More Pottermore Welcome Emails Sent; Have You Gained Access Yet?


Sep 06, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

It seems as if the Pottermore owls are being sent out with even more regularity this week, as the Pottermore Insider Blog has been updated again noting even more welcome emails have just been sent to early beta access users.
A question now for Leaky readers: Have you gotten beta access to Pottermore yet? If you’ve been among the lucky bunch to gain early access to the site, please do share your thoughts in the comments below. We may feature your review in a future update!

232 Responses to More Pottermore Welcome Emails Sent; Have You Gained Access Yet?

Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: no access for me and I'm a day 3-er!Avatar ImageSpellRose says: Me too! Day 3 as well and no e-mail yet :( Avatar ImageLaurenmyrtle says: Waiting patiently to be let in still. Though I did write a song called "I'm Still Waiting (For My Pottermore Email)" to keep myself busy while I wait! ImageIAmTheDoctor says: Nothing for me, getting impatient now!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I got my email quite a while agoAvatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: the annoying part is is that when the magic quill started I was under the impression (i'm sure it said this) that it would be first come, first serve. Now I know I wasn't first but I've been waiting at least two weeks, I just want my owl!Avatar ImageIrishTiger says: I got in last week. Would like to give hope for some of you today. They sent out welcome emails on Friday last week and I didn't receive mine until Saturday morning at 4:45 am CST, so just because it's not in your inbox NOW, doesn't mean you aren't in today's batch. Hang in there!Avatar Imagebaileyriddle says: I got access about 5 days into the emails going out. I've been through Philosopher's Stone about 4 times, and I think its great! There's no music to go along with it, which doesn't bother me too much, but I must admit I find myself listening to Hedwig's theme whilst on Pottermore. The brewing of potions can be a bit tedious, because you have to be dreadfully precise. I've not been able to do wizard dueling yet because it still says that its temporarily down, which bothers me. The site's been live for about a month now and still no dueling? There's got to be something that can be done to fix that. I thought the sorting process was quite fun, as was getting my wand (Elm with unicorn core, 14 and 1/4 inches, hard). I am very much looking forward to exploring the rest of the books in due course.Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: sadly, no email. ive been checking most diligently annnd...nothing. i always check the Insider each day and each time they say theyve sent out more im like: "okay, this is the day!" and then...nothing. please let me in pottermore! i swear im not a squib!!Avatar ImageThatKaylaGirl says: I've been checking mine too just like that!! It's so frustrating!! I got in oh the fourth if third day people still aren't getting in yet....I'll have a bit to wait I suspect.Avatar ImageSlytherinAngel says: Well this is just LOVELY... Turns out they ARE sending out the e-mails in order of the day you registered.. 3 more weeks of waiting for me.Avatar ImageNewtstorm88 says: I registered on day 2, and I got in yesterday... Really enjoyed it so far, but glad it's still beta because it's still very glitchy and the whole thing needs music or sound fx. Btw newtstorm88 is my pottermore user name and I'm in Ravenclaw so feel free to add me when you get chance.Avatar ImageNewtstorm88 says: Remember 1million ppl registered and currently there are only 201,233 students who have access!!!! Avatar Imageroonwit says: ThatKaylaGirl: Today's batch was a mixture of day 2 and day 3 people.Avatar ImageLivi22 says: I got in about two weeks ago, but feeling very guilty because there's so many people who haven't got their's yet!Avatar ImageNewtstorm88 says: i got in yesterday and completed the 1st book, does anyone know when the second will be open? Avatar Imagesparkle9 says: I got in a couple of weeks ago and it's pretty fun so far. I'm really bad at potions and I haven't tried dueling yet. I'm so busy with homework that I can't find much time to pick up the first book and read along.Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Arrrggghh!! I was Day 4. Still waiting on pins and nargles!!! Avatar Imageninotsjka says: Just gotten the email Yesterday night.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Day 4 registrant - still no email :(Avatar Imageroonwit says: Newtstorm88: CoS is due in early 2012.Avatar Imageerupuiga says: yes about 2 weeks ago sign the petition for a uk hp convention please its the country where hp started but we have no conventions sign please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please re-post as well thanks p.s repost even if your not from the uk pleaseAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: I wish!!!Avatar Imageroseteaxx says: I haven't gotten mine yet! I really do hope I get it soon! :( I'm afraid I'm going to get it only a few days before it opens to all... I've been checking my email multiple times a day now in hopes of getting it!Avatar Imagemollythemuggle114 says: I gained access last week and it was so worth the wait! I won't give anything away, but it is a beautiful site with wonderful illustrations and captivating information. I finished the whole first book in two days -- I can't wait till they post Chamber of Secrets :)Avatar Imagethemissingweasley says: Evening, I've been granted access, followed Harry through his delivery at No 4, the trip to the zoo, and off to Hogwarts. I've been sorted (Gryffindor or course!), made my first potion (on about 5th attempt), even had a go at a spell or two - lots more practice needed here. Lots of things to collect on your way round (objects, books and of course Chocolate Frog Cards). There isn't sound, but that doesn't bother me - I don't have the sound on on my laptop that way no one knows what I'm doing : ). Been through Philosophers Stone, can't wait for Chamber of Secrets to be up and running. The little extras that JKR has added are a lovely insight into the thinking behind the books.Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: NO I HAVENT !!! Rawr..... My fiend told me e had his and I fliped, But then it turned out he was kidding >.<Avatar Imagegaminette says: Still nothing!! *cries*Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I think i will just give biased information now on purpose. Just because I didn't get in early. I might also re-post jk rowlings supplementary writings. Thanks pottermore for the not so early access. A**hol**.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Days 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Still no email.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am definitely NOT buying a sony ereader.That is for sure.Avatar Imageroonwit says: tim_2006: There have been day 3 people in the latest batch.Avatar ImageSpellRose says: I just got my e-mail! :D I'm a day 3 Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: I didn't! And I got in on the 3rd day! D:<Avatar Imageallprostar31 says: Finally got mine today. I registered on day 3.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: It's so annoying that a free website isn't doing things exactly the way we think it should be done. I mean why not have one million people reporting the same problems, crashing the servers, flooding inboxes with duplicate problems, making it more time consuming to fix problems and having people angry because they let people into the testing phase before it was perfect. If they are giving free access they really should think about we betas feeling more. I mean its not like they told us we would have to wait, maybe until the end of September or anything. ( Oh wait they did) And shouldn't they be spending their valuable time telling us exactly what they are doing instead of trying to get the problems fixed so when we enter we can duel and make potions.Avatar ImageMatea says: I'm day 3 and 4, and still nothing :(Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am a BETA tester.What is the point getting in early if there is NOTHING left to test?Avatar Imagebookworm1118 says: I got in last Friday. I've really enjoyed the site so far. I'm about 2/3s of the way through Philosopher's Stone. I wish there was music, but all of the art is beautiful. It's not as interactive as I hoped, but still amazing.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @Matea: howcome you are day 3 **and** 4??? You applied for two accounts? Why? Still now mail for me, btw... I was day 5, so if the pattern goes on, I'll have to wait a "couple" of days more.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: Tim_2006: maybe you should have stayed up all night the first night if it was so important to youAvatar ImageVane-Ale says: @tim_2006: be even MORE patient... it's obvious that the PM Team wasn't ready for us fans... perhaps they thought 1 mill ppl was easy to handle, now they know it's not --- at least we helped them to test that - LOLAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: I'm a day-3er and still no access. :( Darn it.Avatar Imageharrypotterfan808 says: I got in and to be honest it is nothing much I hope that they will add alot more interactive things the only thing on there is pictures, info on alot if diffrent things, exclusive content from J.K., sorting, geting your wand, and stuff about your house and to get house pointsAvatar ImageHermonie says: Well, I'm a day 5-er and think I'm going to be waiting a while :'( But it'll be worth it!!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: I got the magical quill on day 6 so I obviously did not receive PM access yet. I'm not as obsessed as I once was when welcome letters were first sent out since it seems likely that they are sending out emails in the order that people got the quill ..or in the order that people verified their accounts. I don't see much of a type of feedback I'll be able to give by the time I'm allowed on kind of seems crazy that the vast majority is still waiting to get in and October just keeps creeping closer and closer. Maybe the later people will just give feedback in terms of the server load capacity?? It doesn't seem like much feedback if a lot of beta people are let in right before the site launches to the public in October. We'll see. I'll just keep trying to wait semi-patiently until my welcome email arrives. I'm glad Day 3 people are finally in PM. That means one more day closer to the day I registered (:Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: wow, some people are getting really nasty. How ungrateful, considering the wonderful gift Jo is trying to give her fans. This is FREE after all. Most HP fans have been really lovely, but I guess there are bad apples in every bunch. Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Oh, and that was NOT address to you, MagicalMe. Sorry, I just noticed that with my post posting directly below your post. Avatar Imagefawkes4444 says: I am glad to see someone from Day 6. I was beginning to wonder if there were any Day 6ers checking in here. Very glad to see Day 3ers are starting to receive their emails arrive.Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: I got my email on Friday but now I'm a Gryffindor! Yikes!Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: Girlraven1: what house did you think you'd be? Congrats on getting in. Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: I got in! WOOHOO!Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: If only I was in. Oh well, Jo knows we are getting impatient and she is letting us wait so that the experience can be magical for us. The site is still "BETA" after all. Just relax people. Tomorrow is the 7th. a magical number. Be glad you got early access.Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: No e-mail for me yet. :'(Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: *waves to MagicalMe and fawkes* another Day 6er here - no email yet. Trying to soothe my soul by watching the numbers go up (at least we're finally over 200K!)Avatar Imagedanahuff says: I have access, and I wrote a review of Pottermore on my blog: You are welcome to link to/quote from it if you would like.Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Yay more day 6ers!!! For a while, I thought I was the only one! I can't wait until we're all let in!!! I thought I'd read Sorcerer's Stone while waiting but I already finished now starting on CoS. Since it's still September, I'm going to keep hoping that PM sticks to their word and allows us access by the end of this month! Hopefully sooner rather than later! I hope last week was "pause" because it was short..unless by "pause" they meant like a week without welcome emails? Crossing fingers for more welcome emails!!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Does anyone know the count of students?Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: How many people who got in the first week (15/8/11) continue back to the website? Just wondering because that maybe part of the slow staggering of entrants. Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: I registered on day 3, and still no Email! I just want the owl to come! I check everday, and I think it just gets more and more discouraging! Ah, well. I have faith in Jo.Avatar Imageahaque521 says: I am a day 3-er and got in today!!! Pottermore is so amazing, and the artwork is fantastic!!!Avatar Imageroonwit says: MagicalMe^_^: The sorted count is 206,413.Avatar Imageeru says: No I haven't. Why??????????????Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: Thanks roonwit! I'm glad the numbers are going up!!Avatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i tried to register on day 2 and NEVER GOT MY EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! i then had to wait until day 4 to try again and after finally succeeding i still cant actually get on pottermore!?? sooo messed up!! i was up till 2 in the morning! thats my dedication to hp and i cant get on pottermore!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: This is just my thought...If PM is giving out welcome letters in the order by which people got the magical quill, it may be safe to assume that for each day about 142,857 registered. Since they are on Day 3 registrants, does that mean that all of Days 1 and 2 are in? I know in the beginning welcome letters went out to people from other days but it seems like the majority were from the first day of the quill challenge. ..okay back to my thinking. If Days 1 and 2 are all in (since they started day 3) then around 285,714 people should have received their welcome emails...After Day 3 people 428,571 should have gotten them. I'm thinking more than likely that the numbers of students on PM does not reflect the amount of welcome emails sent out..if they are going in order by day now. It could be that there are people that have not checked their emails or did not bother to get sorted yet. If this is the case, then maybe PM is sending out a lot of emails after all.. If this is the case..then I can't wait to get my letter!! Thank you for those of you who have kept the constant updates! They help keep me sane during this waiting period (:Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: MagicalMe: I wonder how many people got accounts with the intent to sell. Maybe there are non potter fans with multiple accounts that will not use them. Maybe just wishful thinking as everyday is one day closer to my turn.Avatar Imagechochang4eva says: I'm day 4, and I still haven't gotten in. I am constantly checking my emails, though. Has anyone heard Lauren Fairweather's pottermore song? She posted it on her youtube channel, devilishlypure, today.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: @Laurenmyrtle love the video. Nope still waiting. Is it really on a day by day basis. Where'd you here this? I'm on Day 4 and there's still only 20% of the beta people on Pottermore as we speak (love the way we have something to talk about after DH2, ain't over just yet!)Avatar Imageroonwit says: MagicalMe^_^: Day 1 and 2 probably had fewer registrations than later days, because some accounts may not have been verified due to the mail delays, or mistyped email addresses, but these unfilled places would have been made available during later days when they had sorted out some of the email problems. Of course this assumes Pottermore distributed the places evenly between the days and they might not have done.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: @chochang4eva, yeah I just saw it, good video, I'm in the same boatAvatar ImageLoader Lady says: I got in on Day 2 and for some reason I got my welcome letter the second day Pottermore was opened. My husband also go in on Day 2 but he didn't get his welcome letter until last Sunday. The art work is wonderful and leaves characters to your imagination. Someday I'll brew a forgetfulness potion and forget all the times it didn't work. I have a great appreciation for how hard potions was for Harry, you really have to pay close attention. I love to read the comments of the newly sorted, so I'm often in the Sorting Hat chapter. Remember to take your time choosing your answers when your wand chooses you and when you are sorted. The questions are very interesting and not what you would expect. I hope everyone's welcome letter is winging it's way to you right now, though you'll find it's worth the wait whenever it comes.Avatar ImageMagicalMe_ says: You're right roonwit. That may be the case also. It could be that Days 1 and 2 had fewer registrations and maybe they allotted more for the later days as the questions got easier and easier..assuming more people tried to register during those days. The only thing we can go by for sure is the student count on PM is a good indication to guess how many welcome letters went out and what days are receiving them. Avatar Imagejennluvsharry says: day 3 and still waiting for my owl. 2 friends of mine also day 3 have not gotten theirs yet either. if they are on day 3, it should be soon (i hope!)Avatar ImageGinnyweasley187 says: I'm in and in Gryffindor!! It's always been my house but it makes it official! Pottermore is the bees knees.Avatar ImageGinnyweasley187 says: I'm in and in Gryffindor!! It's always been my house but it makes it official! Pottermore is the bees knees.Avatar Imagescottw says: I didn't get e mail. :( I am more patient. :)Avatar Imagevale56796 says: *tear* i got in at day 7 and havent got my letter :,( Oh well, i guess since i got in the last day, i have to wait longer Avatar ImageGene L. says: I had gained access. Pottermore is such an amazing experience. The length of detail to see is astonishing. We get to go through chapters by chapters and every moment has fantastic moving pictures that you can zoom in and out to make new discovery! Of course, the Sorting is one of the most fun. Among all of the many early access users, we had seen several who got into the house they never expected to be in. Much to their despair, we persuade them to accept it. The Sorting Hat will ask you a series of question to test your personality, one of the most interesting point is that you never get to see which question leads to the house you want, a lot of people try to beat the system who utterly failed. We also have to get a wand. Mine is Beech, 13 inches, Dragon Heartstring, Reasonably Supple. Ollivander will select the wand most suitable for you by analyzing your personality. We also get to read exclusive details of wand wood and cores. Out of all, we can also compete for house cup by earning points through potion and dueling. This is a serious business and fail to complete it would result in losing point. We can also find potion ingredients, cauldrons, school equipment, pets and Gringott in Diagon Alley. There are some shops not opened yet but we look forward to the grand opening.Avatar Imagewitbeyondmeasure28 says: I was a day 2er and got in last week my sister is a day 3er and still hasn't gotten her email yetAvatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: I got my email two days ago (after completely giving up any hope that I'd ever be anything other than a Muggle) and immediately (and loudly) screamed! I was sorted into Slytherin, which was one hell of a shock considering I'd always thought of myself as a Gryffindor. But that shock wasn't going to stop me from enjoying the site, being a team player and gaining points for my house. I was amazed by the detailed wand descriptions, they got my personality bang on. (Black Walnut with Dragon core. Nine and three quarter inches. Supple.) The art work is exquisite and the new information is fascinating. Learning all about McGonagall made me a bit teary, I'm completely in love with her now! And the unexpected information about Ollivander was brilliant, he sounds like an incredibly fascinating man. The potions are very difficult but I'm determined to master them, I wouldn't want to disappoint my head of house! :D Collecting items for your trunk is good fun. As is collecting Galleons, and then spending them (I'm an Aries, I can't deny my love of shopping!). :D Hopefully the duels will be back up soon as I'd love to have a go. I finished the first book a few hours ago and can safely say that any hardcore book fan is going to adore it. It's Harry Potter paradise! If the website is any representation of how much Jo appreciates her fans then boy are we lucky! My name's SpiritJinx68, feel free to add me! :) Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Oh, and for people wondering, there are currently about 208,000 students! And I got the quill on the second day. And my email took four hours to get to me, so keep checking.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Just saw 212,026 on Twitter.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Just got my welcome email 2 hours ago!!! Day 3-er! Hogwarts here I come!!!Avatar Imagewallflower1971 says: No access for me yet and I registered on day 3. I hope it's soon!Avatar ImageElinJ says: I got in yeaterday and I am loving it. I do hope they let the rest of you in very soon.Avatar Imagelollifant says: I was one of those lucky people who got in the second day of sending out emails. So I've been there a long time now and I absolutely love it! It doesn't matter for me that I finished all the chapters now, and going over them again and enjoying the beautiful artwork won't get boring to me. Also I'm trying to earn points for my House now, Hufflepuff is losing, but we don't really mind it that much, we're all working extremely hard. By being on there since the beginning of the beta, I've also noticed some good improvements and glitches repaired. They're really working so hard on it. It really feels like an enormous present from Jo, her background info is so amazing! It's what we wanted and then so much more... :)Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: I hope i'm the luck one this weekAvatar ImageSeverus_Silver_Doe says: Not yet :-(Avatar ImagePaitrix says: yay! i've got into pottermore this time-finally~ Avatar Imagesongbird says: I've been in for just over a week and I was a Day 2 quill finder. The artwork is really great, but I have to say it took a bit to figure some things out. You can "collect" items for your trunk. Some things you must zoom in on once, some twice, and some not at all. So you have to just keep clicking until you figure out the pattern and what to look for. Getting your wand is an interesting experience...the pictures didn't fit completely on my screen and I did not realize on one of the first questions that there was actually a question. I thought you were supposed to choose what most appealed to you. But at the end of the questions, it gives a rundown of your choices and asks if you are happy with them or would like to start over, so if you accidently make a mistake, it's ok. You can go back. (This is NOT true of sorting, so be very careful and take your time with those questions!) I answered truthfully and I don't feel my wand fits me AT ALL, but perhaps it can provide me with more insight into my personality...perhaps there are latent traits that have yet to express themselves? I love reading the extra content! Some of it is really fascinating. I love the bit about Muggle clothing. I was worried after my wand that I would be sorted into a house that didn't fit me, but I got into Ravenclaw. I had always thought I was Hufflepuff, but I'm happy with Ravenclaw, too. I'm one of those in the minority who thinks potion brewing is easier than spell casting. But perhaps this is due to my hobby being baking...I'm used to following recipes, etc. You have to be quick for spell casting and it takes a LOT of practice. My advice to first years is to not buy anything in Diagon Alley other than what is on your shopping list. There are a lot of things to find in each chapter and you don't want to waste money on things that you will find later since you don't get any more money until CoS comes out. Anything you don't "collect", you can always go back to Diagon Alley (which is worth exploring even if you aren't going to buy anything from most of the shops) at any time through the story or when you need something. Right now there are still plenty of glitches, so those worrying that there will be nothing let to "fix" or give feedback on by the time they receive their email need not fear. I'm sure there will still be plenty to do. Plus, if they are paying attention to comments, they are getting a lot of new suggestions for things to add, which will also need to be tested if they add these things. Good luck to those who have not received your letter! I wish you all a speedy owl!Avatar Imagecritterfur says: Wow, guess I won't get my "letter" until the tail-end of September. That's cool, though. I was happy I even managed to get into the beta testing to begin with. At this point, October is only a few weeks away, so it's easier to just be patient and wait and see; we'll all get in eventually, one way or another. Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats, Paitrix! Have fun!Avatar Imagearesofmars says: I got in a few days ago. Wish the wizarding duels were working, but sadly they are not. One of the things that kinda surprised me was how uneven the sorting is. I never expected there to be far more Ravenclaws than anyone else. The fact that Slytherin is the smallest house was unusual to me as well. Avatar Imagecamila_black08 says: I also haven't got my email yet, but is nice to know that I'm not the only one ;)Avatar ImagePixieQueen83 says: i finally got in on last saturday, it is completely incredible. i now also know that im a ravenclaw :)Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @purplehogwarts: Congrats! So glad you finally got your mail!!! Enjoy PM and tell us what you think! I'm still waiting for my mail... so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I practically jump every time a new mail comes in... so far, no luck!!!! So, are day 3s all in yet?Avatar Imageelanor17 says: I got in as well and I'm in Hufflepuff. I loved reading about the common room and all that but there was nothing as good as McGonagall's story!!!! It is a bit weird that you can't talk to the friends you have. the only interaction seems to be the duel. either I haven't realized that you can send an owl or it is just not in there. I think that would actually be pretty cool so you can get to know your friends. potions is pretty hard, but i like the idea of it. I mean it was never easy in the books so why should it be easier on pottermore! all in all I have to say that i enjoy it very much and I can't wait for the chamber of secrets!!! :DAvatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: still no email :( but it's good to hear that day 3er's are getting in now, hopefully I'll get it this week as october is approaching soon and if I get in later I feel I won't be able to give much feedback... anyways am so excited for this and I really hope it comes soon, it'll ease the pain of being back at school :)Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: Still waiting for my email. As I didn't find the quill until the last day, I suspect I won't be getting in until right before the site opens to all. Sigh...Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: I got my Pottermore e-mail recently, and just finished the first book! I was sorted into Hufflepuff, much to my glee, and I had a wonderful time collecting items, reading additional information, brewing potions, and exploring the "moments". The site is a little glitchy, and sometimes annoying because of that, but overall...It works like a charm, and it's not difficult to get the hang of it. This site was made for HP dorks.Avatar Imagesongbird says: The difference between student numbers in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff is less than 200...not much considering we have over 55,000 in those houses. They've fluctuated quite a bit, as well. Yesterday Ravenclaw had the second fewest. Elanor17, I agree with you on the Owls. I actually bought an owl hoping it would be useful, but there's no way to communicate person to person. But as far as friends go, it's kind of an catch 22. They tell you not to add people who have requested you unless you know them, but they've given us no way to GET to know each other. Only the comments, which are glitchy at the moment. But you can't share things like potions ingredients, etc, unless you are friends, either. I would really like a chance to get to know others, especially those in my house. I understand them not wanting us to reveal real life information...that makes sense, however it seems contradictory to say "get to know each other" but not give us the means to do that. But over all, it's quite a great experience.Avatar Imagemencia says: @purplehogwarts congratz, enjoy pottermore & keep us updated Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @purplehogwarts Congrats! Have fun!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: BAH HUMBUG!!! By Grabthar's Hammer I will get in!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: So what's the latest house count?Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Thanks, Halfblood Princess, Mencia, and MagicBclPlyr. I've been enjoying it! Hope you guys gets your welcome emails soon!!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @MagicBclPlyr: G = 55,228 R = 55,939 H = 55,830 S = 54,772 Total = 221,769Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Thanks! Good to see numbers creeping up. Wonder if there will or won't be a batch going out today... Have seen a few excited tweets but don't know if it's from a new batch or just email lag from yesterday.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I definitely had an email lag yesterday. I got my letter 10 hours after the update on Insider said they were sent.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Still no e-mail. I happen to have a lot of free time right now, which will be ending next week. I'm sure that's when I'll get my e-mail too.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: I think they don't want people to get to know each other in private, only in the group form of the common room. Protects the site from pedaphiles and such. If you don't want everyone to see it, you can't say it.Avatar Imagesongbird says: Right, but then why say "Please make sure you know a person before accepting their friend request" or whatever it says? How CAN you know them, unless you know them from your real life?Avatar Imagemolly43 says: @ Livi22-((ROAR!!)) pg 1 of the form: it’s not for you to feel guilty bc the rest of us have not gotten in yet. I’m a day 6’er and I’m glad you’re in bc it means that you can tell the rest of us what it’s like- by the way congratulations. When you guys get in can you tell us what “day” you are so we can keep up with what days are getting in. @Matea pg 3 and @ tim_2006 pg 2: you are day 3 and 4 and day 3,4,5,6, and 7??? You applied for multiple accounts? Maybe that is why you are not in bc I believe someone mentioned tht they eliminated those with multiple accounts. @ fawkes4444 I’m with you. I was thinking the same. I’m a day 6’er too. Welcome aboard day 6’ers MagicalMe and MagicBclPlyr. I’m glad to hear from you. Thanks @ Gene *ROAR* and @ Vicki_The_House_Elf *ROAR* ÏŸ , on pg 6 of this forum, @ songbird, elanor17,and Mad But Happy on pg 7 for those great updates. Congratulations to all who got in and an especially strong congratulation to @purplehogwarts who has been so voiceful on previous PM forms. Avatar Imagecb160 says: Congrats from me too, purplehogwarts! Last count I saw on Twitter was 222.717 students - though I'm not in yet, I'm a day 4.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: However because of privacy they have no way to verify if i created multiple accounts. I have not blabbed my screen names on any website.How could the verify anything? If i created different emails and using actual relatives names. They sure couldn't.Avatar Imageroonwit says: songbird: It actually says "please make sure you know who they are before you accept" which isn't as strict as knowing them.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ tim_2006 Yea, but if you use the same IP, they can have at least suspicions... By the way, just having fun with Twitter - some portuguese speaker was complaining about making two accounts and having been sorted into Slytherin on BOTH... Ha!Avatar ImageSybilT says: Is it too late to get in? I don't know how to do it.Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Why would anyone have multiple accounts? I can't think of one legitimate reason for that. Am I missing something? Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ LovesLaborLost The most innocent reason may be curiosity: maybe they wanted to explore all houses. Some less innocent reasons may be cheating, selling or even worse...Avatar Imagetibby71 says: I got in few weeks ago and I'm happy they didn't keep me waiting for so long. But for all those of you, who are still waiting, keep waiting and be patient, because when you'll get the access, it will be totally awesome (:Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Well, I think that sort of think for the more innocent reasons it was still inconsiderate. This is for Beta testing. There were many people who didn't get in at all because spots filled up, so taking up spots for this phase because you want to see if you can explore all houses should have been saved for open registration, in my opinion. Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ LovesLaborLost You're absolutely right, but that's when you get betas for free: can't choose them. I bet there are many just wanting to be "cool" and "play" PM before the rest of their acquaintances.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ LovesLaborLost But still can't tell you how funny sounded to me that owner of two PM accounts, complaining/astonished about being sorted Slytherin on both!!!Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: SybilT: If you found the magic quill between july 31 and Aug 6, you could register then and wait for an email that activates your account, if you didn't open registration is in october.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: @cb160 sounds like the sorting works.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @wildpumpkin63 Yeah, like magic, is it?!Avatar Imagecb160 says: @ LovesLaborLost As about how valuable some Betas are: just seen a tweet (spanish speaker) asking that after finishing chapter 1 and making a couple of potions there was anything else to explore on PM!!!!!!!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Not to mention having multiple accounts is actually against PM's T&S for the Quill promotion: "You may only register once with Pottermore via The Magical Quill. Entries via agents or third parties or the use of multiple identities and email addresses are not permitted." So, yeah, I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone with multiple accounts during Beta, no matter their reason for doing it. Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: I try not to let the people who made double accounts get to me, it sucks that they filled up other peoples spots, but I know I almost made multiple accounts just because I could. I think of it as a slytherin trait and I think that just as in HP they continued to allow Slytherins at Hogwarts, I should be accepting of all kinds.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: This thing about the person being sorted in Slytherin twice, having two different accounts, really cracked me up!!! I wonder how he/she answered the questions to end up in the same house... I do agree with who said that applying for more that one account took away the opportunity for others to enter. Now apparently they are taking the opportunity of the ones (like me) who haven't received the welcome mail yet, because some, have already received confirmation mails for their multiple accounts. Frustrating isn't it? Avatar Imagecb160 says: Oh, I have no sympathy for them either... just observing them (guess when I'll get in I'll probably be Ravenclaw!).Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Of course, there's also this little gem in the T&S to allow them an "out" re: dates: "We reserve the right to increase the total number of places available for early access and/or to extend the Promotion Period at any time." Given that a lot of us are wondering how in the world they'll activate the other 750,000+ by September 30, well, they may not have to. I think they'll have a very hard time with public relations if it comes to that, though. I can be a very patient person, but I'll admit it's getting much harder each day to wait (especially since there didn't seem to be a wave today).Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: cb160: and my sense of being fair to others will probably put me in Hufflepuff LOLAvatar Imagecb160 says: @MagicBclPlyr I think they'll make it... last count:224,029.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @cb160: Here's hoping! If my math is correct, they'll have to average ~28,000/day (though none went out today and I still suspect there will be a "big" pause soon). 28K seems about right for what they're sending out so far - presumably they were going to start upping the numbers that went out in a batch.Avatar Imagecb160 says: @Halfblood Princess I think we have to admit that the interpretation of the sorting questions is far more accurate that ppl think, so if you feel the same and are being honest, you'll end up in the same place. That much about complainingof ones house - I strongly suspect ppl mistake what they are with what they want to be, or simply don't understand/pay attention while answering. Just my opinion...Avatar Imagecb160 says: @MagicBclPlyr I hope pause is out of the picture... And that being said, I'll say good bye for today, guys, here it's 12.30 in the night and I'm sleepy. Fingers crossed, some are still receiving letters!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Musing on the potion point problem: Not being inside I'm not sure how points are handled for other things, so this may or may not work. Maybe in addition to reducing some potion times (though I wouldn't mind having some that take longer), they should increase the number of points per successful potions? I like that you can get a point for trying, but the reward for spending time and effort on doing the potion correctly should encourage people to _finish_, not bail. Or maybe only get a "failure" point if you make it to the halfway mark, otherwise, it gets nothing? Of course, maybe this won't be an issue once duelling is up and running - not sure what kind of points are available for that.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @cb160: I totally agree. I used to think that the sorting wasn´t going to be that accurate, but now I think it actually is. @MagicBclPlyr: Do you think a bigger pause is on our way????? I'd like to think that last week was "the pause", since we spent around three days without mails being sent out... Ok. I said that I will be patient, right? I'm trying... I'm really trying!!!Avatar Imagemencia says: @halfblood princess I know exactly how you are feeling. It's just so frustrating!Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: I think the pause is over. When they wrote that they were letting people monday and friday. Then they sent daily out for a bit and stopped for four days or so. Don't know, just my guess.Avatar Imagejacket says: Day 3 and I FINALY GOT MY WELCOME LETTER! POTTERMORE ROCKS!Avatar Imagesumm3rjammx3 says: Yes I got my email yesterday! I was a day 3-er. I got sorted into Slytherin =[ Although I am truly a Gryffindor. But it gave me a choice between Slytherin or Ravenclaw so I had no option. But I wish there was a way to veto the decision because I feel like a traitor. And I don't want to make a new account in October because I love my username. What's a girl to do...Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: @Halfblood Princess: I hope the big pause was last week, but the way I read the blog entry from the 25th/26th was that the next "week or so" they'd be sending out email somewhat continuously, _then_ have a big pause. Obviously they didn't send things out continuously, since it was only Monday and Tuesday, then late on Friday. I guess I was interpreting that "week or so" to be maybe 8-9 days of emails. Given that they don't seem to be officially sending email on weekends, I thought it meant approx. Monday the 29th to Monday the 5th or later. Then the break. I'm also interpreting the "a while" part of it to mean that they'll stop sending email for 5-7 days instead of the 1-3 they seem to be on now. (Yup, call me a pessimist ;) But I would be _very_ happy to be wrong and find out the big break is behind us! Or maybe last week wasn't originally supposed to be the big break, but turned into it? I wouldn't mind some clarity on the issue from the Insider.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Goodnight @cb160. At least it’s getting closer. It took a long time for day 1 to get in and now they are letting in day 2 and3. Hopefully it won’t be too long for us day 6’ers.Avatar Imagedeathlyhallowslover says: I got mine yesterday! I've already finished with Book 1, and I can truthfully say it's not what I expected. It's fun to explore and all, but there's not much you can do on it yet. Avatar Imagegryffindor31 says: I registered on Day 3 and I got in yesterday (Tuesday the 6th). It's so much fun, especially getting your wand and being sorted. The questions for both are hard! I really had to think about them. I won't give too much away, but it's all really cool, especially finding out all of the new information. My only complaint is the potion brewing; it takes a really long time and it can be jerky and slow. But overall it's really fun and I hope everyone gets in soon!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Thanks, cb160, I hope you get in soon!Avatar Imagevespasian68967 says: 7 days into September and no access yet. I'm getting very impatient. I'll either not get in until the rest of the Muggles do in October or I'll get my email later in the month when I'm out of town for a couple of days. But as Veruca Salt says, "I want it now!" Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Man, I've got my email, but the site won't let me log in! I've contacted Pottermore Insider, nothing yet. ._.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: There seem to be a LOT of excited tweets within the last several minutes. Another batch or just more weird email timing? Seems an odd time for a batch to have been sent (I realize they can probably automate a lot of this stuff - just seems like most batches have gone out at reasonable UK times)Avatar ImagePumpkinPastie514 says: DAY 3!!! I FINALLY got my email!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED! Add me : purplewormwood29 ( <---- not the greatest name but WHO CARES!!!) Its very true once you get the email the DAYS and WEEKS of waiting and being frustrated have vanished! I didnt get my email til 5:30 this evening (Pacific Time) so there is quite the delay with the emails :) Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats! Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats, magic! Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Based on the insane number of tweets indicating people got their email, if there was an email lag it happened on PMs side. BTW, I'm just doing a simple search for "pottermore", looking at all tweets (not just the "top" tweets), and not bothering with a hashtag.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Update: there are currently 227,294 students at HogwartsAvatar ImageResaPotter says: Please join my Hogwarts Girls Dorm group for all houses!! Will be updated regularly!Avatar ImageResaPotter says: Please join my Hogwarts Girls Dorm group for all houses!! Will be updated regularly!Avatar ImageResaPotter says: Nope net yet.....:( Could my life be anymore incomplete?Avatar ImageLoopeyLooneyLuna says: I just got access, and am still a proud RAVENCLAW!!!!!! yippe it is soo amazing!Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Still waiting for my email. Got the magical quill the 4th day.Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: Not yet for me. :( Still got to sit and wait, I'm day 4.Avatar Imageroonwit says: kyrstalkris: You may have misremembered your user name or password. Double check that the user name you are using matches the one in your welcome message, and if your password still doesn't work, select the "Forgotten your password" link on the sign in page.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Day 3 got my welcome email at 3:39. I don't need my day 4, 5, 6, and 7 account now. Any one interested please see me.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Free I don't want money or anything.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: My email is [email protected] If you give me your email address. I will send you a list of days and usernames to choose one from.Avatar ImageElrian says: Contacted youAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Contacted you. Choose ONEAvatar ImageElrian says: Replied!Avatar ImageElrian says: Replied u! :)Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Send again pleaseAvatar ImageElrian says: Ok I sent u again.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: 7 more usernames to choose fromAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Pottermore Day5 SnitchStar162 NewtSparks64 WingCentaur41 Pottermore Day 6 MarauderQuest39 HallowNiffler20 FrogQuaffle113 FangVine188 Please choose one. Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Passwords are 12345qaz or 12345qazxswedc Enjoy!!!!!Avatar Imagesruby00 says: I'm in! Day 3-er! Got my email last night at some point whilst i was sleeping! Won't be able to go on it until tonight after work, but I'm soooo excited! Hang in there peeps! Avatar Imagefawkes4444 says: I wonder if PM staff will catch this one and shut down these usernames? Will this cause further delays? Who knows. Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: It is not my problem anymore fawkes4444. I got what i wanted. Have nice dayAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Some people need to quit being rude and mind their own business. I really could care less about your opinion.Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: I wonder what house tim_2006 will be sorted into.........SLYTHERIN!!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: If i am at a movie and it gets sold out. I do not feel sorry for the people who didn't get in. If people arrive late to a movie and want to sit together. That is not my problem. They should have arrived early so they could find seats together. Just because you disagree with me does not make me a slytherin. I was nice to give away my extra accounts. No one forced me to. I was being FAIR. I guess i'm a Hufflepuff.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: Let leave tim_2006 alone, even Snape gets a second chance. We all make mistakes he is trying to help people now. Maybe a Gryffindor, impulsive but couagous to admit miistakes and doing his best to fix it.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I has no intention of keeping any extra accounts. I just wanted to see if it was true or not if i could make an extra accounts. So i decided instead of keeping them wich would be mean and unfair. I would just post the usernames and passwords. Let the first people to reach them have them.Avatar Imagemencia says: @Doxie2962 yea I think so too, he'll be slytherin lol Avatar Imagemencia says: @tim_2006 forget my above comment, I see that you are admitting to your mistakes and a slytherin would never do that :DAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Slytherin is a good houseAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: Every house has the potential to do what is rightAvatar Imagefawkes4444 says: Tks tim_2006 I will definitely have a nice day. Doxie2962 didn't give it a thought but Slytherin seems to be a good possibliltyAvatar Imagetim_2006 says: It is are actions that determine what we want to be.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I made a mistakeAvatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: I'm curious which house tim_2006 will be in. I hope he shares when he is sorted, I think it will be good to see if our perceptions and assumtions are accurate. Maybe we will all have to eat our words.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: You now what benny hill says about assumptions.Avatar Imagewildpumpkin63 says: I'm a pro at making a donkey of myself.Avatar Imagefawkes4444 says: Admitting to a mistake is a good thing. Have a great time with PM tim_2006Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats, Rosalinda! Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Oh my! I've been gone for a few hours (while sleeping :) ) and I see there has been some kind of discussion concerning Tim's accounts... LOL @tim_2006, how many accounts did you actually create? I don't understand why you have so many usernames. I agree that Tim's intentions might not have been the greatest ones at the beginning because he did exactly what the PM team said NOT to do... but hey! He's now making it easier for other people, who didn't find the quill, to join us in PM. So, Tim: have you been sorted yet? Which house?????Avatar Imagesruby00 says: I am so resisting the urge to just log in and speed through the first bits and get my wand and get sorted. Must. Resist. I'm waiting until tonight to do the thing properly and read each chapter in the book and then do each chapter on pottermore. Quick thing though: I notice that the insider has no updated to say a new wave of emails went out. I thought mine might just have been lagged from Tuesday's batch (that would be a lot of lag though!)... but I did try to log in a couple of times yesterday to no avail. Not sure what to make of that, just something to ponder...Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: If people were all the same it would be pretty boring........I think any house would be great at this point. I'll be happy where ever I'm sorted......Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: tim_2006, the movie analogy doesn't work. In that case there's an actual, physical person for each of those tickets (unless you really believe that one person buys multiple tickets for non-existent people, which is what you did to get extra PM accounts). And the "sitting together" has nothing to do with this situation - people just wanted a spot, it didn't matter _where_ that spot was. (For the record, I actually agree with you ONLY about the movies - I don't have sympathy for people who don't bother to show up on time for a possibly sold-out movie. But it is *not* a comparable analogy to the PM multiple email thing.) And "being nice" and giving away the extra accounts _now_ doesn't really excuse the fact that you got those accounts by breaking the T&S of the contest. "Hey, I broke the rules to get extra stuff that Pottermore could have given to someone else who was trying to enter legitimately. Now *I'm* giving it away! See how nice I am?" Like I said earlier in the thread, I have no sympathy for those who made multiple accounts in the BETA, no matter what "virtuous" reason they have. And now, you'll probably dismiss me as a rude hater who's nosing into someone else's business instead of admitting that you did something wrong. But guess what? Since I'm a beta tester, and you did something that took spots away from other beta testers, I do consider it my business. Did you personally keep me from getting a spot? No, I got my own by myself. But you did prevent 7 other people from initially getting spots. I just don't see how you can think there's nothing wrong with that. Oh, yeah, you summed it up earlier: "it is not my problem anymore fawkes4444. I got what i wanted." It's not wrong to you because YOU got what YOU wanted, screw everyone else. Isn't that right? Whatever. I'm done with tim_2006.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: I will say this - PM is certainly getting me to check my spam folder much more often! lol Which is good, because I found a few other things in there that shouldn't have been. So _something_ good has come out of all this waiting (not to mention meeting some fine folks in these threads)!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @MagicBclPlyr: I totally agree with you: since we are beta users (although I'm not in yet), this whole issue is of our concern. However, I also think that Pottermore Team should've had more control on this situation if they were really trying to avoid it. There are ways of preventing the use of the same computer to create another account. Besides, you can't expect everyone to act in a responsible way, the human nature sometimes is dishonest and rebelious as some ppl here on Leaky have proved. Apparently we all have our Malfoys, Crabbes and Goyles who end up messing things up for the others. Here I am waiting for my mail while others have already received theirs for their several accounts. Anyway, I hope I don't end up in Slytherin - It wouldn't match with my username. Avatar Imagemolly43 says: I think it's important to note that on pg 13 of the forum (9-8-11 at 9:42 AM) @tim_2006 did say "I made a mistake". We all make mistakes in life - it's how we handle the mistakes that form our personality. I feel that @tim_2006 by his statement has admitted his mistake and it takes an upright person to do that. Let's start anew with @tim_2006 and congratulate him for getting in. I'm a day 6'er and I forgive you @tim_2006 - please give us an update on numbers and your progress- especially on the potions- everyone seems to be having such a prob with tht. has the dueling opened yet?Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Oh and congratulations @Rosalinda Rosmerta for getting in- Pls keep us posted if you can. Well 12:15 pm and it's time for me to go to wk. I'll ck back tonight. Pls be nice to Tim_2006. Avatar Imagesongbird says: Halfbkood Princess, the problem with preventing the use of the same computer to make accounts is that many people use computer labs in a library, or at a university, or have to share the use of the computer with the whole family. So there may be many people using that computer within the week and to ban all accounts with the same IP address, it would make it impossible for other legitimate entrants to participate. Molly43, to my knowledge, dueling is not open yet....let me go check. Nope. Current student count is now 237,645Avatar ImageSeVeRuS3 says: day 4-er here and still not in and ik a few day 7ers that were in so i feel that this is more random selection than anything...Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: waaaaaa no email yet. this is just unfair. sniffAvatar Imagesongbird says: It really isn't can see which days people caught the quill if you hover over their username in comments. All the ones I saw last week were day one or day 2...not a single one from other days. Now the newer ones in the first sections are day 3ers. Yes, there are a very very FEW exceptions apparently, though I have not seen any of them. There may be a reason why those select few from other days are getting in, but the vast majority are going in order of the days they caught the quill.Avatar Imagejennluvsharry says: day 3 and still no email...Avatar Imagegymnrhymn says: pottermore e-mails are being sent out daily now!Avatar Imagesruby00 says: daily emails from now on just announced on the insider! ( ... seems like last week was in fact the "pause." Keep up hope peeps!Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: got my email this morning! though had to wait after school to get in but still. It's definitely worth the wait guys, so hang in there! I'm in hufflepuff (as expected) and it's great to find out about a less known house add me :) ChestFloo107Avatar ImageRumbleRoarrrrr says: *ChestnutFloo107 ooopsAvatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Congrats, Rumble! Good to see more of our ranks getting in! And I was thrilled to see the "going out daily" post from the Insider when I got home a few minutes ago! I'm _so_ happy to be wrong about the pause :D Of course, the immediate question I have is, Are they going to try to get everyone else in in these next two weeks, or will there still be some folks left out until after that? I can't leave well enough alone, can I? ;) I hope they're aiming to get everyone in, as that would allow them a week or so in September without new registrants in order to work on remaining issues. Avatar Imagecb160 says: Congrats @Rosmerta&Rumble! I still haven't got my letter; @MagicBclPlyr Glad to see I was right yesterday about the pause being out of the picture, and don't be afraid, I also feel they'll get everyone in, just remember the update mentioned that things may change on the way, according with how the site is reacting to the amount of ppl.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: Awesome! Now I really do feel I have good possibilities in getting into PM in the next two weeks!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!! Avatar Imagecb160 says: Wish for a fresher count!Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Just saw 243,662 on twitterAvatar Imagecb160 says: @MagicBclPlyr Still 43,000 to complete 2 day's amount, I guess. More or less... But since I've heard ppl from day 3 have already gotten their mail, I'm a bit confused.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: Already 2K more: 245,626 @cb160: I wonder if they're going "roughly" in the order of days? Or maybe a chunk of day 2s haven't checked their email yet? I'm confused, too.Avatar Imageroonwit says: cb160: Remember however that there were problems with email in the first couple of days and Pottermore reported that about 10% of emails were invalid. These would reduce the numbers of successfully verified accounts, so we should expect the first couple of days to have less than the average number of people.Avatar ImageMagicBclPlyr says: We broke 25%! 251,035 was just tweeted.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I agree with roonwit. Also, it takes some time till you make it to the sorting stage. I also had a 10 hour delay from when my Welcome email was sent and when I actually received it in my mailbox. I suspect those numbers will increase as the night progresses. Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: Update: Numbers are up to 253,041 already!Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Thanks @ songbird ,@ cb160, @ MagicBclPlyr, and purplehogwarts for the update on the numbs. congratulations @ RumbleRoarrrrr in getting in. I'm so glad to hear that they will be sending out e-mails daily I can feel my insides nearing excitement as they get closer to my day 6. I feel more hopeful. Avatar ImageDoxie2962 says: I'm a day 6 too. I figure some time in the next 2 weeks so I keep checking my email. Also the spam folder since my first email was sent there. Thanks to all for the student counts and to you who have gotten your owls thanks for telling us what day you found your quill :o)Avatar Imagemolly43 says: @Doxie2962 if you want to get the latest on what's happening then go to the latest post on leaky. most are commenting there. Avatar ImageNevilla says: I got in, and I was sorted into Gryffindor! Not surprised at all. Also, my wand is just what I would have chosen. Walnut with dragon heart string. :)Avatar ImageILykTuwdles says: Hey! I'm very much excited of the open to all access in pottermore this upcoming october!!!!!!!!! :D we still have the chance guys, don't worry... hehehehAvatar ImageXyra44 says: Still waiting patiently. I have a feeling my access e-mail will arrive while I don't have Internet access. Oh, well. At least I found the magic quill.Avatar Imagedrebe73 says: I received my email last week.

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