Pottermore Insider Answers Questions About Beta Testing and Welcome E-Mails


Aug 25, 2011

Posted by John Admin

A new blog post has gone up on the Pottermore Insider following the latest batch of welcome e-mails which were sent out today.

Several frequently asked questions about the beta process are covered in this latest update as well as the timeline for receiving welcome e-mails. The Insider also denies the rumor that welcome letters will be sent out sooner to those who have been friended by other Pottermore users.

Beta phases are fluid and it’s important to watch and see how a site reacts to increasing amounts of users and activity.

Every time more people are added to Pottermore, we take a pause and look at how the site is responding to see if everything is working as we expect it to and whether we need to make changes before we let more people into Pottermore.

We are planning on giving more people early access over the next week or so and then we will pause sending Welcome emails for a while so that we can see how things are going.

Unfortunately, we can’t create a schedule to share, as we need to respond to what we learn with each group of new users. That’s also why there are gaps between the batches of Welcome emails; it all depends on what we’re learning from those who are currently on the site.

343 Responses to Pottermore Insider Answers Questions About Beta Testing and Welcome E-Mails

Avatar Imagejyassa says: first commen :) finally questions answered :)Avatar Imagejyassa says: finally we get some answers!!!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: It looks like it won't be until the last couple of weeks in Sept. that they will have let most or all in... This is as I said it would be...Avatar ImageLinaHP says: I only hope I get my email before that 'pause' thing.Avatar ImageLinaHP says: I only hope I get my email before that 'pause' thing.Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: If it's any help, the numbers are going up - 41,828 as at 9.00 BST. I deliberately don't stay on for long at all to prevent blocking new ticks from joining.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Well... If I don't get my welcome email after the pause they're making, I might as well not have bothered with the whole Magical Quill challenge. After the "pause" it will nearly be october, so... not so "early access", in my opinion... Anyway, at the beginnig, I was very anxious, I'm a little more relaxed now. Avatar Imagemiss molly says: From what people have said there are less than 50,000 people in right now. They have been sending out the emails for almost 3 weeks and now they say they are also going to take a break sending email. How long is this break going to be? A day? A week? How in the world are they going to get 950,000 more people in 5 weeks? Without the break that would be 190,000 a week for the remaining 5 weeks. So with the break it would have to be more and they can’t handle the 40,000 they have right now. I have a feeling they are just going to open the flood gates on 9/30 and see how fast the site can crash. Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I'm sorry... but I meant to say "If I don't get my welcome email BEFORE the pause..." What was I thinking????!!!!!Avatar ImageNatalie says: Honestly... enough with the "first comment" comments... As for Pottermore, I don't see the point of getting in during the last week of September... I mean, what more can you offer that late? I really hope I get in before the "pause". **fingers crossed**Avatar ImageSxPalms says: The questions were helpful and I'm glad they're aware of our concerns, but they didn't answer the questions I wanted to hear... .___. - Why is there no order in the welcome emails? Is there one? Does the day you got the quill have ANYTHING to do with you getting an email faster than others; AKA, just like the first-come-first-serve idea there was before? - About how many people are getting into Pottermore in each 'batch of emails'? - How much time will the unlucky last batch of people get to explore the site before it's open to all in October? - How long are these 'pauses' in email distribution? Just one day? (It seems as if they give out emails, then the next day, record their progress, and then give out more emails the next day...besides the weekends when they give out none... ?? I think...? Just a guess) - How long would you say people in other continents would have to wait after they sent out a batch to recieve them? (I mean, I know that a lot of people like me are going insane, checking their emails at least once an hour...) Hmm, that's all I can think of for now, sorry for the long post, but I felt like these questions needed to be lifted. :/ I should really not trust Errol with my mail anymore; this prolonged waiting is tiresome and grueling. Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @missmolly Your last sentance made me laugh. C:Avatar Imageglow_freak says: This is just frustrating!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Wow..pottermore wasn't kidding about slowly letting people in.. I wonder how long that "pause" will be. It's obvious that very few compared to the million have been let into the site and with only a couple more weeks before October, how do they expect to get all the million in??..especially with that "pause" they were referring to? I can't wait for my email to arrive!! They should also announce how many welcome emails are being sent out in addition to the fact that they sent out another batch of emails. Avatar ImageAni Sharmin says: Like everyone else, I'm obviously hoping to get my email before the pause, and preferably before the fall semester begins. Still, I'm trying to be understanding of the fact that this is a really big job for the people working on the site, considering the size of the project, the size of the fandom, and the very high expectations. Mostly, I'm just really excited and grateful to Rowling. @miss molly: Yeah, the large influx of people that's likely to occur is something I've been thinking about, too. I do hope they are able to fix any major problems before that happens so the site doesn't crash. (It does seem like it's been a bit better for the past few days than it was in the beginning...but still.)Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: Hurry Up! I want my e-mail!Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: You don't have to be afraid to send me my e-mail Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @S Palms, I'm completely with you on all the additional questions you have which haven't been aswered. Besides, I keep thinking why did they say 1Mill people was going to enter if they only want to test the site with a SMALL NUMBER... I'm not blaming them... this is a great effort they're making but they should have thought things through, though... (this came out like a tongue twister). If a SMALL NUMBER was what they required, then they should've given the Quill just to a small number of people. Perhaps that way we wouldn't be soooo impatient to get in. Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Halfblood Princess Maybe they are testing not only the programms and servers, but also users patience?Avatar ImageTanderule says: Sounds cool! Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I think once the site has got over it's faults when it comes to letting people onto the site it will probably let more people in but as of now it's only a small amount.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: This is just an assumption, but having gone through beta testing for several web-based stuff before: I'm assuming that they've let only a small number in at first to sniff out any bugs or flaws in the gaming -- thus only having to get feedback comments from a small group of ppl instead of being pelted with 6975 owls saying my potions assignment is broken. Once that phase is over, next up is putting the servers through their paces... meaning admitting greater and greater numbers to see how they will handle the strain of full launch. Hopefully this is the case because, if it is, then the fact that we're only at 50k in out of 1 million isn't that big of a surprise or problem.Avatar Imageroonwit says: S Palms: I think they can reasonably answer questions 1, 2 and 4, though some may be subject to change or approximate. They won't know the answer to question 3, as the time taken to get everyone on will depend on how the testing goes. They might have some idea about 5, but that depends very much on the email systems receiving the email, and I imagine it varies too much to give a satisfactory answer. It will probably also change as they increase the batch size.Avatar ImageSohumdore says: I am actually VERY happy that Pottermore answered a lot of our questions to the best of their ability! It puts me more at ease and kind of makes me feel guilty that I was very upset at them once! I know that they are doing the hardest that they can and they are doing the best they can. They aren't doing this on purpose. They wanted to give the Beta to alot of people to make many people happy, and this has lead to some problems due to timing. I am now more than happy to wait while the Pottermore crew does its thing :) They are extremely nice to answer specific questions, and I feel very grateful to them. Also, if all your questions aren't being answered, check out pottermorepolls.webs.com. the polls aren't getting as many people partcipating as before! Revive the website? Avatar ImageHogwartsForever says: And yay, did Pottermore finally speak unto the fans! About bloody time too! If they have any sense, they'll keep us informed with more regular contact.Avatar ImageAni Sharmin says: @Rosalinda Rosmerta: "I’m assuming that they’ve let only a small number in at first to sniff out any bugs or flaws in the gaming — thus only having to get feedback comments from a small group of ppl instead of being pelted with 6975 owls saying my potions assignment is broken." This makes sense.Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: I'm lucky I just got in today! Now I don't need too worry! I got up really early for the first clue on magic quill and got it right straight away, so I'm happy I got early access! Yay!!!Avatar Imageselenialovegood says: I'm lucky I just got in today! Now I don't need too worry! I got up really early for the first clue on magic quill and got it right straight away, so I'm happy I got early access! Yay!!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: S Palms: We can also give some rough answers to some of your questions. The number of people sorted has gone up by roughly 10,000 in the past 12 hours and still going up fast, so I would say that the latest batch was at least 20,000 accounts, maybe more. Also amongst the user information the site gives if you rest your mouse over a username is the date that account was registered. This is almost always the first day of the magical quill period, so they probably are taking a first come first serve policy for most of the accounts they join, though there are also a few accounts from later days, so some accounts have probably been joined under a different strategy.Avatar Imageahaque521 says: i hope i get in soon!Avatar Imagecamila_black08 says: LinaHP : me too. Avatar Imagephoenixfeather08 says: I got my quill on day two and I stayed up all night to get it. Now to know I haven’t received my email because of this slowly letting people in to record data stuff really is getting me upset. I'm beyond waiting; I’m over it! For all of the others who got in I’m happy for you; for all the rest of us good luck. Avatar ImageXyra44 says: Patiently waiting here. I was thrilled to make it in the mix with the quill. :D Am excited and will probably bounce out of my chair when I do get my welcome e-mail. LOLAvatar ImageRhemas says: Honestly with the amount of fans that DID NOT get the quills and the massive popularity HP has Worldwide, they better test a little more than 1million logged on users at a time. I remember when WOW came out they expected 3 million people by the end of the 1st year, they got 7 million the first week!Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: thanks for the answers! this helps! very excited but trying to be patient...we want it to work right?!?keep going pottermore!Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: thanks for the answers! this helps! very excited but trying to be patient...we want it to work right?!?keep going pottermore!Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: What! I did not get my Pottermore email! My father will hear about this!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Well I'm gonna say that my email probably wont come until late September. *sighs*Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Aw I just HATE waiting.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: How come I got my email but I can't log in?! WHAT'S GOING ON?! ARGH!!!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Nice to get some answers about this process. Don't understand why there has to be this "pause" stage with sending out welcome emails. Do they plan on letting in the rest of the million immediately after the "pause" or in increments again? And if you don't get in until the end of September, although you have the option to provide feedback, will they really read it at that point? Will we really be able to make a change in the site with recommendations?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @purplehogwarts Well, I suppose there's always room for improvement. Sites change and have updates all the time. I think all of us have at least once tried to get on leaky just to see that the site's not up because they're 'cleaning'.Avatar ImageMiyoko_kato says: I haven't received an email yet. and all of my classmates had. I'm seriously sad.Avatar ImageNoz says: I think the site is supposed to open on the 31rst of october (did I read this somewhere on PM insider, or did JKR mention in the july video ?), so even if they open the gates at the end of september, there will still be an entire month of testing, feedbacks, and early access for us. As for the feedbacks it is a bit frustrating right now because certain things (a lot actually) don't work, but we can't actually write comments for PM to read (except if they read the comments we make within the reading of book 1 experience, which I doubt). We can only, via the "BETA" button, click on options like "are you happy with this page" and then send the feedback. There is no "message" field to fill in, which would be more practical for bugs like "impossible to grab that potion", "facebook option doesn't work" or "mortar doesn't respond to clicks"... Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: This is just frustrating!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Noz Since you are in already, please tell me something I'm worried about: do you have to interact vocally when you're sorted -or anywhere else on PM, by the way?Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: There are one of two videos of Jo around, but that is the only sound in either direction. You just need a keyboard and mouse, and you might be able to manage without a keyboard.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Oooophfffff, I'm releaved. I use a wreck of a computer, that's why it bothered me, was afraid it'll spoil something along the way if I have problems using microphone Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit I mean, problems If I have to communicate myselfAvatar ImageHeiwa says: @Noz: The first time I heard about Pottermore, I remember I read that it was supposed to open to everyone on the 31st of october indeed (which would make sense since it would be on Halloween). The "Congratulations" e-mail sent by Pottermore to the ones who qualified for Beta access stated that we would be granted access between the 15th of August and the 30th of september, but that does not mean that the site will open to all on the 1st of october like a lot of people seem to think. So that would mean that even if we were granted access on the 30th of september we would still be able to explore the site during a full month before it opens to everyone else. But still... They seem to encounter server capacity issues with "only" 50 000 users online, so I wonder how they'll be able to maintain the site at full capacity without the servers crashing all the time once the 1 million beta testers will be granted access to the website, and most of all when all the fans will be able to create accounts in october/november. Even if I doubt everyone will be online at the same time, if you take timezones into account, that will surely be crazy!Avatar ImageR-for-H says: I know everyone really wants there email and a lot of people stayed up for all night, bt I know for a fact (as I am one of them) That people who registered on day one still haven't got an email :L haha if only 40000 people are in that's less than half of the people who have registered on day one... as on average about 130000 registered each day, so If it is by the order you signed up.. Some people (eg Day 5) are gonna have a long wait... Even though they are probably going start to send out bigger batches of emails soon :L Haha But good luck everyone! And I'll see you there at somepoint :L haha Yeah And just to add I was sure the site opened 31st Oct as well :LAvatar Imageroonwit says: Heiwa: and R-for-H: You shouldn't assume the site was at full computing capacity during the first week or so of testing. As the numbers were relatively small they may have been approximating the final set up by reducing the computer power proportionally. One of the things they will be trying to discover during the beta period is how much computing power they actually need (10 servers, 100, 1000 etc.), and they will be doing that by varying the number of computers they use, and watching how the site performs, also how the computing power increases as the users increase. Incidentally they are increasing the batch sizes. Numbers sorted have gone up by over 20,000 over the past day, so the most recent batch way probably around 30,000 accounts enabled. At that rate they could finish day one in the next 2 or 3 batches.Avatar ImagePaitrix says: *sighs* i'll probably get mine, 2 days before the end of september.... Avatar ImageHeiwa says: @Roonwit: Thanks for your imput. I don't really know how beta testing is conducted so that's reassuring to know that it's not working at full capacity. It looks like the last batch of emails was larger than the previous ones (assumption only based on the quite large number of "yay I got my pottermore welcome email!" posts I got on my tumblr dashboard yesterday). I registered on the 1st day of the magical quill challenge but I still have not gotten my welcome email but that's not that surprising because I think I was among the last ones who were able to register on day 1.Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: can't they hurry up? if they let more people in, they'll get more feedback!Avatar ImageAsta says: What's the point of having registered so early?? We might even get it towards mid-September or something...Avatar ImageAsta says: And yes, I hope I get mine before the "pause"Avatar ImageHeiwa says: They obviously sent another batch of emails since I got mine a few seconds ago! \o/ Avatar Imagehplover613 says: i finally got my email a few days ago and i spent 3 or 4 hours straight on Pottermore and I completed the entire PS. It is incredible! The artwork is beautiful and of course, Jo's insights and backstories are fascinating! Diagon Alley is favorite "moment" so far because I got to shop for all my things. Making potions, in my opinion, is extremely hard though. The wand choosing and sorting processes are very interesting. I got sorted into Gryffindor even though, when I take other quizzes, I usually get sorted into Hufflepuff. But Jo knows best! Thank you so much for this site!! I love it!Avatar Imageelirin says: I'm in, I'm in , I'm in!!! Brilliant! Good luck everyone!Avatar ImageCatrinJane says: still nothing for me....did any of you guys that are already in get a delayed e-mail, and if yes, how long after the sent out did you receive it?Avatar Imageroonwit says: CatrinJane: You don't have to read the email to log in. You can always log in and see if you have full access or not. This might be worth trying if you found the quill on the first day, as I think more than half of the day one accounts will now have been enabled.Avatar ImageElmHeart95 says: Is their any particular order in which they are letting out emails? Avatar Imageroonwit says: annon: The vast majority of people on the site seem to be from the first magical quill day so at the moment they are probably going in order of registration or verification.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Day 4 quill finder - still no email. Waiting patiently :)Avatar ImageCatrinJane says: @roonwit Thanx for the info! I'll try, I'm a day 2, thoughAvatar Imagerainbowapplefizz says: I'm glad that they are taking the time to see how well the site can handle everything before letting everyone on. However, I think that they should develop a TENTATIVE timeline and tell us who is getting on and when they can expect it. I am not a fan of this "random" entry stuff. I got in on day 3, and a few of my Facebook friends who got in on day 6 are claiming to be in. I'm very excited for this, but I've been getting a little frustrated waiting!!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ roonwit But what can they verify?Avatar Imagejacket says: I really hope I get in before the pause, but I guess everyone does. I hope the website holds up so that they can get more people in sooner.Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: By verification I meant the order in which people responded to the verification email. It makes a difference because a lot of the verification emails took a long time to arrive, particularly in the first couple of days.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit I see... well, haven't thought about that, I'm not in computer business, to know that much. Anyway, I'm a day4erAvatar ImageLily Evans30 says: Just so everyone knows I didn't stay till obscene hours in the morning for random selection. Bah Avatar Imagerettophantom says: I'm INNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Who all is day 3 here.Avatar ImagePotterAcumen says: Where is Fun Friday?! I LIVE for Leaky's Fun Friday selections...Avatar ImageEchoSnidget8 says: I found the magical quill on day 3. Still not in. Trying to stay patient but it's hard when people who did the challenge later claim to be in but then there's people who did it before me and aren't in yet. I understand the need to let people in slowly but there doing it too slowly to expect to let all the people who found the quill in before October.Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I wonder what thought, if any, has been given to disabled access? There were two points in the material for Book 1 where quite a lot of manual dexterity was needed to complete a task in order to proceed. As my hands are a little stiff, I found this very difficult, though I managed it eventually (not quite sure how). A person with bad arthritis in their hands would have been completely stuck here and unable to go any further with the story. As if this wasn't bad enough, there were comments from (presumably) the young and fit complaining that the tasks were too easy! When Pottermore is out of the Beta stage, will special codes be allotted to disabled people to allow them to enjoy the site?Avatar Imagemoonstone nox says: I got my mail yesterday and found the quill on day 1. It is absolutely fabulous!!! Worth waiting for! And ... I got sorted in Gryffindor!!! Feel so excited!!Avatar ImageLoena2009 says: i also got my email yesterday..totally amazing! love love love it! also a Gryffindor...Avatar Imageroonwit says: Valeria-Johanna: You could always ask. Go to the help page (link at the bottom) and then Other -> What's next? -> Need more help?Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: @roonwit, there is no information on this topic on the help page, so I have sent a message.Avatar ImageMrsRonaldWeasley says: I DONT THINK IT IS WORTH DOING THE MAGICAL QUILL BECAUSE HALF OF THE PEOPLE WILL GET IT IN SEPTEMBER MID SO PRACTICLY OCTOBER!!! i am angry!!!! still im proud to have still got in!!! i know its going to be awsome though!!! please send me an email pottermore!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagesruby00 says: sadia: the batches are getting bigger. They most likely needed to keep big batches up people in reserve so they could test their servers. We will all get in, i'm sure. I'm re-reading the books whilst I wait. :)Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Waiting, waiting, waitingAvatar Imageroonwit says: sadia: They also haven't said when in October the site is open to all. 31st October is a significant date in the Harry Potter world so it might not be until then so even the last early access accounts enabled might be in a month before the general public.Avatar ImageSeVeRuS3 says: seems to me that they bit off a bit more than they could chew and should have only let in say half a million beta users instead of a million because most of the "early entrance users" probs wont even get in until the last week of sept i mean how is that really early? everyone else is allowed in a week later in October and at the rate that they are going for letting people in might not even get all the beta testers in by October. and what are they going to do in october if the site cant hold 1000000 users now? there are millions of millions of people in the fandom are they going to stem the flow then and only allow a few in at a time like they are now? i guess im happy i did make it in early entrance but i have a feeling i wont make it in all that "early" and i got in day 4 and i know some day 7ers that are already in. i thought they were going by the day you found the quill guess its just random...Avatar Imageyosafbridge says: Actually, it seems like they ARE going basically in order of registration just with a couple special cases when they are allowing in other people who signed up later. There is definitely FAR more first/second day people on the site than there are people from later days. This makes sense for a beta if they're trying to test certain areas of the world and demographics; I assume the people they're letting in from later days are getting in based on the information given when they signed up (age, sex, location) in order to get a more rounded amount of different people giving them feedback on how the site works for THEM as opposed to how it works for the average teenager/young adult from America/Europe who probably made up a bulk amount of people registering for early access. Avatar Imagesongbird says: Roonwit, the Pottermore help section says that the site will open from "beginning of October", so not the 31st.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: I honestly would be fine with the fact that I'd get in a week earlier than others if I got my email in late september, even though I got mine on Day 2.. That still gives you a week advantage to explore and get house points/ brew potions, etc before everyone else. That in itself should make you gratified. I'm just happy I was able to get a spot in the 1 million..Avatar Imageroonwit says: songbird: I had forgotten about that. Even if you get in a week early you may get a better experience than the first ordinary account holders because it could get very busy then, given that apparently 6.5 million people signed up to be notified when registration opens. Alternatively they may again limit the number of accounts that are enabled on any one day so you may still have to wait to get on.Avatar ImageMakoRain says: <3 What people are saying on tumblr about Pottermore. Their gifs make the waiting worth it.Avatar Imagewallflower1971 says: I'm beginning to think that I won't be seeing the inside of Pottermore until it opens for everyone to join. Avatar Imagejunkgirl190 says: The more I think about all of this, the more upsetting it gets. We got all excited about getting in early, only to find out that most of us won't actually get in early at all. The whole point for me was wanting to help form the site. I wanted to watch it change, not show up and have it already finished. And what was the point of making the first magical quill questions harder than the last, if all the people who got in the first couple of days weren't going to be let in first? I am really disappointed. Avatar ImageHagiographer13 says: Roonwit wrote: "so they probably are taking a first come first serve policy for most of the accounts they join, though there are also a few accounts from later days, so some accounts have probably been joined under a different strategy." I got in on day 2, and am still waiting for my beta email. It really seems rather random from discussions with HP friends who have gotten in (some found the quill on day 7) and those, like me, who have not -- including some day 1 folks. I really wish they HAD gone on a "first-come, first-served" basis, as it otherwise seems rather unfair. Also, there are more than "a few weeks" before Oct, so there is still time ... though that "pause" P-more will be taking makes me even more anxious. I understand the Beta phase, having done quite a few myself, but it does seem as though a lot of this was not well-thought-out before-hand. As it has been 4 years since the "Summer of Seven" I am just grateful for more from the magical quill of JK Rowling .... I just hate to wait. :)Avatar Imagecb160 says: Reading what you wrote, guys, and agree with junkgirl190 about involvment in shaping the site I'm at least equally interested in answering the survey and their interest in our perspective as in experiencing PM, and a later entry kind of shortening that beatiful, chalenging and rewarding possibility.Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: As someone who is in already, I have to say I wouldn't worry too much about giving feedback. It's not exactly set up to really tell them what you think. It's a yes/no or strongly agree/disagree thing with very limited questions. No comment section or anything, which sucks because I have a lot of comments. Most are good, or minor things to tweak that would be nice but aren't critical, but I would really like to give them an earful over the Sorting process. I have identified as a Gryffindor since the beginning. I got Ravenclaw. I am NOT happy. Ravenclaw is a perfeclty nice House, but it's not mine. My 13 year old son, who has always dressed as Harry since costumes first came out and strongly desired either Gryffindor, or as a second option Hufflepuff, got Slytherin and burst into tears. My Hufflepuff daughter got Gryffindor. The only person I know who has gotten the House they actually wanted is my middle daughter, who got Slytherin. I want what Harry gets in the books: a choice. To take what the Sorting Hat says or to choose the House in my heart. Other people I have spoken with say it's not big deal, not worth being upset over, but I can't help it. I am. The problem is, this is not a new series. People have identified with and been invested in "their House" for over a decade, in their personal lives and here on Leaky and other fan sites. People have purchased innumerable, often expensive items to commemorate and celebrate that particular House. Allegiances and loyalties have been formed. Many people have developed their self-concept based on which House they identify with. And now that's all supposed to change, or we're not supposed to care that we get Sorted differently. I do care. My son cares. Lots of other people I know care. Some are pleasantly surprised by the Houses they got, and that's great. But I still want that choice. The rest of the site is fun and interesting, and some things are just frankly SO COMPLETELY COOL. It will be worth the wait to get in, I promise. But I really, really want to be back in *my* House. :( Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Headmistress You have to rememeber that Sorting Hat's questions are the only ones written by JK, so report yourself only to those. On the other hand, ask yourself if you have answered truthfully to them. Remember we take for granted the fact that we know ourselves, but life shows that we surprise ourselves with our reactions. Have you taken a good deal of time before answering? About feedback: I never take it into account too much, I said I can't wait for the survey they mentioned; it's a very different thing. And, by the way, if you want to tell them something, you can always enter Pottermore blog and mail them by"Contactus".Avatar Imagecb160 says: I meant Pottermore Insider, at Contact usAvatar Imagecb160 says: And I get it by now that you won't get a choice unless the soft puts you into HatstallersAvatar Imagejunkgirl190 says: Well, no offense, but it's easy for someone who's already in to say, "I wouldn't worry about giving feedback." I mean, you're in, aren't you? You're getting to do your part in shaping the site, even if you don't get to leave comments. Part of the excitement for me was going to be seeing how the site changes. At this rate, most changes will have been made before the majority of us "beta" users will get in. I just feel like I got my hopes up for nothing. I answered the quill question on day 2 and I'm still waiting to get in. But there are day 7 people who got in on the first go? Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Headmistress, Your family should feel lucky that they all got in together at the same time before millions of others. I find that interesting. Did you guys all register right after each other? Sorry to hear your son is upset. I know the sorting means more to the children then it does adults. If it really bothers your son that much, delete his account. He can try again in October and answer the questions differently.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @purplehogwarts I'm waiting Errol now, being a Day 4er Beta; but I wonder, if I want to come again when it'll be open to everyone, how can I make a new account? I mean, information required will be the same. Or that account will still be available?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Headmistriss Frankly, I found most of your message irritating. Like purplehogwarts said, your whole family was given a great opportunity to explore the site together as a select few. You all seem to be forgetting something that I had always realized as an option when word of Pottermore started. If you don't get the house you wanted, then yea, I know you'll be very dissapointed, as would I if I got Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or even Ravenclaw, because yes, I have purchased loads of merch for my favorite house (and the house I think I belong in) Slytherin. But really? *The site is fully open in October. You can always just make another account and start over then...and take the sorting hat quiz and see if you're luckier that time.* So just caaalllllmmmmm dowwnnn. Just enjoy the time you have now being on the site, regardless to what house you have, and wait patiently until October. I honestly just thought that all was common sense... And, please, stop complaining...there's soooo many people wanting to take your place right now, and majority of them couldn't care less if they got the worst house (in their opinion), and was just happy to see the real home page.Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: Pottermore Insider said "You do not have to register for October if you already have a validated early access (Beta) account." so it seems your beta account will continue to work once the site is open to all.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit So it seems to me that, if you want to be again a newcomer, you'll have to erase your Beta account. But while trying to get a new one, won't be your personal data be retrieved by servers? We know fully well that nothing's really erased from a computer as long as its memory is still working.Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: You many not need to. The main terms and conditions don't say you are restricted to one account (unlike the Magic Quill ones). It is also possible that they reset the beta accounts to their newly registered state before the site goes live, so that beta testers don't have an advantage.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit Yes, I think it be fair for those registering in October to do soAvatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit Yes, I think it would be fair for those registering in October to do so.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160, I agree with roonwit, it does not say you are restricted to two accounts. If you want a new one completely and not use your old one, there is a "delete account" option. This will allow you to create a new account using the same information and same email. Later (after beta testing) there may be a reset option. Seems like a few people would be interested in that option? If you want two accounts open and play back and forth, then you may need two email addresses. Not sure about that, but that's the only way it makes since to me on how that would work.Avatar ImageForever Weasleys says: Oh Pottermore gods please send me my e-mail. Facebook can only entertain me for a short period of time.Avatar ImageForever Weasleys says: Oh Pottermore gods please send me my e-mail. Facebook can only entertain me for a short period of time.Avatar ImageCrazy4Owls says: well... i can't wait much longer... *bites nails*Avatar Imagemencia says: I think they should let in 500 000 people before the pause and the other half after the pause, it's better that way otherwise why say they will let in a million for betta testing if they are unable to do so. they should have anticipated the traffic to the site considering the fandom of HP. I personally gave up hope of recceiving my welcome mail soon. the above update doesn't answer much anyway, it just brought up more questionsAvatar Imagemencia says: I have never felt so frustrated!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @mencia - I think letting half of us in before the pause period would be a very good idea. However, not trying to be a pessimist, I don't think that's going to happen. Especially since it sounds like the pause period is coming soon. I wonder if Welcome Emails will even be sent out today....Avatar Imageroonwit says: More welcome emails may be sent out today. It is a UK Bank Holiday but it shouldn't take too much work to enable more accounts, and I expect most of the analysis of how the site performs would be done tomorrow in any case. I think it highly unlikely they will reach 500,000 before the pause but the number sorted has now passed 100,000 and it is entirely possible that they join another 100,000 accounts before the pause. I would also expect the batch size of accounts joined to increase again after the pause.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Thanks for the update, roonwit!Avatar Imagemencia says: Thanks Roonwit, that calmed me down a bit but I am just so impatient! @purplehogwarts I don't think they'll be able to send out 500 000 before the pause either, just wishful thinking on my part :(Avatar Imagezweasly says: I expect I'll get my email while I'm out of town for vacation & won't have access to my laptop much. LOL! At least, that's what I am hoping for so I can come home & enjoy Pottermore a little sooner. Honestly, I've stopped worrying about it. Yes, it would be nice, but will it be the end of the world if I don't get in until September 30th? Nope. Believe you me, I have PLENTY to keep myself busy. Avatar Imageroonwit says: Nothing on Insider yet, but apparently someone (day 2) has received a Welcome Email sent today.Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: I read a tumblr post that read that there were more emails sent out. Don't know if it's true or not but that's what the post said.Avatar Imagecb160 says: On twitter are a lot of ppl excited for receiving their emails.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: The Insider hasn't say anything about a new batch of mails... don't you think there's a slight possibility that people are twitting in a joke kind of way? My mail hasn't come anyways... still waiting! Avatar Imageroonwit says: Halfblood Princess: I think it is unlikely to be a hoax. From what I can tell from the site it seems there are some day 2 accounts working there way through the early chapters.Avatar ImageCatrinJane says: I think they'd better send e-mail every day so that more people can get in before the post....but still no e-mail for me,I'm getting really impatient! Avatar ImageHagiographer13 says: Roonwit: "there are some day 2 accounts working there way through the early chapters." But not mine! Again, the seeming randomness of the order is extremely frustating to all us early types who are watching our day 7 freinds discuss their PM adventures. **sigh** Also, I HOPE that during their pause the PM folks give a good think to adding a "what house would you prefer" filter to avoid all the "mis-soting" tears and heartbreak.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Hagiographer13: There was some apparent randomness in the first couple of batches, but I think now they are going through in the order the accounts were verified so they are now doing early day two accounts, with a few day one accounts where verification was delayed.Avatar Imageyosafbridge says: There is no way that they should ever put "what house do you want" as a question...because the amount of people entering Gryffindor and/or Slytherin would skyrocket whilst Hufflepuff would get utterly screwed over. What they DO need to do is make sure that if someone COULD be a member of two different houses (like Harry could have been Slytherin or Gryffindor) after the questions are answered a new page should come up with the two houses that they COULD be a part of and the person should get a choice of which they'd prefer (that way; no matter how much of a Gryffindor you THINK you are, if the quiz determines you're really a Slytherin bordering on Ravenclaw you can get the choice to NOT be in Slytherin because that seems to be upsetting a lot of younger people who don't want to be in the "evil" house...but it wouldn't upset the balance of houses as much as just letting people choose)Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @yosafbridge There is a question like that on the survey, as someone told on one of these articles once before. If you're likely to get in 2 houses, they will ask you a question on which one you'd rather prefer, and that's the deciding factor. @Hagiographer Me neither... :C We'll get ours soon, though, most likely before the pause if roonwit is correct about them going in order, since we're the second earliest day.Avatar ImageCatrinJane says: @roonwit I really hope you're right, because I'm a day 2er and did it like in the first minutes...(too bad there were no e-mails today....fingers crossed for tomorrow :P )Avatar Imagecb160 says: Seems there are now 108.885 on PM, considering what a spanish speaker just posted on Twitter.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Seems a bunch of emails were sent today... at least from the flurry of people excitedly saying they just got in over on twitter. A lot of spanish, portuguese, and maybe italian?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Rosmerta I've also spotted english/american speakersAvatar Imagesruby00 says: @ cb160, yes, agreed. I've been wondering which side of the atlantic they might be at, just to see if this batch is going mostly to europe. Though I suppose the spanish & portuguese speakers could be from the Americas as well.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Rosmerta At this time of theday, definitely. South America, I bet. But a time ago I saw also excited french messages.Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: For everyone who found my original post "irritating" because I'm already in to Pottermore and therefore have no right to complain... geez, sorry. It's not like I pulled special strings for my family or I to be in there before any of you, although we did all register on the first day, so if that was part of the process (which it doesn't seem like it really was as lots of people beyond first-day registrants have also been in)... still, not under my control. I'm sorry you have to wait, but I don't think that negates my right to voice an opinion on what I think of the site so far, or the Sorting. When I said "not to worry too much" about giving feedback, I didn't mean anything other than that *I* was disappointed to find that the feedback you're allowed to give, in my opinion, isn't much of anything to be excited about. If you desperately want to get in there and click the little "agree/disagree" buttons on each and every page and have that be it for your feedback, then more power to you. I was voicing an OPINION. Yes, it's awesome to be in there now. I just thought there would be more of a genuine ability to have a real "say" in things on the site. It doesn't feel like we're having a voice in shaping it at all, and any changes likely to be made are more of the "fixing bugs" variety for things that didn't work properly or consistently than making actual content or other changes. Clearly they can't and don't have time for a million people to post long thoughts on everything. I'm not sure what I was expecting, exactly, but it was more than an "agree/disagree" option. As for the Sorting itself, yes we can all delete our beta accounts later and retry it if we want. And for everyone who is fine with whatever House they get, great. I'm happy for them. My son, who was so upset at originally being Sorted Slytherin, is now fine with it and busily earning points for his House. As long as he's happy, I don't care what House he's in, but it was very upsetting to see him literally burst into tears over it when it first happened. I came on to post about that, and my own disappointment in not getting the House of my choice. So being told to basically shut up about it because "millions of people would would love to be in our places right now and wouldn't care what House they got," was, to say the least, offensive. @cb160, to answer your question about the Sorting questions and answering them honestly: that doesn't seem to have a whole lot to do with it, actually. My oldest daughter got a completely different set of questions than I did, which we both answered exactly the same (as I was watching her go through it all), and she got Gryffindor. So if I had gotten her questions, we'd both be in the same House. Instead, since I got different ones during my Sorting, I wound up in Ravenclaw. None of us ever saw an option to choose between two Houses. My middle daughter and my son got several questions in common, answered them differently, and BOTH wound up in Slytherin. As far as I can tell, there is not a lot of rhyme or reason to the way the Sorting goes, unless most of the questions are a smoke screen and your Sorting really comes down to just one or two key questions. Having watched/participated as all four of us were Sorted, and reading the questions/results a bunch of my friends have gotten, I honestly cannot figure it out.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Day 2 opened at 09:00 UTC. That would be convenient for European countries, less so for South and Central America.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Well... all right... another day without getting into PM... I really will be very happy when one of us lot, who have stick together through this great expectation, gets their mail... I'll join in your celebration - I promise! (I'll just envy you a little perhaps, if I haven't received mine ha ha haha) :) Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Headmistress You still forgetting about the survey after completing the PM. As about the Sorting questions, from what I hear from lots of different ppl, now I believe they are transformed into percentages, as if adding stones at every house, with you belonging, as a result, where you have added more. Just an opinion, might change along the way. Hope you'll envoy PM!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit Do you really think fans care about convenient? First days where a frenzy.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @Headmistress LemonFaerie, I think several would join me in saying that we are really happy that you and your family ALL got in already... is just that at this point we all get a little upset to read someone complaining about what to do or don't do IN Pottermore because we all are complaining about NOT being even IN. (Those who found the Quill on the first day, tend to get a little more upset.) So, I don't think anyone meant to offend you, we are just sensitive about this subject. Everyone in here L O V E S Harry Potter and his world and we all want to be part of this new project ASAP. Enjoy Pottermore! Avatar Imageroonwit says: Headmistress LemonFaerie: I imagine the answers are given a score for each house, and you get the house that scores most. Some people have been given the choice of two houses which presumably scored the same. Some answers do seem to correspond to a house, others are less obvious.Avatar Imagecb160 says: Now there are 111,679!... Hope my letter will come sooner!Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Halblood Princess Thanks for posting that so I don't have to. And yea, I feel exactly the same way...we're all just jealous of you and can't stand to see anyone complain when they're in on the fun while we're being shunned. :P Also, @Headmistress, it's a quiz. Most quizzes have percentages to which house you got for every question, and they add up in the end to see the highest percent, which makes the highest percent your house. <-- Sorry if that sounded confusing.. I don't think your son and daughter got ALL of the same exact questions, otherwise they wouldn't be in the same house.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @S Palms As I recall Headmistress said they got some of the questions same. But now I wonder if the wand choosing doesn't also weight for being sorted... You know, it's additional info they already have about you when you get sorted - after all, it's a Sorting Computer, not a Sorting Hat!Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: I also had the idea that they might take account of how long you took to answer the questions. For some of them that struck me as probably a better indication of your house than the answer you give.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit Yes, but in which way? A quick answer goes for you having definite options, or taking your time gets you in Ravenclaw? And take into consideration one more thing: the person which made the questions may have a slightly different understanding or feeling of them than the one which answers, because we use the same words, but often understand different things by them.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @roonwit And now, if I think better, I suppose that even what you don't choose can get you in a certain house.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Headmistress, having known you so well, for so many years here on Leaky, I can certainly understand your great disappointment at not being sorted into Gryffindor. In many ways I see you as one of a select few quintessential 'Gryffies' I have met here in almost a decade of visiting Leaky. I can tell you with all earnestness, that should I not be sorted into Ravenclaw... I too shall be profoundly unhappy! I know from reading & hearing so very many similar stories from so many Potter pals of mine who are equally upset with their sorting, that when it comes time to submit the surveys, there will certainly be a very, very large number of them expressing the view that there ought to be a way to influence the sorting outcome other than by dissolving accounts and trying the sorting again... That just seems rather unkind, inefficient, and unproductive to me. We shall see... I await my invitation owl with great anticipation. See you at the Castle soon! ;+)Avatar ImageFresca says: i hope i get an email soon! Avatar ImageLady Hawke says: For everyone who is irritated at Headmistress Lemonfaerie you have no idea of the loyalty, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and stamina this woman has put into the Harry Potter experience. She blistered the ears of Warner Brothers when they delayed HBP in the theaters, drowned them in howlers in red envelopes. So, she takes this seriously and she puts her "money where her mouth is". She isn't whining. So, if anyone deserved to be in early on the Beta it is her. I am still waiting like most of our friends but I don't begrudge her being there before me although I would like to be there too.Avatar Imageclaireb75 says: Ugh!! I really want that email!!!!Avatar Imagejunkgirl190 says: Headmistress: One cool thing about your family members being sorted into different houses: you get to learn info on each of those houses. Otherwise, you'd just know about Gryffindor, and really, we know loads about it already from the books. This way you can share your info and learn more, maybe? Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Lady Hawke I wasn't insulting her, and neither were the others, if that's what you're getting at. We only expressed our opinions and I helped her with the questions she had. This thread is getting very off topic --- we're starting to argue over nothing. This is about our love for Harry Potter, not about a contest to see who's the better fan..Avatar ImageSxPalms says: ...@ And I'm sorry if our opinions sounded a little harsh, but like I said before in an earlier post here, we're just a little hyped up on this whole Pottermore email thing. We want our emails bad, and might of taken a little of our frustration out on Headmistriss. This should clear up and misunderstandings here, I hope. Back to what we should be talking about....like.... WHERE'S MY EMAIL, JO??? :'CAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I agree with S Palms. Let's not argue and get beck to talking about Harry Potter! DIfferent note, I find it interesting that Welcome Emails were sent out today, but the PM Insider didn't mention anything. I hope this doesn't mean they're going back to not letting us know when emails will be sent. Anyone have an update on how many Hogwarts students there currently are?Avatar ImageNoz says: @purplehogwarts As of today, 30th of august, 7:38 (french time) : 118 558 ! The number of students in each house (Gryff : 29608, Ravenclaw : 29832, Hufflepuff : 29697 and Slytherin : 29421) are getting more even by the way. Ravenclaw does not stand apart as it used to in the beginning. And I totally agree on the feedback thing Headmistress is talking about. I also was really disappointed about its lack of interactivity. Hope to see you there very soon ^^Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Thanks for the update, Noz!!Avatar Imagecb160 says: ... Still, the way you see yourself may not be the way you are, and do not mistake the way you want to be with the way you really are. Doesn't matter how involved you are in how and what you want to be, even sincerely; that still doesn't alter what you really are.Avatar Imageroonwit says: purplehogwarts: Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK, so they were probably doing the minimum necessary to enable the accounts. There will probably be a double message after today's accounts are enabled.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ roonwit Someone on Twitter just said that PM reached 12% from 1 milAvatar Imagemencia says: 12% they are supposed to be reaching 40% at least! Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia It's an increasing flow, not a steady one... And oh, god, I want my mail!Avatar Imagemencia says: so do I :(Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Almost feel to tired to wait anymore - not disappointed, but depressed.Avatar Imagemencia says: @ cb160 I can't say I'm depressed but I have given up hope of receiving mine anytime soon. that still doesn't stop me from checking my mail everytime I hear word of a batch being send out *sigh* I really hope we will get them soon, really soonAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Oh, yeah... I also look for tweets about PM... and some blogs belonging to those that are already in... and, of course, Leaky... seems the only way to participate.Avatar Imageroonwit says: mencia: They are doing it in steps, something like 10,000 a day for the first week and a half, probably about 30,000 for the past 3 batches, which will probably continue for the rest of the week. Then we get the pause, after which they will most likely go for bigger batches again, maybe 100,000 a day.Avatar Imagemencia says: @ roonwit thanks for the update, hopefully I will get mine before the pause although that seems unlikely. @cb160 yea I do that too but the more I read about it, the more I wanna be in tooAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 - find any particularly good blogs you'd share?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ purplehogwarts Well, I look for the blogs like Never tickle a sleeping Dragon Wombat, Owl Watch 2011, seekerrose.wordpress.com, Roseseer195 and silverheart91.tumblr, and I also found quite a lot of videos on youtube.Avatar Imagecb160 says: And now word is out that they are new emails on the way - but I still see no news on PM Insider - though last week I've seen it intervening even among tweeters to respond.Avatar Imagecb160 says: And now came also the PM insider update!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: They just posted to Twitter that they're sending out more emails! ((Tuesday 30 August), from approximately 1:15pm (BST) according to the insider) Of course, as a Day Sixer here, I'm sure I'm stuck 'til the very end :( Especially since there are so many Day 1-2 folks who don't appear to have gotten in yet. It's getting harder and harder to be patient. I know and understand why they have to stagger entry, but it doesn't make it any easier to wait. While I signed up for Leaky years ago, I haven't really signed in in a long time (so missed all the new-to-me profile stuff). Now I'm waiting to choose a house here until I get sorted on PM. I'd love to know what my colors are!Avatar Imagemencia says: I want to check my inbox but I'm afraid I might be disappointed like before... should I check or not, I only got in on day 4 so there isn't much hopeAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia I'm a Day 4er too..., and checked already: nothing! But you try, and try also to log in even without the email, maybe you're fortunate! to me it didn't work... yet.Avatar Imagemencia says: @ cb160 I didn't get my email and my account is not yet active on pottermore eitherAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Well... I guess we'll have to wait a little longer, and, who knows? But keep trying, even you don't get Errol.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia I remember the owner of Owl watch 2011 shared that she got her email after a longer time, in her batch's line, and couldn't log in till the very moment that she received it. So...Avatar Imagemencia says: @ cb160 yea we should just keep trying to be patient :)Avatar ImageSherette7769 says: I'm also a day 4 ... I'll keep checking, but I too think it's not much of an "early entry" if we have to wait until then end of Sept.Avatar Imagemencia says: from what I can tell from the facebook unofficial pottermore pages most people getting their emails are those from day 2 Avatar Imagecb160 says: Ha! Something nice happened! Earlier this day, I entered PM Insider blog, asking why there was no word from them, though obviously ppl were getting new welcome mails. I meant the update, but they thought I was reffering to myself - so now I got an email from the admin, answering that "unfortunately you weren't selected yet"!!! OK, so you can get in touch with them...Avatar Imagemencia says: great! at least that way you can ask them directly whatever concerns you may have. thanks cb160 I might just do that. I will ask if they are doing it in order of registration now, since most people seem to think soAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Then go to "Contact us" from PM Insider's blog, and please let us other know the answer... when you'll get it!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Some of us, most who have been around for a good while, really do know who & what we are quite well thank you!Avatar Imagecb160 says: Oh God, when I see tweets saying "Now I've got the welcome letter for my second account"!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Won_Two Doesn't matter either where was anyone's "around" or for how long, believe me we never stop for good surprising ourselves, no matter how old we are. If we still keep our eyes open. Or, if you prefer, don't believe me... It won't change a mere fact.Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 I can't believe some are so selfish as to apply for two accounts and having both these accounts when so many of us are still waiting for just that one email. I posted the question to the insider, lets wait and see if they'll respond. how long did they take to respond to yours?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Posted in the morning, got answered in the afternoon... less then 6 hours, but I believe when I posted it was to early (or to late) for them. By the way, you know I've seen even tweets saying "I'm giving away second account, contact me"?Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @cb160 and mencia, I'm with you guys on this! Why did ppl apply for more than one account? That's not going to help the PM team at all... instead it's going to give them false results. It also takes away the opportunity for others (like us) to get in! Still no mail for me, btw!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess Yeah... seen one explaining:"Think I'm gonna keep the second account, like better the username". Well, their luck to have the accounts, their right to do whatever they want with... hopefully they won't try anything mischievious.Avatar Imagemencia says: well BST is the same as Namibian Winter time so my 15h53 is also the same at their side meaning it's afternoon for them too thus they should be able to respond to mine early although they may have many posts to respond to. it's just so unfair and selfish of those having more than one account. Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @cb160: where is the "contact us" thing on PM Insider? I don't see it anywhere... : /Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess Go on PM Insider's blog, love, not PM Insider where the updates are.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia You winter now? How is it?Avatar Imagemencia says: @ cb160 the insider responded to my email, they said they are not sending out the emails in order of registration. the puts a stop to people who think that the emails are send out in the order that they registered. Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Wow!!! That's something! And, of course, they didn't reveal the method for choosing to welcome ppl?Avatar Imagemencia says: @ cb160 our winter is not as cold as yours in America and Europe. although this year was the coldest that I have experienced here. we don't normally have snow but it snowed in some southern parts of the country. it is ending now, we are actually entering spring now. all in all our seasons are reversed to yours, when you have summer we have winter and vice versa Avatar Imagemencia says: no they are pretty mysterious with their method of choosing, which is frustrating for those of us still waitingAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia More like... "titilating"! But that means we can get ours anytime regardless when we registrated - come on, look at the full half off the glass!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I'm sooooo sorry... but I'm still confused. The Insider I'm watching says "official blog" so, I don't understand... are there two Insiders? P.D.: Totally forbidden to laugh at my questions... :)Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: Day 2 on quill challenge and still nothing. Have tried both checking e-mail and simply signing in. I think PM knows I have too many other things I should be doing. :) Have a good day everyone!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess Google it, you'll find it, promise!Avatar Imagemencia says: @Halfblood Princess lol I was also confused so I simply googled pottermore insider contact and it the blog came up. Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess Go to www.pottermoreinsider.comAvatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 you are so right at least now we know that we might not have to wait too long for ours just because we are day 4ers Avatar Imagecb160 says: The official is found at www.insider.pottermore.comAvatar Imagecb160 says: Now I have to take a 2.5 hour break. See ya!Avatar Imagecb160 says: Now I have to take a 3.5 hour break. See ya!Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: I'm a day 4 also, still nothing in my inbox.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Oh, all right! I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: www.pottermoreinsider.com doesn't look like it belongs to Pottermore.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @roonwit, I just checked it out and thought the same thing... although they write as if they were part of the PM team... However it doesn't have the same image as the Official Blog.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ roonwit &Halfblood Princess I've came to the same conclusion and I hurried back in to let you know.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @cb160, thanks for worrying... I hope you enjoyed at least half your break... :) Weird how this blog tries to sound just as if they are part of the real thing, don't you think?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess I was watching some south-coreean series, nice really, and I'll do it again in a short time. As about that site, it's frequent nowadays in any field, usually taking a name that sounds kinda something very popular and taking advantage of the situation - almost as bad as impersonating. That's why I hurried back to you, hope mencia'll see that also!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Any update on how many are sorted now? The last number I saw was in the 120,000s, before today's batch, I believe. Sometimes I find a current number via Google search, sometimes not. Just curious.Avatar Imageroonwit says: The current total is 126,233. I expect it will go up as the day goes on.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Thought this might interest some of you re: the being sorted into a different house than the one you associate with. Apparently Evanna Lynch tweeted a bit ago that she was sorted... and not in Ravenclaw. Check out her tweets on Aug. 20. They're kinda both funny and super cute. <3Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Thanks, roonwit! Somehow it comforts me to see the numbers climbing :)Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Question... i know i saw this somewhere, either on a news story or a blog, but now i can't seem to find it for the life of me. Somwhere out there on the interwebs is the info on how many people completed the quill challenge on each of the 7 days. Anyone else come across is and can point me to it?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @Rosalina Woah. What house did she get?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ S Palms Gryffindor. And the amount of ppl is now 127.163 on PM. Still less then a day registration's amount (supposing they registred equally every day of the challenge).Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 & halfblood princess I realised that too. I can't believe how far people are willing to go to take advantage of others. We'll just have to keep waiting for that email it seems Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia glad you're back and aware of that thing... Keeping in touch seems to alleviate a little of our state of mind - I think.Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 you are totally right it really helps because we are all going through the same thingAvatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 you are totally right it really helps because we are all going through the same thingAvatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 you are totally right it really helps because we are all going through the same thingAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Have you read on http://seekerrose.wordpress.com about PM cheats?Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 which house would you like to be sorted into?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia She says there she email PM about it. I wonder where did she emailed it.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Difficult question! Feel with Gryffs, suspect I'll be Ravenclaw, interested mostly in Slytherin and at last in Hufflepuff. But, wherever! just gimme my letter, for God's sake!!!!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @mencia: I guess we are too eager now and we are trying to find out any little piece of information that might give us some clue concerning our welcome letter! Glad you noticed the huge differences between the two pages... Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess We are eager enough to be annoyed by a comment like this (I just found it on Tweeter):"i really don't understand #Pottermore... or i understand it, and its just really simple and boring?"!!! Think I'm gonna go to bed now, I'm waisting electric power to loose my minds!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess Forgot to mention: the comment belonged to a beta.Avatar Imagepottyloveslooney says: GOT MY EMAIL!!!! 11.46am BST, but annoyingly it's only just come to my account now!!!! Since 15th August being trying to sign in every few minutes, gave up doing that in despair 2 days ago, it's now 11hours later and I have to work tomorrow, I know EXACTLY what I shall be doing tomorrow evening though... Have hope people, day 2er getting in now!!!!!! Will try and keep an eye on the thread and answer any questions, GOOD LUCK ALL!!!!!!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 Read the PM cheat blog. That just makes me sick. What's the point in ruining it for everyone else?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: That article makes me sad to be a Slytherin..... please note we're not all like that, just a small percent... -___-Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @S Palms - I figured such. It's probably a small group of friends (my guess less than 10 at the moment) that think they're being cool. Based on the screenshots, it's the same people over and over. But, as the author mentioned, they won't be the only ones. This is going to cause others to do the same as a retaliation. And then the circle continues...I hope the PM team finds a way to stop people from deliberately trying to sabotage others. Difficult thing to do.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @purplehogwarts I suppose they'll look at each account and see their stats (how much points they earn and lose for their house) and they can deal with the ones that have been only losing points.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @S Palms, that would be a good starting point. Then what do you think they should do? Suspend them? Or remove their account?Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: I read that cheat blog also and it makes me sick that that's happening. I hope that the Pottermore Team does something about it.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: That cheat blog is sooo sad and upsetting! Well, in a way, i'm glad this is happening now. This is the very type of thing beta is supposed to be for. Fortunately, this gives the PM team plenty of time to figure out how to stop it before full launch. Avatar Imageroonwit says: It would actually be quite easy to stop such cheating, because they could just not count accounts with negative points in the total so you could only ever lose points you had already gained.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @roonwit - love that idea! I hope the PM team thinks of it!!Avatar ImageBoudica says: It doesn't surprise me in the least that they're "pausing". I expected little breaks in between email batches from the start. I don't understand what other people were expecting that this surprises them (though I thought they're be a few more people in by now). I know that the team at Pottermore is doing their best to let as many people in as they can without crashing the site. I'm sad I don't have my letter yet, but I understand (though I was hoping to get it before school starts so that I have lots of time for it). I just hope that they don't let most of the people in just a week before it's open to the public, because there's barely a difference in getting the quill and not. That would be a little bit of a let down. Still - Pottermore!!! :-)Avatar Imagecb160 says: Just being back -missed you, guys! Any owls today?Avatar Imagecb160 says: To anyone interested: you should read a beautiful post on Rose Seer195, by Xavier. True Beta work, evaluation containing criticism done with obvious love. Worth reading it!Avatar Imagecb160 says: I meant Rose Seer195Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 welcome back, no owls yet although I doubt they'll send them out todayAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Still, I've seen a few excited tweets -very few, still...Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 - I googled "Rose Seer195" but nothing popped up. At least not a blog. Do you have the direct link? I really hope they still send out emails today. I also hope they let 500,000 in before they "pause" their welcome emails.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Anyone heard of an updated numer of people sroted? :)Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Quiet thread today! Didn't see a bunch of excited tweets on Twitter, so I'm guessing nothing went out today. *sigh* Found a post this AM on Yahoo Answers that put the population at 137,000. Given that tomorrow's Sept 1, it would be nice if an extra-large batch goes out to coincide with the start of school in the books.Avatar Imageroonwit says: The current number sorted is 138,115.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: @ MagicBclPlyr, I was secretly hoping for that as well! It would be really wnoderful if they sent out a big, big batch on the start of term and then take the "break" to respond to anything that might come (feedback, bugs, server issues, etc.) from such a big batch. This next weekend is a long holiday weekend in the US, and for many the weekend right before school starts, so it would be perfect timing. *hopes*Avatar Imagesongbird says: I caught the quill on day 2 and got my email on Monday, and someone else I know was the same. I was sorted into Ravenclaw (surprised, but pleased..I thought for sure I would be Hufflepuff). The current number sorted is 138, 250Avatar Imagecb160 says: @purplehogwarts http://roseseer195.blogspot.comAvatar Imagecb160 says: @purplehogwarts http://roseseer195.blogspot.comAvatar Imagecb160 says: @purplehogwarts http://roseseer195.blogspot.comAvatar Imagecb160 says: 138.636 on PM nowAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ purplehogwarts Found http://roseseer195.blogspot.com?Avatar Imagecb160 says: It's 12.11AM at my home, 1 September, and No OwL!!!Avatar Imagecb160 says: 138, 914 on PM nowAvatar ImageSxPalms says: Wow, cb160, the numbers are growing much faster than they were before...Avatar Imagecb160 says: @S Palms Now 138.988!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @Rosalinda Fingers crossed! Though even if they do send out a big batch I don't expect to be among them since I'm a Day Sixer...Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Thanks, cb160. I hope the numbers continue to grow throughout the night! Increase my chance of receiving my owl!Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: I am a day3er and it feels like and eternity since I completed the Quill Challenge!! II also made accounts for 7 of my friends (Day 3,4,and 6) and none of them have got in yet either. As excited as I am, I am SOOO very stressed about being sorted and getting my wand! I have heard that it is amazing though and I cannot WAIT to get in! My poor phone is getting put through it! I must check Pottermore Insider a million times a day THEN refresh my email every 15 minutes! I am hoping tomorrow is the lucky day! :DAvatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: I am a day3er and it feels like and eternity since I completed the Quill Challenge!! II also made accounts for 7 of my friends (Day 3,4,and 6) and none of them have got in yet either. As excited as I am, I am SOOO very stressed about being sorted and getting my wand! I have heard that it is amazing though and I cannot WAIT to get in! My poor phone is getting put through it! I must check Pottermore Insider a million times a day THEN refresh my email every 15 minutes! I am hoping tomorrow is the lucky day! :DAvatar Imagemencia says: no owl so far :(Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: Me neither...Classes start soon. I know Prof. Snape will be REALLY angry if I miss the first day of class! I would hate to be in detention the FIRST week I get there! :)Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Nothing... :( Still no owl! Another day without PM... how can anybody day that it is a waste of time and electricity? Shame on them! Why did they apply for an account then? Those people as well as the ones that applied for second accounts are taking valuable spaces for real Potter fans... Anyway, I guess PM doesn't know how to detect those things.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: It's way too quiet out there. Apparently no email was sent today - disappointing that they didn't/couldn't take advantage of the Sept. 1 date. I suppose they could still send some out today, but it usually seems to happen in the morning here (central US). Even if I didn't expect mine I really thought I'd wake up to a bunch of excited tweets.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Oh! Right! Hogwarts starts today!!!! You're right, they should've taken advantage of the date! So sad no mails were delivered today... Avatar ImageLilynLuna says: The Hogwarts Express has gone without me! I'm a day 3, too - going to be verrry verrry late - where's a flying car when you need one? Anyone know what the last owl count is?Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @LilynLuna Someone just posted on Twitter that the number's up to 142,020.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: That still is a very low number...Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @Halfblood Princess Yep, it is! I seriously hope this isn't the start of the big pause, especially since that last Insider mentioned "the next week or so". I'd be quite disappointed if that translated into just Monday and Tuesday of this week. I'm hoping this is just a small pause before sending out an extra large batch of email tomorrow.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Though, we don't know if it's going to be a "big" pause, or just a couple of days pause. They blog post seemed to indicate that they have been pausing after every batch is sent out to see how the site is doing, and that, after the batch let out this week, a similar pause will happen. If we are now in that pause (since no new emails have happened in 2 days now), hopefully they'll start back up by early next week. ... *hopes*Avatar Imagecb160 says: Anyway, I absolutely don't like that they are keeping us in the dark!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Nooooooooo! We can't be in "the pause" already! Geez! If we are, this means that we won't be able to get into PM for... who knows what!!!! Oh, boy! Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: The insider also said they would answer more questions this week. Hoping to hear something soon. Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: This is what makes me think there will be a bigger pause: "We are planning on giving more people early access over the next week or so and then we will pause sending Welcome emails for a while so that we can see how things are going." It's the "a while" that's getting me. To me that's longer than a pause ;) The way I read it was that they'd be sending out a somewhat steady stream this week, possibly into next, then they would stop (maybe for an entire week?). After that they would send out more. My gut feeling is that if you don't get your letter by early next week, you're stuck until the end of September (~19th or later). I HOPE that's not what will happen, but I think it's a likely scenario. And while they never said (to my knowledge) *when* in October the site would open to everyone, the natural assumption is the first of the month. If they are indeed looking at a Halloween launch due to the significance of the date in the Potterverse, they would greatly benefit themselves by putting "late October" in all of their communication. I'm sure there are going to be a LOT of people trying to get in on October 1st. I know they can't really specify a date right now, but I hope they are preparing to put out PR fires on 10-1 (though hopefully they'll make announcements at the end of September to further clarify the date).Avatar Imageroonwit says: MagicBclPlyr: They say "Pottermore will be open to all from the beginning of October 2011" in the magic quill help pages.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ purplehogwarts&mencia Only now I'm sitting properly at my computer, seen notifications.Avatar Imagecb160 says: 142,341 half one hour on PM.Avatar Imagemencia says: I honestly hope there will be another batch tomorrow although I doubt my owl come Avatar Imagemencia says: I honestly hope there will be another batch tomorrow although I doubt my owl come Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Or at last a PM update, bcs it'll be Friday already, and they don't seem to work during weekends. Still, lack of manners to forget 1st of Sept has some meaning for Betas.Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 that's true, most of us expected a batch today due to the significance of the date. They really should give us an update why are they so hushed up about things! Don't they realise how frustrating it is for us owlless people... Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Oh, they do realise it fully well! But we're doing such a good job for PM's publicity, aren't we?... It's one of the rules of the game: keep them alert!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia If you observe Tweeter, you can see a lot of ppl, speaking totally different languages, engaging in the use of a common "language", with HP words. It's a beautiful show to watch! - at least for me.Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 that's horrible, the world of HP as some meaning to every fan thus feelings are involved. They ought to know this Avatar Imagemencia says: @cb160 that is very true, it unites people from all corners of the world who stuck with Harry until the endAvatar Imagecb160 says: @ mencia Don't think they were quiet today on purpose, though would like to know the reason. An update could been posted, even if owls were not supposed to fly, according to their schedule. Can't believe no one there didn't remember, it's out of the question. In bussiness lack of consideration is punished by loosing clients, and they know it. So I wonder...Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Ahh, thanks roonwit - I don't remember that tidbit. So it's not simply that we all jumped to conclusions about the beginning of October.Avatar Imagecb160 says: Well, my Sept 1st is now gone, so I'm going to bed as owlless as I was when I woke up, and still no sign of an update from PM Insider...Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: If we hear a loud thud from England, it's because a bunch of PM devs did a group facepalm, saying, "September first! Why didn't _we_ think of that?!" They must not be Ravenclaws ;)Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: LMAO @MagicBclPlyr!!! Jo thinks of everything...I'm sure there was a reason. I just hope it was a good reason ;) I was really hopeful for today, but oh well. I shall be hopeful for tomorrow instead! At least there should be a post with answers on the Insider (or at least that is what the PM team said would happen).Avatar Imagesongbird says: Up to 144,008 sorted.Avatar Imagemencia says: thanks for the update songbird. I'm however wondering why there is still no word from pottermore...Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: "This week on the Insider, we’ll be answering some of the questions we’ve seen from people who are currently exploring the Pottermore site." That means today, right? The PM team doesn't seem to work on the weekends.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Thanks, @purplehogwarts ;) While Jo may think of everything, I'm not sure the actual devs working on Pottermore do. I'm guessing they're probably more computer people than HP fans, so significant dates in the books might not mean a whole lot to them. This is a *big deal* to us fans, to them it's probably just another job... albeit a big one. And, yes, we better hear _something_ today. Even telling us their update won't happen until next week is better than silence. Also, they truly must not have sent out any owls since Tuesday - the number sorted has been creeping up, not jumping up like when they sent out email batches. Unless this pause is due to the allegations of cheating and they're investigating that before letting others in? I wouldn't have a problem with that at all - _if_ they let us know that's what they're doing.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Twitter has folks saying the site is down right now for updates.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Agreed, given the slow climb in numbers sorted, and the lack of excited twitterings, there definitely hasn't been a batch out since Tuesday. Which leads me to think we're indeed in the "pause." Which, to be honest, would be fine by me since it would mean we're already 3 days into the pause and hopefully that means we're be on the other end of the pause by next week (which then hopefully means bigger batches)... i just noticed i said "hopefully" a lot right there... it's kind of all there is to cling to at the moment i suppose. Avatar Imagejennluvsharry says: ok, it is now september 2 and i am very dissapointed! no owls yet, and even though i didn't find the quill until day 3, i thought alot of us would be in by now, considering pm opens to all in october. what are the odds they will let more people in over the holiday weekend? please, pm let us know something!!!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Wow, it's only crept up to 144,310 per someone on Twitter. Apparently the stragglers from previous batches have finally gotten sorted. It's the complete lack of communication that's bothering me (and everyone else!) Like I said before, I really don't expect to get in until later due to when I found the quill. But at least I could tell things were moving along; that helped me endure the wait. And then I got excited to see Hunger Games was doing an interactive promotional thing, but we have to wait for that as well! Ack! I'm waiting for _everything_ it seems! I thought that might give me a distraction from waiting on PM news... (I'm District 11 - Agriculture, in case anyone's wondering ;)Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: PM is teaching us to be virtuous. "Patience is a virtue." In our society of immediate feedback, we have not learned (or remembered) that good things come to those who wait. That being said, I would like my owl now, please! New, cool, things take time to get right. Waiting is not easy, but it is being offered to us for free and all of the coding and re-coding that goes into a program of this size cannot be easy (or all of us would have done it already). They ONLY promised we would get in before the rest of the "non-quillers", and that we would get to give feedback. They never said we would get to be on the site for weeks before everyone else; that is what WE assumed. *Jumping off soap-box now.*Avatar ImageSxPalms says: Updates are the only thing that give me a reason to be happy that I haven't gotten my email yet. Improvements. :) And I suppose they really must be working now, considering there haven't been any emails..well, probably. :PAvatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: I'm usually a rather patient person (my husband is often amazed at my patience). And, yes, good things take time. I truly don't expect to get in until late September (but I do question the wisdom of wanting feedback from people who could _potentially_ be in there only a week before the world at large - doesn't seem like we'd be able to give thorough feedback at that point) The part that is trying my patience right now _isn't_ the fact that I'm not in - it is the horrible lack of communication from PM officials this week. Especially when they said they'd have a Q&A and IMO strongly implied they would be sending out a steady stream of owls this week. Just something simple like, "An unexpected issue came up! We're sorry we haven't updated the Insider for a while. Check back with us in a few days" would go a LONG way in public relations. I'm willing to forgive quite a lot IF there is communication to go along with it. I think the fact that we live in an "instant gratification" world is even _more_ reason to be proactive with communication.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @MagicBclPlyr - I agree. They need to tell us at least *something* today. Anything. The more they communicate with us, the more understanding we can be :)Avatar Imagecb160 says: Update on PM, guys!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Came on here to post the same thing, @cb160 :) Another batch got sent out - good luck everyone!Avatar Imagesruby00 says: More Welcome emails are being sent out today (Friday 2 September), from approximately 6:15pm (BST). Source: http://insider.pottermore.com/ *flails*Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: I'd seen a few excited tweets, but didn't want to say anything here until the Insider confirmed it. Wonder how many went out?Avatar Imagecb160 says: Going to watch my National's game now, be back in 2!Avatar Imagesruby00 says: woah! and another blog update post with the promised gameplay q&a! http://insider.pottermore.com/2011/09/from-duelling-to-potions.htmlAvatar ImageSxPalms says: **crosses fingers** I'm going to take a shower and when I come back, my email will be there! Maybe! Hopefully! The article they posted on the insider keeps me sane for now. :PAvatar Imagemencia says: I'm too scared to check my inbox I know it won't be thereAvatar Imagemencia says: Yep still no owl for meAvatar ImageSxPalms says: @mencia Same here...Avatar Imagesruby00 says: ditto (day 3-er here)Avatar ImageLilynLuna says: Same - day 3 - no owl :( Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: Just tried to sign in...no luck. Looks like I'm waiting until at least next week.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: From our friends who are in: any update on the number sorted? I can't seem to find a recent head count on twitter and I wanna see how big this batch was.Avatar Imageroonwit says: The "sorted" count is 144,310. It is probably a bit early for the new intake to have been sorted yet in any great numbers.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Nothing!!!!! Still no mail! We really have bad luck, don't we?Avatar Imageroonwit says: Weirdly the sorted count is now 144,309 - it has gone down by one! I think it might be broken.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: agreed. i have heard it takes some time to get up to and through sorting. however, i have a bad feeling from the greater number of "haven't gotten mine" vs "yeaaaaay got mine" tweets, that the batch isn't as big as I'd hoped. Lets hope I'm wrong!Avatar Imagecb160 says: No owl for me either. And the second update doesn't say a word about next batches or the pause, as if the betas outside PM don't even exist.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: This might be wishful thinking- but i'm still going to hold out hope that perhaps these past 3 days with no communication were the "pause." We'll see if that proves to be the case on Monday if they send more emails. Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Rosmerta I very much doubt it, even if at this very moment they have welcomed on PM as much as about the 1 Day amount of ppl (remember that inside are ppl from various days, so I don't know if all Day 1ers received their letters).Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: The update says there will be a survey sent out to beta users in a few weeks...will we all be in before then? Or will only those in get to answer the survey?Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: And I wish they answered the many questions regarding the "pause!"Avatar Imagejennluvsharry says: day 3er as well, and still no email.... :(Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: Ahhh seems like most people on here are day 3! (like myself) I literally check my mail every 15 minutes after the updates come out....and still no luck I was hoping it would happen this week because I feel like even though they "paused" for 3 days that was just a taste of what the waiting will be like :( I dont expect any updates next week. I just hope the figure out the glitches they are finding soon. One would think that with SONY as your backing they would have estimated the servers needed and the technicalities expected! Well hopefully soon! The wait continues.......Avatar ImageHagiographer13 says: Me: Also, I HOPE that during their pause the PM folks give a good think to adding a “what house would you prefer” filter to avoid all the “mis-soting” tears and heartbreak. Yosafbridge: What they DO need to do is make sure that if someone COULD be a member of two different houses (like Harry could have been Slytherin or Gryffindor) after the questions are answered a new page should come up with the two houses that they COULD be a part of and the person should get a choice ... That is precisely what I was attempting to suggest ... didn't mean to ruffle so many feathers. :D And, back to the randomness of the emails--I registered early on day two and received my notification that evening. Yet, still no welcome owl. To say I am grossly disappointed would be an understatement. Again, I think it vastly unfair that folks from day 7 have been on the site for nearly 2 weeks, and many of us day 1 & 2 fans are left shivering in the cold! Patience may be a virture, but I reckon I am not virtuous in that regard. Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: I'm a day 2-er. No e-mail...I was hoping the 3-day weekend would be a Pottermore weekend. (add more of the same griping here.) I hope that survey they will be sending in a few weeks means we will all get in soon. Make a good day everyone.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @GNewt23 Yea, same here.. Hopefully they'll start making bigger batches...Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Well, October is coming up soon! Can't wait!Avatar Imagesruby00 says: Hey y'all! There was a wave on Friday and one yesterday from what the insider posted. I know it was a holiday weekend in the states, so some might not have gotten to log in over the weekend if they were away, but I feel like the batches weren't all that big. Anyone know what the number sorted is?

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