Pottermore to be Offline for the Next Week


Dec 03, 2011

Posted by Mel

The Pottermore Insider has updated to let users know that Pottermore will be unavailable for the next week:

Pottermore will be offline for at least a week from approximately
8:30am (GMT) on Saturday 3 December so we can make some further changes

The work we’re carrying out is technical, so there won’t be many obvious
differences to the site but to help us test our work, we’d really like
you to log in and explore the site once it’s back online.

We’ll let you know here as soon as Pottermore is back.

21 Responses to Pottermore to be Offline for the Next Week

Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: First?! I hope they'll fix the dueling section. >.< Please vote for me 3 times: http://www.myhogwarts.co.uk/honeydukes/2309 Thanks! :)Avatar Imagelovelle says: it's okay... I'm just hoping that the site will get better. and i hope they do it fast because a lot are already waiting for the real thing...Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Sorry, but right now nobody really gives a crap.... I do not take any pleasure whatsoever in saying that... Truth really hurts sometimes...Avatar ImageEeyore says: Well, maybe you don't care, but I do. I can't be the only one. Yes, I would like them to add more content or to make the comments in the the Great Hall and Common Rooms a little more friendly. Mostly, I'd like them to get rid of the people who are cheating. There's no way some of those people got such high scores honestly - and it's very irritating and frustrating to those of us who play by the rules. I'm kind of hoping that they do what my son-in-law said other Beta sites have done when they open it to everyone. Wipe all the scores and make everyone start over. But they still need to get rid of the people who cheat. That doesn't belong in anything to do with Harry Potter. (And I'm really ready to move on the the second book, but I now that probably won't happen till the site is out of Beta. Oh well.)Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: @Eeyore: I care too! Just when I get the time to spend more time on Pottermore they go and shut down! I really like Pottermore and dont see why everyone is complaining about it. What happened to everyone being happy that we finally going some NEW from JKR??? I know I still am.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I agree it's slightly annoying for Pottermore to be going through many "breaks" or so, but you got to admit, this site is being used all over the world at possibly all times, how they managed to keep it up contentedly is beyond me! I'm grateful for them, they really did an amazing job trying to make this experience real for everybody so please, stop complaining!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: It was such a disappointment to see how badly it was run. I really think Jo should have made a book instead because I wouldn't surprised if Pottermore just dies. I am glad they're making changes but to be honest I haven't checked into Pottermore at all. They're still having problems after a month of when it was supposed to open.Avatar Imagecb160 says: Well, people, one can't have everything wanted in life, so better look at the full half of the glass: PM's existence means that we DO have a new experience related to HP. And simply taking time to post that you don't care about it shows otherwise.They may improve PM or not, but the mere fact that it exists has boosted our imagination once again, and that's a good thing. I hope too that it'll run smoothier, but if it won't I'm not going to forget about it. Wish you all best time ever!!!Avatar ImageSugaharry says: Maybe they should just close pottermore for everyone,take their time to do what they have to do and then open it for everyone with brand new features etc. At the moment those who cant use pottermore are annoyed,some of Beta users are diisapointed and some dont even use pottermore anymore. Im aware that there are users who love the site for how it is now but im afraid there isnt many of them. So they should just close it to make the site working properly and for everyone.Avatar ImageRavenclawGirl13 says: Oh! I wish it wouldn't go offline, but they are working on Pottermore! :) Also: If any of you would vote 3 times for me here it would make me extremely happy! http://www.myhogwarts.co.uk/honeydukes/6712Avatar ImageElwood J. Blues says: I'm kind of frustrated with Pottermore as well. It is lovely, but I'm really interested to keep moving on past book one and see how Chamber of Secrets is. I'm hoping it's back soon.Avatar Imagejacket says: Please fix dueling! I really want to try it out!Avatar ImageGene L. says: Pottermore, LET US DUEL!!!Avatar ImageSpook says: It would be really nice if all of us could get on to Pottermore and register and take part. Does anyone know when that will happen? Or have I missed something?Avatar Imagemencia says: I just want duelling back, i hate potions, I wanna duell, that's why I haven't been a frequent user of pottermore because really... I have done all else and I am no good at potions but I know I will be good at duelling because my spell practice is great. but I will be more happy with book 2Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: really agein !Avatar ImageRaytheforgottenWeasley says: haven't even gotten a chance to try it yet, so ........ Avatar ImageLizbit says: I'll just be happy when I can move on from the first page of Chapter 5! I've been stuck there for months! And I really wish they had a help page that was actually helpful and a "contact us" place for when we have questions/problems.Avatar ImagePaitrix says: im just not sure whether im relieved or frustrated.....:/Avatar ImageEowynCarter says: It's a beta people, what did you expect ? Hey, at least you have access. It's not like you where paying for it or had noting else to do with your life. One week downtime ? Whoo, they had be be doing something big.Avatar Imagecb160 says: Well, PM's back on, but I have to warn you Duel's still notworking, and at least one particular glitch I checked right now still wasn't fixed. And it works slower,but maybe it's because it's just being back, I don't know yet. Enjoy!

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