who interpret the characters we love on screen, has solidified my identification as a Potter fan.Avatar Imagekaczkev says: Love Leaky! 10 more glorious years! Avatar ImageHPJOSIAHHP says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAKY!!! this is my favorite fansite of all!!! I used to be a fan of Mugglenet, and its great, but I really love Leaky soo much more!! I cannot wait until registration is up! I have been checking every day since the site was up..and now its this week...its going to be so EPIC!!!Avatar ImageLuna White queen Lovegood says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I love it)))Avatar ImageNiphai says: Happy Birthday Leaky! This truly is the site I visit most often for Harry Potter news! Thank you, and here's to another 10 years!! <3Avatar ImageWoozelmom says: Hurray and Congratulations Leaky!!! This is the one website I visit daily. The one thing that I admire the most is your sense of honesty and fairplay. I know that I will get only the truth here. I admired the way that you always supported JKR and the fans right to an unspoiled reading experience during the weeks up to a book release. Way to go Leaky here's to another 10 years!!!!Avatar ImagelittleL says: It's been my HP fix for pretty much as long as that! Happy Birthday :)Avatar ImageJPHufflepuff says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I look forward to many more years of your wonderful reporting! Plus I can't wait for LeakyCon!!!!Avatar ImageEmmaria says: CONGRATULATIONS thanks very muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: 10 years of awesomeAvatar Imagesirius17 says: I've been a fan for a while im just sad to know that it took me late into the fandom to realize there were harry potter sites out there. This site is truley amazing and so are the people who make. Thank you for giving our community a place meet and talk about what we love, Harry Potter.Avatar ImagePhlegm De La Coeur says: Happy Anniversary!!!Avatar Imagenickyh says: happy birthday leaky!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Avatar ImageGreenLightening says: I think this calls for a worldwide chorus of, "This cauldron's got a hole in it! It's where the news leaks out..." followed by about a million rounds of butterbeer. Cheers! Avatar ImageKirsikka says: This is truly amazing. 10 years? wow! Happy birthday, Leaky!♥Avatar ImageSteph-potter says: Happy Birthday!! <3 Thanks for bringing news!! Can't wait for LeakyCon 2011 (we need to find a new word for LC'11, LC'09 was epic!) :DAvatar Imagemoondragon15 says: Happy Anniversary Leaky! Well Done and Thank you! :DAvatar Imageclayzy4hp says: Congrats to everyone at Leaky! What a great site run by great people! <3 Can't wait to see what is coming next.Avatar ImageHufflepuffSam says: Absolutely incredible achievement! Congrats to Leaky!!!Avatar ImageThatJordanEdwards says: I lift my glass to you, Leaky! Happy birthday and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Avatar ImageStarlysh says: I think I've been around here for about 5 and it's been love all the way. Thank you, Leaky, and congrats! Avatar ImageFred_and_George87 says: Happy 10th Leaky! It's thanks to you that I have somewhere to go with this addiction to Potter!Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Happy anniversary! leaky Cauldron! I hope there's many,more 10th anniversariesAvatar Imagegeneliz says: woo, happy birthday leaky! :) :)Avatar ImageLittle Light says: Happy Birthday Leaky!! Hoping there will be another 10 years!!Avatar Imageele0206 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are the ONE and ONLY source for HP! <3<3<3<3<3Avatar ImageLady Herdermort says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I can't believe how different the site is from its beginning.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I've been following Harry Potter with you since high school (graduated 2003) and you were one of the few things that kept me sane in college. Here's to many many more birthdays.Avatar ImageGryffipuff says: What a happy, happy day! :) Congratulations Leaky, on 10 years... and hopefully many more to come! :D We are NOT over as a fandom yet, not even close. As for LeakyCon... WHOOOOOO!!! Sooo excited!!! Oh, good gracious I can't wait! :DAvatar ImageCourtneyPotter says: This site really has brought me into the fandom more. Thanks for much Leaky :) ღ Avatar Imagepottertheory says: Happy birthday, Leaky! I found you just before HBP the book came out (basically 5 months into my fandom). I went back every day because there were new articles every single day. I anticipated the reports from Melissa and Emerson even though I had no idea who they were. Because of Leaky, my experience as a Potter fan has been that much more special.Avatar Imagenarglesohmy says: Happy happy birthday, Leaky! You're great! ♥Avatar ImageProfessor M says: Woozelmom said it so well. Thanks to everyone at Leaky for all your efforts to keep the fans informed, entertained, and up to date on all things Harry .................Happy Birthday, Leaky, and many, many more!!!............. Hurray and Congratulations Leaky!!! This is the one website I visit daily. The one thing that I admire the most is your sense of honesty and fair play. I know that I will get only the truth here. I admired the way that you always supported JKR and the fans right to an unspoiled reading experience during the weeks up to a book release. Way to go Leaky here’s to another 10 years!!!! Posted by Woozelmom on July 04, 2010, 09:59 AM Avatar ImageAriel says: Happy Birthday to the best Harry Potter website :)Avatar ImageBookworm Jen says: Thank YOU, Leaky - *Melissa* and everyone who works so hard to make this site so special. The friends I’ve made through Leaky (mainly by hanging out over at the poll comments – another thank you for allowing us to go a bit crazy over there!) have become some of the most important people in my life. It feels like I’ve been coming here forever, but I now realize it’s actually only been just over 4 years…they’ve been an amazing 4 years though. LeakyCon ’09 was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m looking forward to LC2011 more than I can say. I’m also eager to learn what the other two surprises are; this is going to be a fun week! Happy Anniversary, Leaky!Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Happy birthday Leaky *partay* Wow ... ten years, that is really something. Thank you Leaky for giving my life purpose lol. Seriously, Leaky is awesome (and, I'm using that word sparingly now since JKRs letter to the HPA) Here's hoping that the next ten years are just as awesome :)Avatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: Happy birthday Leaky!!! I only joined a few months ago but I've been checking out the news for a few years. Keep up the good work and here is to many years to come *lifts up virtual glass of champagne* cheersAvatar Imageclawtooth35 says: Congratulations Leaky, I remember back about 9 years ago. Here's to another 10 years. I look forward to meeting you all at Leakycon 2011.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: ten years of awesome! :D i <3 leakyAvatar Imageschoolchamp says: Happy Birthday, Leaky! About a week after you were launched(I was eleven) I began reading the Potter books and you were the first site I found to indulge my new found obsession. Ten years later(I'm twenty one) I still come here everyday for the latest Potter news. Here's to another ten years of Potter!Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: Wow! Congrats Leaky!Avatar ImageBlossom says: Happy B'day,LeakyAvatar Imagetamalina says: Happy Birthday! I enjoy the site daily.Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Leaky rocks!! Happy birthday,Leaky!!! :-DAvatar ImageNicoleC76 says: Happy Birthday to the best site on the net. I hope it has hundreds more just like it.Avatar Imagerealspace says: I started visting Leaky in September of 2005 after reading HBP. I had come to the books through the movies and had finished OOP just a few weeks before HBP was released so no real wait there. It was the anticipation of DH that got me visiting the site daily, listening to the podcasts and getting to know other fans. This enhanced my experience for the release of DH so much, I am forever grateful to everyone on the site for raising my involvement in the fandom to a higher level. So when I read DH for the first time it was truly an event of mythical proportions. Thanks for the last five years! I look forward to the next five!Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: awesome!!!! i agree with all of you!!!!! this is my first year!!! and im proud to be a part of this awesomenessAvatar Imagemarypao says: Happy Birthday Leaky. I can't believe I've been visiitng this site almost every day for 10 years now! I remember the frist time I found it back in 2000 and how I was so psyched to see that other people loved HP as much as me!Avatar Imagesheritips says: I really enjoy this site. Keep it upAvatar ImageDumblebridge says: Happy Birthday and Many Thanks!!!Avatar ImageBandersnatch says: Ten years of unadulterated awesome. Happy anniversary, Leaky!Avatar Imagerotfang07 says: Congratulations to Leaky staff. Amazing job. May you have another successful 10 years, assuming you want them of course!!!! Who knows, in 10 years time, JKR may decide to write about Albus? Then this whole outbreak of bloomin' bonkers'ness can start all over again?! Avatar Imageoddbit says: Cheers Leaky! I raise my glass of butterbeer to you! Happy 10th Birthday! Thank you for being a lodestone of community. Thank you for sticking to accuracy in your reporting. And thank you for being there to support the fandom. Here is to 10 more years or more! If Disney can do it so can Jo Rowling!Avatar Imagematt_toeller420 says: Happy Birthday Leaky Avatar Imagemollypooh12347 says: Happy Birthday Leaky! You are the only HP site that I check everyday :) I appreciate everything you guys do! Please keep it up :)Avatar Imageapril_showers says: Happy birthday, Leaky!! I don't know who I would be without you. Avatar Imagehp7rules13 says: our birthday is on july 4th? *irony*Avatar Imagehp931 says: <3 <3 <3 <3 Oh Gosh guys, 10 years, I can't say how proud I am to be here, in one (maybe the most) awesomest HP fansite ever! I hav'ent been here very long but every minute on here took away five minutes of stress. You all rock, the staff, the fonder, Melissa the Webmistress, and all the users. Leaky (w)rocks on so many levels1 I'm so happy and proud for my #1: fansite, search engine, news spot, magazine, craft place, gallerie, and homepage!Avatar Imagecoolgirl224 says: 10 years! yay! Happy Birthday Leaky Cauldron! :) I love this site and I hope it lasts a lot more decades!!! :)Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Thanks so much Leaky! FOR EVERYTHING! Happy Birthday :)Avatar ImageBonnie Radcliffe says: Happy 10th Birthday, Leaky!! =DAvatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!! 10 years of pure fanboy/fangirl awesomeness!Avatar ImageMeggie the Goose says: Yay, Leaky!! Congratulations on a decade!! You're the best HP site ever (and I'm not kidding, I don't go on that many others!)Avatar ImageProfessorLily says: I found Leaky almost at its beginning, right after I'd discovered the books. I was 44 at the time (!) and "checking out" these "controversial" books my son's 2nd grade teacher was reading them. I was hooked. . . Now, I'm 54 (!!!!! - not possible!!) and Leaky has nurtured my love and devotion of these books for almost a decade. My sons grew up with Harry, and so did I. So did my own mother - who is now 82 . . . We are all now breathlessly waiting Deathly Hallows. . . It has been wonderful to see the HP community grow up too - who could have imagined the work of the HP Alliance 10 years ago? One gift Leaky has given me is not an obvious one - it made me keep up with technology! I had to learn what a blog was, then a podcast, how to download audio and video files, how to participate in a live chat. I had to get an iPod so I could listen more easily, and eventually when my laptop died, an Apple computer so it would be seamless. I learned what Facebook was and got an account - though I confess I held the line at Twitter. . . not for me . . . :-) So thanks, Leaky, for the great times. Love to Sue - we still miss you!Avatar ImageCeltise says: Wow ten years, 12 hours last wednesday since HP1 was published too. Hope I can go to LeakyCon next year!Avatar ImageLindsay85 says: Wow! Happy Anniversary Leaky! I'm a little sad to say that I can't remember how long ago I found you or what was happening in our little world when I did. But, what I do know for certain is that, I am a bigger HP fan because of you than I would be if I had never found you. Having a place to keep me up to date with all the latest news, excitement and being able to discuss and think about the books in ways I couldn't have without you, have all contributed to the love I have for this series. I feel like we should be the ones celebrating you and thanking you for everything you have done for us. Thank you for helping me be the very proud Harry Potter fangirl that I am today! Avatar ImageDawna says: Happy Birthday to one of my favorite addictions...the one that celebrates my other addiction!Avatar ImageViccy6 says: Happy Birthday, LeakyFriends ! <3<3<3 10 year is a long time for a website :-DAvatar ImageAussiescopper says: Congrats on 10 years Leaky! :DAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Hooray to 10 years of Leaky!!! I have been 'visiting' for 8 of those years, and have witnessed a lot of changes... A lot of usernames come to mind of folks who really made this place so special, that are no longer here... So here's a big salute to them, and to all those who volunteered their time & efforts over the years to make this a very, very special place. Who knows what the future may bring, but lets hope Leaky will still be here with us for 10 more!Avatar Imagewiltabone says: Happy 10 years of Potter Leaky !Avatar ImageStayFree37 says: Happy Birthday Leaky! Congrats on 10 years and I hope you have many more awesome years! :DAvatar ImageIloveDobby says: Congratulations! I love the site :DAvatar Imagenwrosey says: Happy b-day! :PAvatar ImageWolfyWizard says: happy birthday leaky! its so amazing! this is such a great site and place for harry potter fans, thanks for being so amazingAvatar ImageVella Rose Riddle says: Ten years!? Wow that's Awesome!!!!!!!Avatar Imagelollifant says: A very happy birthday to Leaky! I still love you so much, I don't come often, mostly a quick glance at the site for some news, but I always feel welcome! Thanks to everyone for making this such a great place! :) And Melissa 9 years and 3 months, wow, that's so long! I'm so glad you're still at Leaky!Avatar ImageRavenclawGirl13 says: Someone should take a screenshot right now, and save it. Then, ten years later, when it will all be holograms, and mini movies, and high-tech, we can look back on it, and see what it is today.Avatar ImageBShrib says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAKY! Can't wait for Leaky Con!!! :)Avatar ImageRavenclawGirl13 says: Congratulations! I hope that in ten years, I will still be able to pull up this brilliant site. Ron might say: "Blimey, Harry! Ten years!" Avatar Imagesnunkiebrian says: Happy Birthday Leaky and thankyou for keeping me very well informed in all the awesome Harry news!!! Love you leaky!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Avatar ImageTotal-Eclipse014 says: Happy Birthday leaky! Im so glad I found this site! :) <3Avatar ImageTheHeirOfSlytherin2 says: Happy Birthday, Leaky! Wow, that cauldron has been leaking for a while, eh? HahaAvatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!Thank you for everyone who works and worked on this amazing site of Potterness :) hope to see leaky around in the next 10 years too <3Avatar Imagehogwartslibraryassistant says: Happy Birthday to the-leaky-cauldron.org. I love the dashes. I can't believe how much the site has grown. When I started visiting the site, there was not a pottercast, nor an essay section, and the site took forever to load. Maybe that was my computer's fault:-) I remember wanting to see the prisoner of azkaban movie in new york with leaky, but couldn't make it. That's probably my earliest leaky memory. Thank you to all the staffers who have worked on this website. It's been my favorite website since I discovered it. I visit you guys everyday and finally joined myleaky today! Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!!! I just want to thank everyone who is or has been staff here (especially Melissa, John, Sue, and Frak) for everything they've done for all of us fans! Where would the HP fandom be without you guys? So thank you for always brightening my day and working so hard with everything from the regular news posts to PotterCasts and so much more :)Avatar Imagejaclyngirl713 says: Oh my goodness, ten years! Congrats guys!Avatar ImageRaytheforgottenWeasley says: A daily part of my web viewing life. ThanksAvatar Imagejenge says: Happy birthday Leaky! And thanks to everyone involved for making this wonderful website where fans from all over the world can meet and share their love for Harry Potter. Avatar ImageNada says: wish you a very HARRY birthday !!Avatar ImageLizzieTLC says: I'm so honored to be a part of this marvelous site. Going from a fangirl of Leaky back in 2004 to when PotterCast started to when I lived on the LeakyLounge to then becoming staff in Summer 2006. 4 Years later it's been unbelievable because of this amazing staff, YOU all the made of AWESOME readers and our shared love of Harry Potter. Am I gonna see you at LeakyCon 2011? Cause you DO want to be there. Really. So excited! :) -LizzieAvatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Happy Birthday Leaky!! :) Thanks to the awesome people that designed this site! :)Avatar ImageHPandtheDA007 says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!!!!! And how fitting that it fall on the 4th of July. Here's to many, many more years =)Avatar Imagelizzardbreath says: hey guys congratulations on 10 years of dedicated of potter service. And look forward to more harry potter info in the future, because Harry Potter will never be gone as long as there are those who remain loyal to him.Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Happy Birthday Leaky!! <3 I love this site and all it's member so much!! I also am super excited to know about LeakyCon 2011... it'll be my first conference and I will not miss it!!Avatar ImageSlytherin Princess101 says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!!!Avatar Imagefairylights04 says: Happy birthday Leaky!! Thank you for everything, what would I do without you?!Avatar Imageblockaderunner says: Happy 10th!Avatar ImagemrscRed says: Thank YOU Leaky and especially you Melissa, for all the good things, all the laughs and all the passion that you put in this website. Congratulations to all the team, keep on with the good work ! We LOVE you all ! Happy birthday and long live to the Leaky Cauldron !Avatar ImageEmms says: What's funny is that I actually came across Leaky not long after its inception--i found it after finishing the fourth book (which I got as soon as it was released.) I even remember the news article I found: it was a press release for a casting call for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I was twelve, and I remembered being sad that I fit all the parameters to audition for Hermione except that I wasn't British. I've been using Leaky ever since. As I'm in the middle of the HP nostalgia that the summer always brings, this is a nice article. Long live Leaky, and long live Harry Potter!Avatar Imageegdillon28 says: Beautifully said Mel, there is nothing else to say! That said it all!Avatar Imagekbabyy says: amazing. happy birthday Leaky!Avatar ImageStellar Sound says: Happy birthday, Leaky! It's really wonderful what you awesome people do for the fan community. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everything you've done <3Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: Happy 10th Birthday! If it werent for this wonderful site full of supportive friendly potterfans, i would have died of depression;( I owe you guys my life<3 Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Happy Birthday Leaky! Wow ten years I wish I'd been around for all of them. Congratulations! =D Life just wouldnt be the same without you.<3Avatar Imagesidnandragin says: Happy Birthday! Avatar Imagesanjuangelina says: Thank you so much Leaky! Best site ever! Happy birthday!Avatar Imagegoldish_red says: Thank you, Leaky, for everything.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAKY!!! You're just awesome. May you have a glorious futureAvatar ImageRowling Stones says: where would we all be without leaky? you guys have done so much for us i really appreciate everything you do with every post you celebrate the books that changed our lives so happy birthday and heres to anouther 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageyuelovesirius15 says: Wow ten years?! Well Happy birthday Leaky!!!!Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: I'm proud to say I've been with TLC for the past two and a half years, and in that time this site has become something of a virtual home for me. I'm so grateful for all of the amazing people who have worked on the site over its lifetime, and I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm dying for LeakyCon registration to open, and now I'm dying to see what the other big things are!!!Avatar Imagevespasian68967 says: Congratulations!! Many happy returns!!Avatar Imagefindthefourth says: Wow, it's been almost a year since I started reading the Harry Potter books... this site has been a great way for me to get involved in the fandom. Thanks!Avatar Imageeruanna317 says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I have so many amazing memories that center around this site. It's always been the place I came to, to anticipate and hypothesize, discuss and digest the HP books and films. I remember listening to the first ever episode of Pottercast, poring over the Edinburgh interview with Melissa and Emerson and Jo, silly Christmas filks and Canon Conundrums, sending in a news tip of my own with a photo of Imelda Staunton from a red carpet event where I stood out in the rain to get to meet her. I remember hearing all your reports from Potter conferences over the years, then getting to go to my first one (Prophecy) and seeing so many Leaky staffers and people I'd met through the site in person. And of course the sense of camaraderie and passion and unity and joy that was just so infectious at LeakyCon '09! This one website has brought so much happiness to my life. Thank you! <3Avatar Imageeruanna317 says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I have so many amazing memories that center around this site. It's always been the place I came to, to anticipate and hypothesize, discuss and digest the HP books and films. I remember listening to the first ever episode of Pottercast, poring over the Edinburgh interview with Melissa and Emerson and Jo, silly Christmas filks and Canon Conundrums, sending in a news tip of my own with a photo of Imelda Staunton from a red carpet event where I stood out in the rain to get to meet her. I remember hearing all your reports from Potter conferences over the years, then getting to go to my first one (Prophecy) and seeing so many Leaky staffers and people I'd met through the site in person. And of course the sense of camaraderie and passion and unity and joy that was just so infectious at LeakyCon '09! This one website has brought so much happiness to my life. Thank you! <3Avatar Imagekeltek says: Wow!!! Happy 10th! Next year you'll be old enough to go to Hogwarts! ...oh right, you will: Leakycon!!!!! Love you guys! you've helped keep me sane since 2004! Cheers!!!Avatar Imageakcorr says: I've been following you guys along with every book I read. I didn't start until you guys were on your fourth or fifth podcast :)Avatar ImageKiwiBrian says: Happy birthday, TLCAvatar Imagebrewinales says: And thank you to all who have worked on this . i've enjoyed it so much over the years!Avatar Imagenever underestimate wrackspurts says: thank you so much everyone who makes this Cauldron the amazing thing that it is! happy birthday, can't wait to see what's coming next!Avatar ImageOak Owl says: wow Leaky's 10 years old and my dog shares her birthday with it! I've only been on here for a couple of months but I already think it's greatAvatar Imageginnyshiel says: It's a pitty that I missed the first 8 years. It would have doubled my joy! Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!!Avatar ImageLiara says: Congrat guys!!! Love ya!! =)Avatar Imagecharvi says: heyyyy..a very happy birthday to u...approximately for this long these books have been a part of my life too....CHEERS!! thank you for being a source of connectinf all potter fans together.Avatar Imagevandy says: Congrats Leaky!!! You will always be the best potter site...Avatar Imagemoe miron says: Happy Birthday (again)! I have Leaky as my home page at work--you don't know how many kids comment on it (I work at 2 elementary school libraries). Here's to another 10 years!!!Avatar ImageDlcohm7 says: Congratulations! Yeah Leaky! It's been great,and we know it won't stop! You have done well! And Thank You!Avatar Imagelily11 says: Happy birthday Leaky!! I love this site!!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Happy Birthday Leaky! Thank you for opening my eyes to more and more Potter!!!Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Happy Birthday, Leaky, and Congrats on ten great years! Hope you'll be around for another ten! :)Avatar ImageMatea says: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! happy 10th bday Leaky! I've been here for about 5 years and there is no better HP website! thank you so much!Avatar ImageJosephine the First says: Yay!!!!!!! Happy Birthday *Leaky Cauldron* !!!!!!! One more year and you can go to Hogwarts, ~hahahahaha~. Have always loved it here and still do.Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: Congratulations, Leaky! And thanks for the wonderful ten years you've given us, and for giving us a place to congregate and linger with wonderful friends. You're the best!Avatar Imageweasleygirl101 says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!!! By far the best site on the internet.This site has enhanced my love of HP soooo much! I don't have any friends who like HP as much as me so it's great to chat about it with all the AMAZING people here!!! Thank You soooo much Leaky!!!Avatar ImageMaxtina Potter says: Thanks you Leaky, Happy Birthday.. I've found so many WONDERFUL friends here... Thanks you for helping me share my love for HP with so many people all around the world... Thank you...Avatar Imagecenyt says: Happy Birthday Leaky! you guys are the best!Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: Happy birthday Leaky!Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: Congratulations, and thank you for so many years of fun and anticipation...you have been the home-base to immerse ourselves in the HP world on the internet!Avatar ImageScatach says: It seemed like just yesterday when I started reading the books, a little while after GoF was published. Wow! Congrats Leaky!!! Amd yay for LeakyCon 2011Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Happy Birthday, Leaky! You are my sanity ... and of course, YOU ARE MADE OF AWESOME!!! Here's to 10 Potterific years. :o)Avatar Imagehewy says: Congratulations on 10 years!!! Can not honestly remember when I started using the site but it has been a main stay in my online life!! It's where I go to vent about the films and comment on the various stories and to fall in love all over again with the Potter series. My many thanks to Jo for teaching me an appreciation of reading (only took 40 some odd years) a full length novel. Up to SS the best I could do was the paragraphs in magazines and sometimes that was a stretch. Love this site and hope it is around for many years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageVincenza says: I know that this was yesterday, but happy birthday Leaky! I have made new friends and have loads of fun on Leaky. Thank you!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: happy birthday my dear, leaky :)Avatar ImageReader511 says: A sincere and hearty congratulations on 10 years! This is--by far--the BEST Potter site, and I salute everyone who has made it what it is and has become. Here's to at least 10 more years!Avatar ImageLunaLupinTonks says: yesterday I baked a cake for leaky! i'll put up pictures of it sometime soon. it's a mug cake, though, so it is small. i wish to know what the other two things are!Avatar Imagehopieg says: Thank you leaky for being there for us for ten years!! you are where i go when i need to know anything potter related. i come here nearly every day if nothing else to try to guess the book trivia and check the countdown in the upper left :DAvatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Happy Birthday Leaky! I've been here less than a year, but I know that I'll be here a long time!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Happy Birthday! Congrats on 10 years and hopefully another 10 more!Avatar Imagesessionka says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!!! What would I have done without you!!!!Avatar Imagehereward says: Harry Potter fans are very special people. Intelligent, creative and caring. No place celebrates that better than Leaky. Keep doing what you do and all the best for the future. Avatar Imagehermione198k says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!Avatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: Happy Birthday Leaky! And well deserved too! This is THE BEST Harry Potter website ever. You have all the stories, all the news, all the interviews, all the pictures, all the videos. Everything. No other HP website can compare! Here's to another wonderful ten years! Long Live Leaky Cauldron!Avatar ImageForever Weasleys says: I still can't believe that Harry Potter has been around for ten years, thats over half my life...TEN YEARS OF POTTER!!!!Avatar ImageCatAlly says: Happy 10th birthday Leaky! I think I started as a Leaky fan girl way back in 2003, before the POA film was released. I remember salivating over pictures from both the London and NY premieres. I feel so old now. A huge thanks must go to Melissa(Happy early 9th birthday kiss for Melis!), John, Frak, Sue(I miss her sooooo much. I hope she will guest host for the PotterCast 5th anniversary show in August), Lizzie and every other staff member past and present who have made this site what it is today. *raises glass of champagne* To another ten years of The Leaky Cauldron.Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Happy Belated Birtday LeakyAvatar ImageThe Stew says: Woah! I didn't know Leaky had been around this long. I only have 1/10 of the memories :(Avatar Imagecrom says: Thank you everyone.Avatar ImageXyra44 says: Happy Belated Birthday, Laeky! You're the best!Avatar Imagereadthroughthenight says: Happy birthday Leaky! Always there, always interesting, always funny :D Thankyou Leaky!Avatar ImageMuggle Mommy says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!!! :) I can't believe how fast time as gone by. Seems like only yesterday we were all waiting for OotP.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: WOW! Congratulations and happy birthday Leaky! I have only been on Leaky a few years, but what a brilliant few years they have been! Leaky is the best Harry Potter site and I really enjoy logging in and looking at all the wonderful, well reported news. Thanks so much, here's to the next 10 years! =D Avatar ImageEcrof G says: Wow 10 years, now I'm feeling old... But a very Happy Birthday to the best HP website period!!!Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: Happy Birthday Leaky!!! Love you Leaky, and all the fantastic staff behind it! You’re all amazing!! Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: I was here at the five-year anniversary. Wild! <3 to Leaky and to everyone who has ever worked on it. I don't know what I would do without it and I'm super excited to see how it changes in the future. Happy birthday! :DAvatar ImageLeper says: Wow. Ten years. I've been here for a fourth of them, and have only just begun to join the community itself. Here's to ten more!Avatar Imageda_member0808 says: Wow Happy Birthday Leaky!!! :)Avatar ImageKC Nox says: Congratulations on 10 years! Only wish I would have joined sooner.Avatar ImageWandlore Kid says: lol i just joined, i am only 10years late :) congrats!Avatar Imagestregs12 says: Congrats everyone! i only just started this year, i think it was February, but man if i had known about Leaky earlier i would have started much earlier. Still, 10 years is amazing congrats!Avatar Imagelunaisawesome says: Where would I be without you all? I never had many friends, but making friends online somehow gave me confidence. You all have given me confidence, friends, laughter, and everything I ever needed to know about Harry potter. I love you, and wish you many more happy years to come.Avatar ImageGryffinclaw8997 says: I can't believe I've only been on Leaky for 34 minutes; I should've been here all along!Avatar ImageHarryPotterSagaMovies says: How I wish I have been there from the start. Anyway lets make the most out of it. Proud to be a member. Can't wait fro the new Harry Potter movie. Maybe we can see it online at this site www.harrypottersagamovies.comAvatar Imagepotterhead21 says: shame I just joined a few months ago! anyway! happy 10th year leakyAvatar ImageAnnieFalls says: Happy Birthday :D just wait till 17. I'll get you guys watches :)Avatar ImageKiralay says: THANK YOU Leaky staffers for all you do!!!! I only joined '09 (I think) but since then I'm proud to say I'm a Harry Potter nerd. Also, because of Leaky I've discovered so many things I'm happy to have in my life (ex. vlogbrothers). Thank you a million times.Avatar ImageMarauder_K says: Hollaaaaa!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: FunFun :DAvatar Imageferb82 says: THis is wonderful website about Harry! Love it! ___________ [url= http://softwareoutsourcing.biz/services/website-design-development.html] Website design [/url]Avatar Imageferb82 says: THis is wonderful website about Harry! Love it! ___________ [url= http://softwareoutsourcing.biz/services/website-design-development.html] Website design [/url]Avatar ImageChimchar87 says: 10 years! I've only been on my leaky for a quarter of a year.Avatar ImageDejiaGray says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! this site was created around the time that i first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone!

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