Rupert Grint, Bill Nighy: “Wild Target” Roundup


Jun 14, 2010

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With the UK cinema release of “Wild Target” coming up this Friday, 18th June, actors Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Bill Nighy (Rufus Scrimgeour) have recently taken part in a number of interviews; both actors star in leading roles in the comedy film alongside Emily Blunt. Firstly, thanks to our Order Partner we can link you to a new interview First News Children’s Newspaper conducted with Grint in which the actor talks about future projects, ski jumping and his favourite experiences while filming “Wild Target”:

Q: Do you want to do all-out action films?
I definitely enjoyed this, although my character isn’t the most deadly: he’s afraid of everything. But yes, it could be fun. Anything that’s different and a bit of a change is something that I’m keen to do.

You can read the full interview via this link.

Secondly, also thanks to we have a new video from the “Wild Target” press junket here in our video galleries. BBC Switch’s “The 5:19 Show” interviewed Nighy, Grint and their co-stars; the video shows a short clip of the film as well as snippets of advice from the actors on how to best look like a villain. Nighy sums up the film’s plot in one breath while Grint talks about being slapped by co-star Emily Blunt (“The Young Victoria”, “The Devil Wears Prada”). Watch the full video in our galleries at this link.

Grint additionally took part in a lengthy interview with WalesOnline about the film. The actor talks briefly about working with Nighy, commenting, “He’s brilliant. You pick up a lot, just from working with him. He’s very calm, gentle and hilarious as well, so we had a lot of fun.” Grint also talks about the differences between working on Harry Potter and the far quicker pace of filming “Wild Target”. The full interview can be found here on the Wales Online website.

The fashion supplement of British newspaper The Telegraph spoke to Bill Nighy about the part costume plays in the actor’s decision to go for or accept a role.

Nighy: Joanna Johnston (the costume designer) did persuade me into Lycra trousers for ˜Love Actually’ once, and that was rather fun. But, if I’m to be seen in public, I want to look my best. My muse is basically a two-piece, two-button, single pleat, single-vented lounge suit. There is a notable lack of classical roles on my cv. I couldn’t operate in doublet and hose, and as for a cod-piece.. well, puh-lease! That’s why I was drawn to Wild Target – it’s my kind of role, my kind of wardrobe.

On another note, the article also features a video in which Nighy talks at length about the potential impact a Robin Hood Tax would have on the world. You can read the full interview and see some photos of Nighy in a variety of suits, as well as some stills from “Wild Target” at this link.

Lastly, “Wild Target” will be screening at the 56th TaorminaFilmFest in Taormina, Italy. The film will be shown at 9.30pm on the 18th of June, the last night of the festival at the Teatro Antico. You can buy either €8 or €12 tickets to the screening here at the TicketOne website.

Stay close to Leaky for more updates, videos and interviews related to “Wild Target” as Friday approaches.

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