Pottermore Insider Updated: Beta Access Continues, Staggered Entrance


Aug 18, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Pottermore Insider blog has been updated to mark the progress of the first few days of beta access to the Harry Potter online reading experience. The blog post reads, in part:

At the start of this week, we sent out Welcome emails to a small number of Beta users. These people have been busy exploring the site, leaving comments to tell us when they like something, and making suggestions when they find something they would like us to improve. In just four days we’ve learned an awful lot and, as a result, have started making changes to improve the Pottermore experience.

We know that a lot of people are eager to receive their Welcome emails and that it’s difficult to wait but, as we mentioned in our earlier blog post, we’re staggering entry to Pottermore and to start with we’re only letting a small number of people onto the site.

Leaky has access to Pottermore and is updating this post with our live observations throughout the day. A full review will be posted shortly.
If you have access to this beta version of Pottermore, please do share your thoughts in the comments below!

197 Responses to Pottermore Insider Updated: Beta Access Continues, Staggered Entrance

Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Thanks for the update MyLeaky! And I appreciate everything Pottermore has done and will do for all the Harry Potter fans! But the wait is unpleasant but I will survive! :)Avatar ImageSlytherinGPLover says: the waiting is awful...but sooner (hopefully...) or lately we will all be rewarded xDAvatar Imagekiwimci says: When are you updating as you go through it? Waiting to get in is painful!Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: No email for me :( but I appreciate the update!Avatar Imageroonwit says: It is nice we have some news, and updating when they have added some more accounts should ease the uncertainty a bit, perhaps the load on the site as well. However I think it would be nice if they also told us how many accounts had been joined so we could get some idea as to how things are progressing.Avatar Imageluckyleo81 says: does anyone know if there is a link in the email to activate the account or if the email is just a formality so you know that you can now get on?Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I think is a little lame...Don't get me wrong, I understand how huge this endevour has to be, but I also think that it was predictable. Don't you remember how the Pottermore site collapsed the very first time, more than a month ago??? And still, the site keeps colapsing. So, are they going to be able to support the millions of fans Harry Potter has? Personally, it annoys me that they keep saying that just a SMALL group of people is being let in... in general I feel a little disappointed...Avatar ImageMr.Bones says: Calm down, this is a big endavor and they are still in the testing stages. They are preparing for the millions of people that will show up when it's live. And dont expect a 100% of the site for the folks that get in as told by the blog. Avatar Imageroonwit says: luckyleo81: I understand the email is a formality, I believe some people found the site open before they saw their email. Halfblood Princess: The site may not be at full power yet. If they are letting small numbers on they may be keeping some machines back for internal testing and development.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I have said this before, and at risk of being deemed redundant I repeat, that so far everyone I know who has been sorted has been placed in a house they would not have personally chosen. I think this is a serious flaw in the Pottermore setup… Like the ‘real’ sorting hat in the books, one’s personal preference SHOULD have weight in the sorting process!Avatar ImageSickleDawn says: But isn't the person sorted by honestly answering a series of questions that leads them to be sorted?Avatar ImageNickan8r71 says: @luckyleo81 Yes, when I received my welcome email there was a link in it that took me to the site and I logged in there. @Won_Two {CastleWitch96} Personal choice is taken into account, at least it was for me. After answering the questions, I was then asked which house I wanted to be in. Not sure where you're getting your info from, but you can relax.Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: That picture of the Great Hall is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad they're keeping us updated, they haven't forgotten about us unfortunates who've had no email yet! I'm surprised they're making changes while people are still using the website, maybe that explains some of the glitches people have been talking about? :/Avatar ImageCathrynOCamdentowne says: My, my. What is it? Lots of people sorted into Slytherin? By the tone of some unreasonably impatient posts that might be a sign they got the sorting quite right. Or maybe it's a Dudley thing -how many are there? Last year there were 37! Really, she's giving you this thing FREE -why all the whining and whinging? Have some bloody patience.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Yes, roonwit... I understand and I think you're right, however it still is a little annoying... they should be testing the real thing and stop holding back (in case they are). And Won Two: I think that if they took our choice the majority would end up in Gryffindor ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... nevertheless I read somewhere else that they were given the opportunity to choose between two houses (Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff) and ended up being sorted in the house they chose... Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: @Nickan8r71... I did not say that the candidate is not asked which house they would prefer... I stated: >> "so far everyone I know who has been sorted has been placed in a house they would not have personally chosen.' 'Like the ‘real’ sorting hat in the books, one’s personal preference SHOULD have weight in the sorting process!"<< Apparently, far more 'weight' is placed on the answers to the questions, than is given to the candidate's personal preference. If that was how Harry was sorted, he would have been a Slytherin! In answer to your question, I got my information from a half dozen longtime Leaky members who are somewhat miffed that they have been sorted into a house they do not identify with...Avatar Imagegraziboi says: I got my email today finally :) I got sorted into Ravenclaw! I'm excitedAvatar Imageginnyw7 says: thanks for the update but waiting is HORRIBLE!! Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Well this is beta testing right now so if you don't like what house you are sorted into give the pottermore staff some FEEDBACK. Beta websites are not perfect at first.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: That is our job.To help them perfect. Avatar ImageMira says: I was sorted into Gryffindor - a pleasant surprise as I was not expecting it. I was not given a choice but I got in on the first day, they may have made some changes.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Who comes here and complains without giving pottermore feedback honestly. Here is a serious question. What is the purpose of a beta tester? If you don't want to be a beta tester wait till October to enter the bloody site.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Leaky cauldron is not a site to vent your frustration.Avatar ImageFirewhisky_Addict says: I absolutely can't wait to get into Pottermore!! My best friend is one of the beta users & I'm so jealous. This is when a time turner would come in useful...Avatar Imagejyassa says: still didint get my email :(Avatar ImageRhemas says: You could alway look at PottermoreCentral for more updates and other pictures of the beta site...plus you have a real friendly community all about the game. Tell them Rhemas sent you. pottermorecentral dot com RhemasAvatar ImageHogwartsForever says: It's only when I read stuff like this that I get a bit impatient about not getting an email yet. :(Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Congrats to those who have seen it.Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Congrats to those who have seen it.Avatar ImageLexitheAuror says: I got my Welcome Owl at noon (Central U.S. time), but I just now saw it because I've been busy packing for school and babysitting. (I found the magic quill on Day 1, in case anyone is still counting).Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: PLEASE GIVE ME MY EMAIL POTTERMORE! please :'( I want to get in soo bad. Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I wish they hadn't allowed one million people win the quill challenge. Seems as if it's just disappointing people, and at this rate some people (out of the million) won't get in until the end of September. If that happens, then they won't really be able to make a difference in the site with the feedback button. If Pottoremore wants a million people to test it for feedback, then they need to let a million people in asap. If they only wanted a small sample, then they should have only accepted a small population. IMO, the real bad part about it, is now not knowing when you will get in. They should be more specific instead of saying, "It's coming...we just don't know when..."Avatar Imagebcfgrg says: I agree with purplehogwarts! The wait is torture. Especially since I signed up on Day 1. I thought it was first come, first serve...otherwise, what was the point of making the questions harder? If it wasn't going to be that way, I wouldn't have stayed up until 4am! They should have anticipated a large amount of fans. I mean the books have been a worldwide phenomenon, breaking records left and right. The movies have done just as well. People camped outside in trashbags without tents for 7 days in downtown London just the Harry Potter premiere. The website crashed just because people wanted to signup to get notification about the site's opening. Harry Potter fans are extreme (and I love it!) and they should have anticipated that. Everything in our history as a fandom says that this was going to be a ridiculously huge thing. There just aren't any excuses for having not anticipated a large influx of people. But congrats to anyone who has been lucky enough to get in so far! As the days go by, I am more and more convinced I'll be a Slytherin. And I'm a diehard Gryffindor at heart! Avatar Imagebcfgrg says: I agree with purplehogwarts! The wait is torture. Especially since I signed up on Day 1. I thought it was first come, first serve...otherwise, what was the point of making the questions harder? If it wasn't going to be that way, I wouldn't have stayed up until 4am! They should have anticipated a large amount of fans. I mean the books have been a worldwide phenomenon, breaking records left and right. The movies have done just as well. People camped outside in trashbags without tents for 7 days in downtown London just the Harry Potter premiere. The website crashed just because people wanted to signup to get notification about the site's opening. Harry Potter fans are extreme (and I love it!) and they should have anticipated that. Everything in our history as a fandom says that this was going to be a ridiculously huge thing. There just aren't any excuses for having not anticipated a large influx of people. But congrats to anyone who has been lucky enough to get in so far! As the days go by, I am more and more convinced I'll be a Slytherin. And I'm a diehard Gryffindor at heart! Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: We are still WAITing! Avatar Imagedcevans says: I guess what's most frustrating for me is getting my entry letter and not being able to get past Diagon Alley. I think about of 25% those in the site experienced this problem and it's not fixed yet. :/Avatar Imagehufflepuffluff says: I wish the Pottermore Insider update had done a better job of clarifying the vague staggered entry issue. Simply providing a scheduled weekly range for Day 1, Day 2,entry, etc. (as they eventually did for the Quill clues) would reduce the frustration and boost morale. Yes, beta testing is always a challenge, but they seem to have underestimated the need...surprising, given the hype and the Magical Quill challenge. --Day 1 registrant (first 20 minutes) continuing chant of patience, patience, patience Avatar ImageHarry-Potter.fan says: Pottermore is absolutely wonderful!Avatar ImageDeona says: Even though I didn't manage to get in until the 5th day, I really wish people were getting in according to the order they signed up! I agree with purplehogwarts' point that since they made the earlier clues harder, those people should be let in first. They should at least let us know how many people are being let in each time they send out emails, though I do appreciate the blog posts every time people are let in! But what was the point of letting people in early if some of us won't get in until the day before the site is open to everyone? Meh. I guess I'm just grumpy because I haven't gotten my email yet. With my luck, I'll get in on Sept. 30. Of course, if I get in late, maybe most of the bugs will be fixed. Until then, I'll be checking my email every hour! Avatar ImageSxPalms says: If you want a preview of who's getting in, check out this site that was made just for it ---- and it'd also help make the polls more accurate if you participate! http://pottermorepolls.webs.com/ It's not much, but it does give you a somewhat idea of what's going on in the email process.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Okay, I believe that Leaky belongs to all of us and you should have the right to express your feelings and opinions, but I'm really disappointed in the amount of complaining and whining going on in these comments. Pottermore will be wonderful, I'm sure, and will be FREE to everyone. It's a gift to the fans. I can tell you that if I ever tried to give a really special gift to someone, and needed their patients and help in ensuring that the gift ultimately was perfect and wonderful, and got this kind of response? I would take my gift back. Just saying......Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @LovesLaborLost Thank you, that's exactly what I was thinking (it's kind of pointless to post the same exact rant as you, though..but yea..) Pottermore's just like any other beta site. And for those who don't know what a beta site is, particularly, then look it up, because maybe then you wouldn't have such high expectations and won't be complaining about things that are to be assumed.Avatar Imagetonksftmemories says: Normally I hate complaining (#firstwordproblems) but this waiting sucks. I understand why they have to stagger the entrance, but I wish they had some kind of system. I think it would be fair to let in the day 1 beta's 1st. This might sound selfish, but I found the clue 5 times and waited online for hours and yet lots of other people who got in on the 6th and 7th day who kind of got an account because they saw hype about it online. I just wanted ths experience to be one that I could do alongside my online friends, but they got in days ago and are at Hogwarts and I'm waiting for my email.Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: Thanks to @LovesLaborLost and S Palms for saying exactly what I have been thinking. Of course I feel the need to add my two cents :-)... I am especially frustrated with people (on a bunch of different HP sites) who have already gotten onto the beta site, complaining about problems on the site. I would LOVE to be on the site helping to work out the bugs... There are so many people who would be so excited to be on the site helping them work out the issues. So please be grateful you have already gotten access! And people who didn't get a chance to find the magic quill and get early registration would probably be really excited about getting in even a week before the site went up for everyone in October... a week is a long time to get to explore a brand new site while the numbers are still relatively low! The lack of gratitude and sense of entitlement is getting on my nerves. There ends my rant :-) Love to everyone! Thanks to JKR for this wonderful gift and giving us something to look forward to!Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Tonks If you go on the site I just mentioned, you'll see the polls are showing that mostly Day 1s are getting in. About a third are Day 2s, and some random few that are different days. Avatar ImageSxPalms says: I haven't gotten in yet, but I'm a Day 2. I'm hoping to get an email soon. :)Avatar Imagesexysnapeyseverus says: I can't WAIT to get my welcome email :) All this waiting will be worth it.Avatar ImageMHFisher28 says: omg!! OMG!!! even if you have not gotten into pottermore.com, go to pottermore.com (your in an office, you see a desk with an owl, book, the quill and other stuff) click on the "sign in to pottermore", (now your on Privet Drive and it daytime) "Please enter your username" enter your user name,"Please enter your password" enter your password,check "Keep me signed in" and click on the "sign in", (your still at Privet Drive but now it nighttime) look for the "Thestral" and click on her right eye WOW AMAZING!!!!!Avatar Imagetrip_le_threat says: Hmmm, I keep trying not to get my hopes up. But it's hard when everyone else talks about it all the time, I end up feeling like I'm missing out. I just have to keep telling myself... "You are magical, your letter will get here soon" and repeat that over and over in my head or outloud.Avatar ImageNoz says: As for the "which house would like to be sorted in?" question, there are way more potential questions than just the 7 we get. Which means that 2 students participating in the sorting process at the same time won't get the same set of questions. My boyfriend and I did the sorting at the same time but gotonly 3 identical questions out of the 7, and none of them where about the house we would like to get in. In the end, I got the house I thought I was made for, but he didn't. What is strange is that Gryffindor/Slytherin and Hufflepuff have quite the same amount of students whereas Ravenclaw is way more crowded. And if you're not sorted into Gryffindor, think about all the things you're about to discover on the other common rooms, of which we know almost nothing about ! The JKR bits about Hufflepuff are priceless for example ! Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Noz I'm glad to hear that Ravenclaw is overcrowded. That tells me that the house you are assigned to is truly what Jo thinks you belong in and not a house assigned to you to "make the numbers more even." :) Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @DragonBlade Guess I haven't seen death because I don't have a thestral on my page.Avatar ImageNoz says: I guess so, because the sorting questions are really tough to answer sometimes and quite revealing about your character. It's particularly funny to be sorted in group, as you can ask friends how they perceive you, and it's quite far sometimes to your own perception especially for questions such as "what do you fear the most", or "what would you like the most ? - be feared, be trusted, be liked, be imitated..." ;-) But concerning the house numbers, the numbers are quite even (4300 for the 3 houses) except for Ravenclaw (more than 5400). I really would have liked to have a glimpse of their common room... ^^Avatar Imagesongbird says: I think we all just need to calm down...we'll all get in eventually, and it is FREE! And we don't know when in October it will be open to all, do we? So just because you don't get in until the end of September, doesn't mean you won't get the chance to help. And it's perfectly logical that they are doing this in the staggered way...1) there may be specific things they want to test (such as foreign languages) and the people already given access fit those demographics. There was never a promise of first come first served. Just because they don't tell us what their system is doesn't mean they don't have one. 2) Giving first access to day one quill finders and later access to Day 7 quill finders would not necessarily be fair since the first several clues were at a time that was good for Europeans and bad for those in North America for example. People have jobs, children, school...they can't always stay up late into the night waiting for the clues. So going on the first come first served basis would be an advantage for Europeans. 3) How are they to test the improvements they are making if they don't stagger entrance? People give feedback now, they go and make the necessary changes...then they need to test AGAIN to make sure those changes are working and that they are an improvement. So they need to bring in a new round of users to test from the beginning each time they change something. 4) Someone complained about them not anticipating the number of people...how many people do you think are usually asked to beta test a new site? The fact that 1 million is a LIMITED number shows they anticipated a HUGE fan base. As for houses....I would guess that if you asked, about 90% of people would say they wanted to be in Gryffindor....obviously that is not possible. A lot of people are probably more thinking of where they WISH they were than where they actually belong. Jk wrote the sorting questions herself, and she kind of knows what she's doing...I trust her. I've never really known where I SHOULD be so I'm really looking forward to that to find out...should the hat put me in Slytherin, I'd like to know why, but I'll trust it. And someone mentioned Harry would have been in Slytherin...we don't know that. Yes, the hat said Harry had many qualities of a Slytherin, but he said that because Harry was thinking so hard "NOT SLYTHERIN." We do NOT know what that hat would have said had Harry not been thinking that...after all, the slytherin parts of Harry were mostly because of the bit of Voldemort's soul that was in Harry....that 1/8th of a soul is going to completely overpower everything else in Harry's own soul? Not very likely...so while it may have appeared to put Harry in the house of his choice, we don't know that that's necessarily true. And he only said "Not Slytherin"...he didn't ask to be put in Gryffindor...he could have just as easily been in Hufflepuff or ravenclaw. So the hat took his preference into consideration, and it worked out GREAT for Harry, but it doesn't garuntee you will get whatever house you asked for..Snape and Lily wanted to be together and weren't. So that hat isn't there to do your bidding. Just my 2 (or 20) cents.Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: I got in on Day 3 and no email yet :/ Hoping to get in soon though DragonBlade- what is the thestral meant to do if you click it's eye anyway?Avatar ImageMallory Wexler says: @DragonBlade Where's the Thestral? :|Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: @DragonBlade Yeah, There is no Thestral? Where is it on yours and what does it do when you click it's eye?Avatar ImageNickan8r71 says: @Noz I was sorted into Ravenclaw and couldn't be happier about it! The common room and info in it are amazing, just FYI. :) It's interesting that you mentioned that the sorting questions differ by person. I had a feeling this was the case since it would get to easy to game the system if there were only a set number of questions. I wonder if they change randomly by person, or change as you answer each question? I would hope the latter. I too found the questions very insightful and personal, so yeah, I trust that if you answer them truthfully, you'll be put in the house that's correct for you, not just the one you WISH you could be in. It's weird, I would have been fine with any house, but in the back of my mind I had two thoughts: 1) for the first time I realized that Revenclaw was probably the house for me after always siding with Harry and wanting to be in Gryff, and 2) while I wouldn't have cried or anything if I was put in Slytherin, I did keep thinking to myself "not slytherin." Thanks Harry! That works! I'm also curious, since you and the people you know got different questions, did you get to choose between houses/give your house preference at the end of questioning? If so, were you ultimately put in the house you chose?Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: DragonBlade, where is the Thestral you mention? Since I'm not yet authorized, when I sign in I get three signs which block most of the Privet Drive scene... And yes.... still NO letter... Avatar ImageNoz says: @Nickan8r71 That's funny because I had almost the same way of thinking concerning the sorting. I always figured I was a Gryffindor, but in the back of my mind I thought "well, I might be a ravenclaw after all..." Ultimatly I was put in Gryff and that's really fine since it answers certain aspects of my personality and a personal longing (and people around me confirmed that) but part of me would have wanted to discover Ravenclaw from the inside... :-) And I also kept thinking "not slytherin". It worked too !! As for the house preference, I did not get it, nor did my boyfriend, so it really is a matter of what you answer in the first questions. Certain answers might trigger certain questions and so on. But ultimately it's about the choices we make, right ? ^^Avatar ImageNoz says: @Nickan8r71 That's funny because I had almost the same way of thinking concerning the sorting. I always figured I was a Gryffindor, but in the back of my mind I thought "well, I might be a ravenclaw after all..." Ultimatly I was put in Gryff and that's really fine since it answers certain aspects of my personality and a personal longing (and people around me confirmed that) but part of me would have wanted to discover Ravenclaw from the inside... :-) And I also kept thinking "not slytherin". It worked too !! As for the house preference, I did not get it, nor did my boyfriend, so it really is a matter of what you answer in the first questions. Certain answers might trigger certain questions and so on. But ultimately it's about the choices we make, right ? ^^Avatar ImageNoz says: @Nickan8r71 Oops, and I almost forgot : I hope we can invite friends from other houses in our own someday, because that would be really nice to discover the info concerning the other common rooms. I don't recall of such a thing in the books (everytime we discovered other common rooms - slytherin and ravenclaw - it was through misdemeanor), but I think I'll suggest it via the beta ... Avatar ImageSohumdore says: pottermorepolls.webs.com has new polls up! particiapte to make them more accurate and to find out exactly when and who is getting into the Beta!Avatar ImageNickan8r71 says: @Noz Great idea about inviting friends into other common rooms! I suspect all the common rooms on Pottermore have the same functionality and layout and everything, but it'd be nice to be able to access the information about each house. Since I was sorted into Ravenclaw, i am only able to see the new information about that house (which is great), but I, like probably everybody, would love to be able to read any new information JKR has written about the other house. I want to read everything new i can get my greedy little eyes on!Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: has anyone from day 3 got into the beta site yet? I'm still waiting :/Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: registered on day 1, still waiting :(Avatar ImageLilyFlower96 says: can't wait for pottermore!! from what im hearing from people who already have access to it, it is AMAZING!! i can't stop thinking about it.... im literally checking my email every hour expecting it to come!! they should just sending all of them out already......it is absolutely frustrating!! :(Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: they updated though , telling they've sent some emails at 12.30 pm BST ...but no email for me...Avatar Imageroonwit says: I got in in today's batch (quill in day 1, fairly soon after it appeared).Avatar ImageLoena2009 says: i also got in on day one, but still waiting............Avatar ImageDVM2B says: I got in right away on day 2 and the waiting is killing me. I guess that's why Tom Petty wrote the waiting is the hardest part. Also, I am constantly asking my friends if they have gotten in yet and so far, no one I know has gotten in. :(Avatar ImageLoader Lady says: I registered first thing day 2 and I got in the second day Pottermore was open. Still can't believe I'm in. My husband registered a few minutes later and still no welcome letter for him. I've thought I was a Hufflepuff for a long time and that's where I was sorted. Once you get in, take your time and explore the pages. There's much more there then meets the eye and it gets better as you go along. Be patient, you'll get in.Avatar ImageNoz says: @Nickan8r71 Right now, there is no info whatsoever in gryffindor common room, but I guess that was to be expected, since we know it pretty well from the books... I still hope that stuff will be added in the future, like how it was founded, if there are hidden things, and of course I'd like to know so much more about the founders... :-))Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Just doing the math, if they broke the million slots into even amounts for each day of the 7 day challenge, it would have been 142,857 slots per day to reach the million beta testers. So far, I'm hearing between 15,000 and 20,000 are in? We've got a long way to go, folks. I'm resigned to wait. It sounds awesome!Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: It's sounds amazing and I am soooooo excited for it, doesn't look like it's in order though (day 1's first, then day 2's...)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: @Won_Two I don't mind not being able to be sorted by my choice. Everyone would pick Gryffindor and not many would pick Hufflepuff whereas I would like to be surprised :DAvatar ImageViccy6 says: Thanks for keeping us updated leaky!Avatar ImageViccy6 says: It is pretty cool that we are kind of going to be in the house that we belong, even though I am hoping for Gryffindor!Avatar Imagecb160 says: Tried to find out if there's anyone in from day 4 here, seen it posted, then it disappeared... Avatar ImageSxPalms says: No offense, but if I get in gryffindor, I'm going to be a bit annoyed.. I hate stereotypes, and that fact that EVERYONE wants to get into gryffindor repulses me. I mean, a load of them just want to get in there because since the main characters are in it, they think it's the best house, which is ludicris. I want to be in Slytherin, but I might be in Ravenclaw. I like Ravenclaw, but there's a lot of people in there.. which isn't really suprising, considering the type of people that like Harry Potter love the books and love reading and such.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: There was a girl online that said she would kill herself if she was sorted into hufflepuff.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @tim ...Woah, are you serious..? Or was she just exaggerating/joking?Avatar ImageNimbusDream180 says: its only been 4 days but it feels like its been forever!!!:( when oh when will this email come.......... Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: She was just joking. But I think people are crazy for making a big deal out of which house they get into.Avatar ImageMirdan says: Hi! I have a question for those of you already on Pottermore. I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere. I'm trying to avoid spoilers and not reading very closely. :) I'm a big believer in reading the books first and then seeing the movie although I know many people who do the reverse. My question is where does Pottermore fit into this? I have a friend who isn't much of a reader, but found the movies difficult to follow without that extra edge. Can Pottermore stand on its own as an introduction to Harry Potter?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Mirdan From what I've heard(I haven't gotten on yet, I'm a Day 2er..), yes, I think so. I'm not totally positive, but from overviews like the one stated above, Pottermore tells the whole story of the Harry Potter world, with much more detail that we haven't seen before. However, if your friend wants to know the story of Harry specifically, then I assume Pottermore wouldn't be the greatest place to start. Just my guess.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................I want my invite nowAvatar Imagejacket says: Can't wait for my letter! It sounds fantastic! I hope they get the site sorted out soon though, it must be a pain to have to keep fixing it up.Avatar ImageNoz says: @Mirdan I wouldn't say that Pottermore is an introduction to Harry Potter, I'd rather place it after the reading experience (reading the books I mean). The story in itself only comes second after all the interactive stuff you'll find on Pottermore. Chosing your wand, being sorted, rediscovering parts of the story from another perspective, participating in Hogwarts life as a real student, and above all getting access to all the extra information written by JKR (and that we still hope to find someday in the scottish book, right fellow potterfans ? :-)) is mainly what PM is about. You can't read the books in Pottermore, you only get a short summary of each chapter, which serves to contextualize the exclusive content added to it. And reading the books really is the best way to enter the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry Jo created, according to me. Pottermore reveals too much and should be experienced after having completed the series... That's my opinion anyway :-)Avatar ImageNoz says: @S Palms The problem with being placed into Gryffindor is that no matter what, people will always believe that it's for the reasons you stated. Whereas sometimes it really fits the personality of the student being sorted. I would have liked to be sorted into Ravenclaw (for personal as well as not-wanting-to-be-in-the-heroes-house reasons), but always pictured myself as a Gryffindor and that's where I am now. When I analyse the questions I was asked, what I am and how I react to things around me, I realize that the sorting hat was quite right... At least for me :-)Avatar ImageNickan8r71 says: @Noz Well said in answer to Mirdan's question. You're totally correct that, while the general thread of the actual books is followed and briefly covered while exploring Pottermore, it is not the way to experience the world of Harry Potter. Reading the books should always come first. P.S. Enjoyed your mention of the Scottish Book! Honestly, while Pottermore is great and everything, I really do hope JKR does eventually put out an encyclopedia as she once said. I'd love to have a physical book to sit down and read all of this new information in, instead of having to boot up the old computer every time I want to read it.Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: still no email for me :( I got in on day 3 though, for those who are in to pottermore what day did you do the clue?Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I hope another batch of Welcome Letters come out soon...I'm still eagerly waiting!!Avatar Imagexpj2000 says: I really hope i get the mail! Avatar Imageluckyleo81 says: @ rumble - i got my email yesterday and validated my account about 45 minutes after the first clue went up. when you are in the site you can see what day the other people registered and most people got in on the first clue, then there are some people who got in the 2nd day and there are also a few people who got in the 3rd day. i've heard people are in from later days but i havent seen anyone from those days yet. so i have a feeling they are trying to go in day order as much as their beta testing needs will allow.Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: luckyleo81 i think you're right....they indeed are trying to put people in who signed up on day 1 ...Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: will they send some emails today? they havent updated insider yet...Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: will they send some emails today? they havent updated insider yet...Avatar ImageCocoaPuffs1580 says: Do you think they are sending emails every day?Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: yeah ...they should...there's one million people the must put in untill the end of september...i dont think they have the luxury to put only 5 or 4 days a week...Avatar ImageRunwild101 says: Not for nothing, but they should have been letting in around 125k every single week between now and when it opens. This is getting silly on the beta. I think they under estimated the popularity.Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: well i really want my email now but i believe they re trying their best...lets not be so cruel with them...Avatar ImageRunwild101 says: Whose being cruel, it's simple math. I feel for them honestly. Any technical team trying to launch that type of site would need some serious resources in order to manage everything. Believe me when we have an issue with our systems at work...it's all hands on deck and we better be on the conference bridge until it's over. Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Robby I think they're trying to fix the site first so it's able to withstand that kind of amount before letting that many people in. ..a bit unprepared, but that's expected of the beta process.Avatar ImageCatrinJane says: I think they'll send new e-mails every 4-5 days or once a week...which is too bad, because I did the 2nd day clue and I'm still waiting....but you know, it would be much much better to enter a bit later, since I hear the page has many issues now and maybe even crashes oftenAvatar ImageRunwild101 says: @SPlams - I dont' disagree about it being a total beta process. I'm just saying I can see where they have some serious learnings to do. That's every new site with 500K hits every 3 seconds though. I'm still smiling, at least I was able to sign up for the beta.Avatar ImageNoz says: Maybe the number of welcome emails sent will grow as the site becomes more stable. Right now Pottermore in itself is generally stable but there are quite a few options that don't work properly, and you get the "due to overwhelming demand we cannot... bla bla bla" page quite regularly. @Nickan8r71 I'm really happy that you're following me on the scottish book. While I really appreciate Pottermore and the huge amount of efforts put in the creation, the beauty of the environment and the extra info (and hey, who doesn't need his or her potterfix, now that both books and films are over ? ^^), I'm a book lover and nothing will ever replace the feeling of a page of paper you carefully turn with your fingers, the anticipation rising before an important discovery waiting next page... And just having the object, the book in itself that you can, as you say, take and check whenever you want... That's irreplaceable ! I'm just a tad worried that now that Pottermore is here, the encyclopedia might never be released... I have faith in Magic though :-) Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Noz, I'm worried that the encyclopedia might not be released either, but I'm mostly hopeful it's still on Jo's agenda. It'll probably be delayed at least some. I just hope it won't only be available as an e-copy. I love paper books. They give me something to read when the power goes out. :)Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Robby If I didn't make it clear in my post, then what Noz said is exactly what I meant.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I think that the number will be held on the low side for a while longer. Once the obvious crashes, and glitches, and buggers are sorted out, they will load the Beta onto more servers and let more folks in and repeat the process... I think the final test will be the last 2 weeks or so. By then the site should be running 'full bore' and if there are no undue problems the Beta will be completed and deemed stable.Avatar ImageNoz says: The last 2 weeks seem a bit short to test the site at "full" capacity. Because for all we know, we could go from 1 million of lucky few, to 10, 20 or 50 million fans trying to log in on the 31st of october. They need to know quite early if the site can withstand THIS crowd... :-) Pottermore has to work flawlessly with the first million (and still have extra-power - extra bandwidth - left) so that they can say "ok, let's open the gates. Let the flood get in !!!"Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: Still waiting for my Welcome email to come. Glad that the Pottermore blog updated, I just wish that they could tell us more in terms of when they are sending out the batches of emails.Avatar ImageUpToNoGood7 says: Still only 23,401 students in pottermore. That's only 2% of beta testers. Don't worry, guys, your welcome email is coming and pottermore is worth the tortuous wait :)Avatar Imagehufflepuffluff says: There were no Pottermore Insider updates indicating additional welcome e-mails sent on Saturday, 20 August. Hopefully, there will be more sent and announced on Sunday, and the batch numbers will increase...a long ways to go to a million to test the beta. Avatar Imageroonwit says: UpToNoGood7: That is (I assume) the number who have got as far as the sorting hat. More will not have reached that point, and there may be as many as 40,000 who have got access to the site.Avatar Imagehufflepuffluff says: With no Insider updates for over two days (last update, Friday at 12:30 BST, now Sunday 6:30 BST), I hope that doesn't indicate they're struggling to fix the glitches. Even if as many as 40,000 are in, that 's only 4% after a week of beta, not even an average of 1% per day. With 40 days to go, they'd need to average 24,000 people per day to reach the million. On the positive side, it means they're likely to let in larger numbers soon to provide a true test.Avatar ImageNoz says: I'd say it's a sign that they don't work on weekends.... :-)Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: noz what do you mean? Avatar ImageNoz says: the fact that no email was sent on saturday and sunday is, as far as I'm concerned, more a sign that the offices are closed on week'ends than a struggle to fix the glitches. There will be new sendings on monday I guess. I hope so anyway :-)Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Noz, I agree with you. I'm sure the offices are closed on the weekends. Hopefully, that means they will send out an extra Welcome emails tomorrow to make up for it! Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Ok listen - you guys don't want me in your house either if I really only want Ravenclaw. I'll be looking for nargles all the time.Avatar ImageNoz says: "They're called Thestrals" (dreamy, eery and spooky voice) :-)))Avatar Imagemencia says: I don't care which house I end up in except slytherin period! that said I'm am starting to lose patience, I want my email :(Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: why does no one want to be in slytherin? It's not that bad, I don't mind which house I get put into cause I know it'll be right for me. Though I think I'm either a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff ;)Avatar ImageLoena2009 says: i think i will be sorted in Hufflepuf or Ravenclaw.. Ravenclaw because I sometimes act a little like Luna :-) (Loena is the dutch translation for Luna) but still patiently waiting my welcome mail. Avatar Imagesongbird says: Well, it's 2:30pm on Monday where I am, and still no updates on the insider, so if they are sending out more emails today, they must be going more by American timezones. I got the quill on day 2 pretty quickly, so I'm hoping I'll get in soon, but I don't want to get in today now because I have to work tonight and wouldn't be able to get in even if I got the email. Can't wait to get sorted!!!Avatar ImageHeiwa says: They just sent another batch of emails. Good luck everyone!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: More emails just updatedAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Got the welcome email. Day 5 quillAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am so excited finally!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am off to hogwarts see you lot soon.Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: no email for me :((((( day 1 quillAvatar ImageSxPalms says: .________. WHUT. (angry day 2er) !!Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: None for me, either :( Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Accio, email!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: tim_2006, I guess you're the first day 5 to get access to PM!!!! At least you're the first I've heard of... I'm a day 5 myself, so now I see a little light at the end of the tunnel again... Who else has received their welcome email???? Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: tim_2006, I guess you're the first day 5 to get access to PM!!!! At least you're the first I've heard of... I'm a day 5 myself, so now I see a little light at the end of the tunnel again... Who else has received their welcome email???? Avatar Imagefotisrafa says: i cant wait till i get my mail.i regstered day 2. and i want to tell something.a lot of you complain because you think the ones that registered day 1 should be the first ones to enter the site.that's not fair,because the most fans registered day 1.and for 3-4 weeks,only day 1 registrants would be in.and think that some people were on vacation and they didnt know anything,and now they have to wait until october,or they just registered day 7.but that doesnt mean that you are heroes and they were just waiting to solve an easy clue. and something else.many of you cant wait until the 2nd book is unlocked.i'm sure that there is going to be something to keep us "awake" until then.an example is a house cup competition.it could take 2-4 weeks.another example is quidditch (when book 2 is unlocked and we're waiting for the 3rd book).the triwizard tournament would be an excellent idea too (when waiting for book 5).when waiting for the seventh book we can take apparition classes.to apparate we could use complex combinations on the keyboard.when we make it we can apparate to new places of the site and explore different things.we'll take house points when we apparate in the right way.when we get splinched we lose house points and cant duel or read a book for a while. something else really cool to help us not get bored while we wait a new book,is do something with our trunk items.e.g. magic chess tournament.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @fotisrafa I think most people are only upset because we were misled to believe that Pottermore would be available on a first come, first serve basis. It was something Jo said in her interview, though I can't think of it at the moment. Then, those people who stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning constantly checking are told that it didn't matter when they registered, are disappointed. Had everyone known that from the get-go, I bet we would see a lot less angry/upset/jealous/disappointed/anxious/whatever-you-want-to-call-it posts. I got the quill on day 3 and was sure I'd have to wait. Excited that I don't now, but I understand where the others (in particular Day 1 people) are coming from.Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: Still no email, but oh well. Maybe mine will be in the next batch. I don't mind the waiting at all though, I have forums and my fanfiction to keep me busy.Avatar ImageLily Evans30 says: When. Will. I. Get. The. Email. :'( Come Pottermore I pulled an all nighter for you :/ Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: Does anyone know how may users are on Pottermore now? Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: Does anyone know how may users are on Pottermore now? Avatar ImageNoz says: 26734 students as of today august 23, 06h36 (french time). 6287 in Gryff, 7884 in Ravenclaw, 6270 in Hufflepuff and 6293 in Slytherin. And certainly some more who are not sorted yet... :-)Avatar Imagemencia says: no email for me :(((Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @ Noz Wow...that's still a really really small number. They need to start allowing more than 5000 in each day or they'll never back it to one million by October.Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: @Noz, thank you very much. Your updates are very helpful to us who have not recieved our owls. It's making the waiting a lot less painful Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Pottermore is down right now. Not that I can actually get IN, but I do check every now and then just to see what the site is doing. I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign, but doesn't look like they've sent out any emails today. Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: @ Noz, wow, that is surprising. There is a Pottermore facebook page (unofficial, I'm sure) where someone said 60,000, but that's not true I guess. Hopefully there will be a big push coming. What do you techies think could be going on? Avatar Imagefotisrafa says: @LovesLaborLost Indeed,they haven't sent any welcome mails yet.I think that it is a good sign that it's closed,because maybe they fix something so the site is ready for more than 5000 people to join!Avatar Imagefotisrafa says: @LovesLaborLost Indeed,they haven't sent out any welcome mails yet.I think they closed the site to prepare it for more than 5000 people to join it! @Noz Thanks for the information! :) If there are any changes please tell us.Avatar Imageroonwit says: The 5000 per day figure is clearly wrong - we have had 5 batches added so far (not including any today) but more than 25,000 have been sorted. You are also forgetting all those who haven't reached the sorting stage yet - for which there could be a lot of reasons (holidays, other commitments, re-reading PS/SS in parallel with going through Pottermore etc.). I think the batches are rather bigger, perhaps as much as 10,000 per day.Avatar ImageNoz says: Approximatly 200 more per house as of now, august 23, 18h15 (french time). 27544 students in total. I'm sure there are more people on Pottermore than that, but trust me, once you get in the site, you have one desire... being sorted !! (that and getting your own wand)Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: Just got on at 17.10 BST - 27,543 students, roughly 6470 students each for the three junior houses, 8122 for RC (hem hem) Somewhat of a fixation with brewing potions in the comments section. Rather fun to keep ditching the Slytherin decor in the banquet at the very end. Some comments asking for the next book NOW. Hardly fair until everyone is in!Avatar ImageNoz says: What surprises me is the amount of house points of some students. More than 4000 sometimes ! I wonder how they reached that number, considering how hard it is to get them (I smashed 2 cauldrons, brewing the herbicide potion... gggrrr) !Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: I was wondering about that. Perhaps they have had some pre-beta testers in residence for a while?Avatar Imageroonwit says: Nox: I am on and I am not dashing though the site to get sorted. I can't be the only one to think that you will get more out of the site if you take things slowly.Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: day 3er and no email yet :( am going on holiday at the end of the week so knowing my luck it'll come then and I won't be able to actually start :/Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @roonwit You're definitely not alone in thinking that. There's probably still loads of people exploring everything. I hope I get my email before school starts. :PAvatar ImageMoonlitFox says: @roonwit Yeah your definitely not alone. When I get in, I plan on taking my time and going slowly as I can.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Hearing few people say they want to "take it slow" so that they don't miss anything...Can you guys not go back and replay a chapter? Or do you just not want to?Avatar Imagefotisrafa says: You can replay a chapter.But it's better if you take things slow and don't try to buy a wand or get sorted as soon as possible.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: It seems like Pottermore is sending out emails every other day, besides the weekends when they don't send any.. They should probably pick up the pace. :P ..If they can without having us newcomers crash the site, that is..Avatar Imageharrypewterschmidt says: Anyone else finding Pottermore extra glitchy today? Caught the snitch and can't get past Chapter 11 (Book 1).Avatar ImageNoz says: Better for you. On the contrary, I like to have a first read through the entire book and then go back to the beginning, and explore in depth the entire universe, in the light of what I uncovered during my first read. Now I can't wait to be able to get in Quidditch Supplies... Yeah ! Avatar Imagemencia says: you guys are making me jealous with all this talk about pottermore when I'm still waiting for me owl, hope it will be soon really soon :(Avatar ImageHeiwa says: Another batch of e-mails was just sent. Have not gotten mine yet. :(Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Best of luck you lotAvatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Still waiting for my email. I guess since I registered on Day 6, I'll be waiting for a while. By the sounds of it, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait (:Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Ok. The Pottermore team officially sucks.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: A week and 2 days. That is outrageous. Avatar Imagemencia says: I wish they would announce when they will sent the emails like they did with the clues that way one doesn't have to check the inbox every hour......Avatar ImageCatrinJane says: Another batch was sent like an hour ago and still no e-mail for me :( But still check your inbox you might have gotten lucky ;)Avatar ImageLoena2009 says: no email for me...still waiting...hoping...Errol where are you?Avatar Imagesnapegal27 says: I have set my phone to alarm when I get a new e-mail, so I don't have to keep checking thousands of times a day lol. However, that means every time an e-mail comes, even in the middle of the night, I wake up and check quickly. So maybe it is still just as obsessive to check that way!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: What makes me most anxious is not knowing when the email will arrive. I wish pottermore insider would give us some sort of idea of how they are choosing the order of who gets access to the site and when. ..or maybe when they plan on sending out the next batch of emails.. even an estimate is great. It would alleviate some of my anxiety and I wouldn't have to check my email every 5 minutes. Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: snapegal27 i did that too!!! no email for me today though......Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: I'm starting to think my email is broken :o/ Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Doxie lolololol, me too. Glad I'm not the only one..Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Yeah, I have my phone set to go off when I receive an email too. I've never been so excited to receive junk mail before. I keep thinking, "This is it!" One of these days I'll finally be right. Anyone have an idea of what the numbers are of how many people are in now?Avatar Imagewallflower1971 says: I can't wait to get my welcome email. I hope it's soon! :o)Avatar ImageNoz says: @purplehogwarts 33492 students (G : 7664, R : 10415, H : 7720, S : 7693). Funny how Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin numbers always stay within the almost exact same range, whereas Ravenclaw is still way more crowded (and the gap keeps widening)... I've got to admit that we're still far from the million. I hope they will open the gates more widely in the days to come... Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Thanks for the update, Noz. I'm sure the Pottermore team has its reasons for keeping the number still super small, I just hope they meet their deadline and get us all in soon. Studies have shown that the more you read, the more intelligent you become. Harry Potter fans have read all the books...maybe that's why Ravenclaw is slightly more favored?Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: hoping to get my email before school starts, pottermore just sounds amazing Avatar Imagemencia says: no email yet :(Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: More Pottermore welcome emails on their way.Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: No email yet for me...but I'm glad that they sent more emails out today!! Hopefully they'll start letting in a larger amount of people at a time once they get most of the bugs fixed. Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Still nothing! More emails were sent out yesterday and not one arrived in my inbox! I'm starting to think that if the PM team is studying specific things and deppending on that they are authorizing people, perhaps they are not interested in my opinion. I'm not located in the US nor in the UK, so maybe they just don't care about what someone from my location thinks... Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Halfblood Princess I also have a different location then US or UK, not even a location of English language (or any other languages PM is now available in), so I'm afraid THAT WILL MATTER IN RECEIVING the welcome message.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Halfblood Princess and cb160 Don't think that! Being in a location like that would only make your chances of getting an email greater. They want people with different languages and different cultures and such so they can get mixed feedback, and a wide range of users. You'll probably end up getting your emails before mine.. I'm just another US girl in a sea of americans waiting to get in...Avatar ImageNoz says: @Halfblood Princess and cb160 +1 with S Palms :-) I too am from a different location than US or UK, I'm french ^^ And yet, I got my email ten days ago, so I'm not sure geography matters that much. Maybe the process is completly random... Anyway I'm sure you will get yours in the days to come, and you will have the chance to arrive on a better, faster and more advanced website. :-)Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Noz French is one of the languages PM is available in now, mine language isn't. And think I read the books in my language, and I don't have to tell you that things get usually... slightly changed in tranlastions - they may think "keep this problem to be checked later". But thanks for the good thought. @ S Palms You're not "just another US girl", you're one representative of the main HP consumers, so you matter. Good luck with your welcome letter!Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: "I’m just another US girl in a sea of americans waiting to get in…" You'll need an induction session first, of course. The importance of tea, irony 101 and why butterbeer should be served warm... Avatar ImagePotterBabe12345 says: I definetly wasn't asked for my preference, and am not really happy with the outcome :(Avatar Imagefotisrafa says: Guys I am from Greece and my language isn't available.But I am a member of a forum about Harry Potter and many members have got their emails.So it doesn't matter where are you from.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Can't wait for October!

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