First Photos of Adult Ron Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, and More Online (Updated)


May 26, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

As a follow up to our previous report, new images of the Harry Potter cast filming the much anticipated Epilogue sequence at Kings Cross station are now online. In this newest set, we get our very first glimpse at actor Rupert Grint as his character, Ron Weasley, nineteen years later. This full HQ image can be viewed right here in our Image Galleries. We expect more photos to come online in the coming days, and if you are able to capture any images from the filming, please do email us at [email protected]
Update: Twitter user QueenSarcasm, the source of the original Adult Ron Weasley image, has posted a number of additional images from the filming which can also now be found in our Galleries here. Also, courtesy of TLC reader TinyDancer, we get a first look at adult Draco Malfoy with his son Scorpius
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Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: looks so good i cant waitAvatar ImagePoisonXLilly says: Awesome! So grown up! *tears up* I'm so proud of them!Avatar Imagekbicprez says: A friend of mine is in his late 40’s and even he doesn’t look as old as Harry & Ron. Aren’t they supposed to be just shy of 40? Maybe they won’t actually look quite so old on screen? BTW, no close-up yet of Emma. Is she in hiding?? LOL.Avatar ImageHarryPotterGirl (Hermione) says: He look alot like Rupert and Ron I am not kidding take a while look and you can tell it look alot like Rupert and Ron.Avatar Imageronaldfreak83 says: Yeah I cant wait to see Emma as 40 year old Hermione! the whole Granger-Weasley fam really. Such a cute fam!!Avatar ImageLucia Meadows says: The makeup for the boys is a little ridiculous. They look about 5-10 years older than they should. Oh, well. We'll just have to wait until they're on the big screen.Avatar Imagerohit_albus severus says: Its good but i do really feel that they look too aged..can't judge now..let's wait for the movie!Avatar ImageDrome says: Ermmm.. What could I say.... Well, looks quote interesting. :DAvatar ImageDrome says: *quite. :pAvatar Imagehrhgnl says: Nice to see the photos; however, why is Ron so much bulkier? It looks like Rupert is wearing padding under his clothes. The whole group of characters that I have seen so far look way older than 36/37; More like mid 40's. Maybe too hard of a life after the Voldemort defeat?Avatar Imagegaminette says: There's a wee video (14 secs) on FeltBeats of Tom as an older (and still stylin') Malfoy. Can't wait for a good look at the Malfoy Family! ^__^Avatar ImageCellar Door says: For the record, some pics of Hugo have also leaked earlier today.Avatar ImageJeannine says: Being an Aura really ages you....but then look all what it did to Madeye Moody Avatar ImageDrome says: Little Scorpius? Awww!Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Answer - When people age they gain fat.Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: so coolAvatar Imagefinley says: Has Draco got a ginger beard?!?!? How funny!Avatar ImageFresca says: These are good photos. If you blow up the picture of Ron you will see that he is wearing a wedding ring! Scorpius looks just like his "daddy".Avatar Image13_lucky_charms says: People who are complaining about the makeup: remember that when it shows up on film and goes through all that editing and everything else they'll look different and it won't look as wonky. Just like how stage makeup looks weird on actors up close then it does when they're on stage performing.Avatar Imagedecarus says: Some photos of Hugo leaked yesterday.Avatar ImageZhandarq says: Er ... "Epiluge"? Someone got so excited her fingers stuttered. Could be a new word: at, near, over, upon, etc., the luge. It's downhill all the way from here, at any rate. Can't wait to see the next two movies! Listen to me, as if I'm NOT totally overstating the obvious!Avatar ImageEvagirl says: Malfoy with a beard??? And it looks like Ron's wearing a school uniform... Or is it just me? Love that little Scorpius has the same hais as Draco did in the first 2 movies. Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Awesome! Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: lol oh man i'm so excited! :DAvatar ImageGiant Fairy says: too bad Boris Becker is a German........Rupert looks so much like him....Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: just AWESOME!!!Avatar Imagej@m says: Major failure from the make up department.. 38 year olds don't look that old.Avatar ImageHBPFan says: Oh I really really cannot wait to see them all!! How thrilling, but a little sad too.. We've known them all since they were young..and now look at them..awwww Still, am really excited to see those last few moment of the film!!Avatar ImageSashaSabrina says: I just cant wait! next year - far too long :(Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Well spoilers eh? Avatar Imageclayzy4hp says: Yeah, they do look a bit too old right now, hopefully the final product will be better. But it is interesting to see them like that! And Rupert wearing the wedding ring made me tear up....Avatar Imagea1000wtp says: I want and dont want the movie to come soon! OH well.... I think the make up should look better on film... hopefully they wont look as old... or they will pretend that the epilogue is actually more then 19 years after.. Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: whoaaa! I love scorpius!! and james and albus from the one before were so cute lool! <3Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: They lookl a bit too old. Lol Tom is awesome with that beard.Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: OMG!! i can wait to see them in the movieAvatar ImageGwynogs_rabbit says: Man - the boys look like they aged hard! Lots of firewhiskey and cigs! I mean to me they look like they're almost 60, not 40. But Ginny looks pretty close to 36! Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: These are awesome! Scorpius looks so much like Malfoy (from the back)!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Thanks to everyone who submitted these pictures! They are marvelous and I cannot wait to see this scene in the final movie.Avatar ImageHPIsLegit says: Definitely Legit ... I am curious to see on screen if the aging make-up looks decent. :)Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for this! I debated for a minute whether or not I should look at these, since I don't want to be spoiled, but I acted on impulse and clicked the link. They look great, but really, really old.Avatar Imagemiss molly says: I was trying to think of a male who is 36-37 to compare them too. I was looking at the photos of the movie award going on tonight in England and I saw Peter Facinelli. Peter is the exact age that the Harry and co. are going to be in the epi. Does he look like a grandpa? No, so why does Ron, Draco and Harry look like grandparents instead of parents? I hope they look better on film then in these photos. Of course the photos are not the best so it just may be the photos. I think the photo of Dan from today looks better than the first few that came out of him but now I worry about Draco and Ron. I think Bonnie looks fine and I love all the kids so far they look amazing. Now we just need Hermione, Astoria and Rose. Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Oh my gosh! Ron looks so older! He looks even creepier than Harry(no offense). But I have to say that is truly amazing, seeing 20 year olds as 40 years olds. Though I'm still relieved to see that Draco still looks like himself. Phew! But he has a beard! Now that's a shocker! On the bright side Scorpious looks like Draco just like Albus looks like Harry.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Oh my gosh! Ron looks so older! He looks even creepier than Harry(no offense). But I have to say that is truly amazing, seeing 20 year olds as 40 years olds. Though I'm still relieved to see that Draco still looks like himself. Phew! But he has a beard! Now that's a shocker! On the bright side Scorpious looks like Draco just like Albus looks like Harry.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: omg!! im soo excited!!!! but they made harry n draco look wayy to old. they look like thee 50. not kiddin. n harrys hair is supposed to be black. not brown.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: omg!! im soo excited!!!! but they made harry n draco look wayy to old. they look like thee 50. not kiddin. n harrys hair is supposed to be black. not brown.Avatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: Ron looks so wierd! lolAvatar ImageScarStruck says: Ron is not at ALL what I pictured!!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: But Tom and little Tom (hehehe) look fabulous!!Avatar Imagedecarus says: Ronald does look so weird. Avatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: Hmm, not sure what I think of old Ron. I'll just have to wait to see if they look different in the actual film. Avatar Imagemollywobble says: Thirty-somethings everywhere are crying right now. Sigh. I hope, as others have suggested, they look younger on film than they do here. We'll just have to wait and see. Then again, maybe they'll say the epilogue takes place 25 to 30 years later instead of 19? Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: Wow, Rupert looks great!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Intersting to see Malfoy..i thought he'd be sexier look older guess not =/Avatar ImageGwynogs_rabbit says: I think I need to say to all the teens and early-20s people - you are NOT going to look that old when you are 37 lol! Just letting you know in case you were distraught. Ron actually looks less old and more like he's recovering from severe burns. I hope this looks better on film, just because it would be a shocker to go from the glory of the end of the battle, to just a couple of decades later and they all look WAY older.Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: damn! they all look too old! even scorpius looks too old for his age! and his hair looks so FAKE! oh well gotta wait til the movie comes out to really SEE them Avatar ImageWickedLoz says: Harry and Ron are meant to be 37, not 47, which expression lines, not wrinkles.. Hopefully its just these photos that are not good quality. But still, comparing Ginny with Harry, Harry looks like her uncle or something! I like that Ron is a little rounder, Hermione must have learnt how to feed him properly.. Avatar Imagedannah_potter says: ..he really looks old....=)...can't wait to see the movie...Avatar Imagedecarus says: Hermione must have learnt to feed him properly. Thanks. I enjoyed that. Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: love the additions but that 14 second video should probably get put on here because it shows ron and draco really wellAvatar ImageLittle Light says: Draco has a beard?Avatar ImageAbbyWeasley says: WOW!!! I am so amazed on how they look!!!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: OMG ron looks too old. and where the hell is emma's photo? i've been waiting to see the grown up hermione since ages.:(Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: ummm....Ron and Draco look....ummmm.....well, NOT GOOD!!!!!! i HATE how Tom looks and i DESPISE how Rupert looks :( :( Tom: ok, what's with the beard???!!!! and that is NOT a 37 year old, that is a 67 year old and that would also be the understatement of the century!!!!! Rupert: NO!!! i REFUSE to believe this. this is NOT happening!!! Ron is DEFINITELY NOT supposed to look a 70 year old grandpa with burnt skin!!!!! and what in the name of MERLIN is wrong with his eyes!!!!! HE'S IN HIS LATE 30S NOT HIS LATE 90S!!!!!!!! Scorpius looks least from what i can see. now i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that in the film, all will turn out alright and that all of this is just because of the photos. i'm almost afraid to see Emma but i guess i'll just have to take a deep breath and hope that she tuns out alright. and has anyone seen Hugo??? now he's what i call perfect :) Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: almost cried from happiness when i saw the wedding ring on Ron's finger though :D Avatar Imagedobby_rocks says: Hugo looks good from the photo I saw he looks a lot like Rupert from movie 1 at least from the back. When its on screen they may look different. Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: almost cried from happiness when i saw the wedding ring on Ron's finger though :D Avatar ImagePineappleCrush says: Wow! They look a lot older than I thought they would. They look more like grandparents with receding hairlines than youthful parents with the rest of their lives ahead of them. If they're really going to look that old in the movie, it almost makes the ending more sad because it's like their lives are nearing an end as well--if they looked more in their 30's the audience would feel more comfortable with the ending because the characters would still have a full life ahead of them. But now it's just sad, its almost more final since they'll be so old. Like their chapters at Hogwarts are really, truly at an end as they wind down the days into wizarding retirement. It'll still be good, just not what I was expecting. I guess we'll have to wait to see the final product next year!Avatar ImagePollytomat says: And maybe the creators don't want to do it simple? Maybe, at first, they'll make them too aged and then, with the special effects and computers they'll make them younger? :))))))))))))Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: I am so super excited! I can't wait!Avatar Imagedeadtree says: I think they're going a little overboard with the aging on these guys-- they look closer to their 60s than their 40s >_> Maybe it won't look quite so dramatic in the films though. Scorpius looks just right, though :)Avatar ImageLiara says: Woww!! That Epilogue thing will be awesome!!! O_OAvatar ImageMorgane53 says: They all look horrible! More like they are fifty or sixty. George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Hugh Grant are all almost fifty and look a lot younger!!!!Avatar ImageDawna says: I think Draco looks perfect. However, I think Harry looks a little older than he should. As a 43 year old woman, I can honestly say that makeup makes him look years older than me. Avatar ImageGloria says: Oh, nooooooo... As if we didn't have enough, yet another major ****-up! They look pathetic!!! Just very young men in cheap, grotesque masks. And waaaaaaaaay too "aged"!!!!!! Jason Isaacs as Lucius, for instance, looks decades younger! Oh, and also, wizards don't age so fast. But what do these people know... or care? Then, in contrast, Ginny looks just as young and pretty as always... Who has done this to them??? It makes me sick to think that these so-called makeup "artists" are getting paid for ruining the epilogue! I hope their names are very clear on the credits and they never get to work again, not even in a morgue. Although knowing the Industry, they will probably be given an Oscar... I feel really sorry for our lovely actors, who are forced to end the series in such a ridiculous fashion. I'm sure they have done their very best, but there is NO WAY any actor, no matter how good, can make this scene even remotely believable.Avatar Imagegaminette says: I can't stop looking at Scorpius - he's too perfect! ^__^Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Wah, wah, wah. Quit yer bi-chin'!Avatar Imagehermyhermy says: I can't wait to see Emma! But they do look too old.Avatar ImageMillieRose says: OH MY GOD!! He looks so much older.wowAvatar Imageashowers36 says: Are the actors (dan, rupert, emma, etc) playing the older versions of themselves with the use of makeup or are they hiring new actors to play them as adults.Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: I am enjoying these epilogue pictures SO much!Avatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: that looks exactly like himmm!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagekleigh629 says: Honestly I feel slightly offended by how much they have aged the actors. I'm not far from the age that they are supposed to be portraying (I.E. 36-37) and I don't think I look THAT OLD! My husband is 36 and he certainly doesn't look that old either. Hopefully the make up is an exaggeration that will be tidied up by computer graphics before it makes it to the screen...Avatar Imagekleigh629 says: There is a picture somewhere online of the child who is playing Hugo...and from what I saw he could be a MINI Rupert. He looks almost exactly like Rupert Grint did at age 11. Kudos to the casting crew for that!Avatar Imagehewy says: Saw the picture of Hugo on Mugglenet and you are right he does look just like Rupert! Hopefully the film version of these pics will look alot better. We must remember that this is stage makeup. Can not wait for the films!Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: These pictures are so cool!! Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: So far the look is nice I think... I'm excited to see Emma all aged for Hermione!Avatar Imageanne1 says: I have to say that you are all exaggerating by saying they look closer to 60s than 30s. And comparing their looks to George Clooney, Hugh Grant etc is just silly. Those actors have so obviously had plastic surgery, as have a lot of those types of actors, who rely so much on their looks (as in American film and tv in general it seems). These films are set in the UK where the average person (non actor) does not do any kind of plastic surgery, not even botox! Blimey, we Brits must look really ancient to you when you come over here. They look possibly a little older than 37 but not as much as you are all saying. More like early 40s. And they need to be more made-up for filming. Ron looks like he's over-indulged, but that fits with his character. Harry looks like he's losing his hair but that is perfectly normal for even 30-somethings. And I know people who have developed wrinkles by their mid-30s. It depends on your skin-type and also your lifestyle and how much time you spend in the sun etc.Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: I don't know who did the make-up but Harry and Ron are only supposed to be 36 not 56. What gives? By the way, YodatheHobbit, I'm 43 and I weigh less now than I did at 33 and I don't live the on-the-go life of an auror. There are older people who are overweight but, just in case you haven't looked about yourself at the general population of our lazy, consumer society lately, there are an awful lot of people of ALL AGES who are overweight. Think before you speak next time.Avatar Imagedoublecore says: This summer i will read the DH for the 7th time. Just because i love the book, and i can omly imagine how many times i will see both movies. 12:00 feature on both i think. The end should be funny to see with the aging of our beloved cast. Here's hoping J.K. will have a change of heart and pick the story up at some point. One can only wish. Long live HP :)Avatar Imagecluna123 says: Awesome pictures.Avatar Imagelizzysobebear says: I forgot about the grown up part! Can't wait to see everyone else!Avatar ImageAlice Weasley says: They do look a little old, but then again the actors for Harry's parents looked too old to me too. (According to the books they were in their early 20s when they died.) The make-up is still impressive though :)Avatar ImageRoseann says: Can not wait to see this movieAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: I'm sad to say that they look too old! They're only 37.. not 47 :( But I'm sure it'll look good in the film (Y)Avatar ImageHPandtheDA007 says: i'm sorry but Ron's character aged really scares me lol. but i do love malfoy and scorpius!!!!!!!Avatar Imagehermione198k says: Can't wait to see Emma Watson's pics! Avatar ImageRodiniusBlack says: -hyperventilates awwwww Scorpius!!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: People who have been through a lot of trauma tend to age badly. Makes sense to me that all these adult characters would look older than their years, considering what they'd been through in their tender years. I do like that they are aging Ron in such a way as to resemble his father more.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Nice pix...Avatar Imagejacket says: Can't wait to see the movie!Avatar Imagex3HPx3 says: They look way too old! You would think they were like 50!Avatar Imageblessi says: haha :)) kinda excited.Avatar Imagelessthan says: I'm guessing it's harder to make someone look as though they are in their mid-30's then it is to make them look like they're in their late-40's. Yay, Scorpius! I can't wait to see the kids who play Rose and Hugo as well :).Avatar ImageJackMeggers says: he looks creepily like mr. weasley!Avatar Imageemmawatsonfan13 says: WOAH!!! Hopefully it will look better once they have edited it!!!!!!! Avatar ImagePeverell62442 says: Wow they made them look old. They're only supposed to be in their late 30's but they look older than my parents who are in their late 40's. I mean they gave them full receding hair lines and goblet necks and everything. Why? Was Ron a drinker and a smoker? Weight gain is fine but I don't think they would have actually changed that much. The kids are cute though. Avatar Imagejjh1234 says: I can't wait to see what Scorpius looks like...

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