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Jun 21, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Announcing Leaky’s Dear Mr Potter Giveaway! Over the next five days we’ll be giving away one copy of Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic each day to a lucky commenter. This contest is open to registered Leaky members who can be contacted via their MyLeaky profiles, are over age of 13, and who are resident in the United States. Today’s commenters who would like to be in with a chance should answer the question: what is your first memory of reading Harry Potter? Leave your answers below, and good luck!

Dear Mr. Potter will be released on the 1st July and features nearly 200 pages worth of letters and pictures from Harry Potter fans including:

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood),
New York Times-bestselling author John Green, Leaky Cauldron
webmistress and author of New York Times-bestseller “Harry, A History”
Melissa Anelli, Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance, Paul DeGeorge
of Harry and the Potters, Andrew Sims and Eric Scull of MuggleNet, and
Esther Earl’s mom, Lori.

Find out more information about the book, including where to pre-order, on the official website.

147 Responses to Leaky’s Dear Mr Potter Daily Giveaway

Avatar ImageEve13 says: First comment! Too bad I don't live in the U.S.Avatar ImageMeg Weasley says: I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the fifth grade. My teacher was really into the books and assigned Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for us to read. I fell instantly in love with it. That day when my mom picked me up from school, I told her I wanted all three of the books that were out at the time. She did not understand way she could not just buy the first book, and I told her I just knew I was going to love it. So, the next day after school, I got in the car and found the first three books waiting for me in the seat! After that, I made sure I had the other books the day they came out.Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Again .. Neglected .. Why is it only Uk and USA who has the oppertunity to compete in these things? :/Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Again .. Neglected .. Why is it only Uk and USA who has the oppertunity to compete in these things? :/Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: I had seen the 1st movie, first...and I loved how the book and the movie were quite similar...but also enjoyed the new parts. I remember reading each book for the first time, and not being able to put them down!Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: I had seen the 1st movie, first...and I loved how the book and the movie were quite similar...but also enjoyed the new parts. I remember reading each book for the first time, and not being able to put them down!Avatar ImageLilyverus says: My entire childhood I was terrified of Harry Potter. I would run screaming out of the room if a TV spot for one of the movies came on. However, when I was in first grade, I joined the cast of Actor's Theater of Louisville's Dracula. I was the only kid in the cast. The entire cast and crew couldn't believe I had never read the Harry Potter series. One night, my family had about five members of the cast and crew over for dinner. The assistant stage manger had bought me a hardcover copy of Sorcerer's Stone and sent it to my house. It just happened to arrive the day they all came over. After dinner, we all sat around the living room, each reading a page aloud and then passing it to the next person. We read at least two chapters like that. I'm very grateful I had such a great experience with this series. I've been a huge fan ever since. :)Avatar Imagedescreetlyabsent says: I was 7 years old, in the car with my older brother. He mentioned this new book called Harry Potter that was very popular. I was a bratty little sister, making fun of it ("What, does he make pots?"). Then he gave me Sorcerer's Stone for my 8th birthday in 1999, and that was that. :)Avatar Imagefanofjo says: I was 21 years old. I'm not one that likes to follow the hot new thing, so I was quite annoyed with all the Pottermania on the news as Goblet of Fire was coming out. One day while riding in the car with my coworker, she asked if I had read them, I answered with a firm no. Then she told me a bit about the first book, and her favorite scene with the Mirror of Erised. I was intrigued, and she lent the first couple to me. I read them very quickly. I remember the elation I felt when Dumbledore awarded Neville the last 10 points to earn the house cup, and the sadness when Harry looked in the Mirror and desperately wanted to see his parents. So grateful for my coworker getting me started on these books!Avatar Imagefangirl23 says: I first read Harry Potter when I was in third grade. My friend, who I also shared a desk with was reading the first book. She started laughing so I asked her what was so funny and she told me about the part she was laughing at, which was when Harry pulled his wand out of the troll's nose. I asked her what the book was about and decided it sounded pretty good. Plus I already really enjoyed to read. After school I asked my mom if we could go to Toys 'R Us and buy the book. (I have no idea why there and not a book store :P) I got the book and then started it right away. I remember enjoying it a lot but having some difficult understanding somethings. I got a few chapters in and then put it down for a bit but ended up trying again and loving it. Thus leading me to get all of the books as they came out and still being a major fan today. :) Oh, and I also believe I accidently clicked reply on the tumblr post. Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: My parents are divorced..And, well, my mother's wonderful..dad not so much. He was often drunk, and sometimes abusing. I would cry and cry and cry: locked up in my room, almost hiding. It was terrifying for at the time, an eight year old. There was no TV in my room, so instead I read; to distract myself, you know. But the only books in my dad's shelves were Sci-Fi novels, thrillers (which scared me) or biographies which did little distracting. However..there were also Harry Potter books #1-6, which I fell in love with, over time giving me the love to speak about my situation. Now my life, I truly believe is as good as it can get. THe court made everything wonderful: now I'm with my supportive/caring mum, halfbrother and stepdad (and cat i guess haaaah). I really resonated with Harry being stuck with these awful Dursleys. I remember having a dream of Hagrid taking me away. I reread the first six novels a few times in a month, staying up sometimes all night, even on school nights. My life is amazing because of Potter. They are really excellent novels with a great plot, prose, thematic depth, and rich characters. They are truly wonderful!!! :) I thank Jo so much, and thank you for inspiring me to become an author, as well!Avatar ImagePotionsMaster7 says: The first time I read Harry Potter was in the 4th grade........and I'm happy to say it changed me as a person. It doesn't seem so long ago, but I guess 5 years ago.....I didn't even know who Luna Lovegood was or what truly was a Hufflepuff anyway. The first lines that brought me into the story....I'm sorry the WORLD, are still embedded in my brain and carved above my bookshelf. "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much."Avatar Imagebailey.lottes says: I started reading the books with my mom in about 3rd grade and got through the second one. I was obessed with them! My friends and I even attempted to open the chamber of secrets in the bathroom by stealing the keys off of the paper towel dispensers! But somewhere between trying to open the chamber of secrets and forcing my friends to drink a nasty concoction which I said was polly juice postion, I lost my love for the series. Then last september when the news of Deathly Hallows part two came out I made a deal with my best friends if I read all the books I would be allowed to go to the midnight showing with them. I never back down from a challenge and I am so happy I didn't! I'm officially a potterhead and soooo proud of it! Cannot wait until July 15th when I get to experience the final instalment in the films with all my harry potter friends! :DAvatar Imagedanahuff says: I was already an adult when the books came out. I started reading them in 2001. My first memory is still one of my favorite scenes in the series—when Hagrid and Harry go to Diagon Alley to buy Harry's supplies. I remember it was that chapter when I became hooked. J. K. Rowling's clever wordplay and description won me over. I have been a fan ever since and have been able to read the series to my children.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I'm so excited! Okay, here it goes: My first time reading the Harry Potter books was at the age of eleven, I picked it up from the library because I just needed something new to read. I haven't read these books before, so I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was about wizards, but that's all! So when I started to read it in my class (at silent reading time), I was thrown back by reading the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! I couldn't believe that the first chapter just described his daily life in the *Muggle* world! I thought, it start with potion brewing or seeing in through a crystal ball, or waving wands and making objects fly around the room! I didn't know he didn't know that he was a wizard! So like wise, when he was learning about all the different stuff in the magical world, so was I! J.K. Rowling took the idea of wizards and witches, and twisted into something that was completely in a different world! It really did feel magical! And Voldemort was just another twist! I didn't know there could a *dark* wizard! And how he suddenly disappeared after trying to kill Harry, was actually quite mysterious and interesting! And I couldn't even believe they even had to go to school to learn spells and potions! And the history of magic! It was just like muggle school! You needed to learn the history and the basics of everything you will use in the future! Before I read Harry Potter, I thought all wizards and witches flew on brooms *all* the time, I thought they already knew about spells and potions without even having to learn it! I thought there was no Gringotts, goblins, Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, and of course, I didn't think there would be a Ministry of Magic with laws and people working so hard for the muggles to not find out about the magic world beyond us! I was simply shocked, but amazed!Avatar Imagesumm3rjammx3 says: My mother brought me to my grandma's house one day randomly and sat me down on the bed in the den. My grandma brought a beautiful box out and told me she wanted me to read this book. I never heard of it before that day but I read it anyway. I actually read it that day and loved it beyond belief. This was in 1997.Avatar Imagewizardingwheezes says: I was eight when my oldest brother sat me down and told me that we had to start reading the best book in the whole world together. He read Sorcerer's Stone to me in a British accent, portraying the different characters with different voices. I still remember him reading the very first sentence and being sucked in by the "perfectly normal, thank you very much" Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. Avatar ImageBradley says: My first memory of reading Harry Potter was in middle school where we had a 30 minute period everyday to read. I remember I had a copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that I got off of the shelf in my class room and I pretended to read it everyday. It's not that I wasn't into Harry Potter at the time, I loved the movies and all, but I wasn't really a reader. Then a few years later, the night I first saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to be exact, it finally hit me that Harry Potter was something I would really enjoy knowing more about. My mom had bought me a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at a book sale earlier that year and it was just sitting on a shelf gathering dust and that night I remember grabbing it and starting to read. I can honestly say Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was the first book I ever picked up on my own and read. Now 7 years later I have read all of the books multipule times and I can't put them down. Harry Potter truly changed my life and I owe it all to Alfonso Cuarón, the cast, and everyone else that worked on Prisoner of Azkaban. :c)Avatar Imageginny_lola says: My first memory might not be as exciting as everybody elses seem to be, but it's powerful for me...I started reading them at the age of five, and I remember sitting in my playhouse in the garden, locking it so my sister couldn't get in, and putting a sign on the door that said 'The Burrow', occasionally changing the sign whenever the location in the book changed. And I remember going out there to read it, rain or shine, because even to my five/six year old self they were just too special to possibly read in the house with other people bothering me (: Unfortunately now we've moved house and I don't have my playhouse now at the age of fourteen, but a lot of the time I still crave my special Harry Potter place <3Avatar ImageiTwigg says: The first time I read a Harry Potter was very nondescript. I was visiting my cousins, and our parents had gone out to eat. My cousin, Chase, was trying to help me to go to sleep, as I was in a new house, with people I didnt see very often, I was scared. I was probably only ten years old. As soon as he started describing Hogwarts, I fell asleep, dreaming. I didnt finish the book while we were there, and being ten, forgot about it. Chase sent me a copy for Christmas that year, but again, it was lost in the hubbub of being ten. When the Chamber of Secrets came out, my parents got me that book as well, seeing as how it was a series. But I still didnt finish what Chase had started. It wasnt until the Prisoner of Azkaban came out, that I finally read the books all the way through. I started with PoA, and then went backwards. PoA opened up the world that Chase had given me a glimpse of. I technically first read the first book ages before. But for me, it is what happened with Sirius, with Harry finally finding part of his original family, that tied me into the series. The hope in Harry's voice, and in Sirius's too, is heartbreaking. But it gave Harry hope, hope to continue living with the Dursely's during Summer breaks, and hope to keep going on. Sirius was the last of his original family, his fathers best friend. He was an uncle, of sorts. For me, that love of family was all I needed to be hooked on the series.Avatar Imagebaabygirl2004 says: I had decided to try to read the First book because I heard the movie was coming out. I took the book out from the library but I was a very slow reader so I eventually had to return the book and just buy a copy. I remember in 8th grade the new book had come out and I carried it around school reading it every chance I got.Avatar Imagebaabygirl2004 says: I had decided to try to read the First book because I heard the movie was coming out. I took the book out from the library but I was a very slow reader so I eventually had to return the book and just buy a copy. I remember in 8th grade the new book had come out and I carried it around school reading it every chance I got.Avatar Imagebaabygirl2004 says: I had decided to try to read the First book because I heard the movie was coming out. I took the book out from the library but I was a very slow reader so I eventually had to return the book and just buy a copy. I remember in 8th grade the new book had come out and I carried it around school reading it every chance I got.Avatar Imagegot2lovme says: my sister was already a huge fan. i couldn't stand him. His movies kept playing all the time in disney channel, but never cared for him much. It was only a matter of time when i would start loving him. She rented Goblit of fire and i sat and watched it. was amazed how good it was. I went to buy the first book ansd i was hooked. Now i can't live without him lol. Avatar Imagegot2lovme says: my sister was already a huge fan. i couldn't stand him. His movies kept playing all the time in disney channel, but never cared for him much. It was only a matter of time when i would start loving him. She rented Goblit of fire and i sat and watched it. was amazed how good it was. I went to buy the first book ansd i was hooked. Now i can't live without him lol. Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: I was home sick from high school with the stomach flu, and daytime television sucked, so I picked up my younger sister's copy of Sorcerer's Stone. She had received it for Christmas and while she promised me it was good, I was convinced it was a kid's book. It immediately sucked me in and I totally forgot about feeling sick. It began an obsession with all things Harry Potter through high school and most of college. I think my sister was just happy I didn't barf on her book.Avatar Imagecluna123 says: The first time I read Harry Potter, well, it was actually read to me. My mom was a fan and so was my grandma, who has now left us. I was a little young to read by myself at the time, especially something as big as the Harry Potter books. So, each night, before I went to bed, my dad, since my mom was at work, would read a chapter or two to me. I specifically remember my dad doing Hagrid. I would always say that he made him sound like a pirate. That would have us laugh for a while. Also, we would sit on our chair together, and listening to the story unfold was awesome. I would always want him to read more, but I would have to wait until the next night. I miss that quality time with my dad because since I am in high school and he has a full time job as well as my mom, I miss those days when they could just read to me. Sometimes, I even wish I had a Time Turner or a Pensieve just to remember those moments. And that was the magical moment of when I first started to "read" Harry Potter. Oh, and the book he read to me was the first one, the Sorcerer's Stone:)Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: This is terrible! The non-residents of the U.S. get never the chance to win in anything!!!! Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: I first read Harry in 2000 to "check it out" before giving it to my then nine-year-old daughter, as I'd heard horrible things about the book and satanism and witchcraft and blah blah (from some obviously Laura Mallory types, I know now!) I picked up SS/PS with the intention of skimming through it and moving on to my own reading. I loved the opening line but still skimmed through the first chapter, reading a little more deeply with each page. I got to the end of that first chapter, went, "Wait!", went back, started from the beginning and have been hooked ever since. Avatar Imagereaderdancer says: My first time reading Harry Potter was when I was in second grade and I didn't understand what it was. At the time I was just reading everything that I could get my hands on. I thought it was weird at first. It didn't make sense and I thought it was a Halloween story. I didn't realize how that would effect me. The first like true memory I have is reading the fourth book in a day in third grade and everyone thinking that I was amazing. Yeah that was a real confidence booster. I feel like Harry Potter made me love reading so much more and now I just can't put a book down.Avatar Imagemrongey says: The first Harry Potter book I read was CoS nine years ago. It was the summer between 7th and 8th grade and I was taking a science fiction and fantasy writing class. CoS was one of the required texts. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to take the class because my mom had been opposed to Harry Potter, but she let me read it and I've been hooked ever since!Avatar Imageshanerbaner says: Although it's not my first memory, my favorite was definitely getting Prisoner of Azkaban as White Elephant Christmas gift. I'd read the first and second books already but I'd rented them from the school library (I'm from Los Angeles when they don't do silly things like ban books). I finished it way too quickly just like the first two. Unfortunately the fourth book had been released yet but I was already feeling an overwhelming Edward Cullen-like thirst to return to Hogwarts. So what did I do? I reread Prisoner of Azkaban then Sorcerers and then Chamber. Thus starting a vicious cycle of Potter reads and rereads. To this day I have a difficult time rereading anything else; even my own college papers but I have no problem returning to Hogwarts. Avatar ImageKristina84 says: The first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was when I was 14. It was given to me as a gift from my mom. Some friends of mine were reading it and I wanted to as well, but my mom would not get the book for me because she said it had to do with witchcraft. She ended up getting it for me because she could see that I was down due to her and my father getting a divorce. I loved the book instantly! It took me to a different place for awhile and ever since I read that book I have been obsessed with Harry Potter! Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: I was the teacher for our school's Gifted/Talented 6th Grade class, and near the very beginning of one special school year a group of girls came in singing a song about filling their brains with more than just fluff, (or so I thought), so I asked them what the song was about. One of the girls told me that her family had been to Scotland that summer, and she had a picked up a wonderful book about wizards at a special school called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", and the song was sung by a hat to all of the new students. Yes, this lucky little girl was the owner of an original copy of the very first Harry Potter book. Needless to say, I didn't think too much about it until the book was published in the US, and I remembered Holly's book and the song her friends were singing. I bought myself a copy (the first of all of my 7 first editions), started reading the book, and became, well, a forever devotee.Avatar Imagedevoraa says: I was in the second grade. I wasn't a huge fan of books. We had just started really reading the year before, and it all seemed like such a bother. I had gotten through one book (outside of school) by then. Dr. Seuss to be exact. And it took me months to get through, partly because I was disinterested in the whole reading process, and partly because I didn't have much of a support system at home when it came to reading. My parents didn't know much English at that point (we're Argentinians), not enough to get me through entire books at least. So, naturally, when our second grade teacher informed us that she was going to start reading us some book called "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", I was displeased. 'Does she believe that we were going to be entertained by a book out of all things?' I thought then. I wished she would have popped in a movie instead. Any movie. I sat and listened though. After all, I had no choice being as young as I was. She read us a chapter the first day, another the next. And so and so forth until she had read us the entire book. By the end, I was hooked. The book seemed so...lively. I couldn't believe a book could do that sort of thing, actually seem real. I was in love. That following summer I had began to pick out book after book. Short ones, naturally. The library became my home away from home. Third grade hit then, and it was our first visit to our school library. Being the grade we were, we were allowed to get bigger books, thicker books. I was ecstatic. Searching through, I looked for anything that had a satisfactory summary. Something to really feed my book addiction. Minutes in, and there it was...'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'. I picked it up, checked it out, and the rest was history. Avatar Imageroseteaxx says: The first time I read Harry Potter was in fourth grade. We were given an hour that day to read whatever book we wanted, and I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the bookshelf. I had been meaning to read it for a while; my parents were huge fans, and they would talk about it and dress up as the characters for Halloween, and I had always wanted to know what it was. But at that point, I did not read often; I had always meant to meant to read, but I never seemed to get around to it. But I was quickly hooked by Harry Potter. I borrowed the book from my teacher and finished it at home, and I re-read it, and read it again, until my mom told me that there's a second book. I've always been a fan of fantasy and magic, even since my toddler years when I obsessed myself over Peter Pan. But the world of Harry Potter was more than just a fantasy story; it was a whole world, and I never ran out of things to imagine, and the Wizarding World never fails to shock me with something new, even to this day. The books also inspired me to read more; who knew a set of books could create an entire world? And although I have been quite the bookworm since reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone that day in the fourth grade, and have read many amazing books, there has been none quite like Harry Potter.Avatar ImageHicksPub says: I started reading Harry to my son at bedtime. Halfway through the first chapter, he fell asleep and I was hooked beyond belief. Avatar ImageAnnemarieke94 says: The first time I heard of the name "Harry Potter" was when my brother (age 9) wanted to go to that movie. My parents refused to go with him to the cinema's, unless he'd read the book itself. So he did, but when he finished the book, the movie only still played in one cinema in the whole of netherlands, so my mother and brother made a mother-son-day of it and traveld by train (how fitting). I wanted to go along with them, but seeing as i was only 7, and I hadn't read the books yet, I wasn't aloud to come, because it was just the day for my brother and my mum. That years Christmas, we got Harry Potter and the Phylosophers Stone on VIDEO (yep, no dvd's yet) from my english aunt and uncle, and the dutch version from our mum and dad. Now I could finaly see what all the fuss was about. The dutch version lay away, forgotten, because I immediately found the english version WAY more interresting. From the moment I saw dumbledore appear in privet drive, I knew I was going to love this story until the very end. The moment the movie was finished I read the book itself. I was hooked from the sentence: "Mr and Mrs Dursley were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much!" A couple months after I finished the first book, the second one came out, then a year later the third, then the fourth. By that time, also watching the movies the first day they were in the cinema's, I started to become really good in english, thanks to the lovely british accent in the movies, I started reading the first 4 books that were already released, in english. When the books came out, waiting anxiously on the midnight release, I couldn't wait to start reading them, and it therefore took me only about two days to read the whole thing, and then rereading it again and again and AGAIN in english. By the time the last book came out in 2007, I was 14, I started to realize the story was coming to an end. I cried and laughed with the last book, and enjoyed every single minute of it. Luckily, there were still the movies. I watched them at the midnight-premiere, my obsession/fanhood grew bigger and bigger, eventhough the story was finished. Now, 16 years old, I am awaiting eagerly, but also quite scared, for the 15th of july. The very, very end. No bookreleases, new movies or other huge anouncements to look forward to. I turn 17, just a few weeks after the movie comes out, and as we all know, one becomes an adult at the age of 17 (at least in the wizarding world) I really grew up with harry and his friends, loving him more and more each year, Harry Potter was a big part of my youth, and with that end so close by, I don't think I wan't to grow up no more, not if that means I have to leave harry. At those moments, I'll remember sirius: "The ones that love us, never really leave us, and you can always find them, in your heart" Because there will harry potter remain, for the rest of my life. Annemarieke, 16, the NetherlandsAvatar Imageslytherinluver1 says: My mom read them too me before i could read them, i remember loving them from the begining. Me and my friend in school had contest on who could read them frist, she always won because i took my time reading every detail over and over til it was in my brain :)Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I had resisted reading Harry Potter at first because of all the hype, even though I love fantasy literature. But a family of children I used to babysit for got hold of me, placed 'Philosopher's Stone' in my hands, and informed me that after I'd read that they would lend me nos. 2 and 3. (Those were all the ones that had been published at the time.) Well before I had finished them, I was thoroughly hooked, and I still am. (Don't know if they are. They are grown up now. I'm suspect I'm not.) I grew up with The Lord of the Rings, and was amazed to experience that same wonder with Harry Potter. I hadn't thought it was something I would ever find again.Avatar Imagedoctorginny says: I remember bringing it home from the school library; it was sticky and plastic covered the sparkling letters that read, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." I remember bouncing over to my best friend, Anne, and showing it to her by means of shoving the book in her face. "Look, Anne! I'm going to read it, too!" We were in the second grade. No matter that I'd not read the first book in the series! Frankly, I was just glad that Hermione was there to relate to once I cracked open the book for the first time. The Chamber of Secrets has been my favorite book ever since.Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: BTW I'm not in the US, but I wanted to tell the story anyway.Avatar Image123quarters says: When I read my first Harry Potter book, I was in the fifth grade. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had just come out, and I'd never seen a book so massive. I got it for my birthday that year, not knowing that it was the fourth book in a series, and read it day and night. I would sit in my bed, huddled under the covers with a flashlight so that my parents wouldn't know I was up past my bedtime. I barely slept and spent every minute tearing through this book that was like nothing I'd ever read- the world was so real, and the story was incredible, and, best of all, the hero wasn't much older than me. It was love at first sight, really.Avatar Imageibmelodious says: The first book I read was HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban! I know what you're thinking! Why did I start on book 3? Well, I accidentally saw the first 3 movies on a Harry Potter weekend on ABC family. I saw the first one and got immediately hooked...but there was something really WRONG with the ending of POA! There was no end of year feeling...no Hogwarts train boarding....and I knew there had to be a lot that was left out. So, I started the series by listening to the 3rd book on CD. I fell head over heels for the books AND for the reader, Jim Dale. Pretty soon, I had my daughter interested, and we listened to the entire series as they came out. (When we started only books, 1-5 were out.) By then she had become a rabid fan (we built a Harry Potter Haven in her bedroom for all her collectibles). The two of us got my husband, who does NOT read, hooked along the way. I am proud to say that I no longer live in the "muggle" world. Our standard musical backdrop is either HP soundtracks or wizard rock, and we even got to go "home" to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando last summer! It was breathtaking! Harry Potter has been something that drew us together as a family, and will always be very special to us. I cant wait to introduce my grandchildren to the world of Potter someday!Avatar ImageLlenelle13 says: I had seen Sorcerer's Stone, before I started reading the books, but I can still remember the first time I read the books. It was Christmas morning and I had begged my parents to get me the box set (that then went until year 4) and was beyond happy when I found it under the tree. My parents had been skeptical about buying books for me- I wasn't a big reader, no matter how much they tried. But I wanted these books so much and I'll forever be grateful that they got them for me. I sat up in my room for the rest of the day reading Sorcerer's Stone and then Chamber of Secrets. I finished all four years in a week. I went from being a girl who hated reading, who rather be playing outside, to a girl who spent hours reading on her bed or under a tree. Just so I could escape to that magical world again. I still do it today, at least once a year. The books, the characters and the places mean the world to me. And to think it all started one Christmas morning.Avatar Image29puppy104 says: Dang, I'm only 12...Avatar Imageallprostar31 says: I remember reading SS in high school. I wasn't a big reader, but my mom told me I would like it. I fell in love right away and had to rush to finish so I could go see the first movie which was in theathers.Avatar ImageKoleda says: My frist time reading the Harry Potter books was when I was ten, After I read the books I asked my mom if my Hogwarts letter ever came. Of course she had no idea what Hogwarts was and she thought I was just being silly. Avatar Imagehpfans30 says: I remember I was in first grade and my parents had told me I was too young to read harry potter books and understand them. My mother had read it along with my older sister, so it had become somewhat of a family tradition. Being stubborn (and in love with the movie), one Sunday morning i sat down and decided to read the series. I remember sitting in my pink whale pjs on my bed and reading our collectors edition of the first book. From that point on the Harry Potter books were a huge part of my life, being the first real books i ever read.Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: I love reading everyone else's stories.. ^_^Avatar Imagehungryhorntail says: i was in 4th grade and my grandma had come back from new mexico for a visit telling me she had an amazing book she wanted to read to me. for the week that she stayed each night she would read to me til i fell asleep. then going to school upset that she had to leave and had forgot to leave me the rest of the book i had got my teacher to let me borrow her copy for the books, so i started over but i got to read them one by one and i still to this day thank my grandma for getting me into the harry potter worldAvatar ImageRavenclaw010 says: My first memory of Harry Potter is of checking out the first book from my elementary school library. I brought it home and read a few chapters then put it down, i was in about 3rd grade at this time and had never really been a fan of reading. I had to return the book but went out and bought it I picked it up again and spent the whole night on that Friday reading it. I remember running down to my mum all excited that I had finished my first book and going off about how amazing of a story it was and how when i turned of age I wanted a letter to come from Hogwarts! This was also a week before the first movie came out and I begged her to take me to see it the day it opened!Avatar ImageJessieadele says: I was reluctant to start reading harry potter when it first became popular, but on the fourth of July in 2010 i was cleaning out a youth center and found the first book. I sat down, read it and finished before dinner. Then i begged my mom to take me to a used book store to get the rest of the books because i couldn't stop. I finished the series in a couple days but didn't want to stop... so i haven't. I have read out of my used torn up harry potter books every day since then.Avatar ImageTinkertoe09 says: The first time I ever read a Harry potter was actually Prisoner of Azcaban. I didn't know much about the books at the time, I was still pretty young. My parents took my little brother and me to Costco, or it might have been Price Club or something at the time, and I saw the book, picked it up, and started reading. My parents, seeing the opportunity to encourage me to read, bought me the book, and that night, I stayed up all night reading to my brother, who wanted to hear the story too, but was not a strong enough reader for the book. Needless to say, I eventually got my hands on the others and read them too :)Avatar Imagenevernoticed_93 says: Oh my...I remember when I first read Harry Potter. It was in first grade and my mum got me the first book. I believe I got nightmares from it, so I never finished it until later on. Oddly enough, though, I skipped to the second one and had more nightmares... Yes, it's a bit weird. But we went and saw the first movie, my family and I, and I was fine with it. After that, I went back and reread the books without suffering from nightmares. :] I'm just weird, aren't I?Avatar ImageEve13 says: I don't live in the U.S. and I'm only 12, but I'm going to post my story anyway. When I was really young my sisters were huge fans of Harry Potter, but I was really scared of it. The first time I heard of Harry Potter was when my sisters went to the movie theatre to watch GoF. I wasn't allowed to go because I was too young. My first memory of watching the movies was when I was about 8 years old and my sisters were watching PoA. I walked into the room at the part where Harry was on the Knight Bus and the first thing I saw was the shrunken head and because I was so paranoid of HP I thought the shrunken head was somebody outside the bus trying to break in. I ran out of the room. A while later I decided to try watching PoA again and I loved it. I watched all the other HP films and have been a huge fan ever since! My first memory of reading HP was when I was about 10 years old. I didn't like reading but I was really bored and my sister had just bought the HP series and because I really liked the movies, I wanted to find out what the books were like. So I got out my sisters copy of SS/PS and started reading. I absolutely loved the first line and I sat there on my sisters bed for hours and hours reading. Ever since I read the HP books I have loved to read. I have now read the HP books multiple times along with millions of other books. I introduced Harry to 2 of my best friends and now they are HP fans too. I went from being someone who didn't like to read to being someone who can't stop reading and I am proud to say that reading is probably my favorite thing to do and Harry Potter is my favorite thing to read. Thank you so much to J.K.Rowling and her phenomenal Harry Potter series!Avatar Imagehandhrfan18 says: Ooooh i will try it out! Everyone has a concept of what witches were and i had to play one in a school play but Harry Potter was way different than a stereotypical witch they describe in fantasy stories. My first memory of Harry Potter was when the third movie came out and my friend Melissa took me to my first midnight premiere to the movie. I was amazed at how obessed the fans could get. I loved the whole concept of the premieres and book parties. Then i realized i am 11 years old and i can read the books on my own. When i picked up the first book, i could not put it down. It was like a pure addiction and i had to start the second one when i finished the first. It was a series i could finish on my own and be proud that i can read. The books made me realize i can finish other series as well. I took the books on vacations because it was a comfort to me if i was ever homesick and i could be sucked into a magical world and be safe. When i was into the magical world, i could relate the characters to all my friends and even my teachers. I always wished my middle school and high school could be like hogwarts! Like i wanted to live in that world and i always wondered what it would be like in the real world. I am proud i got into this series and found such loving and caring fans! The fans i meet are amazing! <3 I couldn't ask for anything better! I loved Jo Rowlings pure imagination and i am glad my childhood was based on Harry Potter. I don't know where i would be without it. I am still amazed at her creation and what it has lead to <3 and im glad i got hooked into the series.Avatar ImageDiznee says: I remember just getting my first teaching job at an elementary school in 2002. Many of the kids were already fascinated with the books that were out, but I just didn't understand the fascination. Granted, I didn't know anything about the series other than it was about witches and wizards. Right before our Christmas break, I went to the school's library and checked out the first book just to see about all of the hype. Once I got home and started reading, I could not put the book down! I stayed up all night reading. Thankfully, we have workdays that we can work over the break and the building is open. The next morning, I immediately went back to the library and grabbed the next three books. I stayed entertained over that break. I just could not stop reading! That started my love for the series. I have a bunch of students to thank for that!Avatar Imageashiiblack says: I believe I was 9 years old, getting ready to turn 10. I had resisted the Harry Potter books for the entire school year, thinking that a children's book version of wizardry and witchcraft HAD to be stupid. Then, one fateful March day, after I had read all of the other books on display in my teacher's classroom, I picked up a softcover of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and took it home with me. From the moment I picked the book up, I was unable to put it down. My first true love was the Harry Potter world. I read through the book hungrily, as though I was possessed. I remember wishing that I could be a part of this world, that I could be friends with Harry and Hermione and Ron. When I think back to the actual memory, I remember sitting on a blue fold-out mattress in my little brother's room, reading as fast as I could. Bed time came, and I didn't stop reading. When I got to the last page, I flipped the book over and read it again before I fell asleep that night. I knew that the next day, I would be checking out the Chamber of Secrets from the library as soon as I got to school. Now, 12 years later, Harry Potter is the one thing that I can say is still a major part of my life.Avatar Image2tal says: Harry entered our lives in late 1999 as much by chance as choice. I troll for books and when I read about HP and the SS was intrigued enough to buy it. My wife and I like to end the day sitting in bed reading and as soon as I finished I handed it to her without a word. Quickly we were both hooked. I found that COS was available and ordered it immediately and, as we live in the states, ordered POA from the UK. I have read many other books that create a world, a world so complete that it is as familiar as our own. HP is a world that makes me wish it were more real than my own, a world so real that I wish we lived there. That I am still reading and re-reading HP, over a decade later is testament to J.K. Rowling's gift to us all. Thanks Jo!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I remeber the first time perfectly! I was in the 5th grade and my sister had come in for a visit and brought me the first book in paperback. She said I hate to read it because it was the tops on all the charts and there were currently two more out. So the night after she went home I curled up in bed and started to read, it was the first time I really go into a book on my own. After that I started begging my mom for the rest of the series because I just had to know what happened next! About a week later my mom surprised me all three books in hardcover, and after that I've gotten each book the day its come and finished them all in four days or less. :) Harry Potter has been, and always will be, my life.Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: I was sitting around and it was summer break. I saw the book lying around, and i was bored, so i started to read it. Once i started i couldn't stop. I found myself staying up all night to finish the whole series, and i finished in less than a week. My mom had read the first four books to me before, but that's when i was a lot younger, and i didn't remember much. After i had read the series, i watched the movies that had come out already, and loved how they had adapted most of them. I remember thinking that Harry Potter is part of me now, and it will never fade. No matter how many other good series may come out, Harry Potter will always be the best of them all.Avatar ImageRinaPeverell says: My parents didn't allow me to read them, due to the whole "witchcraft" thing. However, my school partnered with Scholastic to bring Reading Is Fundamental to my school. Each kid got to pick out one book, completely free of charge. Telling an avid reader she can't read is like saying I could have freshly-baked treats before dinner...so I picked up Chamber of Secrets. They didn't have the first one, but I didn't care. I had done it--I'd gotten my hands on a copy! My first memories of reading the series were on the school bus, bundled up in my snow jacket and boots. The floors were icey and covered in slush, and I remember being worried my book would get wet and ruined. I read the entire book in secret to and from school. It was blissful. I was so in love with Harry's world! My parents eventually found out and allowed me to read it, thank goodness! I'm 18 now anyways, ha ha!Avatar ImageRinaPeverell says: Naturally, I mean "could not have freshly-baked treats". Woops.Avatar ImageMuttation says: My first memory of reading Harry Potter was in 2007 when I had to actually be talked into reading them from my highschool english teacher/family friend. I read all 7 books in a week(I don't think I slept or ate in that week lol). Avatar ImageKren says: I was in 4th grade and we used to do class readings and my teacher wanted us to read the first Harry Potter book. It was about a year after it was released. I immediately fell in love. It changed my life. From then on I got my copy at midnight of the release date =]Avatar Imagegozkwaby says: I recall being forced to sneak the first three books home with me in the sixth grade due to my mother's irrational fear of magical corruption in her younglings. Thankfully she has relented over the years and even accompanied my brothers and I to see the last film in theaters. But I don't regret a single moment of my small rebellion. Not even my being forced to stay home the next day because, according to my mother, "No child spends 5 hours in the bathroom without SOMETHING being wrong with them!!!". Thank goodness I was a fast reader. :PAvatar ImageTarsieS says: It was 1999, I was a young mother working three jobs trying to make enough money to keep our family out of bankruptcy (didn't work...). My husband and I had heard of the books for the last few months, but then he went on a business trip and needed to find something to read on the plane. Brookstones had the first two books available. He brought them home, raving about them and shoved them in my hands saying - "You HAVE to read these!" I had them finished two nights later. I specifically remember how Snape reminded me so much of my own father - sarcastic comments, diabolical sense of humor, Chemistry teacher concerned with the welfare of his students. This is what I saw as an adult reading a book written from a child's perspective. I couldn't wait for PoA to be released later that year. So, I have been a fan from nearly the beginning. The first words caught me and held me nearly as much as the opening lines to "Tale of Two Cities". The brilliance behind the world, the underlying message of Love Conquers All, and the characters brought to life by an amazing writer have kept my own Dementors at bay and given me many Patronus moments to remember over the years. Thank you JKR, and thank you Leaky for being there nearly the entire time as well. It's been one hell of a ride.Avatar ImageGwynogs_rabbit says: I had resisted reading Harry Potter because it had been described to me as "a boy uses magic to solve mysteries", which honestly did not sound that interesting to me (for some reason - I like magical stories). My friend, Lucy, kept bugging me to read them and I would not, because I thought they may be comic-bookey. Then I heard the televangelist, Pat Robertson, complaining about how the Harry Potter books were leading children to Satan. I thought wow, maybe these have more substance than I thought! So Lucy's daughter lent me Sorcerer's Stone. I didn't get up till it was finished, and was in love with owls and Dumbledore's knowledge of what ear wax tastes like. Then that evening I was called for my job (wildlife rescues) to pick up an injured owl, my first ever injured owl! I couldn't believe the serendipity! It took me a second day to find her, and she is one of the only rescues I have done that made me cry. Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: @Gwynog'srabbit: I ADORE that story :):) Avatar Imageomglaura says: It was during a summer evening when I was four that my mom introduced me to magic. I was raised with bedtime stories, and because I wasn't yet old enough to read, she would use different voices to narrate this fantastic story of a world I have now come to know so well. The story of a boy who lived in a cupboard under the stairs had become my entire world, and when I had learned to read a year and a half later, I visited the world on my own, and have been a dedicated reader since.Avatar Imagedillypoo says: I'd been wanting to read the books for ages but didn't "find the time" until I was recuperating from surgery in November 2004. I started my first re-read the following summer and I haven't stopped since!Avatar Imagehank.washer says: My first memory of reading Harry Potter was me being on the school bus in middle school reading a Harry Potter book and finishing it. Knowing that my friends were reading the series as well I pleaded with them to get them to give me the next book in the series. I remember wanting to read them so bad. From then I have loved to read, most of all Harry Potter books, and haven't stopped since.Avatar Imagehank.washer says: My first memory of reading Harry Potter was me being on the school bus in middle school reading a Harry Potter book and finishing it. Knowing that my friends were reading the series as well I pleaded with them to get them to give me the next book in the series. I remember wanting to read them so bad. From then I have loved to read, most of all Harry Potter books, and haven't stopped since.Avatar Imagehank.washer says: My first memory of reading Harry Potter was me being on the school bus in middle school reading a Harry Potter book and finishing it. Knowing that my friends were reading the series as well I pleaded with them to get them to give me the next book in the series. I remember wanting to read them so bad. From then I have loved to read, most of all Harry Potter books, and haven't stopped since.Avatar ImageGinnnygal says: I joined millions of dedicated fans, wizards and muggles alike, at the young age of 7. I remember the moment so clearly. It was a cold winter day and I remember walking into the library with my mum. I walked into the smell of books. I looked around on the "recently returned" book cart. I saw a book that really caught my eye. It just happened to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Looking at the size of the book, I felt a like I would never finish it. I took it anyways and sat down on the nearest chair waiting for my mother to return. I opened the book and read the very first words of what would become a beautiful, magical world. I finished the book in about 10 days. I kept wanting to go back to the library to get the other books. And from that moment on began a beautiful friendship. I was strong with Harry, I found humor in the little things with Ron, read books with Hermione, found friends with Luna, pulled pranks with the Twins, and been brave with Neville. I have read all the way from Mr. and Mrs. Dursley to All was well. I have stuck with Harry until the very end.Avatar Imageilovesirius5 says: I was 5 years old when the first book came out and my mom bought it almost immediately. After getting herself hooked on it, she gave it to my brother, who was 8 at the time. He would come into my room every night and read it to me before we went to sleep, and we fell in love with it so much that I would not go to sleep without it. Those nights are still some of the best memories I have shared with my brother, who I am very close to, although by the time the second book came out, I was determined to read it by myself. After that, I became one of those very devoted fans (more so than my mom or brother) who went to every midnight release for the books and movies, which has created many more awesome memories. I could never wait to find out what happened next. It started as an interest and grew into a passion (my friends would call it an obsession, and they may be right.) All I know is when I look back on my childhood, the first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter. Some days I feel like I just live and breathe this series, and I'm as thankful to be a part of the tight-knit community that it has created as I am for the books themselves (and between you and me, that IS saying something.)Avatar Imagegls94 says: My first memory is back when Sorcerer's Stone came out. My brother and I were really little. So little that we couldn't really read it by ourselves. So my dad read the book to us. I remember thinking how this stuff sounded like a fairy tale. It sounded so real at the same time though. A couple years later, when I was old enough to read the books by myself, I picked it up and I couldn't put it down. And ever since then, I've been hooked to the point of obsession. I know my brother and parents don't understand why I love the series so much, but when they watch the movies with me, the looks on their faces are ones of wonder and amazement.Avatar ImageFocusPlease says: My first memory of reading Harry Potter was when I had just learned to read, but my brothers still couldn't, so I was probably 6 or 7 years old. My dad would sit on my bed with my brothers and I and read to us. Usually it was picture books or short chapter books because my brothers were only 4 or 5, and didn't have much of an attention span yet. However, for some reason we got the box set of books 1-4, so my dad began reading us Sorcerer's Stone. At one chapter a night it was slow going, so by the time Harry found out he was a wizard my brothers had already begun to lose interest. Despite their disinterest, I was enthralled. It was just believable enough for me to entertain the notion that an owl could one day bring me an invitation to go learn magic far away. My dad tried to continue to read to me, but as I was already able to read on my own, my brothers had to take precedence. The unfamiliar words like Hermione and Hogwarts kept me from continuing on my own until at least after the first film, and maybe even after the second. Because I was so young I don't remember very well, but I certainly remember reading Harry Potter as a child more than I remember reading anything else.Avatar Imagetammkev69 says: I was in my mid thirties and my son was reading The Order of The Phoenix, after standing in a bookstore for 6 hrs. I had seen the first three movies and he tell me if I want to read one start with The goblet of fire. I read it and loved it! i have since read them all numerous times and have them all on audio book. Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: My first memory is getting to read Sorcerers Stone to my son and hearing him keep asking me to read more and not stop when I would finish a chapter. Priceless! Avatar ImageVerityDarling says: As much as I hate to admit this. . . . I didn't like Harry Potter the first time i read it! I was caught up completly in another series and I was reading them over and over again and I was kinda forced to give it a try. I read the first chapter of the Sorcerer's Stone and I put it back down, and kept on reading the other series. But then I got bored and went back. Needless to say, I fell in love <3 (You should know that I havent stopped reading my Harry Potter books since the second time I picked them up :] )Avatar ImageRavenclawGirl13 says: The day that DH7 was due to come out I decided to read Sorcerer's Stone. My mom was a huge fan and she let me borrow her copy. I remember laying down on my bed carefully turning each page and making sure to read and reread each and every word. I remember starting it and thinking about how odd Mr. Dursley was- he was so normal that it was abnormal. That day was the start of my Harry Potter fandom.Avatar ImageHPandtheDA007 says: Oh goodness, okay this is my first memory of reading Harry Potter. The first book had come out and my grandmother went out to the stores early to purchase me a copy. However, I was in kindergarten and while I was capable of reading, this was too far advanced for me and thus it sat on the shelf for 4 years. Then, in third grade, my teacher introduced me to the magical world when we took a field trip to go see Sorcerer's Stone in theaters. Immediately when I got home from school i went to the bookshelf, literally dusted off the book and read throughout the night. While I was groggy for school the next day, it was completely worth it. And now, 10 years later, I am part of a truly great fandom and pass on my love of the series to the kids I babysit for because no one should not know the amazing story of Harry Potter!Avatar Imageaccioglasses says: I started reading the books in 2005. Unfortunately, I started with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I had no idea what was going on in the book, or what anyone was talking about. It took me over six months to read it because I was so confused. I had gotten the book for my birthday that year from my grandmother. My mother said I couldn't go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in theaters until I finished the book. Fortunately, my mother gave in and let me see the newest Harry Potter movie a month after it was released to theaters. It was released into theaters on November 18, 2005, and I saw it on December 15, 2005. I finished the book in mid-January. I realized that I needed to read the others before I could understand it. So, I started collecting the books. Now, I have at least one copy of every book. I have four copies of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is my favorite book.Avatar Imageelvendork64 says: I was in first grade when the first movie came out. Before the release it was being hyped all over the place and all the kids at school were excited for it. Finally I asked my mom what all this Harry Potter stuff all over the place was, so she read the books aloud to me and my brother. The moment of really falling in love with Harry Potter wasn't as big a thing for me as it was for some - I just loved it from the start. We read all the Harry Potter books aloud, even when I was old enough that I'd just whip them off to my room to read on my own. The way my mom pronounced all the names and spells is still the way that I read them, and I'm definitely grateful that she was the one to first read Harry Potter to me.Avatar ImageMegalopsycha says: I was in middle school and a friend recommended it to me...apparently I was weird for having never heard of Harry Potter. I started reading them straight through. I think it was only up to the 3rd or 4th book at the time. These books just can't be put down once you've started! Anyways, I ended up spending too much of my time reading and made myself sick. That was the first time I got grounded from reading :PAvatar Imagem-chele says: My family had recently fallen apart and I was 15 and all alone 4-5 days a week. My dad could barely bring in enough money for food so a lot of my meals consisted of things like crackers etc. My sister-in-law insisted that I would enjoy the books and lent me a copy of Sorcerer's Stone. I read all four books (this was before the release of Order of the Phoenix) within 5 days. I related so much to Harry's life at the Dursley's and reading about him gave me hope that things would get better. Over the 3 years that I was in that house alone and neglected I read those books more times than I could count. Since then I've had a love for Harry that cannot be put into words. Things got better for me just like they did for Harry... and, like Harry, I have such an appreciation for the people in my life who can rely on. Though he is still my most loyal friend.Avatar Imagecrikeyhunter says: I am 42 years old and just finished reading all 7 books for the first time. I just discovered the Wizarding World early last year with my then 12 year old son. We started reading the books together and it lead to an even better bond between us. Since then we have: met Alan Rickman at a playhouse in Brooklyn, Met Daniel Radcliffe after a performance on Broadway and enjoyed the theme park in Florida. I've never enjoyed anything with him as much as the books and movies of Harry Potter. Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: I first decided to read Harry Potter when Sorceror's Stone came out when I was in the fourth grade. I heard some friends at school talking about it, but my mother forbade me from reading it due to the fact that she thought it would promote witchcraft. The rebellious spirit in me took over and I got the book from the school library and read it in secret. I remember sitting underneath the tree in my front yard reading it, completely shut off to the sounds of being outside. I was entranced with that novel and would be with the 6 more to come. When Chamber of Secrets came out I asked my mom to buy it for me. She told me I wasn't allowed to read it, but I told her, with a smile, that it was too late. Now she completely embraces the Harry Potter nerd in me :) I am glad I decided to 'rebel' and pick up a book from the school library that would end up meaning so much to me and so many others. If I hadn't read Sorceror's Stone I may have never started the series later. I am thankful for making that rebellious decision that would come to change my life forever. Avatar Imagel.lovegood says: I remember my cousin gave me my first ever Harry Potter book, along with a red ribbon bookmark with a gold heart attached to it, when I was seven years old. The first chapter, which at first introduces the Dursleys, was a bit tedious for me, a seven-year-old girl with a bit of a reading problem. However, not too long after I received the book, my family and I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone at the movies. I remember watching it and thinking, "Wow! This is such an awesome story! I loved the movie! Now I have to read the books!", or something like that. So I finished reading The Sorcerer's Stone, and I have been obsessed with Harry Potter ever since. Harry Potter truly taught me to believe in magic, and it helped me love books and reading.Avatar Imagebiiigbob says: A few Christmas's before "GOBLET OF FIRE" was released, I purchased "SORCERER'S STONE" as a gift for my niece. I knew she enjoyed reading, and I heard Harry Potter was popular with children. I didn't think of the book again until a local newspaper printed a portion of the first chapter of 'GOBLET OF FIRE" as a tease for the newest book. From the moment I finished the newspaper article, I had to not only find out what happened next in the story I started, I had to learn how it all began. I went to the bookstore that day and bought the paperback editions of "SORCERER'S STONE", and 'CHAMBER OF SECRETS". Over the next few days, I read those two books, returned to the book store, bought those titles in hard cover as well as the hard cover editions of "PRISONER OF AZKABAN" and 'THE GOBLET OF FIRE". Because of work, it took me about nine days to read the other two books. I became one of the millions of "midnight purchasers" for each of the last three books, reading the books that weekend. If not for the chance reading of a portion of the opening chapter of 'HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE" printed in the newspaper, I may never have experienced the pleasure of following Harry's adventures as well as the anticipations of waiting for the stroke of midnight when Harry's newest adventure was released to the world.Avatar Imageaimeelikescheese says: My first time reading Harry Potter, I was 8 years old. I didn't know how much of an impact this series would have on me. I didn't know that just a few years later, I would be known at school as "that girl who likes Harry Potter". All I knew at the time was that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone sounded like a book I wanted to read. My sister had already read the first 4 books (because that was all that was out so far), and she told me how great they were, so I borrowed my sister's copy and read it. I had already seen the first film, so the entire time I was reading the book I would think, "This wasn't in the movie!" My favorite chapter was The Midnight Duel, so I was mad that they left it out of the movie. I ended up finishing the first four books within about a month. Then, we went to the midnight release party for Order of the Phoenix that summer.Avatar ImageDH7 says: The first time I read Harry Potter, it was the summer before second grade. (Previously, I had seen the first two films, and my parents had read parts of the first two books to me.) I had just lost a tooth, so, of course, the Tooth Fairy was coming. To my surprise, I woke to find a brand-new copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix under my pillow! My dad and I were leaving for a road trip to Minnesota, which gave much time for reading. It would take many late nights alone in my bedroom reading until the 870-page book would be finished. Order of the Phoenix was my deepest entry so far into Jo Rowling's magical world. To her I am forever indebted.Avatar ImageHPJOSIAHHP says: I started reading Harry Potter when I was in Kindergarten with my mom! We read the book together and it has helped make me who I am today! Just those few hours have made me myself. We would read at night and argue on how to pronounce the names....Hermione (Her-me-one?) haha! That was fun! We wondered into the world of Harry Potter and became wizard and witch. JK Rowling has changed our lives for the better! Avatar ImageMercurialInK says: I was six years old when my parents started reading Harry Potter to my brother and me. We had just moved to Israel, and in the process lost books one and two, so they started with the third one. I remember that very first sentence: "Harry Potter was a highly unusual boy in many ways." I was hooked. I had never been one for reading - my brother was a jock, and I figured that I had to keep up with him, so I never got into reading. But this... this was magical. We got one chapter in, and my dad called it an evening. I wanted to protest, because it was hardly fair! From the beginning, I wanted to know everything I could. It was magic. There is literally no other word for it. When everyone was asleep, I grabbed the book from the dining room table, and I sat up all night, struggling through it with a crayon in hand. I think it might have been the first time I stayed up past nine at night. I still have that copy of PoA, which the words I didn't understand underlined. You can still tell where I took a break, because I underlined the last sentence I had read. It took a few days for me to get through the third book that first time, and that whole week was one of the fondest childhood memories I have. When I finally got the first and second books, I devoured them. I can still remember finishing the third book, the thrum of victory and exhaustion in my ears. It was like Harry's first flight - the world of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley came alive for me. It was in the middle of reading that book that I understood that all the kids books I had been forced to read for school had authors - storytellers. People who had placed a pen to a page and crafted that story In those early hours of the morning, understanding that epiphany, I wanted nothing more than to be one of those writers. With what feels like a single sentence, Rowling turned me into the class bookworm, and gave me the answer to Rilke's famous question. Must I write? My answer, when I was six years old, reading the third book in a series I had never heard of before, was yes. This business of crafting worlds out of words... there may be no true spells or potions in our world, but I swear to this day that Rowling must be some kind of wizard, because it was magic. "Harry Potter is a highly unusual boy in many ways." I will forever remember those as the words that changed my life. I was hooked. And more than a decade later, I still am. Like I said; magic.Avatar ImageEgor says: I didn't like reading before I read Harry Potter; Well I still don't like reading, but I do like reading Harry Potter. I think that is some movement in a positive direction.Avatar Imageapkr42 says: I remember the day I first experienced Harry Potter so clearly. It was summer of 2000 when I was 9, and I remember even though it was gorgeous outside, I stayed in reading over the next several days. I loved the series instantly and was always dying for the next installment. I’ve always loved reading but Harry Potter was something that I could re-read a hundred times and never get tired of. The books changed my life. I always tried to be everything a Gryffindor would be, just incase. Now, 11 years later I’m still completely captivated by the series and owe so much to Jo for the magic she has created in my life. Hogwarts will always be real to me.Avatar Imagelatsyrhc says: I read the first book after the 4th book was released. I borrowed a copy to see what the fuss was all about. You know, it's only a kids book. hahaha. Yeah, I have all the hardcover books and still enjoy them along with the movies. Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: It wasn't a normal experience. And a little foggy. I know I didn't read the book until after I saw the movie, but man did it make a huge impact. I was immediantly swept up in the books. And still am. Anytime I don't have a book to read, I pick up a random one and immerse myself in the Wizarding World. If I went back to myself after reading the first book, I would of taken a picture. It probably would of looked like I was struck by lightning. And it really impacted my life and decisons. Now I think, WWHD? (What would Harry do?)Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: Shortly after the third book came out, I found all 3 in a thrift shop for $1 a piece. I'd heard so much about the books but had no idea what all the fuss was about. Being a life-long avid reader, I decided to lay down my 3 bucks and give the books a go. I started reading the first and thought it was a pleasant read. By the middle of the book, I was completely hooked. I felt like I'd found home and I never wanted to leave.Avatar Imagesherly says: I was ten years old at the time (2004), and a friend had just given me the box set of Books 1-4 for Christmas. Reading had already been a hobby of mine, so I couldn't wait to get started on them. I'd heard a lot about Harry Potter (who hasn't?) but had only seen the first three movies. No one had pressured me to read Harry Potter before. I remember itching to read Prisoner of Azkaban that night, because the film adaptation had just come out. After struggling to understand a whole bunch of new, foreign terms, I knew I had to start from the very beginning (Philosopher's Stone) if I were to have any idea what was going on in the story. I couldn't have taken more than 3 weeks to tackle all four books. I was hooked. Naturally, I rushed off to borrow Order of the Phoenix. And so my current, long-lasting obsession with Harry Potter began.Avatar Imagevsc1992 says: I first found out about Harry Potter in fourth grade when my school announced that we would be going to see the first movie. I had never heard of it before but when I went home I saw that my sister had Sorcerer's Stone on her bookshelf. Knowing that I would soon be seeing the movie, I decided I wanted to read the book first and so I borrowed it from her. I remember I spent hours laying on my bed reading, I just couldn't put the book down. I would skip recess in school so that I could read more and I would hide my book under my pillow so that I could stay up half the night and read, no matter how tired I was the next day. I wasn't just reading this book, it was like I had actually entered into this magical world. It was simply incredible.Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: My parents bought me the first 3 together, and I picked up POA and started reading it, not realising it was the 3rd, not the 1st! Eventually figured it out =P makes me laugh now, I've read them all so many times, they have helped me so much and I am now so excited to find out what pottermore is and to see DH part 2!Avatar Imageowlchick says: Believe it or not, the first time I picked up Harry Potter was when I'd moved in with my current roommates and they were all clamoring to see DH1 in theaters, and they'd invited me along. Stubborn as I am, I refused to go see it with them until I'd read all the books, as is my usual stance on viewing films based upon books. I just like to exercise the option of using my imagination to flesh out the author's words before seeing them illustrated and embellished for me by others. Now it's true I'd seen snippets of the earlier movies when hanging out with my family over, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas, but as what I saw was often viewed out of context, I usually missed the nuances or subtext intentions of any given character. So, to answer your question, the first thing that struck my mind was how easily I was immersed in this parallel world of witchcraft that existed alongside our own. I was instantly sucked into the books, feeling affinity for orphaned Harry, the warm Weasleys, and know-it-all Hermione. I'm re-reading them again before seeing DH2. At this point, I think I'd be in love with Severus Snape if he ever were to exist in real life.Avatar Imageamanda.griswold says: I had received the first two books when the first movie came out. I had convinced myself that the Harry Potter books were for boys, and I was NOT going to read them. Then I went to see the movie. I was enraptured. I fell in love with the entire series. I was utterly amazed at how much the first movie actually left out, yet I was still captivated by the special effects, and the flow of the story. After I read the first book at an alramingly fast pace, I began, and finished, reading the next three books. I went to the midnight release for the next book, and stayed up all night reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When the sixth book came out, I was at church camp. My wonderful mother and grandmother went to the midnight release and brought me the book and all of the goodies they could find me. I read that book in two days. I went to the midnight release of the seventh book, and got my ultimate limited edition copy. I could not put it down until I was finished. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was an additional appendage for about three days. I have been to the midnight release of every movie since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. For the last film, I attended a Yule Ball and dressed up like Ginny Weasley (I have red hair naturally), and my fiance went dressed as Harry Potter. I am a die hard fan. I love each and every one of these books. I am so proud and blessed to have grown up during the Pottermania, and be a part of this magical generation!Avatar ImageRemusRox says: I remember picking up the first book, rather reluctantly, at the neighborhood bookstore. My mom had been nagging me forever to read the books (then there were only three as yet released) and I was steadfastly ignoring her advice (as every teenager does). I read a bit of the first chapter in the store, and then, seeing as my family was set on getting me to read it, I took it home. I was sure I would hate it, being a child who always disliked mainstream stuff, and couldn't wait to prove to my family that they were wrong, yet again, about my tastes. Well, I ended up being wrong. Very, very wrong. I ended up falling swiftly in love with the series. The characters were amazing, the plots breathtaking and the food sounded mouthwatering. I haven't looked back since.Avatar ImageBuffyXO says: The fall of 2001 was a tough time for many reasons. On November 4th, a friend and coworker of mine was killed in a car accident driving back to school after a weekend at home. It was the first time I had lost someone my age that was a constant presence in my life. Then on November 8th, my great-grandmother passed away after a long battle with cancer and Emphazemia. She and I were incredibly close, despite her age. These two deaths in close proximity to each other left me devastated. In fact, instead of attending my friend's funeral, my family and I were flying to Indiana. Before leaving, one of my roommates and sorority sisters gave me a copy of The Sorcerer's Stone. That book was my safe place during that emotionally distressing time. I can say that without having the Wizarding World to escape to, I probably wouldn't have made it through everything. Avatar Imagepumpkin3 says: my brother loved the books, but he told me they were too scary for me (i was 7 at the time, and i think he just wanted to keep them to himself), then, when i went for a sleepover at a friends house, her mom was reading the first book to her and her little brother. i loved what i heard and went home and stole the book off my brother's bookshelf and then i was hooked. sadly, though, i was never there to speculate about what was to come. i sped through the books and was on the 5th one when book 7 came out.Avatar Imagesboyer06 says: My first memory of Harry Potter is shortly after I got the first three books for Christmas when I was in 7th grade (they were the only 3 out at the time). I sat down at the kitchen table to start reading the Sorcerers Stone, and shocked the heck out of my parents that I was actually reading lol. Probably thought I was sick! Back then I hated to read, and thanks to Harry Potter I'm now addicted to reading. Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Why just the US?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagebing1009 says: When I was a child I loved to read and to be read to. Until 4th grade when we had to start writing book reports. That took all the fun out of reading for me. The only time I would read is when I had a school assignment. In the spring of 1999 I was taking a Literature K-12 class for my Masters Degree in Education. I remember thinking "How can I inspire students to read if I don't enjoy reading." I hoped this class would inspire me. One of our assignments was to do a "Book Talk". You had to read a passage from a book, but leave it as a cliff hanger so that it would inspire kids to pick up the book and read. I remember going to Borders Books to look for a book for the assignment. On the shelves was this book I had never heard of called "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". There were only two copies on the shelf. I read the flap and thought it looked interesting, but then saw the length and thought, "There's no way I can finish this book in a weekend for an assignment, better find a shorter book." I put the book back on the shelf. Later in the Summer of 1999 I came across the book again and saw there was a sequel, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". I thought, "Why not". So I ordered them both. As soon as I received the books and started reading, I was hooked from the moment Professor McGonagall transformed from a cat to a person. And then the line "Harry Potter, the boy who lived" just solidified it for me. I couldn't read the book fast enough. I finished it and immediately started on Chamber of Secrets. When I found out that I'd have to wait one month until Prisoner of Azkaban was released I was horrified. I remember going to Borders on September 8th 1999 on my lunch hour. I was so afraid that they were going to sell out. There were maybe 2 dozen books on a display. After that I attended every midnight release and movie release. It started out with just my cousin and I and later on it grew to include more family members. That day in my college class I was looking for something to inspire me and I found it in Harry Potter. I am so grateful that Harry Potter turned me back into an avid reader.Avatar ImageJustOddBall says: I remember it so well, I could relive almost every moment of it. I was seven years old, at some point at the end of first grade. I had just watched the Sorcerer's Stone movie in it's entirety after seeing clips on Mother's Day. The movies got me hooked but I loved it so much I needed more. So I asked my mom to read SS with me so I could record the pages for school. I would read it even though it was meant for older kids- like fifth and sixth graders. We went to work, and I only got through five pages on my own. And it took an hour. I still loved it. The actual words didn't sink in because I was just trying to figure out what they were, but I still loved it. My mom read on from there. I tried reading it on my own again a few months later in second grade. It took about two months to finish but I did it! I was proud and stunned. I loved the books more than anything. It was so realistic, and everything worked so well that I actually believed (and sometimes I still do believe) that there was a world beyond the one I knew, with wizards good and bad, incredible magic, and friends that never left your side. From that moment on, Harry Potter was my complete refuge from the real world, into a place where everything was better. I could be anything, because it was all possible. Harry wasn't ever going to leave me. They always understood.Avatar Imagequeequeg says: I asked for it for Christmas, and although my mom questioned why I wanted a book for Christmas, and kept the receipt in the book in case I wanted to take it back, I opened Harry on Christmas morning and proceeded to read it that day, then went out to get the other 2 (cos, poa ) the next day since that was all that was out at the timeAvatar ImageRayeMonsturr says: It was about three or four years ago, when my grandmother bought me the series. I was so adamant about not reading thew series because it was 'too popular'. Being the reader that I am, I blow through books really quickly, so I had no books to read. I took out The Deathly Hallows, and planned to read that one. I had no idea what was going on. It seemed like a pretty good book, so I picked up the others and had to give it a try. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Its a loooong story...Avatar Imagesistertigger says: Is it sad that was the mother of a 7 and 10 year old, 26 myself and loved the book more than they did? I was in awe! Laughed, cried, got mad... I read it twice in three months and conitinued to read all the books 5 times each! My family refuses to play "Harry Potter Scene It" with me! I have a shelf devoted to Potter! Cannot wait to read this and see the last film!!!Avatar ImageShona says: My first memory was when i was about 5 years old and i used to watch the philosopher stone all the time and i would get so excited when i heard the music that comes on which is like dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dunnnnn-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dunnnnnn :DAvatar Imagewandmastercalum says: @Lilyverus I loved that!! I was like you too! I couldn't stand the troll and I actually had to leave the cinema during the chess scene because I got too scared. When I finally watched the whole movie I had nightmares for about a year that centered around Voldemort :DAvatar ImageCrazy and Proud says: Too bad I don't live in the US... :(Avatar ImageHedwig23 says: I first got into Harry Potter by my daughter. I had major surgery and was laid up in bed for a long time. One day she came to me and said that she was going to start reading me Harry Potter because she thought I would really like the books and the characters. So every day after school she would come home read to me. I just fell in love with Harry, all of his friends, Hogwarts, Hedwig and every person he was involved with. Now I am the biggest Harry Potter Fan out there. Thank you Jessica for bringing Harry into my life :)Avatar ImageKatieCakes288 says: I was in the 6th grade, on spring break. My aunt, cousins and I were flying to G.a. spending a few nights there, and then flying to Daytona Beach in Fl. The trip started out awful, got car sick on the way to F.L. Found out the hard way I didnt like the ocean or the sand. I also got a full blown ear infeaction. I spent 4 days stuck in our hotel room. On the 2nd day my Aunt found the 1st Harry Potter book, at a gift shop and bought it for me. Within Mintues I was hooked, and I couldnt put the book down. Harry Potter turned my horrible vacation into one amazing unforgettable trip. It took me to a place, that took the ear pain and eveyrthing else going on in my life away, and took to me a magical place! it was amazng. Harry Potter through out the years, has taken me to a wonderful place, full of friends, love, life and MAGIC! it was epic, and wonderful. Everytime I read the books, it takes me back. I love these books, and how they take me away from real life for the time I am reading them. :)Avatar Imagevikehi says: Honestly? I was working as a Front Desk Clerk at a Marriott hotel. It was my first year out of high school and I had been reading adult books for five years. I had turned my nose up at Harry Potter books before, but I had finished the book I had been reading and needed something else to read. So I bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. About a week later I bought the next three books. Not only did it open me to the world of YA literature and fantasy (which I truly love) but I am now working as a Young Adult Librarian and it is more unusual for me to read an adult title then young adult these days. If I hadn't picked up that book, I don't know that I would have discovered my love for YA lit and be a librarian today.Avatar ImagerachelRaquel21 says: When I first read Harry Potter I was in 6th grade I had already seen movies 1-5 (because my mom loved the books) but, I had just started to get into books and the series was of course one of the first suggested to me. I know it was around spring and probably late February or early March. I had read the entire series in about 6 days and afterward i spent about a month reading them over and over again. The books have been my favorite ever since. Never has a different book or story been able to replace them from my heart. The books opened my eyes to magic, adventure, and most importantly to me writing. After I read them I started writing, I am now actually working on a book all because J.K. Rowling opened my eyes to a place where werewolves howled, magic was real, and people could talk to snakes. Before I read these books I had to see something to beleive it, I hated Halloween because I thought it was stupid to dress up like make beleive monsters and such, and I could barely stand books. Now I beleive that anything and everything is possible, Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and the my friends literally have to pry me from the library. I can honestly say that Harry Potter changed my life as well as my perspective on it. I am forever greatful to J.K. Rowling for letting me, as well as the rest of you, into her world.Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: UKness... >.<Avatar ImageGoku says: I remember finding this book at out local library one summer after school was over. I read the first chapter and I was so transfixed. I remember exactly where I sat and and that it was 4pm. Crazy. For me summers became synonmis with Harry Potter. Every night I would reach a chapter. I read the series every summer now.Avatar ImageMadgerock says: I was talking to a friend on the phone and asked her what she was reading. She sheepishly said "You're not going to believe it." "Come on. What?" I asked. "Harry Potter" she said and in the most serious voice she added..."YOU need to read this." I chuckled and said I would take a look at it. Two days later I am at a Target buying toilet paper and cleaning supplies and I see the first book on the shelf. I Picked it up along with three other books. I went home and first read Bridget Jones' Diary in about 2 hours then picked up The Sorcerer's Stone the same night. I laid in bed and four hours and fifteen minutes later I was done. My life had changed. I hadn't felt that way since I was a child. J.K. Rowling was a genius and I discovered a passion for something that I have never experienced like that before. I am grateful and forever changed.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Wow! These are the most comments I've seen on something in a while.Avatar Imagedjlivigni says: Ten years ago, I was looking for a new book to read with my daughter and HP was recommended. We have read/watched all of the HP books and movies together! It has been a magical experience to share together, including a trip to London to be a part of the 6th movie premiere! Even now at 18 years old she is looking forward to going with me to see the final movie! Thank you J.K R. & Warner Bros.Avatar ImageAuntieEm2 says: My kindergarten teacher recommended Sorcerer's Stone to my mom and told her I should read it over the summer before first grade. My sister had just been born so my family's tradition of reading together (to me) every night had to be changed to just my dad and me so my mom could deal with the baby. He read the first chapter aloud to me one night and then asked me if I wanted to keep going to hear the rest. Of course I said yes, I thought I'd give it a shot. Little did I know then how that book would impact my life forever.Avatar ImageLily Evans30 says: At first I didn't want to read Harry Potter (gasp!) I thought it was stupid and since everyone liked I certainly was NOT going to (You can see how well that worked for me :P) My earliest memory with Harry is when my cousin Noah and I were naming my Grandma's pet cats and he wanted to name one "Ronald like in Harry Potter" I was beside myself NO NO NO NO HARRY POTTER. Later that day we were sitting on the glider and I was giving him my opinion about the rules of magic. That was my favorite thing to talk about and he said, "Emma you really should read Harry Potter I bet you'll love it." That night the seventh book was released and I watched it all on my Grandma's TV, because I had nothing better not do of course ;). When I returned home I went into my computer room where the bookshelf was and I picked up The Sorcerers Stone my mom came in and said "Oh I like that book I read it when I was pregnant with you." I was bored, I had nothing better to do so I picked up the book read the first couple pages thought it was dumb (the horror!) and put in down on a chair. About a week later I came in and saw the book exactly where I left it, I picked it up, tilted my head, and started to read. I had no idea I had just made the most life-changing decision. I loved it.I simply loved it I didn't think abouth aything else in the week that I read it. I was so caught up with the trio and Snape and Quidditch, that the real world felt more like a fantasy than the world of Potter did. I was so certain that Snape was evil and so suprised that Quirell turned out to be the evil one. As sonn as I finished all I could think about was getting book two. My family all thought I was just going through the Potter phase whitch surley wouldn't last more than a month. And yet here I stand five years later. I can't even put into words how much Harry has changed my life. "If you read this Harry we're all behind you" "Long Live Harry Potter" :D Avatar Imagebellbell127 says: I am so excited! i love harry potter and five years ago when i first picked up one of the books they affected me a lot more then i thought they would. i learned so much about the real world from a fantasy book it was and still is amazing. I LOVE HARRY POTTER for teaching me that love kills evil. i love snape for teaching me that people can change if they really want to. i love luna for teaching me to always stay true to my self even when it's hard. I love hermione for teaching me that girls are strong and even if you don't have an easy background you can still succeed if you put your mind to it. I love ron and the weaslys for teaching me what loyalty truly is. i really look forward to the book of letters to see what other fans read from harry potter. Avatar Imagebellbell127 says: my first memory of harry potter was when i was little and walking through a half-price books store with my mom. we got to a sales cart that was selling the harry potter books 1-3 for a dollar my mother told me how much she liked the first three books and told me that they were good too. we got the books and she started reading the first one to me but told me that it was hard for her to read out loud so i read it on my own i remember finishing the first book in the blink of and eye and being 8 years old and learning the books they affected me a lot more then i thought they would. i learned so much about the real world from a fantasy book it was and still is amazing. I LOVE HARRY POTTER for teaching me that love kills evil. i love snape for teaching me that people can change if they really want to. i love luna for teaching me to always stay true to my self even when it’s hard. I love hermione for teaching me that girls are strong and even if you don’t have an easy background you can still succeed if you put your mind to it. I love ron and the weaslys for teaching me what loyalty truly is. shortly after i finished the books and love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really look forward to the book of letters to see what other fans read from harry potter. Avatar Imagepadfootlestrange says: My first Potter experience was when I was five, and my Mom attempted to read the first book to me. I had a short attention span and I fell asleep while she was reading to me at bed time. I didn't pay much attention to Harry Potter again until I was 8, and I found the audio book in my closet. I put it on and fell in love. I quickly reserved the rest of the remaining 4 books on tape, and listened to them every waking second, and well into the night. I associations much of my childhood with Jim Dale's voice, and the magic that I felt when listening to the books. As the years went by my love only intensified, and I progressed to reading the books, although to this day I still enjoy listening to the audiobooks. After Half Blood Prince, I got more involved in the online fandom, and shortly after started attending Wizard Rock concerts, reading and writing fanfiction, and doing countless fan arts. I met one of my best friends on an online penpal club, where we bonded over our love for the series. We worked away the penpal club's rules of not giving our personal information, and we contacted each other out side of the club. She remains one of my closest friends, and even though she lives across the country and we have never met, I feel that I can tell her anything. She is one of the only people who truly understands my love for Harry Potter, and I am so grateful to the series for leading me to her. Long Live Harry Potter.Avatar Imagekeiyashi says: I remember the first time I picked up a HP book very clearly! (: I had seen Sorcerer's Stone with my dad and step mom in theaters a couple months prior, and I had been talking about it non-stop since. I found a copy of Sorcerer's Stone in a stack of my mom's books, and I was really excited, thinking she liked HP too. I was disappointed to find out she'd only bought it to scan for inappropriate content like profanity and (I regret to say she was one of THOSE Christians) black magic/sacrilege. She had never even scanned it, but she let me read it with the promise I would tell her if there was "anything bad" in it. I opened it and started to read...and even at my first grade reading level (admittedly higher than some first graders) I finished it the same day. (:Avatar Imagelastbloom says: I was a sophomore in college when I finally read Harry Potter. I had been turning my nose up at the series for several years, and while I was home for Christmas my mother insisted I read the first book. We had been going through a very rough few years and weren't very close at that point, but literature was one of the few things we could talk about and bond over. In retrospect, that little nudge of hers has been the source of so much enjoyment and comfort over the last few years. It also taught me not to be such a snob ;)Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: I'm curious--where is the next question? Shouldn't be the winner be released as its been a day..? Just curious, perhaps I misread, but I thought each day there'd be a new question/winner..Hmm..Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: I always thought Harry Potter was a boys book.When I read that first word off the page, I knew the book was magical. I read and read and before I knew it, the day was gone. Harry Potter opened up my heart in ways I can't explain. I am the Harry Potter Freak of America.Avatar ImageKalianna_Riddle says: I was in third grade. My teacher told me to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I did. I was hooked on it. It was like a drug. And honestly, I fell in love with the characters. I felt as if I was Hermione. And when I read the sixth book, I felt sorry for Snape and Draco and became a Slytherin (Ironic, right?). I can honestly say that my third grade teacher was awesome for telling me to read the Sorcerer's Stone.Avatar Imagesamantha1129 says: I know this comment is late, but I wanted to share anyway. I started reading Harry Potter in December when I was in 7th or 8th grade (about a decade ago). My mom, sister, and I were at Target shopping for Christmas gifts when I saw the books (Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets were out at that time). I hadn't heard anything about Harry Potter at all, and I accidentally grabbed Chamber of Secrets and practically begged my mom to get it for me for Christmas while she was putting all the stuff on the check out lane. She gave in, and on Christmas morning, I began my journey into the world of Harry Potter. Of course, I had to backtrack a little after I realized I had started with book two and not book one haha. But it was amazing, and I still remember staying up til three in the morning, reading by lamplight and just waiting for Voldemort to come strolling across my yard lolAvatar Imageslythphoenix says: Because I began reading so early, and because, at six or seven, you aren't aware enough of what should be mentally filed in the "Memories I Really Should Make A Point to Remember" cabinet, I don't remember reading any of the books before book 4, though I know that I did read them. With Book 4, I didn't get to go to a release party, but I got the book a few days after it came out, and just remember - still a bit foggy at 8 - refusing to talk to or interact with anyone until I'd finished, which was somewhere on the order of 2 or 3 days, pausing with extreme annoyance for the occasional meal, night of sleep, etc. Order of the Phoenix was the first I vividly remember receiving, because it came on my doorstep from Amazon, and I was 11, so I was incredibly excited that I was finally old enough to go to Hogwarts. What I remember most was convincing myself that, even though I was able to skip a grade in Muggle school, according to Hogwarts, I turned 11 after the year started, so I'd be getting my letter late, i.e. next summer. And I'm still making up justifications for that one.. ;DAvatar ImageiBelieveInPigfarts says: well, at first, i didnt want to read itat all. but i made a deal with my best friend that if she read twilight i would read harry potter. well obviously i got the better end of the deal :) so i went home and started the first one. i was super skeptical when i started the book, but by the time i had turned the first page i already loved it. it just seemed to amazing that someone could think up all of the amazing things in harry potter. honestly, jk rowling is one of the most brilliant people in the WORLD. who would have EVER thought to make up voldemort, or all of the spells, or especially the magical creatures.wow.Avatar ImageMrs.DevonMurray.com says: My third grade teacher Mrs.Lescard read it out loud at school/ was completely entrance and when I got home I couldn't run to the bookstore fast enough. My mom didn't want to but it for me because of the witchcraft but I begged and pleaded and eventually she gave in. She thought that I was young and I would past the phase soon enough. Now it is over a decade later and I am more in love with the books than ever. My mom refused to read them but last summer I followed her around and I read all seven books out loud to her in two months!Avatar Imageradishraven says: Sadly I only remember picking the second book on the classroom shelf and don't remember reading it...just the fact that after that I read the first, then third then fourth. Remember seeing the first movie though...I was smaller than the cinema seats!Avatar Imagemnem0syne says: My first memory would be being in fourth grade and every afternoon after recess we would have reading time with the teacher. She would read a book each month and I always really looked forward to it. In January it was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I just remember being so so excited and happy. I loved it from the start. I think Harry Potter really got me into reading. I just became such an avid reader after that. The following year when Chamber of Secrets came out I just had to be at the midnight release with my dad past bed time to get my copy. So, Dear Mr. Potter, Thank you for really beginning my love affair with books as well as teaching me quite a lot about life, love, and friendship among many other things. Also, for letting me stick with you til' the very end as a now 20 year old.

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