Happy Birthday, Tom Felton


Sep 22, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Please join us at TLC in wishing Tom Felton a very happy birthday! The actor, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, is celebrating his 22nd birthday today. Many happy returns!

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Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: FIRST!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagewinky45 says: Tom, Happy Birthday, YOU ROCK!!!Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Happy birthday Tom!Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Happy Birthday Tom!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Happy Birthday Tom! :DAvatar ImageAsria says: Happy birthday, Tom!! : )Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM, YOU'RE GREAT!!!! x)Avatar Imageanghela_DA.14 says: What ever role was given to you... still love yah... xoxo,,Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: Happy Birthday, and well done. You were very touching in Half-Blood Prince. Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! You are awesome.Avatar ImageHBPFan says: Happy Birthday Tom, hope you have a wonderful day :)Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Wish you a very very happy birthday,Tom! :-)Avatar Imagedaldula says: One of my favorite HP actors Happy birthday wish you all the bestAvatar ImageKiwiBrian says: Happy Birthday, Tom FeltonAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Happy Birthday Tom Felton.Avatar ImageWitch says: err this is a bit embarrassing, it's actually his 23rd birthday... Avatar ImageTheGoldenSeeker says: Happy birthday, Tom!! :)Avatar ImageSusmita singh says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!! MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. HOPE YOU'LL READ IT. Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: Happy Birthday Tom....Hope you have a wonderful day.Avatar ImageCatherine says: Happy Birthday Tom Felton!Avatar ImageAsi says: Happy Birthday Tom , Wish you all the best , Thank you for an amazing Draco :) :)Avatar Imageyounghermionegranger says: Happy Birthday Tom!! Hope you have a Awesome Day! :)Avatar ImageSilvery Doe says: lol! his twitter said he'd be turning off his phone and computer today!Avatar ImageTheGleek77 says: Happy Birthday TOm!!!Avatar ImageTheGleek77 says: Happy Birthday TOM!!!Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Happy Birthday, Tom! Hope you have a fantastic day!Avatar ImageLuna White queen Lovegood says: Happy Birthday, Tom! You are the best Draco) Cheer)))Avatar Imageksddancer says: Oh my gosh! Happy Biethday Tom! You are awesome! I hope it's a great day! Your 22 on the 22nd!Avatar ImageTheMysteriousTickingnoise says: Happy Birthday, Tom Felton! Avatar Imagestella8h8chang says: Happy Birthday Tom! (P.S. Isn't he 23 today, not 22?)Avatar ImagePetra says: Happy birthday!! :D ♥Avatar ImageSlytherin Princess101 says: Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!!Avatar Imageblackhair says: Happy Birthday Tom :)Avatar Imagebserlori says: It's his 23rd Birthday :)Avatar ImageFigment says: According to IMDB he is actually 23 today, :) Happy Birthday Tom, may you have a wonderful day!!!Avatar Imagebudgie says: Happy Birthday! This is also the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins.Avatar Imagethefifthmaurauder_ngolb says: Happy Birthday Tom Felton.Enjoy your day.Avatar ImageVincenza says: Happy Birthday! :) iloveyou Tom :D xAvatar ImageTriin says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: Happy birthday!Avatar Imageyouknowstew says: Congrats Tom!Avatar ImageArtemis Malfoy says: Happy Birthday Thomas! You are still loved and not forgotten, so watch your snail mail! I am So happy that you turned off your phone and computer!!! I hope that you have a wonderful 23rd birthday! May it be a day that is filled with innumerable blessings! OXOAvatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Born on the Autumnal Equinox, and blessed this year with a concurrent Harvest Moon as well? He was obviously destined to wield Magick!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: 22 son happy birthday tomAvatar ImageShinyPineapple says: Thought i highly doubt Tom will read this... Happy Birthday! I remember when you were a cute little blond kid in SS(:Avatar ImageCDR says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Tom!!!! LOVE!!Avatar ImageBookworm_Girl says: Happy Birthday Tom!! :DAvatar ImageLonewolf_ says: Happy Birthday Tom!:DAvatar ImagePurple Lavenders says: Happy Birthday Tom Felton! =DDAvatar Imagequidditchluver says: Happy Birthday Tom!!!Avatar ImageJoseph16 says: Happy Birthday, Tom Felton :)Avatar ImageHunterGoddess says: Happy Birthday Tom Felton!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Happy Birthday Tom! You are an amazing actor!Avatar ImageLucida says: Happy birthday Tom!Avatar Imagejessyginny says: Aww, Happy Birthday Tom!!!:) Hope you had a WONDERFUL day today!:) Avatar ImageSxPalms says: Happy happy happy birthday!! You play my favorite male char.! :D :DAvatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: Happy Birthday Tom!Avatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: Happy Birthday Tom!Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: Happy Birthday!! :PAvatar Imagefloridianhp says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Avatar ImagePolka Square says: Happy Birthday Tom! hope you have an awesome(brilliant) day. and hope you have many many many many etc. more!!! (: we all still love you even if you are the villain. (:Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Love you Tom! Happy Birthday Draco Malfoy! Avatar ImageSaracaBrownaca says: Happy Birthday, you are amazing!Avatar ImageHarryHermioneLove says: Happy Birthday Tom. I heard him sing, he's amazing. He's a REALLY good actor especially in the Half-Blood Prince since he played such an emotional part..Avatar ImageHarryHermioneLove says: Happy Birthday Tom. I heard him sing, he's amazing. He's a REALLY good actor especially in the Half-Blood Prince since he played such an emotional part..Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! Avatar Imagekera says: Happy Birthday, Tom :* we love you <'3Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: happy birthday tom!!!Avatar ImageSlyBones says: Happy bday!!!!Avatar ImageThestraltamer says: happy birthday to you! have a great one!Avatar ImageSindi says: A Very Happy Birthday to you TOM !!! :D Best Wishes, have a magical day! :D Avatar Imagediv says: Happy birthday..:)Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: Happy Birthday Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy!!!! I hope you have a terrrific celebration on your Birthday!!!!Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: happy birthday Tom!!Avatar Imagedevilskinn says: Have an amazing day!Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: Happy birthday Tom!!!! <3<3 hope you have an awesome career, you truly deserve it :)Avatar Imagejjh1234 says: You will forever be Draco Malfoy....Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!!!Avatar Imagesessionka says: Happy Belated Birthday Tom!!!! AND MANY, MANY, MANY MORE!!!! Avatar Imagekera says: A late Happy Birthday (:Avatar Imageblessi says: Be lated Happy Birthday :>Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Happy Belated Birthday Tom. I thought I had said it already. You are a great actor.

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