Fascinating creatures, Muggles, aren’t they?


Jun 14, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Thank you all so much for so many pages of captions for me to sort through. Mr. Weasley is so quirky that captioning him must have been easy! Congratulations to Leaky user Katie_Lily, who managed to perfectly capture Mr. Weasley’s personality. You’ve also won 100 MyLeaky points! Remember to keep your eyes on our Tumblr, where you’ll be able to find several different captions throughout the evening.

We can only imagine what a ride through Gringotts must feel like – but can you put that feeling into words? Leave your best captions in the comments below and be sure to check back here for our next winner. Good luck!

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Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: You Muggles *really* need a Gringotts ride at your 'theme park'.. Avatar Image62obsessedwHP says: Don't cry, Harry...my driving's not THAT bad...Avatar ImageSWEDE says: Harry- "I swear the ride down to the vaults was not this INTENSE the last time I was here with Hagrid. Has anybody got a sickbag?????"Avatar Imageeru says: What do you mean you left the kettle on? And you’re telling us now?Avatar Imagebeewell says: Scared of the speed Harry? snickers Griphook.Avatar Imagemark_sheldon1221 says: This ride is WAY better than The Dueling Dragons...Avatar ImageAndrea.akafred says: "the fast and the nauseous..." Avatar Imagenickyh says: Griphook: how on earth are you going to kill voldemort if you can't even get into the vaults without throuing out?Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Congratulations! That caption was amazing, way better than mine! (: My caption: Griphook - Does Harry always make that face when he's about to face something . . . unpleasant?Avatar Imagecloethebelatrixlover says: Griphook: Do you think that if I put these plates under my shirt they'd make me look buff?Avatar ImageCynkro says: @Andrea.akafred That's a good one, lol. "Fast Five" =PAvatar Imagehermi0ne_228 says: Harry: it.. stings my eyes! Griphook: at least you're wearing glassesAvatar ImageNiceOneJames says: We're just going to move in front here Griphook, before anyone notices just how awkward the scene looks. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: "This is not the best time to show us your singing & dancing skills mr. Potter!"Avatar Imagewizardingwheezes says: Harry: Slow down, Griphook! We're gonna get a speeding ticket!Avatar ImageGene L. says: Harry: I feel like having puking pastilles... Griphook: Wand bearers... Hermione: That cup better be in there...Avatar Imagepadfoot10 says: Mr. Potter, you really should get one of these brass chest protectors.....it gets windy down here.Avatar Imagegryffindor31 says: Phew, good thing Draco let me use some of his diapers...Avatar ImageImablack says: I know this really isn't the best time, Harry...but Bella wants to know if you're still in that Equus play?Avatar ImageNick_Jonas_Potter_343 says: Maybe calling shotgun wasn't such a good idea...Avatar ImageNick_Jonas_Potter_343 says: Maybe calling shotgun wasn't such a good idea...Avatar ImageNick_Jonas_Potter_343 says: Maybe calling shotgun wasn't such a good idea...Avatar ImageNick_Jonas_Potter_343 says: Maybe calling shotgun wasn't such a good idea...Avatar ImageNick_Jonas_Potter_343 says: Maybe calling shotgun wasn't such a good idea...Avatar Imagesboyer06 says: lol i love the mr weasley caption!! brilliant!Avatar Imageng_21 says: Harry: I think I prefer surfing to this ride!!!!!Avatar ImageLoopeyLooneyLuna says: I think I like this better than riding on Edward's back.Avatar ImageLilyEvanston says: Harry: Ok, so, if everyone just keeps their hands and feet inside the cart at all times, then there's no way this could possibly go wrong. Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: This wasn't what the ride was like in the Harry Potter Theme Park!!Avatar Imagekatielilly says: OMG that's me! haha just made my day :)Avatar Imagelupintonksteddyfan99 says: Harry: HOW DO YOU STOP THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagelordy says: Griphook:Wowwww I Can See My Own Nose,Maybe It's The Speed!! Harry:Just Shut Up And Look Forward I Think Were Gonna Hit Something And What The Heck Is Bellatrix Doing Inside My RideAvatar Imagejosh1210 says: Harry: So which is it Mr. Davis, are you a goblin or leprechaun?Avatar Imagemechelle908 says: Griphook: Listen Harry, just because it looks like I'm wearing a bra, doesn't mean you need to be scared! Hermione: Here I was wanting to start up S.P.U.G....Avatar ImagePatronus 27 says: Harry: "Now, bring me to the horizon!!"Avatar ImagePatronus 27 says: Harry: "To the Lestrange vault, and beyond!!" Sorry, today I have not so much imagination.....Avatar ImageMahin says: Griphook- "Shut up, you two! This is not a roller coaster... We're on a mission!"Avatar Imageagarwalsonika7 says: Don't worry there's a dragon ahead that'll keep us warm.Avatar Imageagarwalsonika7 says: Griphook: His hair is still untidy!!Avatar ImageEliza Lovegood says: "Has anyone got a sickbag?"Avatar Imagecritterfur says: Wow, this thing corners like it's on rails!Avatar Imagetonks- says: "McGonagall, PLEASE put your robe back on..."Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Hahaha Like Wizardingwheezes' caption .. xDAvatar ImageSeviately says: Oh man up Potter I'm not driving that fast we're not going to get in an accident!Avatar ImageNick_Jonas_Potter_343 says: Griphook, if you vomit on me...Avatar ImageCynkro says: Griphook: How do you like our ride in Gringotts, Harry? Harry: ...Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: Harry: you do know how to drive this right!? Grip hook: you doubt me!Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: Harry:you might want to fit a windshield into the budgetAvatar Imagemark_sheldon1221 says: Harry: This is worse than taking Polyjuice. Hermione: Easy for you to say. You didn't have to drink Essence of LeStrange. Griphook: Mad-eye was correct, by the way. It does taste like goblin piss.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: No, Griphook, this is NOT a good time to discuss Gryffindor's sword handover!Avatar Imagesunny2017 says: I thought Harry knew what he was doingAvatar Image29puppy104 says: Griphook: Harry? You can't be that scared, can you?Avatar ImageaWizardsWayofLife says: Griphook: Huh, I didn't know he wore glasses...Avatar ImageaWizardsWayofLife says: Griphook: Hmm, I wonder if I should tell him that it should have been a left back there...Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Great caption! I honestly can't think of one for this pic :(

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