Dan Radcliffe Apologizes For Not Being at Comic-Con


Jul 27, 2010

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In a new interview with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) the actor expressed his regret for not attending this weekend’s Comic-Con:

“I apologize to all the wishful thinkers for my disappointing non-presence,” Radcliffe said Monday by phone from London.

The actor, who has finished some post-production voice work on
the last “Potter” film, says he is still grappling a bit with the
concept that he will never wear the robes of Hogwarts on screen
again. He still cares deeply about “Potter” fans, though — he sounded
genuinely distressed to hear for the first time about the wildfire
rumors that led fans to believe he would be at the San Diego pop-culture
expo that wrapped up on Sunday.

“Really? Oh, God, I had no idea. I suppose it’s like when I’m at Reading Festival and I hear that suddenly some amazing band is going to play a surprise gig and then it turns out to be total fiction.”

Later in the article he also discusses a comment Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) made at Comic-Con about how he cried on the last day of shooting:

“You know what, I’d love to libel him and call it a lie, but, darn, he’s
absolutely right. We all three of us — me, Rupert and Emma — we just wept. And I’ve never seen Rupert Grint cry. That was really weird.”

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