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Dec 20, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Happy Monday everyone! Today starts our second week of daily Leakypedia posts. Last week went pretty well! Lots of you recieved 75 MyLeaky points for each day you helped, and many more of you will be receiving yours by days end.

Today’s page of the day is Polyjuice Potion. This magical potion was used many times in the novels, from Hermione’s batch in Myrtle’s bathroom to the seven Potters scene in Deathly Hallows and beyond.

Help us write up a solid entry for Polyjuice Potion here and receive 75 MyLeaky points each!

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Avatar ImageWinkyxx says: Don't use for animal hair! only one hour of change....must change clothes.... very complex recipe.... etc. etc...Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Oh if I did nothing with my life I'd be right on this! Curse you full time jobAvatar Imageksddancer says: Very cool!Avatar Imagefalkowska says: Wow! This is great!Avatar Imagemagichik says: If polyjuice potion was real I would want to turn into my brother I could say weird things like- I am a total weirdo! hahahahaAvatar Imagemagichik says: On my first comment on this I meant to say- If polyjuice potion was real I would wan to turn into my brother SO I COULD say weird things like- I am a totoal weirdo. hahahaha. I wrote- SO I COULD because I forgot to type that in my first comment. I love Harry Potter!Avatar ImageTami says: Well I started to add some info to the article, lots more to do but I'm off to make some dinner. I love the Leakypedia post of the day, I have now become quite addicted to updating the Leakypedia.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Cool!!!!!! I wanted to edit it but it kept saying that my username wasn't valid. DO you have to make a leakypedia account that is separate from your myleaky account? Avatar ImageTami says: Yes you have to make a separate myleaky account.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: i still have to sign up. i'll do it as quickly as possibleAvatar ImageA Sluggish Memory says: Nice article! Love polyjuice! :DAvatar Imagecerizesicat says: cool! i'll join :DAvatar Imagecerizesicat says: cool! i'll join :DAvatar ImageMistic Willow says: WOW Amazing Stuff!!! Polyjuice potion!!! Lets See Moaning Myrtle, 7 Potters, Break in at the Ministry, Godricks Hollow, Hermione turning into Bellatrix before Gringots Bank break-in, actually it has come in handy quite alot!!!Avatar Imagesteffiee says: it shall be done!Avatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: Cool, definitely cool!

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