Leaky’s Dear Mr Potter Daily Giveaway: Day Two


Jun 22, 2011

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For day two of Leaky’s Dear Mr. Potter Daily Giveaway leave the answer to the following question in the comments: who was your favourite character when you first started the Harry Potter series and how has that changed (if it has) over the years? A quick reminder that this contest is open to registered Leaky
members who can be contacted via their MyLeaky profiles, are over age
of 13, and who are resident in the United States. Over the next four days we’ll be giving away one copy of Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic
each day to a lucky commenter.

Leave your answers below, and good luck!

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125 Responses to Leaky’s Dear Mr Potter Daily Giveaway: Day Two

Avatar Imagesamantha1129 says: I initially loved Harry and Ron, but I think the twins will forever hold a special place in my heart. Harry became very angry and aggressive (not that I blame him at all), and the twins always gave the storyline a good bit of humor, even when it was most dark. So, Fred and George Weasley are my favorite two characters. :)Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: Who won? ^_^ My favorite character is Hagrid. (And he always has). I remember, first reading Philosophers Stone (which I stubbornly call it even though live in the US because thats what Jo wanted it to be called) when I had a very bad life situation and how I dreamed of Hagrid coming and taking me away and then shopping in Diagon Alley and then going to Hogwarts. I woke up as the Sorting Hat said, "Alas, this is a Muggle!" and I got scared at the looks of everyone and woke up. Haaha, I wrote about in the journal I had. Hagrid is so kind, and humorous. I love how he was always there for Harry, Ron and Hermione. I also love his amusing fanatic love of insane creatures. I felt terrible when Rita spread those rumors, and I was actually sad when Aragog died, because he was so sad. He'll always be in my heart :)Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Still not living in the US .. This sucks !Avatar ImageRubeusHagrid says: @Bella'love ^HISS^: I advise you should move within the next three days. Haaaha joking :)Avatar Imagesistertigger says: My fave since the beginning has always been Ron! I just love the humor and his innocence! He is just adorable, fun and hillarious! And as for Rupert Grint? They couldn't have cast a better Ron!!!! Weasley is My King!! :) Avatar ImageDawna says: Harry has always been my favorite. I loved watching him go from a friendless & unloved outsider, to finding where he belonged and growing from there. He is flawed like us all, but his heart is good, and he has always tried to do the right thing. Avatar Imagel.lovegood says: I initially loved Harry because he is, obviously, the main character and the hero, and I had a slight crush on him. Now I realize that there are other characters that I love because they represent certain sides of me. A couple years ago, I loved Hermione because I could relate to her in both our love for school and our general appearance. Now that I'm older, and possibly like school a little less than before, I'm not sure if I love Luna Lovegood - who I love for her creativity, imagination, and uniqueness - or Hermione - who I love for her cleverness and strength. I know that they are complete opposites, but I love both of them, and I cannot figure out which one I like the most. So currently my two favorite characters are Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger.Avatar ImageArielle07 says: Initially Hermione because her intellect was astounding. She was a nerd and I loved it. But now the twins are definitely my favorite characters. No matter how horrible times were, they always made situations humorous. RIP Fred Weasley, your memory will live on (but not in a diary because we all saw how THAT turned out). Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: I love Hermione.She is just like me! (Not trying to boast) Hermione stayed my favorite character thoughout the series. She changed over the years like I did. Hermione started as one who doesn't break rules and was always perfect. i'm still perfect and don't break the rules but i've loosened up and made more friends like she did. Thats why I love Hermione Jean Granger.Avatar ImageMeg Weasley says: It was, and will always be Ron. I even tried dying my hair red once. Let's just say it did not go so well.Avatar Imagesumm3rjammx3 says: Obvoiusly I loved Harry since the beginning because I was young and I thought I was in love. Hermione was just like me so I connected with her instantly. Then, I met Sirius and Lupin and loved their friendship. I loved Lupin's history through his childhood when his transformations were the worst. I adored his will for life despite his past. Lupin inspires me [or as I call it, "lupinspiration"] and is now my favorite character. Avatar ImageSammich117 says: Dobby. Hands down. Sirius might be a close second, but Dobby fought for what he believed in, was loyal even when it wasn't required of him, and was just the sweetest, most loving character. His death STILL destroys me when I read/watch it.Avatar ImageEscere says: I've liked Ginny from the beginning. I think we have a lot in common. I still say she's my favorite character. I love red-heads, she's the youngest in her family like me, she's stubborn and smart and doesn't back down. One of the characters that I have changed my opinion on was Sirius. I loved him at the beginning of the series because he seemed to brave and good, but during OotP, he loses that. It becames clear that even though he is for the 'good' side, he is a messed up character who made cruel choices. Now I'm also for heroic 'evil' character. *hugs Sevvie and Reggie dolls* I also like Luna, Hermione, Neville and Remus. And I wish Draco had been redeemed.Avatar ImageWitchChrissyAmI says: I have always loved Mad Eye. Look at his broom! How cool is that!Avatar Imagepeacelovelaney says: I was always fascinated my Snape, even from the beginning. I wondered where his intense hatred towards Harry came from, why he hated him before he even knew him. As the series went on, I grew a strong liking towards other characters such as Luna, Tonks, and even Bellatrix. However Snape was still one of the my top favorites. Although I was horribly angry with him when he killed Dumbledore, I still wanted to know more about him, and I knew there had to be reason as to why he killed him. Then, in Deathly Hallows when we heard The Prince's Tale, my love towards his character grew even stronger. Snape is an incredibly complex character, and even from the start I was fascinated by him, and was touched even more by his story of his past, and his death that came far too soon. Avatar Imagebaabygirl2004 says: I have always loved Harry but I started to also have a soft spot for Draco Malfoy. Throughout the books I also started to love Hermione after the first one.Avatar ImageDraco_lover98 says: At first Harry was ovbiously my favorite. The whole overcoming adversity thing. As we have moved foward though, Neville has become my favorite. Because of the contrast with he and Harry and how you see him grow, change, and become something new and different.Avatar ImageSMurphy810 says: My favorite character was Draco Malfoy, because before I began reading the series, my friends would talk about fan fiction they wrote about the Black and Malfoy families. They were careful not to mention what happens to him in Half-Blood Prince and on. I started reading the books knowing that he was going to change a lot, and I was interested. I still like him a lot. But then I got to Bellatrix Lestrange. I love her. She's crazy and unpredictable, and totally in love with the Dark Lord, which is sad and funny. Bellatrix is tied for my favorite character with Narcissa Malfoy. Narcissa is amazing. I mean, she will do ANYTHING to protect her family. She doesn't have Occlumency skills, but she lies to the Dark Lord's face and gets away with it. Before that, she sneaks around behind his back to force Snape to take care of Draco. She's probably the only one besides Voldemort that could tell Bellatrix to mind her own business without getting Crucio'd. But she did it. She got her husband and son through the war safely, and she did it pretty gracefully. Avatar Imagemariathegreek says: My favorite character was Hermione when I was little, because I thought she was the coolest girl I've ever heard of, and the smartest! I really looked up to her, even though I was always the same age as her whenever the books came out. Now that I understand the books a lot more, I feel that Ron is my favorite character now because he is the best friend any person could ask for, he holds everyone together and he's the most loyal Gryffindor in the books. Anyway I still love them bothAvatar Imageawesomeplatypus says: I started reading the series when I was very young, so I started out loving the twins. They were always there to bring lightness to some of the heavy topics in the story. Then, as I got older, I began to like Sirius because of how mysterious he is and his story is very captivating. For years I loved Sirius, but as I've gotten older, I've begun to like the whole Malfoy family as a whole. The Malfoys seem like simple, villainous characters throughout the first six books, but in Deathly Hallows, I began to see that they had more to them than just that. I realized that although they had fallen under the captivity of evil, all they really wanted was to survive, and be together, even if it meant giving up being Death Eaters. So I really like the Malfoys because of their complexity and their family dynamic. Avatar ImageMrs.HarryPotter77 says: My Favorite character has always been Harry. He's intelligent, brave, and a hero. But lately, I've been thinking Hermione is pretty awesome too. She's always there for Harry and Ron. She's the smart one, always has been, and always will be. Personally, I love everyone in Harry Potter! :)Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: Harry has always been my favorite. I have always been inspired by the way he always overcomes adversity and fights for what he feels is right. He is not always right and he tends to be too quick to judge but he stands by his beliefs and keeps going no matter what - even when he doesn't really want to. I love Harry for the same reasons I love Dumbledore. He is innately flawed and resolutely human but he keeps trying his best. It's a wonderful thing and I credit Harry with getting me through many challenges I have had to face in recent years. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without him.Avatar ImageJoRowlingRocks says: Leaky can't afford the $14 international shipping haha XD Mugglenet can! Still a loyal Leaky girl though ;)Avatar Imageilovesirius5 says: At first, my favorite character was Harry simply because he was the main character, and obviously was very likable as a young underdog with no real family and a lot to live up to. But that was when I was 5. As I got older, read more of the books, and was better able to understand more complex things, Sirius and Lupin grew on me, for the love and support they gave Harry as well as the tales of the Marauder's friendships. I'd say Sirius is my general favorite these days (supported by the casting of Gary Oldman, who I love). However, it sometimes changes for a few days or weeks to Ron, Fred and George, or Dobby, usually depending on which book I've read most recently or which movie I last saw.Avatar ImageOpheliaDecessus says: Since day one I've been fascinated with Severus Snape and as his character grew in complexity and layers were slowly revealed, I came to love him even more. As part of the trio of "abandoned boys" of Hogwarts, I have admired his sacrifices as he sought penance. Never has another character made me feel the gamet of emotions that I experienced with his tragic tale.Avatar ImageSauvium says: In the beginning, when I was little and my mother had just started reading me my first book, a present from my aunt, I would sit up each night and read ahead. I craved to know what happened next but I never told my mum because reading to me was something that she enjoyed doing. When Hermione first crossed paths with Harry, she was something of a snob, but throughout the first book she began to grow on me as she grew as a character. I liked her intellegence and that, despite criticism from others, she never dumbed herself down. As I grew up, I began to stuggle with how my brains meant that I didn't fit in with other children, they didn't understand my love of knowledge and numbers and words but within the pages of Potter, as book after book came out and found its way into my hands, Hermione helped me cope. She used her mind to help her friends, she was an inspiration and due to Rowling's adept ability to shape characters into lifelike people, realistic to the point where you can almost reach out and touch them, I found a friend amongst the pages. As she grew, Hermione became more than just a bookworm and a know-it-all, she learned that sometimes breaking the rules can be right, that fighting for what is right and to protect her friends was important, and most of all she learned that she could be beautiful in her own right. (Attracting the eye of a certain Mr. Krum.) She fought for those that could not fight for themselves and I respected her for that, she was also the glue that held together the trio's friendship, using reason above even her own anger. For the past eleven years, the young Hermione Granger has been my inspiration that even when I'm down and out, my brain can get me where I need to be and that I always have someone, real or not, to look back on and remind me just how special I can be. Maybe I'll even find my own Ronald Weasley some day...Avatar Imagemoonys_autumn says: Remus. Always Remus Lupin. ♥ He remains one of my favorite characters in anything. Ever.Avatar Image2tal says: A great part of what makes this world fascinating is the depth and wonderfulness of the characters. JKR brings the story to life by weaving them together into a fantastic world. Picking just one is impossible because it takes all of them to reveal the story. At two meters tall I relate a bit to Hagrid. As a bumbler I walk with young Neville. As one who has failed but found insight and wisdom I aspire to Dumbledore. As one who follows her heart and is brave I love Ginny. As one who feels outcast but finally accepts that he is worthy of love there is Remus. What, I ask, would the tale be without the loyalty and self-sacrifice of Dobby? I am just warming to the topic and I can not choose just one.Avatar ImageoOoVettyoOo says: first i started out loving the twins! which i still do.. but as time went on i started having a thing for seamus.. he was just like me when i was in school bad lol and he would blow things up and he burned off his eyes brows which reminded me of my sister shaving off her eyebrows when she was a little girl. Avatar ImageVerityDarling says: My favorite character was first Hermione, of course! I saw a lot of my self in her, and i personly like to think that we've grown up together as i read the books. I love how shes changed and developed and become the adult she is in the epiloge. Kinda like how I've developed into the teenager i am today. :) Avatar ImageRemusRox says: I loved Sirius at first, always thinking he was the most badass Marauder. As the series went on, and I grew up and reread it, I began to have way more love/respect for Remus. Sirius was the bad-boy, but he often took unnecessary risks. Not to say that they weren't to genuinely good characters. Avatar Imagegozkwaby says: I have been a hardcore Fred/George fan since the beginning. No amount of the ever emotionally challenged Harry could make sympathy stir within my heart. Any attempts at relating to the brilliantly brainy Hermione was out of the question. And dearest Ronald was quite the whiner in his day, plus he just reminds me of my younger brother. Lovely Snape was always a winner to me, I rooted for him even when he killed Dumbledore (not to mention his whole tragic past that made him such a complex character appealed to my dramatic side). Countless other characters appeal to me, and I still have problems deciding who goes where on my top ten lists, but still, since the beginning, it has always been Fred and George. Their comedy at times brought me to tears, even more than the dramatic death of that awful house elf (I know you secretly loathed him too, don't deny it!). But yes, always and forever, the Weasley twins will remain in my heart as the most epic, brilliant, amazing, and awesome dynamic duo to grace the wizarding world.Avatar ImageKblackwell7 says: When I first started reading the series my favorite character was Hermione, because she was very intelligent. Although this caused many people to not like her she showed the bravery the Sorting Hat saw in her when she was sorted into Gryffindor, and pulled through. Later in the series though I found that I liked Luna just as well because she also faced the same negativity from other people due to her uniqueness. Overall, I like both Hermione and Luna because they're intelligent and are both brave and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in!Avatar ImageSiriusHPfanatic says: I can't remember starting out who my favorite character was. Actually, that's a lie. It wasn't until the 5th book did I discover someone who was akin to a kindred spirit for me: Nymphadora Tonks. She was cool, funny, sassy, smart, brave, ab...normal in the best way, cheery... everything I loved about her was everything I ever wanted to be. And then she flaked out. She let A GUY get her down. Granted, it was a good intentioned, if very confused, and well-liked male character already established in the book. BUT STILL. So ever since then, Luna Lovegood has become my favorite character. I've always loved her from the moment she stepped on the the scene. What personality, what pizazz! Such a delightful quirky individual! A breath of fresh air, nargle free. And the way she maintains her cool in desperate times? THAT is a female figure to look up to. I still like Tonks, I even named my late cat after her, but for me it's now Luna who takes the #1 spot in my Faves list.Avatar ImageLlenelle13 says: My favorite character from day one, and who still has a very special place in my heart today, was Harry. Even though I have many favorite characters since I first read Sorcerer's Stone, Harry still holds a spot in my heart that I honestly believe no one will ever be able to replace. He became like a brother to me when I was little, someone who could always help me out of a problem and let me escape with him- if only for a while. He later became a best friend who was always there to help me through a move to a new town or state; he always got me through. Now, that I'm almost 21 years old and trying to prepare myself for the finale in a few weeks, I feel like I need him now more than ever. He's gotten me through so much and I know he'll help me get through this, and the rest of my life, too.Avatar ImageTrendHater73 says: For the first two books I was in love with Harry most and that love carried over to Ron and Hermione. Then book three came out and I fell hard for Lupin. He has remained my all time favorite character for the remainder of the series and I was torn apart by his death. Even more so, because it was only momentarily mentioned and then it was like "on to the next!" There was just something about him and I can't even put it into words. Despite him being a werewolf I always felt like he was comforting and safe. It is really funny to feel so attached to such a minor character, but I am. Maybe some day Ms. Rowling will find it in her heart to write a series of books about the Marauders and their adventures. Avatar Imageyannie22 says: Snape and Draco Malfoy have been my favorites since book one and that hasn't changed. I always knew there was a lot to their characters even then and got into many arguements with my friends about it. Snape turned out to be one of the good guys after all and Draco was just trying to make his dad approve of him, like a lot of kids do. Avatar ImageAlex246 says: Well, when I first started reading the books my favorite character was Dumbledore. As a ten year old fourth grader, it was very easy for me to look up to Dumbledore and see him as a father figure to all the characters, and readers like me! I saw him as a flawless person who was always there to save the day (like he does in books 1 and 5 especially), which is what lead me to feel safe as a reader when the trio was at Hogwarts. I respected him beyond belief too. But then, like the trio, I grew up and saw him in a different light. Especially after the Deathly Hallows, I saw him as a very flawed character, who made a lot of mistakes and was always willing to sacrifice people he loved 'for the greater good.' Like Snape, I really disliked that fact, and that was when I grew slightly disenchanted with Dumbledore. Unfortunately, I stopped looking up at him because I was no longer the nieve ten year old that I had been when I started the series (It's funny how we all grew up with the characters). Thus, after Deathly Hallows, my favorite character became Severus Snape. I am so unbelievably fascinated with the way that he was written. He is so flawed, but for some reason that made me like him way more. Unlike Dumbledore, Snape wasn't flawed because of many definitive mistakes, he was flawed because of his emotions. He had such a love for Lily, yet such a hate for James: what a contrast! And after what both those characters did to poor young Snape, for him to grow up and end up making it possible for Harry to defeat Voldemort makes him admirable beyond belief; much more admirable than Dumbledore giving safety to a ten year old reader. So I am still constantly drawn to the beautiful way he was written by Jo, that's the main reason I love him, I like to see his struggle; his dichotomy! But I also love the fact that he embodies all of the characteristics of each house! He is loyal to Dumbledore and Harry (like a Hufflepuff), he is so cunning and intelligent (like a Slytherin and Ravenclaw), yet he is also perhaps one of the bravest characters in the whole series (like a Gryffindor). He did so many great things in his life, how couldn't you love him! What a great character!Avatar Imagerbhudson says: From the very start, Neville Longbottom's sweet innocence and surprising bravery made me adore him. As he grew, I wanted to shield him from all the bad things that would happen to him, but as I saw him deal with what came and especially in The Deathly Hallows, re-starting the DA and killing Nagini, my heart swelled with pride. People loved watching Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up, but for me, it's always been Neville. Avatar Imagereadhp1008 says: Whenever I first started to read the series, my favorite character was the main one, Harry. Of course that's how most eight-year-olds think. However, over the years my favorite character took shape into Hermione and then to Luna. Luna remains the most interesting character for me because we are so alike. Strange and outcasts from most of society, but still accepted by the best of friends. Avatar Imageminerva mcgee says: My favourite character from the beginning has been Professor Severus Snape. At the beginning, when I first read the books in 4th grade before the films came out, I was so intrigued by how Snape was. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to know why he was the way he was with Harry. Why did he treat him as an incompetent idiot? I wanted to also know why he was part of Voldemort's alliance afterwards and why he was at Hogwarts. Why was he a death eater and why was he at Hogwarts ? I felt as though he must've been a secret agent for one or the other. My liking in Snape grew even more in the order of the phoenix but, more in the Half Blood Prince because I got to know his side of the story and who exactly he was as a person and why he hated James Potter. I love how the books actually morphed him into this great person that was always helping Harry and was always there. I felt so horrible when he died. :( but was so happy to hear Harry named one of his children after him. What an honor. Avatar Imagereadhp1008 says: Whenever I first started to read the series, my favorite character was the main one, Harry. Of course that's how most eight-year-olds think. However, over the years my favorite character took shape into Hermione and then to Luna. Luna remains the most interesting character for me because we are so alike. Strange and outcasts from most of society, but still accepted by the best of friends. Avatar Imageminerva mcgee says: My favourite character from the beginning has been Professor Severus Snape. At the beginning, when I first read the books in 4th grade before the films came out, I was so intrigued by how Snape was. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to know why he was the way he was with Harry. Why did he treat him as an incompetent idiot? I wanted to also know why he was part of Voldemort's alliance afterwards and why he was at Hogwarts. Why was he a death eater and why was he at Hogwarts ? I felt as though he must've been a secret agent for one or the other. My liking in Snape grew even more in the order of the phoenix but, more in the Half Blood Prince because I got to know his side of the story and who exactly he was as a person and why he hated James Potter. I love how the books actually morphed him into this great person that was always helping Harry and was always there. I felt so horrible when he died. :( but was so happy to hear Harry named one of his children after him. What an honor. Avatar ImageGwynogs_rabbit says: In the beginning, after reading the first four books, Hedwig was my favorite character. There seemed to be a lot going on it that owl. She seemed to be some kind of female part of Harry. She never took any crap from him. And she obviously did not consider herself to be a pet, but some kind of guardian, or at least a watchful presence. Last year I felt really insulted when someone told me that Hedwig had been "a faithful pet". Even though normally I love the word "pet", in referring to Hedwig it seemed so demeaning. Hedwig is still one of my favorites, but I see her as someone I admire, not someone I relate to. The character I love the most, because I understand her, is Luna. She is my husband's favorite too because she reminds him of me. There have been a lot of times, especially lately at work, when I feel like people see me as flakey and out-there, and I feel so misunderstood and upset, and then I remember how Luna accepted all of those judgments so serenely. I love her for that, and for just being happy being Luna.Avatar Imagedjembe300 says: My favorite is Hagrid. I love how he was always there for Harry, Ron and Hermione. Plus his amusing fanatic love of odd creatures. Hagrid was there for everyone. His loving heart for the school and the students. Hagrid will always be a hero forever !!!!Avatar Imageasiefert says: Initially, my favorite character was, by far, Ron Weasley! He's very quirky and goofy - I loved it! He brought humor into the most ridiculous parts of the story. However, that changed at the very of our Harry Potter adventure. Severus Snape turned into my favorite very easily. He became such a dynamic and interesting character that I never would have imagined him to be. He was a very powerful character, and tears flooded my eyes at his death. I'll definitely need my tissues with me come July 15th. ♥Avatar ImageMorphesque says: The first favorite character that I'd ever had was Sirius Black. After his death, Dumbledore held that prestigious title. Once he ended up being offed in the following book, I noticed a pattern and, figuring out who my remaining favorites were, was able to successfully predict the deaths of Tonks, Remus, Fred and Bellatrix, based solely off of the fact that I liked them the best.Avatar Imageaimeelikescheese says: When I first read the Harry Potter books, my favorite character was Hermione. I liked Hermione because she reminded me of myself. I'm intelligent, and I love to learn and to read. It was nice having a character in the book that I could relate to. Hermione may no longer be my favorite character, but I do still love her. Ever since the Order of the Phoenix came out, my favorite character has been Luna Lovegood. She's such a brilliant, amazing character, and I could relate to her a bit more than I could relate to Hermione. Luna's weird and eccentric (in a good way), like me, and a bit of an outcast. You never know what she's thinking. I love all those things about her.Avatar ImageDVM2B says: My favorite character when I started the series was Ron. I read the first three books in quick succession though in 1999 and when I got to the third book Sirius was my new favorite. Sirius is still one of my favorite characters, but I think I shifted back to Ron during the last book, because he changed a lot during the last three books.Avatar Imageiloveginnyweasley says: I have loved Hermione Granger. The way she acted like she was so amazing because she knew everything really amused me. Hermione is still one of my favorite characters, but I am starting to like Ginny Weasley a little more. Ginny Weasley is so cute and is the perfect girl for Harry. Harry really deservest tp have such a good girllfriend. I wish I was a Weasley only becuase that would mean that I would be a sister of the amazing Ginny Weasley. Avatar Imagemrssnape2011 says: My favorite character at first was harry because he got to go to hogwarts and i was really jealous. However when i read the part of Snape's memory in Deathly Hallows, Snape became my favorite character because he really was on the Order's side all along, he just couldnt openly say it. Avatar Imagedanahuff says: I have always loved Professor Snape because of the way Jo characterized him—he's well-drawn. He is cruel, yes, but I always knew he was a good guy, and after HBP, when it looked like he might be bad, I spent a lot of time defending him. I just knew he would be good! And he was. My favorite chapter in the series was "The Prince's Tale." Of course, Alan Rickman is such a great actor and brought a depth to the character. He may have influenced me.Avatar Image123quarters says: The twins were always my favorite. I read the fourth book first, and I adored their antics and the way they interacted with one another. Even though they were background characters who didn't get much time devoted to them, they made an impression in the story anyway. When things were getting heavy, the twins would always appear to lighten the mood. Now, so many years later, I still love Fred and George Weasley the most. With the completion of the series, Fred died in battle and George was left disfigured. As heart-breaking as that was for a die-hard twin fan, it also made the end of the series feel much more real and final. The twins had just managed their lifelong dream, opening a successful joke shop and becoming wealthy enough to help their family. With the death of one twin, you were left to reflect on the casualties of war and on the love of family. It was a beautiful, heart-wrenching way to leave off, always wondering how George would survive without his other half, and it only made me love the Weasley twins even more.Avatar ImageGinnnygal says: Being young, I was always partial to Hermione mostly because of our similarities. In any situation or arguement in which Hermione was involved in, I always favored Hermione. I loathed Snape with all my heart for the first three books. As I started reading the fourth book, I knew that there was something nice about Snape, however rude and mean he may be to Harry. I took a liking to him. And my predictions revealed themselves to be true, Snape was indeed on the good side. I read the Prince's Tale with tears streaming down my face, learning how he had loved Harry's mother, how he was excluded as a young child, and how he watched the love of his life slip away slowly, and how he had set aside his hatred for James Potter to take care of Harry, the only trace of Lily's love. Snape had truly won my heart. Although I love EVERY single character (that supported Harry, of course) in the series, Snape will always hold a special place in my heart.Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: I at first loved hermione for her smartness and that she shows it..also she doesn't back down to those boys, plus I love the name,i still like her but I really like Ginny now for pretty much the same reasons...and I also have fell for the Weasley twins...cute and funny!:)) Avatar Imagebiiigbob says: Being a bit of a big guy myself, Hagrid has always had a special place in my heart throughout the series.Avatar ImageRobinAZ says: My favorite is and always has been Hermione. I love that she's smart and that she never backs down. Good role model!Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: My favorite character when I started the series was Rubeus Hagrid. He was the first really amazing thing about the first book, so happy, so quirky, you are always happy to read his scenes. I still love Hagrid so much, but I think my favorite character has changed to arguably the most controversial of the lot. Delores Umbridge might be my favorite character. Not because I love her as a person, I loathe her, but that is the point. No other character in literature has ever made me feel so strongly, be it positively or negatively. Every time, even to today, that I see "Hem hem" I actually grate my teeth. It is amazing, and the strong reaction I have to her is my major reason why I love her as a character in the narrative. Despicable lady, but amazingly written character.Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: Ron was always my favorite-an obvious favorite given that he is full of humor-but after reading Deathly Hallows Snape because my favorite character, hands down. Jo wrote Snape in such an intricate and complex way. I love his dedicated and devotion to Lily and her memory, despite his aversions to the dark side. He is a fantastic character who has made a mark in my heart. Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: Ron was always my favorite-an obvious favorite given that he is full of humor-but after reading Deathly Hallows Snape because my favorite character, hands down. Jo wrote Snape in such an intricate and complex way. I love his dedicated and devotion to Lily and her memory, despite his aversions to the dark side. He is a fantastic character who has made a mark in my heart. Avatar Imagedillypoo says: Harry was and is my favorite character.Avatar ImageKarenlong07 says: Wow, a favorite? I love everything about HP. Everyone of the characters are vital to the story! To pick just one favorite is ludicrous. Avatar ImageHPandtheDA007 says: One would think this would be such an easy question to answer but I found myself perplexed for awhile. But here's my answer... At the beginning I was mostly showing favortism towards Harry because he was, after all, the lead character and "The Boy Who Lived". My heart ached for him, learning that he had no true, loving family but rather a family that could never provide and give him what he really needed (that being the Dursleys). He was, and still is throughout the series, adventurous and willing to put others before himself. However, in Order of the Phoenix, he began to become very moody and extremely CAPSLOCK Harry! Now I do not blame him, since he just witnessed a fellow student be murdered by Voldemort and now no one believes him, yet it turned me away from him for a while. That's when I started to pay more attention to Hermione and Neville. Hermione is like me in more ways than one: a know-it-all (which I don't think is bad quality), passionate, sensitive, and an overall great friend. She's got girl power and that is super foxy mega awesome! Neville is a character I see myself having matured along with. At the beginning he was shy and rather the clumsy one, like I was in my elementary years. As the series progressed, he blosomed into this mature, confident young adult who is not afraid of voicing his opinion and truly stands up for what he believes and that's what I love about him.Avatar Imagejacquelynlbriggs says: Ron has consistently been my favorite character from book one until the end. I relate easily to his clumsy, awkward character. Each time I began a new book I looked forward to seeing Ron's character develop. Of all of the characters, apart from Neville, Ron is the one who seemed most helpless and absentminded, but who always surprised himself and others with his determination. I believe that his character grew in more multidimensional ways than the other characters in the book. He made shallow developments, like love interests and muscles, but he also grew in deeper ways, like discovering a sureness of himself. Overall, his character's depth, humor, and innocence has kept me attached since I first met him in the Sorcerer's Stone.Avatar Imagefloralportraits says: hmm, that's a hard one. I've always adored Ron, especially at the beginning, but as I started reading more of the books and watching the movies, I started to realize how much I liked Hermoine, because she reminded myself of... well, me (:Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Will you tell us who won after the whole thing's over (for the previous one)? I'm so curious! When I first started reading the Harry Potter series, I *really* liked Hermione! I could relate to her! I am know-it-all as she was (although I had a bit more control over my knowledge), and I am a teacher's pet, like she is! In the troll scene, she showed bravery by sticking up for Ron and Harry, two people who seemed to dislike at the moment, and she was not afraid she would get in trouble herself, but wanted to help her friends. I also assumed (since she is the only female in the trio) that she would guide them around in life and show girl power! And, I was not disappointed! Over the years/books I see her grow more and more tomboy-ish, which I really liked because it showed she was ready for action and ready to break the rules when it was needed! In the fifth book, when she became rebellious, she proved that she was flexible, although she was assumed to be some one who will never break the rules she showed them different! Even after becoming more tomboy-ish and rebellious, she didn't forgot her brilliance in which she later shows that as an advantage in situations! I loved her even more when she proved that she can love! Hermione and Ron's relationship was brilliant! How they interacted and how they cared for each other just says that Hermione was capable of love, friendship, bravery, brilliance, rebellion, and much more, (all at the same time) without really making only one her priority, but *all* as her *first* priority.Avatar ImageKalianna_Riddle says: Hermione. When I first read the Sorcerer's Stone, I really connected with Hermione because she was like me. She wanted to go to class, she liked to read, and she enjoyed spending too much time in the library. Hermione is still my favorite character but my second favorite is Draco Malfoy. Need I explain why?Avatar Imagepinklaura says: In the first 2.5 books, I think Hagrid was my favorite because he was caring and loving to harry, ron and hermione. Then, when Sirius Black was introduced, he was my favorite...Starting at book 5, I think Neville became my favorite... As I started re-reading the books (and go older), I now have too many favorite characters. I love Snape as a character, but don't love the way he treats people. Love Dumbledore. Still love Sirius and Hagrid and Neville.Avatar Imagefanofjo says: My favorite character from the start was Dumbledore. I loved that he was wise and powerful but didn't take himself too seriously. I did become a bit frustrated with him through the last couple of books, but I knew that he would have his reasons for acting the way he did. And, of course, he did.Avatar ImageAZMMRavenclaw says: I loved the Weasley family because I loved the fact that they emphasized "family" rather than being a snooty "Wizarding" family. I loved Ron because he was so genuine. I loved Fred and George because they were the "family troublemakers" and I loved Charlie because he was the mysterious one who went to work with dragons. Bill was the cool one because he "worked for Gringott's". Percy, well, I didn't like him until #7.Avatar ImageMirdan says: From the very beginning? Probably Hermione and McGonagall were my first favorites, the former reminding me of myself, and the latter reminding me of my mentor. Along the way though, they were probably eclipsed by Lupin, Mad-eye, and Tonks, all of whom I loved from the moment they walked into the story. I even really enjoyed Bellatrix just because being that evil...there's something of an art to it. But these days, as the mother of two small children of mine own, I connect the most with Mrs. Weasly, and am really looking forward to hearing her famous line in the movie!Avatar Imagevsc1992 says: When I first started reading the Harry Potter series my favourite character was Hermione, mainly because I was so like her. Once I read Prisoner of Azkaban however, my favourite became Sirius and he's been my absolute favourite ever since.Avatar Imagesttomas34 says: Originally, my favorite character was of course Harry Potter. He was the main character and was a normal muggle living in a crummy world until he discovered his real purpose in life. I would had to say my favorite character if I'm being honest is Professor Snape. Anytime he was in the story until the last 100 pages or so of the book you never exactly knew what he was all about. He seemed like the most evil character who hated the hero and protagonist of JK's books the entire time. He was against everything about Harry. He loved Lilly and James practically stole her from under his nose ( a big nose at that). Snape never truly was into being the protector and help for Harrys cause, but he did it because he loved Lilly that much. He would do anything to keep her happy, even in her after life. So I think if I had to choose my favorite character and probably the most interesting, it was definitely Snape. Hermoine in the movies though, because shes my age and very good looking.Avatar ImageiTwigg says: Sirius will always be my absolute favorite character. While Ron and Hermione were his first friends, Sirius was the first, and last bit of a true family he had (before the epilogue, of course.) Sirius represented his parents, his heritage, what could, and should, have been, but what never was. He was a possibility as a future, and someone who loved him for family. The Weaslys were incredible to him, and were also a sort of family. But no one could replace his God Father. :)Avatar ImageSiriuslyNoir says: In the beginning, my favorite characters were Ron, due to his hilarious antics both in the books and the movies, and Dumbledore, for his unfaltering love and care for all of the students and being the greatest wizard that ever lived. Then, after reading "The Prisoner of Azkaban" my favorite character changed to Sirius Black, who had this cool aura about him and an awesome background story to boot. I would KILL to have him as my godfather.Avatar ImageTheKeyWithMe says: My favorite character was Hermione, always has been. She is just so perfect, not caring about anything people have to say, unless they're complimenting her. I'm glad she becomes more confident along the way, she's an amazing person. I love her, I wish I was her. She's wonderful. Ron is lucky to have her as a wife, and everyone she knows is lucky to be related to her or a friend of hers. I really like how JK Rowling developed Hermione so well, she needed that extra consideration to be the character that she is now. I also think that without Hermione, there wouldn't be Harry Potter, because she has saved him and Ron's butts countless times and deserves everything that she's earned for herself. Wow, that was really long. Sorry, whoever reads this. I really love her. Avatar ImageLilyWeasley says: My favorite character is Hermione. She is a character that I have believed to grown the most. She started off as a sassy but smart little girl with no friends. She was annoying and sometimes rude, but quickly learned that "books and cleverness" wasn't everything. She knew that she would have to change if she wanted friends. She grew up into a woman who doesn't take crap from bullies like Draco Malfoy and she uses her smarts to help Harry. I think she is Harry's most valuable asset while on his on going journey to stop the Dark Lord. She was never tempted to cross the line between right and wrong, even when at school, unless it was for the greater good. Now, in the most recent books and movies, we see Hermione as a tough girl who stands by her friend's side, even if it means watching the one she loves walk away from them. She is loyal as a dog and her knowledge never stops coming in handy. She is a quick thinker and now a very good dueler who isn't afraid to fight for what she believes inAvatar Imagetrumpetgurl95 says: From the very beggining, my favorite character has been Hermione. She is a loyal friend, who, no matter the situation, will always stand by you. Through times of trouble she has been the rock for the famous trio, and has gotten them out of so many dangerous corners. She is clever and quick witted, with a slight attitude, which many people can relate too. I think her relatability is what draws draws so many readers to her. As I grew up with the series, so too did Hermione grow up and as she did this, my liking for her continued to grow. From start to finish, no character can possibly beat Hermione Jean Granger!Avatar ImageSherylyn says: Harry. It's been Harry since the first moment I saw him. I'm one of those "odd" fans, in a way, b/c I first became a fan after taking my daughter to see the first film. Friends and relatives had been trying to get me to read the books, but I was in graduate school and thought I didn't have time. After I saw the film for the second time, I told my daughter, "Okay, bring me the books.". I've been an HP nut ever since ;-). And I still love Harry the most. His courage; his imperfections; his sense of humor, even when things are dark; his endless, selfless love, even though he was so deprived of it himself for so long; and his ability to keep going, even after all he's been through, even to being such a wonderful father to his own kids — all of those things and more are the things I loved about Harry in PS/SS, and what I still love about him now, all these years since his defeat of Voldie :-)Avatar Imageallprostar31 says: It was, and will always be Charley. I even tried dying my hair red once. Let’s just say it did not go so well. Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: From the very beginning it's always been Hermione. She was the cutest, smartest, most level headed person I had ever read about. And she was only 11! Hermione was, and is, the hight of girl power. She can do what the boys can do and do it bettter nine times out of ten. Over the years she has grown into a wonderful role modle for all girl and has show what true friend ship is. Plus we all know that if it wasn't for Hermione Harry would never has gotten as far has he did, not only in his hunt for Horcurxes but also in school. Hermione Granger was the real power behind the thrown when it came to the boys. She may be fictional but she's been a friend to all of us over the past ten years. ) Avatar Imagequinnringo says: Severus Snape has always been my favorite character from beginning to end. I always knew there was something incredible that he was hiding behind that ominous exterior. He always had something misterious about him that made me want more. The best part was when they cast Alan Rickman to play him. As a huge Alan fan, I always heard his voice when reading the books. Over the course of time, I grew to love Bellatrix as well. She is just so deliciously evil. There is something about the way that she blindly follows the dark lord that is fascinating. As far as "happy" characters go, my favorite has always been McGonigal. The strength with which she guides the students, the determination, and the kindness are unmatched by the others. She is the rock behind gryffindor. As a teacher myself, it always is my goal to have McGonigal's sharpness as well as her heart of gold that the kids know that she has... with a little bit of Snape's exceptional wit thrown in.Avatar Imagefredwillbemissed says: For me it's Hermione. I was able to relate to her right away as the 'nerdy book loving' girl, who didn't care what others thought of her, but deep down did a bit. If anything I love her character even more. As with all of the characters, Hermione has grown up in many ways, becoming stronger both in knowledge and in understanding about the world around her and not just the world in her books. She is more accepting and not as quick to judge others, as she did in the first book. I would love to see her as an adult (hint hint at possible novels for Rowling to write or Harry Potter FanFiction....)Avatar Imagemurillo3193 says: When I first started reading the Harry Potter Series my favorite character, like most other people, was Harry Potter himself. I was just so intrigued by his life story and how he persevered throughout life. I loved that he was so talented in magic and everything else. As the story progressed my liking of Harry only increased. He was always so braved, and although Hermione always had the brains, it was Harry that always conjured up the most difficult spells. He was into the action and I just loved the way he was able master his Patronus. Overall, Harry, has and will forever remain my favorite character. Avatar Imageapkr42 says: When I first started reading the books, Harry was my favorite character. After all, he’s the first character we meet; not to mention the main character. In the first book I’ve always loved experiencing the Wizarding World for the first time with him. Jo’s created such a vast world that it still amazes me when I try to take it all in. However, as soon as we met Ron, I knew that we were going to have a lot in common. I was never very good in school and being lower down in the sibling chain (I’m the youngest) we tended to struggle to find ourselves. Of course I still loved Harry and Hermione, and I loved growing up with them, but I always had a harder time identifying them. Watching Ron deal with his problems in the wizarding world made me see that I could deal with these same issues in the muggle world. We are both forgetful and clumsy, not to mention we show embarrassment easily (blushing) but I like to think we share a lot of good qualities as well. We’re both very loyal friends, for example. I think Hermione really brings out the best in him, even though it took them forever to truly admit it to themselves. I’ll love Ron forever.Avatar ImageHedwig23 says: There are so many characters to Love in this series, it's hard to chose just one or two. But, I do have a few that I do care about deeply. Harry is Harry what isn't there to love about him. I have enjoyed watching him grow up through the books and in the movies. Next would be Hagrid, Hedwig, Dobby, Snape, Sirius, Lupin & the Weasley Family would be the other characters that I care about and love as well. Each of them have a special meaning to Harry and have brought a lot of joy and love into his life. Each care about Harry in their own way and there isn't anything none of them wouldn't do for him. Avatar ImageAm2b2 says: When I first started reading Harry Potter my favorite character was Ron. He wasn't the richest or most popular kid so I found him easy to relate to, plus he's hilarious. With all the suspense in the novels it was nice to get some comic relief. Ron's awkward charm still holds a place in my heart but now my favorite character is Luna. I just can't get enough of her. She style and personality is just so whimsical and quirky. Not only is she funny, like Ron, she is unique and weird (in the absolute best way possible). Avatar Imageimawitch0222 says: When I first read the Harry Potter series at age seven, I completely favored Hermione. We were, and still are, practically identical. People say I'm intelligent, yet a know-it-all. The moment I receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter, I am going to begin re-instating S.P.E.W.. I also have fairly bushy hair, though mine is blonde, and I even have that one guy friend I'm in love with. When I read the novels, I saw myself in Hermione. I saw a strong person, just like I wanted to be. Now that I've grown up a bit, Draco has seemed even stronger than Hermione. Hermione has her friends and family supporting her in life, Draco is alone. He is being constantly pulled down by his parents, whom are always bowing down to the Dark Lord. Being born into a loveless home, the blonde teen struggles in his life. It is hard to make friends when half of the world despises you, and the other wants to take down that half. So where does Draco end up? Constantly being used by You-Know-Who, just for the purpose of punishing Lucius. In the Deathly Hallows, you see that Draco has matured enough to see past petty differences to save an enemy's life. Though Draco is my favorite, so to speak, I also have a fondness for Narcissa Malfoy. Like Draco, she sees past the lines that part her and her family from the Order, and saves Harry. That is something he can never repay and therefore will always be in the debt of the two nicer Malfoys.Avatar Imageowlchick says: When I first read the book, I think I was incredibly impressed with Dumbledore's chill composure and sense of humor. He just seemed so wise and infallible, and also so caring. As the books went on, especially after Half Blood Prince, Snape very much moved up in my eyes as the most riveting character ever. He was so nuanced in the later books where he was such a strict caricature of a villain in the earlier books. His bravery, courage and love were what redeemed him in my eyes, and probably in Harry's. Oh, Snape, if only you'd been sorted into Griffyndor!Avatar Imagekeiyashi says: My favorite character was Hermione. I identified with her as a know-it-all who sometimes took it too far and annoyed people ): I remember admiring her in the scene where she solves Snape's riddle in SS... I use the past tense, but it's more like I've grown to like other characters more, rather than like Hermione less. (: Avatar ImageHpLookalike says: I would definitely have to say Harry was and still is my favorite. Through all my years reading this series, he isn't portrayed as invincible. He's just portrayed as an extraordinary human being with unfortunate circumstances, but yet still able to overcome his obstacles. In every single book Voldemort; oops I mean "He who must not be named" is always trying to sway harry off of the stronger path, and into his hands. No matter what, because of the ones who Love harry he is always able to hold on, even if just by a finger tip. Dumbledore, Luna, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Seamus, Dean, The Twins (for the first five years), and of course Ginny are all the main reason he made it at least 6 years at hogwarts. Beyond all the school years even then harry knows he is fighting not just for his own life, but for those willing to give theirs. He represents heart and strength, I love it.Avatar Imagecjusko says: I love Hermoine. Well, she's always acted like a mother. She has been a know it all at times which just plays to her insecurities. Like a mother, she has stepped in continually to protect Harry and Ron and yet has grown over the years and has remained open to continually improving herself and learning.Avatar Imageindigogirl808 says: In the beginning, my favorite characters were Harry and Dumbledore. I guess to me, Dumbledore seemed larger than life. Hermione irritated me and Ron seemed a bit bumbling. As time went on, my favorite characters became Hermione, because she's most like me, and Neville, because he just seemed like that underdog you love to root for (and I was super proud of him at the very end of DH). I've also always loved Hagrid's loyalty. I really admired Snape in the end, too, but I don't know that I'd say I "like" him. I'm also a lot more conflicted about Dumbledore because the story of his past really brought him back down to earth for me.Avatar Imagepumpkin3 says: there are so many great characters, one of my favorites is Luna, she is strong and not afraid to be herself. another is Hermione, i loved the fact that she is a great friend and smart, but will stand up to her friends when needed. i also love Neville for his ability to do what is right and his bravery that always existed. Ginny is another because she is kind and sweet, yet strong and commanding at the same time. she adds her much-needed feminine side to the Weasley family. i have also always loved Ron, his humor and bravery add light to every dark part of the books. i loe lots others,too, like Bellatrix and Snape, but i decide to focus on the good (that is to say, nice and kind,as i know many people still maintain the idea that Snape is good (wich he is), but the fact remains that he was, and will always be, bitter and angry.) Avatar Imagebailey.lottes says: When I was little I loved Hagrid and I still do but my all time favorite character ever writen I think is now Snape. I always liked his little snide comments and such but after reading The Prince's Tale and watching Alan Rickmans portrayal of him for years I was forever in love!!!! :DAvatar Imageelle luna says: When I first read the Harry Potter books my favorite character was Hermione. I loved books and so did she. If there was something i wanted to talk about she was right there in my head, waiting for me. Over the years; as the books have been released my favorite character has changed to Luna. I still love Hermione and she's still always there for me but as I have experienced a public high school I began to identify more with Luna. I can understand the feeling of being an outsider and people thinking you're a bit weird. I love how she's honest, brave,and wise. She sticks up for her beliefs. Luna is a wonderful, amazing, interesting, and insightful person. Avatar Imagesboyer06 says: When I first started reading the series my favorite character would have been Harry. I loved how he was so brave and loyal to his friends. I felt bad for him losing his parents at such a young age then being forced to live with abusive relatives. I even rooted for him in the Order of the Phoenix when he dated for Cho for a short while. Hoping they would get back together, but I must admit I love him and Ginny together much much better. :) Something for me also changed in the Order of the Phoenix. I found myself falling in love with Tonkses character. I love how clumsy she is, makes her more human. lol i can totally relate to being clumsy, when im out at the barn Im always tripping over stall mats. Best of all shes herself, and stands out instead of doing what everyone else is doing. She has her own style and does her own thing, and I love that about her. The fact that she is a Metamorphmagus is even better :) Wish I could constantly change my hair color like that!!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: You go giant squid!Avatar ImageJamille Potter says: My favourite of all, honestly, is Hermione... But through the years, it's Hermione and Cho Chang... I loved Hermione because she is freaking smart, and pretty... She's so smart that the Sorting Hat almost sorted her to Ravenclaw house, but, she had courage and was able to be sorted into Gryffindor :") I liked Cho Chang because she resembles Asian features(facial) and that she is also very very cute... She is very kind and her voice is so gentle... She dresses very well especially at the Yule Ball.... please pick me as the Dear Mr Potter winner because (HONESTLY) I have dreamt of having them, hundreds of them! But, if you have picked someone, it super-duper okay :)) Avatar ImageJamille Potter says: My favourite of all, honestly, is Hermione... But through the years, it's Hermione and Cho Chang... I loved Hermione because she is freaking smart, and pretty... She's so smart that the Sorting Hat almost sorted her to Ravenclaw house, but, she had courage and was able to be sorted into Gryffindor :") I liked Cho Chang because she resembles Asian features(facial) and that she is also very very cute... She is very kind and her voice is so gentle... She dresses very well especially at the Yule Ball.... please pick me as the Dear Mr Potter winner because (HONESTLY) I have dreamt of having them, hundreds of them! But, if you have picked someone, it super-duper okay :)) Avatar ImageJamille Potter says: My favourite of all, honestly, is Hermione... But through the years, it's Hermione and Cho Chang... I loved Hermione because she is freaking smart, and pretty... She's so smart that the Sorting Hat almost sorted her to Ravenclaw house, but, she had courage and was able to be sorted into Gryffindor :") I liked Cho Chang because she resembles Asian features(facial) and that she is also very very cute... She is very kind and her voice is so gentle... She dresses very well especially at the Yule Ball.... please pick me as the Dear Mr Potter winner because (HONESTLY) I have dreamt of having them, hundreds of them! But, if you have picked someone, it super-duper okay :)) Avatar Imagesdelnegro says: My favorite characters have always been Harry and Hermione. I have never been able to choose between the two. It is so easy to relate with Harry and Hermione in so many ways, from school to friends, and having to decide what is really the right thing to do in a difficult situation. Since Sorcerer's Stone, Harry has learned that Dumbledore was right all along (that his power against Lord Voldemort was love) and to always follow his instinct, and Hermione has realised that even though school is extremely important, there are some things that have to come before it, and that being "the brightest witch of her age" is something to be proud of.Avatar ImageEve13 says: I don't live in the U.S. and I'm only 12, but I'm going to post my comment anyway. When I first read the Harry Potter books, my favorite character was Hermione. This hasn't changed, but now Harry, Ron, and Ginny are all following very close behind.Avatar Image1harrypotterfan1 says: My favorite character when I first stared the series when I was still little was of course Harry Potter, I could relate to his character when I was young and he helped me a lot during my rough childhood, he help escape my problems and go into a fantasy world. But now it's Hermione because I have a crush on her Emma Watson and I just love that she is a great friend in real life and in the movies and a good girl too.Avatar Imagegkbakies says: Harry was my favorite to start with, and although is stayed in first place for the series, I started to become more intriged with Snape. He went from one dimensial bad guy in the first book to a very complex character by the end. The intense but opposite feelings he had for each of Harrys parents was amazing, and I wondered why Snape could never see any of Lily in Harry, especially when everyone else immediately commented on him having his mother's eyes. If only Snape had been able to see beyond Harry's resemblance to James, he might have been able to have been a better influence in Harry's life and told him much about his mother.Avatar Imageginny_lola says: Even from the very beginning, I've loved Harry. How people can go and say they don't like him is beyond me! Nothing's ever going to change...Harry's the (imaginary)man for me :P Avatar ImageLily Evans30 says: My favorite character is Hermione. I always loved her, I thought she was amazing, and I wanted to BE her. I think the reason I loved her so much was that I saw myself mirrored in her. While my dad was reading Sorcerer's Stone he said, "Emma I now know why you love Hermione so much, I see much Hermione Granger in you." And so Miss Granger remained my favorite character, no competition, until book 5 when I was introduced to Luna Lovegood. I don't think anyone could not like Luna. She is hilarious. I think I love Hermione most, but Luna defineatly comes in as a close second. So to make this short Hermione has been and always will be my favorite character.Avatar Imagepotetofurai says: Initially my favorite character was Ron. I thought he was funny and I always go for the "best friend" characters than the main ones. But after I read book 6 it changed to Remus Lupin. When I we found out that Tonks was in love with Lupin and how he wanted to be with her but felt like he didn't deserve her really made my heartbreak. I realized how strong of a person Remus was. When Sirius died it was Remus who was holding Harry back from going after him. I'm sure he wanted to run after Sirius into the veil too, but he held Harry back. That must have taken a lot of self control and I admire that. Avatar ImageLemonDrop7 says: Dobby and Hagrid were my favorites originally, but now I am for Snape all the way. He was always a mysterious character and the more you read the more complex his character got. I think all that he did throughout his life is amazing and I wish more people could be like him.Avatar Imagealohomora11 says: Obviously I have been a fan of Harry since the beginning, otherwise, why would I have read the series as many times as I did. He is your quintessential hero, the good guy who is willing to sacrifice himself for the people he loves. I also love Hermione as she reminds me of myself, and I have been able to connect with the character and relate to the situations she is in. My love for these two characters continued throughout the books. At the end of the series, though, I grew to admire another, unexpected character, one who I had despised through the rest of the series, Severus Snape. As bad of a person that I thought he was through the majority of the seven books, the fact that he loved Lily Potter so much that he risked his life to protect her son redeemed him in my eyes. His actions in the end were heroic and deep down, he really was a good person, making him one of my favorite characters.Avatar Imagegot2lovme says: At the begining it was, of course, Harry. I loved how normal he was. As I cont reading the series, I couldnt help but fall in love with Sirius. The was he loved harry and was the closest thing to a father. I am still heartbroken he's gone. But no matter what hes my fave.Avatar Imagelizzypotter1234 says: I loved Harry Potter in the beginning. I loved him because I love heros. Then my love shifted to the "bad" guys. Draco became my favorite. Then I was fascinated with Fred and George, and their mischevious ways. And in "The Princes Tale" in the seventh book I loved Snape and his undying love for a girl who he knew would never love him back. And after that Snap stuck with me and is my all time favorite. truly yours, Lizzy PS: Directer of the Deathly hollows pt.2, don't you dare cut out ANYTHING in the princes tale!!!! and don't mess it up either! thank you LizzyAvatar ImageColby26 says: I really loved Mrs. Weasley. I know that you got a small glimpse of her in the first book; I was mesmerized by her love and kindness from the start. She was genuine to Harry and she supported him to the very end. She is truly a great example of how mothers are to all of those around them.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Initially my favorite were Fred and George, because they made me laugh, and while I still love them, Luna quickly became my new favorite. She's such an odd ball, and she doesn't care. It took me a long time to stop caring about what other people thought of me, but Luna never cared. You have to admire that about her.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Wish it was for other countries too :(Avatar ImageHiren58 says: My fascination for Hermione's character started the moment she was in the girl's lavoratory in Philosopher's Stone. I felt real sympathy for her, especially out of the fact that she was from the Muggle world and was having a difficult time. Her intellect, not unlike mine....on a typical summer day I may be found in the library:P......her loyalty and daring......her value for friendship which is one of her most admirable traits of all, (which is personally why I believe she was sorted into Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw) and lets not forget her need for justice and equality (remember SPEW anyone??LOL) make her my absolute favourite HP character, from the start and it helps that I can relate to her in so many ways! Avatar Imageroseteaxx says: Nooo I missed it yesterday :(Avatar ImageAlizehed says: As a mother myself, my favorite character has to be Mrs. Weasley. Fiercely protective, yet struggling to give her children (and the ones she sees as her children, even if they aren't biologically) the independence they need, she was a beautifully written, honest character, and the one I thought would be most like Jo Rowling in her real life. Molly Weasley's scenes were the ones that made me cry (and still do), particularly when she gave Harry the watch for his birthday. She provided some stability in what would have been an otherwise chaotic world for Harry, and if I was Lily, I would be grateful that someone like Molly Weasley was there for my son.Avatar ImageLuna333 says: I've always loved Hagrid, but for some reason it's the more obscure, troubled characters that I've always wanted to learn more about: Ludo Bagman, Mundungus Fletcher, and Argus Filch. Avatar ImageCharliestcloud says: Who was your favourite character when you first started the Harry Potter series and how has that changed (if it has) over the years? My favorite Harry Potter characters would have to be the Weasley twins. They are just so energetic, fun, and out-going with everything that they do! They care about others and not just themselves. Avatar Imagecluna123 says: At first, it was Hermione. She was smart, kind, and pretty much knew what to do in situations that she read in her books (most of the time). Even though she was bossy, she had a good heart. I was her for Halloween 3 times. Then, Order of the Phoenix came out and I started to like Luna. She was also kind but she was viewed as an outsider, like me. Also, she believed in things that no one else, even if they were true. I loved how she believed in Harry from the start and was a great friend to him. Plus, she made me smile while I was crying during Deathly Hallows, both the book and the first movie. Now, I love Luna because I see myself in her.Avatar Imagedracowasinnocent says: When I first knew of Harry Potter, my favorite character of all was Dobby. He was funny and adorable. Then it was Harry. The main character, you were able to feel what he was going through, as he experienced it, you could experience it too. Then it was Hermione. Whenever my cousin and I played Harry Potter games we had made up, we were always fighting over who got to be her. Then, I always wanted to be Lavender Brown. She was still just a bit of an extra character at that point. She was my favorite until book six came out. And then, I settled on Draco Malfoy, the character I obsessed over. In fact, to this day, once I get started on talking about him, it's hard to shut me up. My family and friends groan whenever I mention him OR Tom Felton.Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: At first, my favorite character was Hermoine. It hasn't changed as much, I've only added to the list. She is smart, and witty. And she is such a girl in the eyes of Ron and Harry. Sometimes moody, a know-it-all for sure, but in the end we all love her because she really is the brains out of the three. Plus, girl-power is a essential in a great book!Avatar Imagehandhrfan18 says: my favorite character would luna. I always looked to her as a role model and someone i wish i could be. I loved how she was kind of different that everyone else. She didn't care what anyone thinks and keeps what she believes in. She is an amazing person once you get to know her. She lives in her own little world which is what i wish i could do sometimes :]Avatar Imageradishraven says: At first I loved Hermione more than any of the others because she was a bookish person like I used to be (sadly I'm not as much like her now). Then I fell in love with Luna because she's so wonderful in every way...I've never yet met a Potter fan who doesn't like her(or Dobby). But then I started to like Neville in OotP and cried when the trio and ginny meet his parents. And he just grew better and better. He's easily the best character.

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