James Phelps Talks Fred Weasley’s Death Scene


Jul 01, 2011

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Parade has a new interview with James Phelps (Fred Weasley) where he discusses, among other things, what it was like to have a death scene for a character he’s played for ten years:

“It was surreal. I feel like a really close friend has died. It was more like a Saving Private Ryan scene than Harry Potter, so
it was kind of cool, because every guy wants to be in an action movie
and that’s what this is. But I pretty much just laid there and fell
asleep. I think it was more of a challenge for the other guys than me.
Rupert [Grint] and Oliver [Phelps], they really upped their game for
that one. Hopefully people will like how it’s been done.”

Phelps also reflected on his first day of shooting on “Philosopher’s Stone”:

“I remember it very clearly. We were in a little village in Yorkshire,
literally in the middle of the countryside, and we shot the last scene
of the first movie when Harry gets back on the train. That’s the first
scene we ever shot, and I can remember being nervous as hell.”

Phelps also goes into what souvenir he took from the Harry Potter set and sharing the experience of filming the movies with his brother Oliver in the rest of the interview, which you can read here.

Many thanks to Parade!

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