Leaky’s Daily Quotedown to Deathly Hallows: 49 Days


Oct 02, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

There are now only 49 days left until “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” hits theaters! We are posting a quote from the first half of the book every day in celebration and to give us a chance to discuss and ponder the final book as it goes to film. Here is today’s quote!

“Undesirable Number One,” Harry muttered under his breath as he replaced Mr. Weasley’s folder and shut the drawer. He had an idea he knew who that was, and sure enough, as he straightened up and glanced around the office for fresh hiding places, he saw a poster of himself on the wall, with the words UNDESIRABLE NO. 1 emblazoned across his chest. A little pink note was stuck to it with a picture of a kitten in the corner. Harry moved across to read it and saw that Umbridge had written, “To be punished.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, “The Muggle-Born Registration Commission”

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Avatar Imageathena lupen says: i cant wait 4 the movie 2 come outAvatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Super excited!!! Avatar Imageradishraven says: I hate Umbridge!Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: Umbridge is so horrid!!!Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: That sounds exactly like something Umbridge would do ... I need to see this movie so bad!!!!!! x)Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: I wonder if they will keep this scene in the film. I love the part where Harry tells Mr. Weasley that he is being monitored.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: They better include this scene. i would love to see the expression of DanAvatar Imagebookworm941 says: I loved the whole idea of this. I really hope they keep this scene!Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: yeah me to i loved all of the ministry scenes cant wait 4 the movieAvatar Imagedumbledork31 says: Less than 50 days all ready????? Can't wait =] =] =] =] =] =] *jumps up and down* =PAvatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: she's so sick.Avatar ImageSohumdore says: disgusting freakAvatar Imagetaoist1 says: Rickman is an amazing Snape but Imelda Staunton is the perfect Umbridge. SHe is so damn annoying and mean. tennis stories/articles www.davidantczak.comAvatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: that horrid pink toad!!!!!!Avatar ImagePercyandpotter says: Can't wait for the ministry scene. Hope they put it in! ;*}Avatar ImagePercyandpotter says: Can't wait for the ministry scene. Hope they put it in! ;*}Avatar ImageElphabaROCKS1 says: Hate that woman. She is such a great villain, though!Avatar Imageratorr2 says: Umbridge! Grrrrrrr! I want to bite her nose!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I HATE UMBRIDGE!!!Avatar ImageSlyBones says: I always thought, Public Enemy No. 1, when I read that. LOLAvatar ImageKeaHellstorm says: Umbridge has always pissed me off. Avatar ImageSalamander says: Looking forward to another great adventure with the gangAvatar Imagemystiqueminx says: i hate you, Umbridge Avatar Imagetealover says: I was so uncomfortable and sitting on pins and needles through that whole Ministry scene. I had to sit the book down a couple of times and walk away from it. Yikes! That's a tribute to Jk Rowling'sstorytelling ability! Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: "To be punished"..............I'm glad the hag went to Azkaban for her "noble" deeds towards the Ministry.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: "To be punished"..............I'm glad the hag went to Azkaban for her "noble" deeds towards the Ministry.Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: epic!Avatar ImageFresca says: Umbridge is truly evil and twisted. In a way she reminds me of Peter Pettigrew, in that she seems drawn to the biggest bully on the block. She wants power, and she loves hurting people. She is like Voldemort as well, in that she is a poser. She probably isn't a pure blood, but pretends to be a Selwyn, and backs it up, ironically, with the locket that is a horcrux! If Voldie ever caught her wearing that locket, she would have been toast!! She is a pretty warped character, and I for one, would love to know how she made it into Gryffindor House!!! Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Old Toadface is probably the one witch Uncle Vernon would actually approve of and the poster would certainly make his day! Poor Harry...Avatar ImageSindi says: I liked this part of the book :D cant wait to see it in film :D Avatar Imagethe dark one loki says: argh hate umbridge so bad i just want her to hurt so bad argh!!!Avatar Imagehermione198k says: I hate Umbridge!Avatar ImageSusmita singh says: I really want them to include all the ministry scenes. I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTE UMBRIDGE. I wanted to kill her in part 5 because i knew she will certainly creat problems for Harry and his both friends. I am dying to see the movie.Avatar Imagemaddison says: I wish I could slap Umbridge , arghhhhhhh !!!!!!!!Avatar Imagebudgie says: The awful thing is, there are Umbridges in a lot of areas, even in government, at least in Iowa.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Fresca, where do you get the info that Umbridge was a Gryffindor & that she ended up in Azkaban? Can you point us to a JKR quote somewhere where she says that?Avatar ImageLonewolf_ says: That is so Umbridge-like ;d They'd better keep that scene in the film. An I'm going to buy that shirt from WBshop :D ^__^Avatar ImageLonewolf_ says: *AndAvatar ImageCatdelaCreme says: "to be punished" GAAAAH! Horrible Umbridge. This next movie's going to be amazing though!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: hahaha kinky old umbridgeAvatar ImageBless_the_children says: I really cannot express how much I despise Dolores Umbridge. She needs to go die in a fire right away!Avatar ImagePolka Square says: we all hope they put it in!Avatar ImageShawnae Inglewood says: got that shirt!!!

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