Dan Radcliffe Interviewed by Out Magazine


Aug 11, 2010

Posted by Mel

In a new article with Out magazine Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) discusses a variety of subjects with interviewer Our Lady J, including wrapping up “Deathly Hallows,” and how closely people connect Radcliffe to the character he played since 2001:

DR: I’ve just finished Potter properly yesterday.
OLJ: Did they let you keep the glasses?
DR: Yes! I’ve
got two pairs from the seventh film and the pair I wore in the very,
very first movie — which are really tiny on my head now!

DR: It’s strange. I think it’s a mixture of people who actually
do, in some way, think I am Harry Potter and a number of people who
can’t be bothered to know my name, which is fair enough. I mean, when
you’ve been so identified with one character for so long, it’s natural
that it should almost become an alias. But I’ve been encouraged lately
to find that people are using my real name more often.

Radcliffe also goes on to talk about how he initially got involved in the Trevor Project:

OLJ: How about your involvement with
the Trevor Project? How did that come about?
DR: My family
and I have always thought it was best to focus our efforts rather than
kind of spreading ourselves too thin across a lot of different
organizations — just really picking things that you care about and
really, really believe in, and Trevor absolutely was one of them. And
when I got to have a tour of the New York call center, my admiration for
the projects, but also for the place and the people, tripled. The
systems they have in place, the actual way the call center works on a
practical level, is so brilliant and efficient. It’s something I’m very,
very proud to be able to be involved with.

Many other topics are discussed in the interview, such as Radcliffe’s opinion of what working on Broadway is like, politics, LGBT issues, and his relationship status. You can read the article here, though please be aware that there is some swearing on the final page that is inappropriate for younger readers. Also, you can see the pictures from the interview here in our Image Galleries.

24 Responses to Dan Radcliffe Interviewed by Out Magazine

Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Awwww hes so sweet! I don't really understand people who can't see an actor as anything other than their favourite character, actors play different parts, play different people, its the whole point of being an actor. If an actor could only ever play one character then they'd be pretty rubbish! Anyway, love Dan! He makes me proud to be a Harry Potter fan. :)Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: That's awesome that he got to keep 2 pairs of glasses! Dan is so funny and sweet!Avatar ImageJeannine says: Excellent interview...alWays love to hear what Dan says or thinks on any topic (s)....and this interview was very informative and fun. The photos were fun too...love the one of him from the side in jeans.. made me think of James Dean . He is simple awesome....have so many good wishes to him for his future indeavors .Avatar ImageScarlett Potter says: He's such a sweetheart! And I'm sure, he'll go on to play many roles and will finally not be known ONLY as Harry Potter.Avatar ImageGiant Fairy says: That s why I love to see the other films of my favourite actors, to not to be tempted to see them only in their Potter roles. And- sure he is a sweetheart, but he has always shown that he is also an intelligent and witty young man (Ravenclaw), and maybe one day I can stop sorting peopleAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: Thats sweet about the glasses. Dan is awesomeAvatar ImageHBPFan says: That' was a good interview :)Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: That's sweet about the glasses!Avatar ImageLonewolf_ says: It's nice that he could keep the glasses!Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Wow - I can't wait to read this interview. Dan is so awesome!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: Excellent interview, and what a fine young man he is. (What was the warning about? I didn't notice any swearing, but perhaps I was just too interested in the article.)Avatar Imagepinkbatgirl says: He looks like he's trying to look like Robert Pattinson on the cover shot!! I hope that was the magazine's doing and not his :/Avatar ImageViccy6 says: It must be strange to be recognised as Harry Potter, but of course, it will be strange to see him in other vovies after HP... I saw a movie with Dan, and I thought, "Hey it`s daniel Radcliffe, from Harry Potter!"Avatar ImageRosie016 says: I love the cover shot and the interview was great! I agree with Daisy, I thought he looked Robert Pattinson-ish/Twilight on the cover photo, but probably just a coincidence, and it seems like it is a popular pose/look for male models or magazine photos throughout time anyways.Avatar ImageScarStruck says: Awwww I love Dan sooooo much, he's so sweet. He got to keep his glasses <3Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: I love Dan, he's so sweet and clever and ... well, he's just brilliant! Yay, he got the glasses!!! x) <333Avatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: yeah, im also happy for em Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Awwww, he kept the glasses! That's so sweet.........but I wouldn't expect anyone to throw out their momentums from ten years ago. But I know so many people that call Dan just Harry Potter instead of referring to him by his real name. That really gets on my nerves!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Dan's awesome, it's so brilliant that there's no stigma with him. He's an inspiration to all of us. Plus I LOVE when Dan talks about what he's listening to. Man always has a genius taste in musicAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: i honestly wouldnt have much to complain about if the majority of the world thought i was harry potterAvatar ImagePetra says: Love that interview! and he could keep his glasses ♥ Avatar Imageanghela_DA.14 says: I'm waitin dan's interview to either candy mag or k-zone mag...Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: That's pretty cool that he has glasses from the first film. Avatar Imagedevilskinn says: That is so cute, about his glasses. He was really adorable in PS/SS 8-> It's wonderful how he gets involved in these projects. Keep doing great things, Dan!

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