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Aug 03, 2011

Posted by Mel

The Pottermore Insider Blog has added to their FAQ about the Magical Quill Challenge by addressing issues regarding the fourth clue, as well as information regarding registering multiple accounts:

I solved the clue for Day 4 but I couldn’t find The Magical Quill. What happened?
Due to huge demand today, not everyone who solved the Day 4 clue was
able to find The Magical Quill. To ensure no one missed out on the
chance to register for early access to Pottermore, we decided to direct
people who successfully solved the clue straight to the Pottermore
registration page, where they were able to register as normal.

I’ve found The Magical Quill more than once. Am I allowed to create multiple early access Pottermore accounts?
No. You may only register for the early access period once. Please refer to the conditions of participation in The Magical Quill promotion Terms & Conditions.

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58 Responses to More Magical Quill Challenge Questions Answered on Pottermore Blog

Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: LOL... I got so angry when I could not find that stinkin' quill!!! looool...Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I don't see why people make multiple accounts. It's unnecessary!Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: haha it was annoying ! i was like " WHATS GOING ON HE- oh, heh there it is" it was just random and glitched !Avatar Imageobiwancrazy says: I had my laptop with me since 7:20 this morning (which is 12:20 BST)... eagerly awaiting the clue... but then I had to drive to my grandmother's house. We stopped at Wawa so it took about 30 mins. During that 30 minutes, the clue opened and closed. I missed it! Urgh. Better luck tomorrow, me.Avatar Imageobiwancrazy says: Oh I forgot to mention I was watching the site from 7:20 to about 11:00.Avatar ImageHarry89 says: Well I expect those who are making multiple accounts would be for friends and relatives who were unavailable during the registration times. Or wanted to re-register if they had that issue with Yahoo! Mail that was going on. Avatar ImageHarry89 says: Well I expect those who are making multiple accounts would be for friends and relatives who were unavailable during the registration times. Or wanted to re-register if they had that issue with Yahoo! Mail that was going on. Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Good luck to everyone. We need the serious Potter fans on Pottermore.Avatar ImageHer-mio-ne says: What time would you say clue five will be out in Ireland?Avatar ImageUmbridgeintraining says: I missed my audition because I stayed up all night watching for the clue and I passed out at about 8am, woke up at 11 and it was closed, so I thought I'd try to get some sleep since I missed registration and I wanted to look human for my audition, but I slept right through it! I guess I'm more dedicated to Potter than I am to acting! Avatar ImageKessalia19 says: Issue with Yahoo! mail? That explains everything. :/ I couldn't log in at all, and am missing the whole thing. TRAGEDY.Avatar ImageWitchChrissyAmI says: I got in on Tuesday and still haven't gotten my verification e-mail. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm nervous, my 48 hours are almost up!!!!!Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: xD Yes, the Magical Quill was slightly unnecessary. lOl. I think just letting them register is better! (:Avatar Imagejillians642 says: I am rather disappointed, quite frankly, at this poor explanation about what was supposed to happen (were we supposed to find it on the Sony site? Was I just bumped there because the website was so busy?). "To ensure no one missed out on the chance to register for early access to Pottermore, we decided to direct people who successfully solved the clue straight to the Pottermore registration page" I don't consider the Sony page I stared at for five minutes (with quite a few refreshes in there) the same thing as the Pottermore registration page.Avatar Imagesensiblegal says: I've found this process completely frustrating...not the least of which is I have a job and don't have hours to sit monitoring my messages for news that registration is open.Avatar ImageThe Stew says: I heard a lot of people were having these problems/questions today. Luckily I somehow got in before the rush. Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Avatar Imageminniee33 says: Hey guysss, please dont forget to vote for Harry, Hermione, Draco, HP7Pt1 and HP7Pt2 in the 2011 Teen Choice vote per day per email so please try to get as many people as you can! ImagePotionsMaster7 says: I got in....SparksPhoenix160:)Avatar ImageKiwiBrian says: This registration process for Pottermore is: A Unnecessary B A waste of time and C Frustrating Surely there is a fairer way of doing this without all the rigmarole of this systemAvatar Imagefox_rox says: I got in! I was taken to a Sony website and after trying to figure out what to do next, I backed out and tried again and voila! I got early registration and am so excited!!!Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: I couldn't out any of this, plus I had to work, so I'm checking the site in 2 months.Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: I couldn't figure out any of this, plus I had to work, so I'm checking the site in 2 months.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I think its good they've decided to drop the whole quill thing, it was getting confusing. Does anyone know what time the 5th clue goes up tomorrow West Coast USA time?Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I think this is crazy... Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad you all got to get in, but I think is totally unfair that some people were directed to Pottermore's registration site. I spent quiete some time looking for the quill all through the sony site and finally when I checked again the registration was already closed!!!!! Avatar Imagepamelitaluisa says: I'm rather enjoying this kooky registration process. The staying up 'til midnight reminds me of staying up for the book releases...the excitement and unknown and anticipation! It was definitely crazy-making to end up at the Sony site, but eventually it kicked in and I got my ID! I figure only truly dedicated HP fans will stick with it, thus making for a better beta group! Hooray for us!Avatar Imagecerizesicat says: i solved but was not able to find the quill :(Avatar ImageLilly Malfoy says: I was asleep last night, but got myself an account the first day, I didn't have a problem on day 1. I found the quill on day 2 and 3 as well with out a problem. (I found the quill just for the fun of it and just didn't register after day one.)Avatar ImageExpelliarmus10 says: I found the magical quill on Day 3, it took me to a children's book site and i didn't know what i was doing...Until i saw a big purple box saying that the magical quill was here :LAvatar ImageLindssnape says: To be honest, I would really like to enter the site early. But waiting around for a chance to see the quill isn't an option and I think I'd rather just wait the month until its open to everyone. I’ve always been a mad Potter fan, but this makes me feel like I cant be apart of all the hype just because I haven’t got the time to wait for the quill! And I find comments like ‘only truly dedicated HP fans will stick with it, thus making for a better beta group’ insulting! Your early registration should be a privilege because you're a fan. Not a championship belt you won that symbolizes your devotion.Avatar Imagemencia says: I'm in just waiting fo my welcoming email :DAvatar ImageMr.Bones says: Everyone calm down and breathe. Dont freak out that you might not experience this just a month before everyone else because whatever is done prior the public release will probably be reset anyway. Pretty sure they are not going to let the early folks keep house points, pets, and whatever other stuff they get to try. Their accounts will likely be the only thing one gets to keep and maybe some little badge or something like that. Just relax and keep trying, there are still 3 more chances. I've been trying since day one and i just got in today. Some tips i can give is having several tabs open and also having several browser open if your comp can take them. Today i kept getting the Sony Store website on Firefox but i got through with Internet Explorer. You all need to remember that a whole mess of folks are all going at it at the same time, things might not work properly because of this. It probably looks like those videos of people rushing into stores on Black Friday. Some of you will end up as the people being knocked down and stepped on. Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: HELP! I registered yesterday but haven't yet received my validation email. I have and earthlink account, not yahoo, so that's not the issue and it isn't in my suspect folder so that's not it either. I'm so worried that I'll miss the 48 hour window and not be able to complete my hard-fought-for registration. There really ought to be a way we can contact Pottermore when we have problems. Does have anyone have any ideas as to what's going on? Thanks,.Avatar ImagePaxkiEverclear says: I was able to register yesterday with the 4th clue. My Pottermore name is DawnSky100. I'll see all you early members there!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageSauvium says: So far I have been at work every day during the open hours :( I have Saturday off so hopefully I'll be able to get in on day seven! Avatar ImageSpook says: Think yourself lucky. The site won't even accept my password or username and yet I know it was received when it was first announced. Have emailed everyday and no answer. Maybe I did it wrong???Avatar Imagesmartygranger126 says: I'm just happy that I found the quill on the first two days so now I get to aviod all this hectic trying to find the quill on the last few days.Avatar ImageDumbledoresMan5769 says: It still says Day 4 registration is closed, when it should be on Day 5... I'm in the Eastern US, what time does it reopen here?Avatar ImageLittleD says: It's so annoying waiting for the next clue to come up-need to make sure I don't miss it :SAvatar Imagetrontech says: Day 5...11:27 am, E.S.T. Absolute silence. The clue is not up and nobody is posting on Leaky. The tension is tightening as nothing happens for hours. OMG! It's so exciting!Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: I got in yesterday and something definately went wrong. It was strange. I solved the clue, went to the sony site, and at first it did bring up the screen with all the floating quills. I found the magical quill, clicked on it, and got this big CONGRATULATIONS message and was told to click a link to register. When I clicked on the link, it just took me back to the Pottermore site with the clue. I entered the clue again and again. I just kept going back to the sony page. The quill screen never appeared again, and then all of a sudden I was redirected to the registering site. I registered and validated, no problem. It was so wierd. I'm glad I got in, of course, but I'm also glad that even though it didn't go smoothly, I actually did get to find the quill. That was part of the fun and excitement! I would have been disappointed if I'd just been redirected to register, but I would have gotten over it :) Oh, and I'm PixieThorn6!Avatar ImageKittyVD says: I have my account since Monday! I was so happy and couldn't believe it was SO easy for me (normal those kind of things fail to work when I try it xD). Waiting eagerly for my Welcome E-mail!! Good luck to all who are still trying! Don't give up! I feel it's going to be worth it...Avatar Imagetrontech says: I got redirected to "just" register and I tell you, I'm over it. (Missing the quill meant nothing to me because it was the first time I tried to register.) Hey, success is success! Haven't quit smiling for 24 hours. ps, 12 noon est and no clue.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I think perhaps they have ceased giving out the clue release times because so many people were set up & waiting to 'pounce' on it yesterday, that it messed up the quill script on the SONY site... Best of luck to all of you trying today & Friday & Saturday!Avatar ImageGryffindorAtHeart says: Insider has released time frame for Clue 5...Between 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm BST.Avatar ImageSnape_ismyhero says: I reallly don't like how people are making multiple accounts and some are even selling them on e-bay! I hope pottermore disable them because i would be crushed if i didnt get in and someone else made 2 accounts or is selling one! Avatar ImageGryffindorAtHeart says: Good luck getting in Snape.. I hope you make it.. And YES multiple accounts and especially selling accounts is wrong!!Avatar ImagePotterPanda10 says: Poor me. I didn't now about by the challenge the first day, by the time i found out about it the second day it was closed, the third day I'd left my laptop and my grandmother's and before i got it back it was closed, I stayed up all night for the fourth clue but had to go to my stinken flute lessons and missed it. Hopefully I'll get it today! Good luck everyone! :DAvatar ImageMom7 says: It's open :)Avatar Imagemi55ymomma says: I got to register, hope I get the email. :) Good luck everyoneAvatar Imagemi55ymomma says: I got to register, hope I get the email. :) Good luck everyoneAvatar ImageSnape_ismyhero says: clue 5 is up! getting alot easier though haha xAvatar Imagetxhighlife says: I'm so excited, I'm in!!Avatar ImagePotterPanda10 says: I'm in! After five days of trying I'm in!Avatar ImageCorvusAndarton says: wondering how a single registration is determined: both my son and I would like to register, but we have only one e-mail address. I received my confirmation e-mail to complete registration promptly, but his has not yet come. Hope that having the same e-mail address is not the filter since they ask those under the age of 17 to submit their parents' or guardian's e-mail address!Avatar Imageflask-half-full says: I was able to get in and register today. The only part that was a pain was the scholastic page they sent me too. The magic quill was there and I clicked it even though it said it was an ad. It said congratulations, that was it... noting happened.... went back.... did it again and then again.... after several tries it went to the registration page. Site was overwhelmed again I think and that why it was taking so long for it to load. Other than that small hiccup everything was good. Everyone who gets a registration should be expecting hiccups with the site before it opens, that is what a beta run is for. They are going to check servers and software for a month and a half and then let the crowds run through the open doors once everything is holding together. Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: Can't wait for October!!

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