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Jason Isaacs Talks About the Final Acts of "Deathly Hallows"

Isaacs Interviews
Posted by: Edward
February 27, 2010, 01:40 PM

There is a new interview with Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) with online today, in which the actor spoke to the Harry Potter films coming to a close, and his last days on the set.  This interview, which was part of a larger round table discussion at the press junket for Mr. Isaac's upcoming film "The Green Zone," begins with talk of his final days on the set, and his emotional response to knowing this will be the last time he'll film as Lucius.  Quoteage:

Well, it’s very sad for me.  I was already nostalgic for the history of Harry Potter while I was still making it and I knew the end was coming.  It was two film…they made the last book into two films and it was a fantastic experience because everybody’s back…everyone who is left alive that is…and even some of the dead people.  There is nothing greater than sitting around on a Harry Potter set when you’re not filming and listening to the likes of Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Bill Nighy and Jim Broadbent tell stories.  And watching everybody crew the scenery up in the few moments you get on screen - trying to out ham each other is magnificent.  This big franchise goes out in an epic way.  But I was always cognisant of the fact that I’d have to pack up my little furry friend of a wig and stick it in a box and say goodbye to the cane.  All the joy was tinged with sadness for me. 
He continues by speaking to the much anticipated final battle sequence in the film, and the ways in which the filmmakers have the "ability to make great cinema experiences out of [the book] and where they need to change the book or the central thrust of the story, they do it now with, I think, real aplomb and with Jo Rowling’s blessing."  When speaking on his opinion of the final act of the film, Mr. Isaacs says:
I think the end of the films will be a fantastically cinematic and visual feast.  It will more than satisfy the readers of the books…but you won’t get is the book on screen.  You’ll get something more and different.  Everybody is very savvy to the notion that this is a much-loved franchise and this will be the end of an eighth film, and it needs to have weight and substance and you need to feel drained by the end of it. It’s a ten-year roller coaster ride, not a two-hour roller coaster ride, and we all know it and we all felt it, and it was in the air while we were shooting it.
On a related note, Mr. Isaacs spoke with during the same press junket round table and related a few expanded comments regarding what to expect in the final films.  That interview can be read right here.  Coming Soon is slated to release additional interviews with other actors from the final Harry Potter film, including Ciaran Hinds and Rhys Ifans, in the coming days.

Many thanks to Tracy for owling!

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107 Points

i remember seeing the trailer for chamber of secrets, and how a chill just ran up my spine when lucius malfoy came on-screen, issacs and the other actors and actresses that have been part of the series all have made me respect thm even more, becuase they have never had one-bad word about how the movies turned out and some were even fans of the books and read them, we will surely miss you playing the villianous lucious malfoy mr. issacs, but still look foward to any of your future roles

Posted by potterball on February 27, 2010, 11:51 PM report to moderator
20981 Points

I will miss Jason Isaacs as Lucius too, he was such a great character to hate. The part where he says ‘you won’t get the book on screen’ worries me a bit but I bet its going to be amazing even if its not like the book. Maybe it will be even better? I hope to see him in many more films. :)

Posted by LunaLuver on February 28, 2010, 12:05 AM report to moderator
6921 Points

He is so awesome. I love how he’s such a big fan of the series.

Posted by badger666 on February 28, 2010, 12:28 AM report to moderator
7533 Points

He is such a good actor !!!!!

Posted by Rebeka Potter <3 on February 28, 2010, 01:06 AM report to moderator
276 Points

Jason and his wig. I’m not fond of the character of Lucius, but Jason made him memorable and every time I pictured the character, I picture Jason and his wig.

Posted by leigia on February 28, 2010, 05:51 AM report to moderator
1420 Points

aww so sad

Posted by alicia00 on February 28, 2010, 08:21 AM report to moderator
2168 Points

im sure it will be gr8. jason rules hes awesome as lucius

Posted by MaggieNoise on February 28, 2010, 11:13 AM report to moderator
562 Points

“It will more than satisfy the readers of the books…but you won’t get is the book on screen.” You won’t get the book onscreen. Then why bother!! Jo, why did you agree to allow them to corrupt your great books and produce movies aren’t anything like the book?

Posted by Phoenix1946 on February 28, 2010, 12:06 PM report to moderator
4056 Points

Can’t they let him keep the wig or the cane, just like Timothy Spall took an ear?

Posted by fifi ~::~ ıɟıɟ {WBM!} {ITC!} on February 28, 2010, 12:24 PM report to moderator
75566 Points

I think Jo should have killed off Lucius.

Posted by Girlraven1 on February 28, 2010, 12:38 PM report to moderator
1067 Points

I can’t believe he’s done with his part! How sad! I feel sorry for him! It’s also very scary to think the end is so near! The actors are saying good-bye means we’re getting closer. With every actor that finishes I get more anxious. It’s hard to grasp that there is a movie out there hidden that we can’t see yet. Just the post-production will be left. So exciting. This makes me hopeful for the movie and in a weird way…also the special features. I want to see a nice good-bye tribute for everyone.

Posted by eiVega on February 28, 2010, 12:53 PM report to moderator
8876 Points

It’s so sad to think that this is coming to an end. I am excited for the movies but, it will be very weird to think it’s all over. It must be tough for the cast and crew that have been around all these years, it’s like a part of their life.
Jason Isaacs is awesome because he’s such a great guy and a HP fan, too :)

Posted by Moose_Starr on February 28, 2010, 01:12 PM report to moderator
109 Points

it will be awesome!! even though it will be the end… :(

Posted by seamus_ofcourse(*ROAR*) on February 28, 2010, 02:12 PM report to moderator
23699 Points

God, why do they have to make it harder t wait?!!
I want DH NOW!

Posted by Maxtina Potter (Aty) on February 28, 2010, 03:49 PM report to moderator
401 Points

What would we do without our favorite Death Eater? Gonna be epic.

Posted by All Was Well on February 28, 2010, 04:49 PM report to moderator
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