Pottermore Insider Answers Questions on Duelling, Potions, and Beta Feedback


Sep 02, 2011

Posted by John Admin

As mentioned last week, the Pottermore Insider blog has now been updated to answer frequently asked questions that Pottermore beta users have been asking. Concerns dealing with the potions brewing, wizards duelling, and moderation for common room comments are all addressed.

Additionally, the Insider reveals that a Pottermore beta survey will be sent out in a few weeks to those who have already gained entry into the site and will allow fans to provide more specific feedback.

‘…It’d be nice to know IF Wizard Dueling will be available to beta testers again. I don’t care when, just a yes or not.’ [sic]cwbrumm
Yes! We know that you like Wizard’s Duel – a lot.
This section of the site has proven to be immensely popular and we’ve
been making a number of improvements behind the scenes to ensure that it
runs as smoothly as possible. We just need to finish making and testing
our changes.

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180 Responses to Pottermore Insider Answers Questions on Duelling, Potions, and Beta Feedback

Avatar Imageroonwit says: We did know about the beta survey from an earlier Insider post, the new bit of information is that we will be able to make proper comments rather than just ticking boxes.Avatar Imagefawkes4444 says: I think it will still be awhile for those of us who found the quill beyond Day 1/2Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: I'm still WAITING!!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Since I got in on Day 6, I know that I'll be in way later..still I can't help but check on insider all the time and the news feed to see when a new batch of emails are sent out. The sooner they let more people in, the closer I'll be to getting in. The wait though is crazy hard and I can't wait for my email. The good news about this though is that at least a lot of the bugs will should be fixed by the time I get my welcome email.. at the same time, I'd rather experience the bugs and joys of being on PM rather than waiting for my welcome email. Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: I wonder how many people got in with the last batch of emails today.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @ MagicalMe - me too. I also wish they gave us more details about the "pause" period. Oh well. I'm still waiting for my email as well. Anyone have an updated student count??Avatar Imageroonwit says: It has dropped by one again to 144,308!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: @roonwit - the student count has dropped? I guess that means either people are cancelling their accounts, PM is deleting the accounts of people cheating or those that have 2 beta accounts. I was kind of hoping that there would be a big increase to indicate that another large batch was allowed in. Avatar Imagegymnrhymn says: does anyone no in what order the pottermore e-mails are being sent out? or is there any actual order? my friend found the quill on day 2 and i found mine on day 4 both of us still have no e-mail :(Avatar ImageHarry-Potter.fan says: Pottermore has had a few problems, like the ones they mentioned. But it is still such an enjoyable site! :DAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: I wish my email would come already. I want to see Pottermore while its still fixing things, I want to be a beta!!!!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: On Twitter there don't seem to be all that many people cheering about getting their letters, and I've been watching on and off all day. Either it's a tiny batch or there's an email hiccup somewhere...Avatar Imagejacket says: I can't believe I am still waiting for an e-mail! At this rate, most people probably won't get in until October! This was supposed to be an early access thing to help build the experience, but what will we be able to do a couple of weeks (or days) before it's open to everyone. I really hope e-mails start coming soon. Getting in early certainly doesn't seem quite as fantastic as it was built up to be. Particularly seeing as early access started almost 2 months ago and most people still haven't gotten in. Here's hoping I get in before October at least!Avatar Imagebeckmank says: I'm still waiting too! Can't wait to see everything, it sounds so fun.Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: come on pottermore!Avatar ImageFullofWrackspurts says: I got in on day two and I still haven't received my email :(Avatar Imagehibou333 says: I am still waiting as well !!! and I got in on day 4. I am avoiding anything Pottermore until I get in so I feel a bit left out right now even though I try to be patient.Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: It all sounds so amazing......and i'm still waiting. dang.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: If they're mostly going in order for the emails, I won't be getting mine for the next couple of batches probably, and I'm a day 2... I heard somewhere that someone got an email from PM answering a question they had and saying that they weren't going in order for the emails anymore..but that could just be a rumor. So don't take what I just said to heart. then again, don't assume they're going in perfect order, either.Avatar Imagemencia says: @ S Palms that was me but it wasn't really a pottemore site, just people pretenting they are. Anyhow I'm still waiting for my owl too I'm starting to think that I won't get get in until the last batchAvatar Imagepottyloveslooney says: Looking at who's there I have ONLY seen day 1&2 people, there may be a few from other days for reasons of age, language, time zone etc, but I think there are quite a few people trying to hoodwink us! It really does seem they are going in order. 144,302 students as of 9.20am BST, and Slytherin and Ravenclaw are neck and neck in house points, best go find some points to try and push Ravenclaw to the lead! Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: I’m still WAITING!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: MagicalMe^_^: I think the count, or possibly sorting itself, is broken at the moment, which is why the total isn't increasing. I am guessing the decrease is from accounts disappearing - the timing is a bit strange for Pottermore doing it, so it could be people deleting their accounts (though I am not sure why anyone would want to do that).Avatar Imageki700 says: Yay! I'll be able to try Dueling soon! Pottermore's awesome so far!Avatar Imageroby_boh says: I guess I'm not going to have my access until the very end of the "early access period" but..I can't wait for all the Potion brewing stuff, seriously °__°Avatar Imagecerizesicat says: @magicalme, i got in on the 6th day. And still haven't got mine either :((Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @MagicalMe - I hope you're right in that they are taking care of the cheaters out there!Avatar Imageyosafbridge says: Y'know. I was really patient up to this point. I gave the site the benefit of the doubt assuming that they knew what they were doing. Now I'm positive that they're in way over their heads. We're two months into Beta and not even a month away from the date they said was "open to all" month. And in all that time not even close to half of the promised amount of Beta testers have been allowed access to the site. I got in about 3 minutes after the contest opened on Day 2 and I'm still waiting for an e-mail. If people who got in DAY 2 are still waiting, how is this site possibly going to allow in people further along than that before the site opens for all? If this site can't even test the site at full Beta capacity how are they planning on opening wide in barely a month? That's like in High School when our theatre department wouldn't even run the entire play through until the night before open, and it ended up as disastrous as you would think. I've pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm going to be forgotten about, or even that I'll get an e-mail roughtly 2 days before the full open and not be able to provide any meaningful feedback in the time allotted, which was my major reasoning for wanting in on the Beta testing period. I have a great love for the books and personally I'm probably far better qualified to help make changes to a site than many of the thousands of kids that have been let in who just want to play the games and not help improve the site (I have a friend who just wanted in because of that reason; not to help at all. She's in), and yet, here I sit with no e-mail. If the site didn't want to let in a million people to Beta test it shouldn't have allowed a million people to sign up. It's really that simple. Because letting 3/4 of that million in a DAY before the site opens wide to everyone is NOT a Beta Test. It's barely even a head start for those who weren't interested in helping improve the site and just wanted privileged treatment for a bit before the site is overrun. It's just insulting to everyone who stayed up to find the quill and really wanted to be involved. Avatar ImageKittyVD says: I'm in (finally!)!! :D and I'm a Hufflepuff 8-DAvatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Well maybe someday everyone who bothered to enroll early will see itAvatar ImageVerityDarling says: Im SO antsy! I just wanna get my email already :P Avatar Imagejyassa says: still waiting for my first email:(Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Looks like most folks will actually be testing the servers traffic handling capacity instead of the site content...Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: So what's the latest house count? Just curious if the number has still been dropping slightly, or if there's been any sort of upswing since the batch yesterday? If they really are kicking out the cheaters and multiple account people, that would be fantastic! I'm not sure how they'd discover someone had multiple accounts (vs. more than one person in the same household), but it would be great if they could. Especially since it is very much against the beta T&C to have multiple accounts (not to mention those of us with just ONE account would like to get in _before_ someone's SECOND account, thankyouverymuch)Avatar Imageroonwit says: The number sorted is still going down a bit, it is now at 144,296. I think the mechanism to add people to the count as they are sorted is broken which is why it isn't increasing.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: I've been waiting a lifetime for this moment to come. I'm destined for anything at awwwwww- all Come on owl!!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Thanks roonwit - I was hoping you'd pop in here to give us an update!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Glad to hear they're making some changes. They need to sort out the friends page so that I can accept people without my browder crashing. I hope duelling will be just as cool as potion brewing.Avatar Imagegymnrhymn says: my friend found the quill on day 2 and she just got her e-mail through the most recent batch of PM emails.....i really hope they are not going in order...2 months they have been doing this and they are only on day 2 people :(.....the anticipation is really fun though :) Avatar Imagejennluvsharry says: im still waiting as well, and i found the quill on day 3. i think what may happen is this...if the site is open to all in october, it won't be unitl the end of october. with sooo many people not in yet (that are supposed to be beta testers) i'm even wondering if the site will be ready to open in october at all! i have a feeling it may be pushed back because it sounds like they are in over their heads right now.Avatar Imagecb160 says: Seems they are 144,293 on PM now!!!? And though I see some excited tweets about just receiving welcome emails.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Actually, PumpkinNewt, while the whole quill thing started in July, people didn't get in the site until August 15th. So almost 3 weeks, not 2 months... It _feels_ like 2 months, though!Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: Still waiting :( Sad faceAvatar Imagehermione00916 says: Tired of trying to sign in and seeing the "Congratulations!" page. Keep thinking my owl is "stuck in cyber space", so I keep trying to no avail.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: O_O I emailed Pottermore Insider because I got my email but I can't log in and still no reply!!!!!!!! D: And all this time they were sending out surveys. . . .Avatar Imageroonwit says: kyrstalkris: When you say "can’t log in" what do you see? It may be your user name or password isn't what you think it is, or there may be other issues. We might be able to work out what is going on and help you, but we need more details of errors etc..Avatar Imagemlopez says: I'm still waiting for my email. I got the clue on day 2. My husband and I both got the clue on day 2. I hope the fact that we're from the same household doesn't slow down me getting my email. (Yes, I'm selfish. I'm more a hard core fan than him so I don't care when he gets his. I want mine.) -Sigh- Wish I could be like yosabridge and resign myself to think my email won't come til a couple of days before October. I've also been wondering the same thing as jennluvsharry. Is the site really going to open October 1st to all, or just some time in October. I also wonder if the beta test is going as they planned. -Double Sigh-Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: I hope that we are not in the PAUSE period! I feel SO close! I am day three and it seems that most if not all of day one is in and day two is trickling in....even though it is "random" it seems that they have some sort of algorithm for letting people in.....I made accounts for about 10 other people (using their own e-mails of course) and none have made it in yet :/ I know I should be patient but it is so difficult! Avatar Imagecb160 says: Found a Most interesting tweet: "Sorry,u have 2 start over 'cause we know u're cheating&also u answer the questions DISHONESTLY".The sender was using a language I didn't recognise (yg curang di #Pottermore harusny gini : "Sorry,u have 2 start over 'cause we know u're cheating&also u answer the questions DISHONESTLY"), only tha quote I understood, but don't know if was from PM or some personal joke. Anyone recognising the language?Avatar Imagecb160 says: Mention: the unknown words from the quote were found also related to Indonesia and Filippines. Avatar Imagecb160 says: And now there are 144.274 on PM! That can't be, with all those welcome emails sent from Friday, even if they were closing the cheaters accounts - bcs I see no sign of also closing the secondary accounts.Must agree with roonwit, something has got to be broken there.Avatar ImageLightAuror26 says: I've going to the website for years, but never registered for an account. I've been following the comments for Pottermore articles because I had been waiting for my welcome e-mail. I registered on the second day, and still haven't received my e-mail. However, today I logged into my Pottermore and it allowed me access! Just finished the first chapter and wanted to let those on the site know what happened for me.Avatar Imageroonwit says: LightAuror26: Yes, the Welcome email can take a while to arrive or go missing altogether. It is probably worth trying to log in occasionally (maybe once a day) just in case, particularly if you registered on day 1 or the first half of day 2.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: The waiting for access is hard but I feel PM is doing a good job. They have always stated that it would takw weeks to get in. I would be suprised if they knew two large functions of PM would have major problems (duels, potions) not to mention the other issues (cheating, double accts) everyday has to be full for these programmers and frustrating. We should be patient and supportive of their work. They may also want to solve some of the issues before letting more people in and discovering more. They said the process is fluid that probably includes the end of Beta testing, there will be a gap between the last batch and grand opening so they can see it function. They can't give betas schedules because how can they know how long these problems will take to fix. I am going to continue to wait for my email and remember the programmers are working their butts off. Also, (sorry I'm long winded) I look forward to the Sorting because I know that is the house I would belong in if that Sorting Hat was put on my head, as the process was created by the creator of Hogwarts, Ms. Rowling. I know many Hogwarts students may have felt the Hat put them in the wrong house but the magic knows best.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: Yes!! I finally got in, and I'm a day 2er!(not sure when in the day I got it though, and everyone's probably happy that I won't complain on these articles anymore about not being in.... :P Yeeaa, I know) I didn't get the email, but I just tried logging in. Yes, try logging in once a day. I'm from the US, and the emails were sent on Friday... (sorry for this awkward paragraph structure, I'm excoited!) Yesterday it didn't work for me, though, when I tried logging in. Oh, and I'll be giving updates on Pottermore and it's numbers on here as often as I can, like roonwit. Let's hope I don't get sorted into ravenclaw --- they have too many people still...Avatar Imageroonwit says: S Palms: That is interesting because it suggests they have been enabling some accounts over the weekend (though at least some the corresponding Welcome messages have been delayed or not sent). The sorting count is at 144,267 so is still not counting recently sorted people.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats, S Palms! Have fun! Be sure to let us know which house you get! Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ S Palms Congrats, and don't forget us - come back for an update, maybe you'll be more explicit than PM!Avatar Imagemlopez says: OMG It is true. I never got my email but I tried logging in and I have access to Pottermore! My daughter is screaming and giggling. I'm excited. It's time for the adventure to begin. I will finally know what house I'll be in. If you got the clue on day 2, try to log in. It may work!Avatar Imagemlopez says: Just FYI, I tried logging in yesterday or maybe it was Friday, and it didn't work. It worked today though. Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: The emails could be lagging behind at your email providers end. I noticed that Gmail has been lagging behind with some of my emails, I would find out that someone has reviewed one of my Youtube vids, and then only to get the notification email several hours later. I just hope my Pottermore welcome email isn't lagging behind as well. D:Avatar ImageSxPalms says: I'm BludgerSnidget209, if you want to add me, and I'm in Slytherin. :) There are currently 144,259 students sorted (apparently). But it may be broken like others are saying, so don't assume that number's correct. House Cup Standings: - 1st: Slytherin (19,696 points, 35,865 members) - 2nd: Ravenclaw (19,619 points, 36,283 members) - 3rd: Gryffindor (18,538 points, 36,030 members) - 4th: Hufflepuff (18,004 points, 36,071 members) The person with the most points is a Slytherin and they already have more than 6,500 points! Insane... Oh, and everything's toooootttallyy worth the wait. C: Make sure to check everything twice. The information on wandlore is really in-depth, and I think my wand suites me perfectly. Potion-making is pretty hard, though... There's several steps and a time limit (that's all I'm saying -- don't want to spoil it for you guys). @roonwit, I'm having trouble with brewing the Cure for Boils potion...for some reason I can't stir counter-clockwise and it causes me to fail...?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ S Palms Go to Ask Elm, she had this problem. Seems to work if you put the spoon on the other side and start stirring counter-clockwise.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ S Palms The other side of the cauldron, I mean.Avatar Imageroonwit says: S Palms: Start at the spoon hold the left mouse button down and trace an anti-clockwise circle of roughly the diameter of the cauldron. Don't worry about keeping the pointer in contact with the spoon.Avatar Imageroonwit says: S Palms: I also recommend you try things on the practise potion first. If you make a mistake, I think the safest thing to do is let it time out.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @roonwit Yea, I'm doing the practice potion. It didn't work, but I'll try again. I must be doing something wrong... I'm determined to be a great brewer!Avatar ImageSxPalms says: lolololol I posted in the Great Hall that the Hufflepuffs were adorable and underestimated...and they just all started swarming me with friend requests. ^-^ <3 How cute.Avatar Imagelolalu says: I got my email this morning and they didn't announce another batch today, so i'm assuming its a gmail lag issue. Anyway I was so excited to finally get in, then I got sorted into slytherin : ( Kinda ruined the whole experience for me! I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I was really disappointed. I'll probably make a new account in Oct and try to get in a different house Avatar Imagemencia says: congratz lolalu have fun and keep us updated please. Avatar Imagemencia says: I would feel the same way as you if I end up in Slytherin, I won't mind any of the other houses just not Slytherin.Avatar Imagesongbird says: I had no internet access this weekend, so I apologize for my lack of updates. I haven't had time to brew a real potion because it takes so long...the practice wasn't too bad but it wouldn't let me wave my wand the first few times. Not sure why. Someone was worried about being in Ravenclaw because they had way too many people, but actually all the houses are close to even...they may differ by a couple hundred people, but when you are dealing in the tens of thousands, that's really nothing. So don't worry...they are all pretty even. I'm a Ravenclaw! S Palms, with the potions practice, are you watching the counter as you put the ingredients in? I didn't realize at first that it counts it for you, but it shows you how much you've put in...glad it does, because a couple of times I put something in but it fell and I didn't notice, so without the counter, I wouldn't have known to add more. Just a thought.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats, lolalu!Avatar Imagecb160 says: There seems to be a rumour on Twitter about ppl closing their accts bcs of not being sorted in which house they wanted to be. Well, well... just remembering Petunia spitting Lily on 9 3/4 platform and calling her 'freak" after not getting what she wanted...and turning against magic!Avatar Imagelizzysobebear says: So jealous of everyone who got in! Still waiting (and I probabaly will be for awhile since I registered on Day 7)Avatar Imagesongbird says: The number sorted is still just over 144,000. I think it was 144,225 when I logged out. So it's dropping, but not by much. If there aren't any new emails today, I'm thinking it might be the pause? They don't usually send out new batches on the weekend, but then there's a new one on Monday...that's been the pattern. So if they haven't sent anything out by tonight, then I suspect that's why. Roonwit, do you by chance know approximately how many students it decreased? When I left for the weekend it was at 144,008, and when I came back it was at 144,259 I think, and it's dropped a bit, but since I don't know what number it got to over the weekend when I was without access, I am assuming it's not been much, so I am hopeful then that it is the multiple accounts or people they have caught cheating.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: There is a funny youtube video about sorting. Search "What if Pottermore sorts me in the wrong house."Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @S Palms: I'm soooo glad you finally got in! Enjoy it! I'm still waiting for my mail, though! **Sigh** Soooo frustrating! Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Still waiting! Sounds AMAZING!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 - If that's the case, I wonder if those people will try to start over in October? I've also heard that some people (though very, very few) are disappointed in the site and have closed their accounts because they are uninterested in playing it.Avatar ImageLiddle says: I'm new to the leaky cauldron and I saw this post and all these comments, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one waiting for my email (but not glad that we aren't on the site yet!) My friend came round today and she got her email on Friday and registered on day 2, the site is awesome! The duelling is down for maintenance but seeing as you can't get that many points very quickly by potion brewing I'm guessing you could get quite a lot from duelling because some members have thousands of points. It definitely looks worth the wait but I am annoyed that if it's opening in October for all, we don't have much time to give our feedback and was there much point in all the hassle and constantly refreshing the page and waiting for the magical quill if we won't get in to the process and give our feedback much earlier than everyone else? Anyway, as a potter fan I'm holding out hopes that the site will let us all in with time to give feedback but I didn't register till the 4th day, so I think I'm going to have to wait a long time and I'm not holding out hopes to get in anytime soon. (Although I do try and log in everyday..) Sorry for the long comment!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @S Palms: I loved your Hufflepuff story! :) ----- I don't care as much about people deleting their own accounts and starting over in Oct. I'm most upset about the multiple accounts and cheating (I know, people will find a way to cheat at everything, but still...) during *beta*, when a lot of people 1) couldn't get registered at all or 2) those who did register still haven't received their welcome letters. Once it's officially open to all in October, I think the impact of multiple accounts/cheating will be lessened (hopefully), due to the sheer number of people on the site. Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @MAgicBclPlyr I agree, people with multiple accounts for themselves are selfish. What's the point in having more than one account anyway? Unless they want to cheat...which just spoils the fun for everyone. I really hope the PM team has found a way to fix and prevent cheating from happening!!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: This just in - More Welcome emails are being sent out today (Monday 5 September), from approximately 18:15pm (BST). Good luck, everyone!Avatar Imageroonwit says: songbird: I think the peak number sorted was 144,310 and is currently 144,221.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Yipee!!! Crossing my fingers tightly! Though I won't be too hopeful...I'm a day 3er...Avatar ImageLilynLuna says: Errol? Where are you??Avatar Imagesongbird says: I think it's infested with Nargles tonight...REALLY glitchy. I brewed a potion earlier today with no problem, now suddenly it won't let me pick up my wand, so I exploded one cauldron, tried again, had the same problem, but got it turned off before it exploded. And my comments in the common room are being funky. It lets me see the most recent and then suddenly skips LOADS and goes directly to things an hour ago. It's not letting me see anything in between. Things I saw before have now disappeared. Current student count is now 144,220, but I expect it to go up since they just sent out another batch of emails.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: NO MORE CHEATING. PM has thought of a way to get rid of cheating altogether! :) That might be a small percentage to why accounts are being deleted. You can't cheat to make houses lose points anymore. People used to fail potion brewing on purpose to lose points for a house they don't like, but now when you fail, you receive a point anyway, just for trying (which is good, because you lose any ingredients you may have bought in Diagon Alley that you used to make it). *(THIS MIGHT BE A BIT OF A SPOILER; but it's not really much you haven't already heard)* Dueling is still down. I haven't tried it yet; but you can practice casting spells, which they have made it a unique way, and it may be a little hard for people who aren't that quick (that's all I'm saying on that matter). The Hufflepuffs are probably the most loved house on Pottermore, believe it or not. The Claws aren't posting much --- I suppose they're still determined to try and catch up to us Slytherins (who almost have on a few accounts), who are VEERRYYY ambitious, as we have first spot in house points but lowest amount of students. The competition is very close, though. The Gryffindors own the leaderboard(with the exception of one Slytherin) for students with the most points, and are a little ansty with their house placement, and I've seen 2 or 3 posts from them slandering us (quite rudely, and the Claws and Snakes have been reporting them, don't worry) because they think we're cheating. THOUGH, mostly everyone on PM is very helpful and sportsmanlike. :D People love to quote AVPM. Don't spend all your galleons at once ---- bad idea. I usually never see anyone with a frog. Most have owls and ginger cats. There's a lot of comments us beta testers post for better ideas, and hopefully PM is taking them into account. There's a lot of improvement to be done, but besides that, it's an amazingly beautiful site. STANDINGS: 1st: Slytherin (21,267 points, 35,871 students) 2nd: Ravenclaw (21,198 points, 36,270 students) 3rd: Gryffindor (20,180 points, 36,027 students) 4th: Hufflepuff (19, 532 points, 36,052 students) The most points from a student recorded is a Gryffindor with 6,803 points. Students enrolled/sorted: 144,220.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: Update: The site is now down. I'm not sure if it crashed or they're fixing problems/ etc.Avatar ImageLiddle says: @ S Palms Thank you so much for that post! And I don't think I got one of the welcome emails :( People love to quote AVPM?! Thats awesome! I love that musical :DAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @S Palms: Thanks for the update!! Great to hear that the cheating problem has been fixed :) And that's double good news for you Slytherins - no one can accuse you of cheating now. Funny how that happened in the books too....Avatar Imageroonwit says: S Palms: I think you always got a point for an incomplete or slightly flawed potion, but lose 5 if you do things in the wrong order.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: Site is back up. @roonwit Really? I read the recent activity a lot and never have I seen any student from any house losing points.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: Oh, wait. Someone from my house said they lost points by melting their cauldron...Avatar Imagecb160 says: Does anyone know which day are from those receiving letters today?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @cb160 I'm pretty sure it's going in order, besides a couple of glitches here and there.Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: My friend got in late on day 2 and just got her email this morning! Still no one I know that got in on Day 3 (including myself) have got their letters. Has the count changed at all?Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: It still seems to be day 2 people.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ S Palms Oh, I wasn't thinking about that, just wanting to find out how soon will Day 3 start - I'm a Day 4.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @roonwit - sounds like it is still possible to cheat then :(Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ roonwit Still the number of ppl inside astonishes me.Avatar Imagecb160 says: I wish PM gives us in the updates also the number of emails sent!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @cb160 - me too! i think it would be helpful to those of us still not in. anyone have an update on numbers???Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ purplehogwarts No tweets about that recently.Avatar Imagelolalu says: I just watched that " what if pottermore sorts me in the wrong house" video- hilarious lol. that's exactly how i'm feeling now. I thought if I slept on it I would feel a little bit better about being a slytherin, I'm gonna give it a few more days. At least i'm not a hufflepuff lol jk. Whatever, i'm just grateful i'm in period! Good luck to everyone else still waiting, hope you get your emails today! Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ lolalu Oh, I'm so envious!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I was a day 5... I wish I new how much longer I have to wait! Several days ago, someone who had also found the quill on day 5, posted here on Leaky that had already received the mail... That's the only one I've heard of... might've been a lie for all that I know... Does anyone know if day 5's are in?Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Halfblood Princess Only rumours that they are even from Day 7 - maybe roonwit knows.Avatar ImageLiddle says: I'm a day 4 and I'm not in, I think they are trying to do it in order, has it been confirmed anywhere or is it just a rumour? Avatar Imagesongbird says: It IS still possible to cheat. You lose points for melting/exploding you cauldron. It was glitching tonight and I lost 5 points for melting mine because it wouldn't let me wave my wand. There are also other methods some people are encouraging others to do. I have enough Hufflepuff in me to refuse to do that, even though I'm Ravenclaw. I just can't condone cheating. There are currently 144,217 students. Ravenclaw has the most...then Huff, then Gryff, and last is Slytherin. They are close though... Ravenclaw and Slytherin are neck and neck for points.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ Liddle I'm a day 4 too, and haven't found any official statement about it, but I also think that's the trend.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: @ kyrstalkris R/HR♥ *WBM* (MZ) {MistAccio186} instead of e-mailing the PM insider about not being able to log in try clicking on ‘forgotten your password’ or forgotten your username’ which is located below where you would type in your username and password. hope you got in/@ S Palms I am sooo happy for you. Thanks for volunteering to keep us updated. Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ songbird But it's not fair to loose points when PM glitches!!! After all, it's not your fault, is it?!Avatar Imagesongbird says: Also, I haven't seen anyone from day 3 or later.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Halfblood Princess: The most recent listings in the recent activity list, are all from Day 1 or Day 2. The top of one of the comments thread from Chapter 1 has comments exclusively from Day 2. There may be people from other days, but most seem to be from the first 2 days, with day 2 people joined most recently, so although there may be some exceptions, it seems accounts are generally being added in order of registration or order of verification.Avatar Imagesongbird says: cb160, I don't think they have any way of knowing it was a glitch that caused it. If your cauldron melts, you lose 5 points...that's just the way it goes. When I realized it wasn't working, I stopped brewing potions so I didn't waste points and money. So I only lost 5 points total. I'll go back tomorrow and see if it's working again. But I don't think they can do anything about it glitching...after all, that's what we're there to test. So I did the feedback button and clicked on Strongly Disagree when it said the page loads and works well on my screen. That gives them a flag that they need to look at that page and see what's going on. So hopefully it's fixed tomorrow!Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I wonder if in Oct the people will also have to wait to get an e-mail to get onto the site; especially if PM is still behind on testing at that time. That way they can still test and give beta testers time to explore and comment. I wonder….Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ songbird Yes, but aren't the terms too vague ("loads and works well on screen") to them, instead of being able to let them know exactly what's wrong? I mean, won't it be easier for them to go right where the problem is? I know you have no other option, still think they should change that.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: I can't wait for the Wizard Duelling to start up again!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Yeah, I agree that when the site is failing/glitching it isn't fair to lose points...however, I don't see how a computer could detect that was what was happening. Seems though that glitching is another reason why you shouldn't lose house points due to failed potions. At least not till they work the kinks out.Avatar Imageroonwit says: molly43: I can't see the site standing up very well when October registrations open (which might happen before October - they did at one point say 7th August for this), nor when the first accounts are joined if they let everyone on as they register or when the site opens so I think there will have to be a wait for the October registrants, at least until the initial rush has passed.Avatar Imageroonwit says: purplehogwarts: Point awarding wasn't always fair in the books either. Think of glitches as the Snape in the system.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Molly43: the website still says, "Pottermore is open to all in October and registration will start shortly." Doesn't give an exact date in October. Could be early, middle, or end. Seems as if they still have time. Interesting to notice that the "submit your email" option is gone.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @Roonwit: true. I was also thinking of him as the "cheating" too. ;pAvatar Imagelolalu says: just a heads up, I was day 4 or 5 ( honestly I was so sleep deprived I can't remember which one- it was the day where the quill was one the scholastic site) so I don't know what the deal is with the order of entry. On tumblr some people were saying they were day 7 and they got in on the first day, but i don't know if thats true. Avatar Imageroonwit says: purplehogwarts: They do say early in October at one point.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Sigh, my potion just got "Snaped". I completed it successfully, and it said I got the points for it but the system hung at that point. When I eventually went back the instructions started again from the beginning but one ingredient wouldn't work. Presumably it really thought it was later in the process so I stopped rather than risk a cauldron mishap, and had to make do with one point. It was also the last potion I needed to make to complete the set.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @roonwit: I know that's what they said originally on the pottermore home page...but they removed it. I didn't know if that meant they were changing it or not. Just says October now.Avatar Imagemlopez says: How are you suppose to go back to a potion you have brewing? I was brewing a potion yesterday, came back after the 80 minutes by going to potions, then finding the potion brewing and clicking on it. It kept showing me the first page of instructions, and so I clicked on something that showed the cauldron I had which was in use and the potion was at 100%, I went back to the potion which still only showed the first page of instructions, then I was told that time was up. I did not successfully brew the potion but got a house point. Is this a glich or is there a different way to go back to a potion in progress? I'm confused. I don't want to brew another potion until I know how to do it properly. Avatar Imageroonwit says: purplehogwarts: No, it is still there; Help -> The Magical Quill and site access -> What happens if I am not selected for early entry? "Pottermore will be open to all from the beginning of October 2011" Shining Lynx: Something similar just happened to me. I think it is an occasional site glitch.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Ok, thanksAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I just couldn't find it. I would assume "beginning" means first week. At least that's my guess. I surely hope beta users get more than just one week. Just my opinion.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: @roonwit thanks. I still find it hard to believe that the beginning of Oct deadline can be met; especially with the potions site problems. Even though I'm day six and I know it will be a while I still feel grateful that I'm at least in the line for eventually getting in. Thanks @roonwit for keeping us updated.Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: I am thinking that there is a big delay with the emails. My friend got her email yesterday (Sunday) and as many of you know PM seems to take the weekends off.....SO I am not going to give up hope that my email will come this week! Also the other two people I know who have access to pottermore (both registered Day 2) Still have not received their emails but have full access to PM ..... SO it seems there is a glitch with the emails (maybe they are trying to send out bigger batches and its moving slowly or not at all?) Just assumptions at this point but still! Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @molly43 Yes, well, I know how all of you guys feel, not having access, so I'm dedicated to give you guys daily updates on the site and how everything's going. :D I totally agree with roonwit. The site most likely won't be able to withstand the oncoming hoard of October registrants. The comments in the Great Hall and Common Room as of this moment have a big lag, and some don't show up at all. -Slytherin barely has had the lead the whole day and yesterday as well. The range of point difference is around 30-100, which isn't much, so Ravenclaw is really close to getting first place. Gryffindor is slowly creeping up, but their more than 1,000 points away. Don't even ask where Hufflepuff is... -Umm, yes, potion brewing has problems. It can really get frustrating sometimes... -There's not much to do when you're done with exploring but try and earn points by brewing, since dueling is down, and they haven't added anything, really, and trying to communicate with just one person is almost impossible (the only 'chat' available is leaving comments in the Great Hall and your Common Room). So, really, it gets a little tedious, 'specially when waiting for your potion to brew, which may take up to 80-100 minutes... ^ hope this was helpful in a way... my potion should be brewed by now, so gotta go finish it (if there's no glitches this time, that is). I'll be back soon. :)Avatar ImageSxPalms says: :D I successfully brewed Forgetfulness Potion! Wow, brewing is really nerve-wracking. I dislike the time requirement... :CAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @magicneverends: That's interesting. Do you know what email provider your friends were using (i.e. Yahoo)?Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @S Palms: they're supposed to reduce the time required for brewing, right? Hopefully they will soon!Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @purplehogwarts Waiting for the potion to finish brewing isn't as bad as the time limit they give you to put all the ingredients in correctly. Sometimes I find myself running out of time.Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: @purplehogwarts- All of them are using Yahoo. Me included So we will see!!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @magicneverends: I know Yahoo had trouble when it came to the quill challenge. They might be having the same delay problem with the welcome emails as well. I guess that means yours could still be on its way!Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: I hope so! I dont think I have ever checked my email so frequently! I also try and log on every once and a while to see so hopefully soon! Avatar Imageroonwit says: magicneverends85: I think there were indeed emails sent out over the weekend, as I saw at least a couple of reports of people who logged in on the off chance on Saturday and weren't in, and again on Sunday and were in.Avatar Imagemencia says: still no owl :( Avatar Imagesongbird says: Hi guys, just thought I'd bring an update. Student count is up to 195, 759 now. Hufflepuffs now have the most students, Slytherin the fewest. Ravenclaw went from having most students to having 2nd to fewest. Ravenclaw and Slytherin are 2 points apart in house cup challenge. Gryff is more than 1000 points behind and Hufflepuff more than 2000 behind.Avatar Imagecb160 says: New count: students: 196,316 Gryffindor: 49,178 Ravenclaw: 49,084 Hufflepuff: 47,570 Slytherin: 48,484.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Wow - big jump! Thanks for the updates, songbird and cb160!Avatar Imagemencia says: almost 200,000 that gives me some hope that things are moving along fine and we should be getting our owls soon too :)Avatar Imageroonwit says: MagicBclPlyr: It isn't real a big jump, as they have fixed the count which has been broken for a few days.Avatar Imagemencia says: there is a rumour on the tumblr that Tom Felton got sorted into hufflepuffAvatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: roonwit: yeah, I guess it's not that big after all. It's just nice to see the numbers climbing again instead of going down.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Nothing... not a single feather from my owl...Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: Fridays batch of e-mails took a LONG time to get to my inbox. I got it 48 hours after it was sent (or they sent out a batch on Sunday and I missed the post.)Avatar Imageroonwit says: GNewt23: Or (more likely) they sent some out on Sunday and didn't announce it.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @GNewt23: What day did you find the quill?Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: Still waiting for email, too. Errol must be lost.Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: @Halfblood Princess: I found the quill on Day 2. My sister is a Day 3er and hasn't gotten her e-mail yet.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Just saw on Twitter that student count is up to 200,018Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @GNewt23: I was hoping you were a later day!!!! I'm a day 5! I hope your sis gets in soon, perhaps that will mean I'll be closer... Let me know when she receives her mail! Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: More mails were sent out today!!!! Everybody who's not in yet: DON'T PANIC IF YOUR MAIL DOESN'T COME... I'll try to follow my own advice... LOL Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: MORE emails today!!! YAYYYY!!! I registered within the first few minutes of Day 3 so hopefully this is my batch!!! :DAvatar Imagesruby00 says: Same here @magicneverends! Within the first few minutes of Day 3. If any day 3-ers get in today give a holler here! I feel like there's a bunch of us. Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: It's depressing being a Day Six. I'm trying to remind myself that I have a rather busy week and shouldn't be playing on PM anyway, so it shouldn't matter that I don't get my email... But good luck to everyone! Maybe our Day Threes will get in soon! I really wish I knew just how many emails got sent in each batch.Avatar Imagesruby00 says: I'd venture a guess, seeing the number's sorted increases after each batch, that the batches are around 20-25k... but they do say in one of the insider q & a's that the batches will be increasing in size as they move forward... *hopes*Avatar Imageroonwit says: This batch looks to be made up of day 2 people and day 3 people. According to a rough sample it is reasonably even between the two though probably with more day 2 people than day 3.Avatar Imagemencia says: If day 3 people are starting to enter it wont be long for us from day 4Avatar Imagemencia says: If day 3 people are starting to enter it wont be long for us from day 4Avatar Imagesruby00 says: That would make sense. If they let in the same number of people each quill day (about 140k = 1 million / 7 days), and we're at about 200k people sorted, that would mean all of day 1 and most of day 2 people have probably gotten their emails... So, theoretically, one more big batch should finish off day 2 people. ... sorry, i resort to math when i'm desperate, lol. Avatar ImageLiddle says: I was early day 4, so I think i have at least a week, but I still try and sign in everyday lol.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: lol Rosalinda - we all have our own ways to cope :) My way is watching the number climb higher (which caused a problem for me when it was dropping instead of rising!) Do we know for sure if they let in equal amounts each day of the quill? The only reason I'm asking is on one poll I found, many more people answered that they got the quill on days 1 and 2 than on later days. Or is it simply that people who weren't as determined to get in on the first days aren't as likely to bother posting anything else about it later? As in, not as hardcore? I wasn't initially planning on trying for early entry for various reasons, but I did luck into it on day 6, thanks to someone I follow on Twitter mentioning it still being open. There I go, overthinking everything again ;)Avatar Imagesruby00 says: I tried looking online for anything that might say how many registrants there were each quill day, but came up empty. I'm was thinking along the lines of your second theory: that earlier day people were the more hardcore that were likely to remain involved in other ways (surveys, tweeting, keeping in the loop here on leaky). Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: This is the site I was looking at: http://pottermorepolls.webs.com/ The polls are along the right-hand side of the page. This should be a direct link: http://polldaddy.com/poll/5432306/?view=resultsAvatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Just saw 202,082 posted on Twitter.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Well, definitely day 5's were NOT in today's batch... :) I was day 5 and didn't (so far) received my welcome email.Avatar Imagecb160 says: New count: 203.471.Avatar Imagehermione00916 says: 210,067 at 8:23 CST. Avatar Imagesongbird says: 218, 070 now. 12:30 BSTAvatar Imagesongbird says: 220,583 at 4:30 BSTAvatar Imagecb160 says: 222.717 students now.

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